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Is the vanishing Far Cry 6 free? Yes, but only for a limited time

Far Cry 6‘s The Vanishing DLC brings a special Stranger Things crossover story to the chaotic open-world shooter, and best of all it‘s completely free to claim for existing players. However, it‘s unclear how long the exciting promotional event will last.

Released in October 2021, Far Cry 6 transports gamers to the tropical island paradise of Yara, where they join a revolution against the authoritarian rule of Antón Castillo (played brilliantly by Giancarlo Esposito). Equipped with a varied arsenal of weapons, vehicles and animal companions, lone guerrilla fighter Dani Rojas must unite the divided nation to topple Castillo‘s regime.

Beyond the 30+ hour main campaign, Ubisoft has expanded Far Cry 6 with additional modes, weekly insurgencies and paid DLC expansions focused on iconic franchise villains. Now they‘ve partnered with Netflix to bring the beloved Stranger Things universe into Yara for a creepy new adventure, and it won‘t cost you a penny! At least for now.

Let‘s dive into everything The Vanishing brings to the table and how long players have left to experience this thrilling crossover event…

What is The Vanishing DLC?

The Vanishing is a set of 3 new story missions weaving the weird, terrifying world of Stranger Things into Far Cry 6‘s open gameplay sandbox. Ubisoft are masters of juicy crossover content – similar to their Watch Dogs Legion x Assassin‘s Creed event.

You‘ll team up with major Stranger Things characters like Steve and Dustin, face-off against disturbing human-monster mutants, and explore strange new locations linked to the Netflix show‘s hazardous alternate dimension known as The Upside Down.

The Vanishing represents a creative collaboration between two hot entertainment properties, engineered to excite and surprise their fanbases. It may even draw new players into checking out Far Cry 6 through sheer fandom power.

Breaking down The Vanishing DLC chapters

Let‘s take a look at the specific new content included in each chapter of this limited time story expansion:

Chapter 1: The Getaway

Join forces with Steve and Dustin after they‘ve mysteriously crossed over into Yara following an experiment gone wrong back in Hawkins, Indiana. Help them escape from Castillo‘s forces and get to safety. Unlock special cosmetic items like Steve‘s sailor outfit and beat-up car to really immerse yourself in the Stranger Things ambience.

Estimated playtime: 30 minutes

Chapter 2: The Search

Investigate the mysterious disappearance of scientist Fred. Scour an eerie seemingly abandoned research facility for clues to his whereabouts while contending with Yara‘s corrupt military and creeping horrors. Discover documents fleshing out secrets of The Upside Down‘s collision with Far Cry 6‘s fiction.

Estimated playtime: 40 minutes

Chapter 3: The Monster

The action-packed finale! Track down Fred and recover his research on the biochem contaminants plaguing Yara, while surviving an onslaught of savage creatures spawned from The Upside Down. Use new traversal mechanics to evade the gigantic beast hunting you. All builds to a pivotal boss fight you won‘t forget.

Estimated playtime: 30-45 minutes

In total, The Vanishing‘s full mini-campaign will take most players 1-2 hours to complete. It‘s compact but full of memorable moments for Far Cry and Stranger Things fans.

How does The Vanishing compare to Far Cry 6‘s main story?

To put the scale of this DLC in context:

  • Main quest completion time in Far Cry 6 is around 22-25 hours
  • Full completionist playthrough 60+ hours

So The Vanishing‘s 1-2 hour runtime is quite short. However, it makes up for the length with quality over quantity. The creepy missions feel distinct from normal Far Cry 6, with new enemies, locations and a fresh gameplay focus on evasion and subterfuge compared to outpost assaults.

It‘s best treated as a fun side story to experience after finishing the main revolution on Yara. The Vanishing won‘t dramatically expand your playtime, but does offer memorable Far Cry moments no fan should miss.

The Vanishing DLC length vs other Far Cry extras

How does The Vanishing compare to previous Far Cry DLC expansions in terms of scope?

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Standalone DLC with 6+ hours of content
  • Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars – 2-3 hour DLC with new mechanics
  • Far Cry New Dawn – Full standalone sequel with 17+ hour campaign

The Vanishing definitely sits at the shorter end of the spectrum. But many reviews praised its pacing and concise, satisfying story arc. Stranger Things is skillfully woven into the DLC missions rather than feeling tacked on.

Some players may yearn for more content given the concept‘s potential. Yet generally The Vanishing is seen as offering good value, sufficiently lengthening Far Cry 6 for free.

What do critics say about The Vanishing DLC?

The Vanishing has scored solid reviews from gaming media outlets, earning praise for:

  • Fun new combat dynamics – Fighting mutated enemies and strategic evasion
  • Faithful representations of characters/lore – Especially Steve and Dustin‘s banter
  • Memorable crossover moments – Satisfying for fans of both franchises
  • Well-paced compact story – Doesn‘t outstay its welcome

In their 7/10 review, GameSpot summarized that "despite its short runtime and limited scope, The Vanishing is a fun crossover that offers something different from the base Far Cry 6 experience."

Basically all critics agree it‘s an entertaining unofficial ‘Season 4‘ episode for Stranger Things fans and a fresh high point among Far Cry 6‘s post-launch content.

Who can play The Vanishing DLC for free?

Here are the requirements to access The Vanishing at no additional cost:

  • Own Far Cry 6 (any edition)
  • Have an internet connection
  • Xbox Live Gold/PS Plus/Ubisoft Connect account to claim DLC

As long as you meet those criteria, you can visit your platform‘s online store and download all 3 chapters of The Vanishing completely free.

No Season Pass required! It‘s available to all Far Cry 6 players as a special promotion. Make the most of it while you can.

How to find and start The Vanishing in Far Cry 6

Once installed, here is how to locate The Vanishing content within your Far Cry 6 game:

  1. Launch Far Cry 6 and enter the open world
  2. Access your in-game map
  3. Pan across the regions until you spot the Stranger Things collaboration icon
  4. Fast travel to any of the 3 new mission start points
  5. A intro cutscene will trigger, then you‘re playing The Vanishing!

The Vanishing chapters can be completed in any order. Their recommended level is 10, but skilled players can attempt sooner.

Handy tips for playing The Vanishing DLC

Here are some useful tips to overcome The Vanishing‘s challenges:

  • Pack shotguns or SMGs – Great short-range options against mutated enemies
  • Use Supremo to destroy spore clusters – Don‘t let foes transform
  • Unlock boosts to improve sprinting – Invaluable for escaping deadly beasts
  • Listen for audio cues of threats nearby
  • Return to Fred‘s lab between missions to stock up on supplies

With those pointers in mind, you‘re ready to survive the Stranger Things crossover and save Yara from an unimaginable interdimensional threat!

How limited-time DLCs boost franchise engagement

The Vanishing represents a growing trend of limited-time events designed to retain players, drive discussion and boost game sales.

Popular examples include Fortnite‘s in-game concerts, Call of Duty‘s Halloween seasonal modes, and Fallout 76‘s Nuclear Winter battle royale.

Limited-time exclusivity creates FOMO – fear of missing out – encouraging participation. Players feel invested when they actively experience something before it vanishes.

According to Ubisoft, usage statistics during such promotions prove they work:

  • Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla playtime boosted by +120% during crossover events
  • Just Dance 2022 monthly players peaked at 4 million during time-limited collaborations

So for publishers, sacrificing permanence for temporary buzz pays off. And for fans, it brings exciting new dimension to beloved series.

Will The Vanishing stay free forever?

Unfortunately once the limited time window ends, access to The Vanishing DLC could be removed from Far Cry 6.

It‘s unclear how long Ubisoft plans to keep the content available. But given the nature of the IP crossover, it likely won‘t remain freely accessible indefinitely.

Many expect The Vanishing chapters to get cycled out in 2023, no longer playable unless you owned them during the promotion. That makes it crucial for Far Cry fans to add the DLC to their game while they still can.

Of course, there‘s a chance Ubisoft might surprise players and announce the Stranger Things missions become permanent. But better safe than sorry – grab this awesome free DLC while you still have the chance!

In summary

  • The Vanishing brings Stranger Things to Far Cry 6 via 3 free DLC chapters
  • Estimated 1-2 hours of extra story content and missions
  • Adds new enemies, locations and gameplay compared to the base game
  • Generally well-reviewed as a fun crossover for fans of both franchises
  • Available totally free for all Far Cry 6 owners, not just Season Pass holders
  • But likely only temporarily – get it before the DLC is potentially removed!
  • Part of a wider trend of limited-time gaming events to drive engagement

So in conclusion, The Vanishing is absolutely worth playing to extend your enjoyment of Far Cry 6, especially while it remains free. The imaginative meeting of two popular worlds makes for a refreshing new adventure.

Just don‘t hang around too long before claiming the DLC – or you may miss out on this crossover tale forever when it inevitably vanishes back into the Upside Down…



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