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Is the Call of Duty Open Beta Free to Play?

Wondering if you can play the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 open beta for free? The quick answer is – yes, absolutely!

When the open beta period starts in September, all players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can download and access the free Call of Duty beta without needing to pre-order the game or have a subscription. Keep reading as I‘ll provide all the details you need to know about getting started with the free open beta.

What Exactly is the Call of Duty Open Beta?

For those who may not be familiar, let me quickly explain what the Call of Duty open beta is.

The open beta serves as a limited test run of the new Call of Duty multiplayer experience, taking place about 1-2 months prior to the game‘s official release date. It‘s a chance for developers to test the game servers, get feedback, and build hype for the upcoming launch.

This year‘s open beta for Modern Warfare 2 is expected to last around 5-10 days sometime in mid-September. It will provide access to a slice of multiplayer content, including a selection of maps, modes, weapons, and progression systems that will be in the full version when it releases on October 28.

The beta acts as a free demo to give fans a preview of the new gameplay innovations this year‘s Call of Duty has in store. It‘s definitely something you don‘t want to miss!

Accessing the Free Open Beta

Now let‘s talk about how to get in on the open beta for free. The great news is there are no hoops to jump through or barriers to access it.

Here‘s what you need to do:

On PlayStation:

  • Once the open beta starts, just search for "Call of Duty beta" on the PlayStation Store and select the download option.

  • The beta will be completely free to install and play, so no PS Plus subscription is needed. Just a PlayStation account!

On Xbox:

  • Open the Xbox Store on your console during the open beta period and look for the "Call of Duty beta" listing.

  • Download it for free! An Xbox Live membership is not required to play.

On PC:

  • If you game on PC, open the desktop app or Steam during the beta dates.

  • The "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta" will be available to install directly through the app for free.

It‘s really that simple! As long as you have an account on your platform of choice, you can download and access the Call of Duty open beta at no cost. No pre-order or preorder code is required to participate.

What‘s Included in the Free Beta?

Now you may be wondering exactly what content is provided in the free open beta. While it won‘t include absolutely everything that will be in the final game, you‘ll still get a great preview of the core multiplayer experience:

  • Maps: Expect around 5-10 iconic multiplayer maps to play across a variety of modes. This gives you a solid taste of the map design.

  • Modes: Fan favorite modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Destroy will be included to experience the fast-paced action first-hand.

  • Weapons: Approximately 10-15 primary weapons spanning Assault Rifles, SMGs, Snipers, and more. You‘ll be able to level them up and unlock new attachments.

  • Progression: As you play, you‘ll earn XP to rank up your profile, unlock new weapons/gear, and test out the progression system.

  • Battle Pass: Get a preview of the new Battle Pass system for Call of Duty including free and premium reward tiers.

  • Cross-Play: Team up with or compete against friends across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC thanks to cross-play support.

This should give you a really solid feel for Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer gameplay. And again, it‘s completely free during the open beta dates!

Why Is the Open Beta Free?

You might be wondering why Call of Duty makes their open beta 100% free rather than charging for access. There are a few big reasons:

  • Promotion: The open beta generates significant hype and awareness for the upcoming launch. Giving free access helps get more players trying the game out.

  • Testing: With millions able to access the beta, developers can really stress test servers, matchmaking, and stability ahead of release.

  • Feedback: Allowing the entire player base in provides more data points and feedback to identify any necessary changes or improvements pre-launch.

  • Incentives: Early beta access still incentivizes pre-orders by giving hardcore fans a head start on leveling up weapons and learning the maps.

  • Goodwill: Free and open access helps build goodwill and trust with the Call of Duty community.

Based on the data below, you can see how effective the open beta strategy has been for driving engagement:

Call of Duty BetaPlatformsPlayers
Black Ops Cold WarPS4, Xbox One, PC6 million+
Modern Warfare (2019)PS4, Xbox One, PCOver 10 million
VanguardPS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/One, PCOver 7 million

As you can see, opening the beta for free to all platforms allows the game to reach a massive audience, generating valuable data in the process.

Early Access With Pre-Orders

Now there is a way to get into the beta a few days early by pre-ordering the game. Typically pre-ordering will grant you early access for 2-3 days prior to when the open beta begins.

Here are some ways to get early access privileges:

  • Digital Pre-Order – Pre-order a digital edition on PlayStation/Xbox/ stores and early access will be automatically granted.

  • Physical Pre-Order – Pre-order a physical disc copy from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop. Look for a beta code on the receipt.

  • Beta Codes – Keep an eye out for beta codes from promotions, contests, events that grant early access.

This early access period lets die-hard fans get a head start on leveling up weapons, learning maps, and unlocking attachments. It can provide a competitive advantage once the open beta starts.

However, early access is not required to play the open beta later on. You‘ll still get to experience the exact same multiplayer content for free!

How to Prepare For the Open Beta

Now that you know how to access the free Call of Duty open beta, let‘s talk about a few tips to prepare:

  • Clear up hard drive space – The beta will require a large amount of free space so delete unused games/apps and clear space.

  • Update drivers/OS – Make sure your PC drivers, operating system, and console system software are updated to avoid any compatibility issues.

  • Watch reveal trailers – Check out the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer deep dive trailers on YouTube to get a sneak peek of what‘s new.

  • Create loadouts – Browse weapons and perks so you can plan your ideal loadouts to maximize your performance.

  • Form a squad – Get friends together so you can party up and hit the beta running as a squad. Communication is key!

  • Limit downtime – Have food/drinks prepared and personal obligations handled so you can maximize playtime during the short beta window.

Quick Recap of the Key Points

Let‘s do a quick recap of the key facts covered here:

  • The Call of Duty open beta serves as a free, limited test run of multiplayer taking place before launch.

  • You can download and access the open beta 100% free on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC – no strings attached!

  • Early access 2-3 days prior does require pre-ordering the game or obtaining a beta code.

  • The open beta will include a selection of maps, modes, weapons, and progression systems to try out.

  • It‘s a great way to get hands-on with the new gameplay innovations before release.

  • Having an open and free beta allows developers to get crucial data from a massive player base.

So in summary, I hope this breakdown clarified that yes – you can absolutely participate in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 open beta for free across all platforms later this September!

It provides a ton of value, even without gaining early access or pre-ordering the game. Be sure to get your squad together and jump in to get a taste of the action during the limited beta window. See you on the virtual battlefield, my friend!



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