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Is the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack Free? A Deep Dive for Gamers

Dear fellow gamer,

You may be wondering – is the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack free? Can I access all that awesome nostalgic Bungie content without paying anything?

The short answer is: Unfortunately, no. The 30th Anniversary Pack is premium downloadable content (DLC) that must be purchased to fully experience.

However, read on friend. In this detailed guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about what‘s included, how much it costs, whether it’s “worth it”, and opportunities for grabbing some of the content for free.

What’s Included in the 30th Anniversary Pack

Released on December 7, 2021, the 30th Anniversary Pack celebrates Bungie‘s 30 years crafting legendary game worlds. Here‘s what you get with the DLC:

  • New Dungeon Activity – Grasp of Avarice: A challenging 3-player dungeon filled with callbacks to Bungie’s past. Battle the Loot Cave Ogre, escape the Thrallway, and uncover the treasure of Captain Avarice. This dungeon has some of the coolest environments and loot in Destiny 2!

  • Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher: This fan-favorite heavy weapon from Destiny 1 returns with a slick new design. Gjallarhorn delivers massive damage with tracking wolfpack rounds. A must-have for boss DPS.

  • Weapons & Armor: Over 30 nostalgic weapons like the Eyasluna hand cannon and fan-favorite armor ornaments like the Throne World set.

  • New Cosmetics: Including exotic sparrows, ships, emotes, and more. My personal favorites are the penguin-themed items!

  • Treasure Maps: These lead to hidden chests across the system containing Gjallarhorn catalysts, armor, and more loot.

  • Improved Dares of Eternity Rewards: The 30th Anniversary Pack unlocks bonuses like the Forerunner ornament and armor glows in this free activity.

All of this awesome sci-fi loot celebrates Bungie’s rich history from Marathon and Halo to Destiny. But unfortunately, none of it is free.

How Much Does the 30th Anniversary Pack Cost?

The 30th Anniversary Pack is premium DLC priced at $24.99 USD. Here‘s the breakdown by platform:

  • PC (Steam): $24.99
  • PlayStation: $24.99
  • Xbox: $24.99

It‘s the same price across all platforms. And remember – this is on top of any other expansions like The Witch Queen which are also paid content.

Now $25 for some nostalgia loot may or may not sound reasonable to you. Let’s dig into what players think about the value.

Is the 30th Anniversary Pack Worth It? Player Opinions

Gamers seem split on whether the 30th Anniversary Pack is worth the $25 price tag. Based on community forums and reviews, here are some common opinions:

Worth it:

  • "The dungeon alone is worth $25 for the hours of fun!"
  • "Being able to wield Gjallarhorn again is priceless."
  • "The cosmetics are really cool if you‘re a longtime Bungie fan."

Not worth it:

  • "Way overpriced for a single dungeon and an exotic I had already."
  • "I beat all the content in like 5 hours, rip off."
  • "Should have been $15 at most if not free."

Who finds most value?

  • Destiny 2 power players who want every weapon and conquer hard challenges
  • Longtime Bungie fans who appreciate the nostalgia

Who may be disappointed?

  • Casual players looking to try out new stuff
  • Destiny 1 vets who already had Gjallarhorn

Overall, frequent raiders who want to smashed endgame content with Gjallarhorn seemed happiest with the pack. But more casual players felt it lacke enough content to justify the premium cost.

Can You Gameshare the 30th Anniversary DLC?

If you have a gaming buddy, you can save some cash by "gamesharing" the DLC on console.

Gamesharing allows you to access game and DLC content acquired by another player, and vice versa. Here‘s how it works:


  • 2 players, 1 copy of the content
  • Console set as "Home" system


  1. Player 1 buys 30th Anniversary Pack on their account
  2. Player 2 sets Player 1‘s console as their account‘s "Home"
  3. Player 1 plays on their own console, signed in normally
  4. Player 2 plays on their Home console with their own account

Now Player 2 can access the 30th Anniversary DLC for free, while Player 1 retains access being signed in. You effectively double your content with 1 purchase!


  • Only works for your most-played gaming buddy
  • Risk of account banning – technically against TOS

So in summary, gamesharing is an option but use with caution. Safest bet is to grab a few friends and go in on a shared purchase.

Can You Access any 30th Anniversary Content for Free?

While the DLC itself isn‘t free, Bungie has provided some limited-time opportunities for all players to snag 30th Anniversary gear. Let’s look at what‘s been temporarily free:

Free Gjallarhorn in February 2022

For around 2 weeks, all players could complete an in-game quest to earn Gjallarhorn for free without owning the DLC! This was to celebrate Bungie‘s independence from Activision.

Unfortunately, this free offer lasted only a few weeks. But you never know – they may bring it back for other events.

Free Dungeon Weekends

Bungie occasionally unlocks the Grasp of Avarice dungeon for free weekends, usually timed around new seasons or events.

All players can try this awesome challenge and maybe snag some sweet loot! But the dungeon returns to paid status after the event ends.

Dares of Eternity Rewards

While Dares of Eternity is free for all players, the 30th Anniversary Pack adds bonuses like armor glows and the Forerunner exotic.

However, you can still earnXP and some base rewards from Dares just by logging in. It‘s a nice free treat from Bungie.

So in summary, keep an eye out for these limited-time free offerings. They let you sample the 30th Anniversary goodness without paying!

Is the 30th Anniversary Pack Time-Limited Content?

I have good news: all the 30th Anniversary content will stick around permanently!

Unlike seasonal content and special events, Bungie has confirmed this DLC will not enter the Destiny Content Vault (DCV).

The dungeon, Gjallarhorn, treasure maps, and everything else will continue to be playable. So no need to worry about the content disappearing later.

However, the special opportunities like free Gjallarhorn are limited-time. So grab them while you can! But the overall DLC is here to stay.

Does the 30th Anniversary Pack Include Other Expansions?

The 30th Anniversary Pack is standalone DLC – it doesn‘t include any other expansions. You‘ll need to purchase the following separately:

  • Shadowkeep
  • Beyond Light
  • The Witch Queen
  • Lightfall (upcoming)

There were special bundles that included the 30th Anniversary Pack with The Witch Queen. But by default, it only includes its own exclusive content.

Handy tip: Grab the 30th Anniversary Pack on sale during one of the frequent Destiny 2 sales events! It often drops 50% off which helps offset the cost.

Is The Witch Queen Expansion Also Free?

Similar to the 30th Anniversary DLC, The Witch Queen is premium paid content. However, Bungie did provide two weeks of free access to the expansion in summer 2022!

All players could enjoy The Witch Queen campaign, unlock stasis powers, earn exotic gear, and more free during this event. It let gamers preview the content before buying.

Will The Witch Queen be free again in the future? We can hope so, but it’s unknown. My advice: jump on any free offers when they pop up to maximize your Destiny 2 playtime!

How Much Does Gjallarhorn Cost? Pricing Breakdown

Let‘s quickly recap how to get your hands on the fan-favorite Gjallarhorn rocket launcher:

  • Buy 30th Anniversary Pack – $24.99
  • Complete in-game "And Out Fly The Wolves" quest
  • Total Cost: $25-$30 depending on platform

It takes about 1-2 hours to finish the quest after purchasing the DLC. This exotic rocket launcher is worth every penny – Tracking wolfpack rounds absolutely shred bosses!

An honorable mention also goes to the real-life Nerf Gjallarhorn replica which costs $185. This sold out instantly, so good luck finding one!

Is the 30th Anniversary Pack Worth It Overall?

At the end of the day, deciding if the 30th Anniversary Pack is "worth it" comes down to your personal interests:

Great value for

  • Hardcore Destiny 2 players hungry for endgame loot
  • Groups who want to smash the new dungeon together
  • Fans of Bungie nostalgia and cool cosmetics

May lack value for

  • Solo casual players who don‘t raid much
  • Those only interested in main story campaigns
  • Players burned out on Destiny 2 grind

My take? If you play Destiny 2 regularly and enjoy complex endgame activities, the pack is absolutely worth buying. Slaying hordes of Thrall with Gjallarhorn and stealing treasure with the crew – what‘s not to love?

But more casual fans just looking to relax may want to wait for a sale or free trial. $25 can seem steep unless you really plan to play all the DLC content.

No matter what you decide friend, I hope this deep dive has helped explain exactly what the 30th Anniversary Pack provides at what cost. Let the Traveler guide you to epic new loot!

Your fellow Guardian,




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