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Is the Raid Free in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s Free Access?

If you‘re a first-person shooter fan, you‘ve probably heard about Activision‘s recent Free Access event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This limited-time promotion allows gamers to try out MW2‘s multiplayer modes, maps, and progression systems for free. But what about the highly-touted Special Ops mode? Specifically, can you play MW2‘s first-ever Raid mission for free?

In short: Yes, MW2‘s Free Access does allow you to play the Raid episode called Low Profile Raid Episode 1. However, there are some limitations compared to the full version. Let‘s discuss the details so you can decide if it‘s worth playing.

An Intro to Modern Warfare 2 for New Players

First, let me provide some context for anyone unfamiliar with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This guide is focused on helping new players understand what‘s available for free.

MW2 is the latest entry in Activision‘s blockbuster first-person shooter franchise. It offers an action-packed modern military campaign, immersive multiplayer combat, and a brand new co-op experience called Special Ops.

Within Multiplayer, there are traditional team deathmatch modes, objective-based matches, and large-scale Ground War battles on massive maps. Special Ops introduces four-player co-op Operations and challenging three-player Raids featuring unique puzzles and objectives.

Published on October 28, 2022, MW2 has sold over $1 billion worth of copies globally as of November 2022. It‘s on track to become the top-selling premium game of 2022 due to Call of Duty‘s massive popularity as a franchise.

What Exactly is Included in MW2‘s Free Access?

Let‘s run through everything you can experience for free during the limited-time Free Access event:

  • 6v6 Multiplayer Modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Prisoner Rescue, Knock Out, Grind
  • Multiplayer Maps: Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, Shipment, Dome, Himmelmatt Expo
  • Progression Systems: Military Ranks, Weapon Levels, Weapon Attachments, Loadouts, Challenges
  • Limited Battle Pass Progression (Up to Tier 15)
  • Low Profile Raid Episode 1 Special Ops Mission

So it includes a solid slice of core 6v6 multiplayer content plus one Special Ops Raid. This allows new players to get a feel for MW2‘s fast-paced action and addictive progression.

However, Free Access does NOT include large player count modes like Ground War or Gunfight. The total map selection is limited as well. Some limitations also exist for Special Ops/Raid progression.

But overall, you get access to a significant portion of MW2‘s multiplayer and some of its co-op. Next let‘s talk about Special Ops and Raids in more detail.

Can You Play Co-Op Raids in Free Access?

The marquee new feature in Modern Warfare 2 is the Special Ops mode, introducing co-op Raids to Call of Duty for the first time. In the paid version of MW2, Raids are ultra-challenging 3-player missions featuring unique puzzles, objectives, and intense combat.

In Free Access, you can play the following Special Ops content:

  • Low Profile Raid Episode 1
  • Raid Difficulty Locked to Standard
  • No Raid Matchmaking – Pre-Made Squad Required
  • Limited Rank Progression and Rewards

So Free Access does allow you to play MW2‘s first-ever Raid episode! However, there are restrictions to be aware of compared to the full game. Let‘s analyze the pros and cons.

Pros of Playing Raids in Free Access

Try brand new Raid gameplay: Raids are a huge addition to MW2, bringing co-op puzzles and objectives never seen before in Call of Duty. Free Access lets you experience this new 3-player gameplay at no cost.

Squad up with friends new to MW2: Playing the Raid episode is a fun group activity for friends who are all trying MW2 through Free Access. Teamwork is critical to complete the Raid‘s challenges.

Earn introductory Raid rewards: While limited, you can earn some calling cards, emblems, and exclusive Raid Officer ranks by completing Episode 1. Great way to get your first taste of Raid rewards.

No financial commitment needed: Free is free! No need to pay $70 to try out Raids and see if you enjoy the experience before deciding to purchase MW2.

Cons of Playing Raids in Free Access

No matchmaking, requires pre-made squad: You can‘t matchmake into the Raid with random players. Need to manually group with 2 friends also playing Free Access, which is more coordination.

Only Low Profile Episode 1 available: Experiencing just one introductory Raid may leave you wanting more. The full MW2 has four Raids available so far, with more coming.

Lower maximum Raid Officer rank: Can only reach Officer Rank 5, versus Rank 20 by completing all Raids in full MW2. Limits earning unique rank badges.

Less Rewards: No access to highly coveted Raid cosmetic rewards like operator skins, weapon blueprints, animations, or the exotic CX-9 SMG unlock.

So while you can tackle a Raid for free, there are some clear motivations to purchase the full game for a deeper Raid experience. But Episode 1 alone provides a solid co-op challenge.

What Can You Unlock Through Multiplayer During Free Access?

While your Raid progression is limited, Free Access gives you full access to level up weapons, attachments, perks, and equipment through Multiplayer. Anything you unlock will carry over if you upgrade to the full Modern Warfare 2 later.

Here‘s a summary of key things you can grind for and unlock in Multiplayer during Free Access:

  • Weapons: Level up and unlock attachments for all base weapons like the M4, Kastov-74u, FSS Hurricane, and more. Great way to test guns.
  • Attachments: Level weapons to max rank to unlock all 50+ attachments per gun. Let‘s you customize loadouts to suit your playstyle.
  • Perks: Important gameplay perks like Double Time, Tracker, Spotter. Equip perks to enhance your combat abilities.
  • Lethal/Tactical Equipment: Unlock powerful equipment like Fragmentation Grenade, Proximity Mine, Stim, Flash Grenade.
  • Field Upgrades: Such as Deployable Cover and Dead Silence. Provide tactical advantages.
  • Military Ranks: Prestige through Enlisted Ranks 1-55 as you gain XP. Lets you unlock new content and rewards.
  • Battle Pass: Progress through the Battle Pass system to unlock skins, blueprints, XP tokens, and more.

So in Multiplayer, you have all the core progression systems that make leveling up and chasing unlocks so addictive in Call of Duty. Great way to try before buying the full game.

Call of Duty MW2 Free Access – Quick Facts

Here are some key details on MW2‘s Free Access event for quick reference:

  • Duration: March 22 to April 5, 2023 (14 days)
  • Content: Multiplayer maps, modes, progression + Low Profile Raid Episode 1
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S, PC
  • Limitations: No Ground War, Gunfight, or Hardcore modes. Restricted Raid rewards and progression.
  • Progress Carryover: All unlocks carry over to full MW2 game if purchased later.
  • Crossplay: Supported between all platforms to combine player pools.
  • Battle Pass: Can reach limited Tier 15 to unlock skins, blueprints, emblems, etc.

Reviewing these facts helps summarize what to reasonably expect going into the Free Access event. While not the full experience, it offers a hefty taste of MW2‘s addictive gameplay loop.

Closing Tips and Recommendations

Hopefully this guide gave you a comprehensive overview explaining exactly what content is available for free during MW2‘s limited-time Free Access event. Here are some final tips:

  • Take advantage of playing a Raid for free. The challenge will test your coordination and gunskill even on Standard difficulty. Episode 1 takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete.

  • Grind out Battle Pass progression before Free Access ends. Even getting to Tier 15 will unlock skins, XP tokens, blueprints and more to kickstart your collection.

  • Focus on leveling up versatile weapons like the Kastov-74u, M4, Lachmann 556, and FSS Hurricane in Multiplayer. Great starter guns to practice and unlock attachments for.

  • Play objective modes like Domination in addition to Team Deathmatch. It will help you learn teamwork fundamentals and popular map locations.

  • Group up with friends who also have Free Access to coordinate playing the Raid together. Or party with a friend who owns MW2 for access to more Multiplayer maps and modes.

  • All progression will carry over if you choose to purchase the full version of MW2! So grinding unlocks now is worthwhile.

  • Remember, Free Access is only available for a limited-time from March 22 to April 5. So jump in during the window to try MW2 risk-free.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about maximizing your time with Modern Warfare 2‘s Free Access event! Experience a taste of Call of Duty‘s signature fast-paced action and addictive weapon progression for yourself during this promotional free trial.



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