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Is the Venetian Pool Free for Guests? A Deep Dive into the Perks

Hey there! If you‘re wondering whether you can access the amazing pools at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas for free as a hotel guest, I‘ve got you covered.

After many stays at the Venetian and countless hours splashing around their gorgeous pools, I can confirm that yes, the Venetian pools are 100% free for resort guests! All the pools at both the Venetian and the connected Palazzo Hotel are complimentary for visitors staying at either venue.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to take advantage of the Venetian‘s free pools as a guest. We‘ll cover:

  • A deep dive into each of the Venetian‘s pool options
  • Exactly which pools you get free access to
  • Rules and policies to follow at the pools
  • Pro tips to get the most out of the free pool perk
  • Additional pool costs you may encounter
  • The scoop on free parking for Venetian guests
  • A look at other complimentary amenities at the resort

After reading, you‘ll be a Venetian pool expert ready to maximize your next Vegas vacation! Let‘s get started.

All About the Venetian‘s Pool Options

Let‘s start by checking out the different pool areas you can experience for free at the Venetian. With seven pools spread over 10 acres, you‘ll want to explore them all!

The Venezia Pool Deck – Stunning Italian-Inspired Retreat

The Venezia pool deck is the crowning jewel of the Venetian‘s pool offerings. As the largest pool area, it features lush gardens, cascading waterfalls, meandering streams, and opulent details inspired by Venice, Italy.

You really feel like you‘ve been transported to an Italian villa lazing alongside the Venezia pool. Intricate stonework, manicured hedges, Roman statues, and vine-covered trellises surround the massive pool. It‘s an oasis!

Don‘t miss the Aquatic Club pool bar where you can sip handcrafted cocktails, or the Canal Grande for paddleboats to cruise along the 1,200-foot river.

Smaller Adult-Only Pools for a Quieter Vibe

If the lively atmosphere of Venezia isn‘t your speed, check out the Venetian‘s smaller adult-only pools instead:

  • Aqua di Gio Pool: Chill out at this 21+ pool with panoramic desert views from plush loungers.
  • Bamboo Pool: Escape to this exotic Asian oasis complete with Buddha statues and tropical palm trees. Also 21+.
  • Bacino Pool: Relax canyon-side next to rock formations and calming water features in this secluded spot.

These tucked-away pools offer a more exclusive and relaxed vibe for grown-ups looking to beat the crowds.

Palazzo Pools – Three More Free Options!

Since the Palazzo and Venetian are connected, you can also access the three free pools next door at the Palazzo as a Venetian guest:

  • Laguna Pool: Beautiful oval-shaped pool with fountains.
  • Azure Pool: Stunning infinity-edge pool overlooking the Strip.
  • Primavera Pool: Vibrant pool surrounded by colorful gardens and statues.

Between both resorts, you have seven complimentary pools to enjoy – pretty amazing!

Which Pools Can You Access for Free?

Now that you‘ve seen the different pool options, you may be wondering – which of these can I actually use for free as a hotel guest?

The great news is that access to all seven Venetian and Palazzo pools is completely free if you‘re staying at either resort!

As an overnight guest, your room key acts as your pool pass to all the pools in both locations. There‘s no cost or fees to access any pool deck or use the lounge chairs.

The pools are exclusively for registered hotel guests only. Anyone not staying at the Venetian or Palazzo must pay a daily entry fee of $25 – $35 per person to access the pools as a day guest.

So take advantage of plunging into all seven of these world-class pool experiences when you stay on-site!

Good Behavior Rules for the Pools

While the pools themselves are free, be aware that the Venetian does enforce some rules of conduct to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Here are some of the key pool policies to keep in mind during your stay:

  • No outside food or drinks: You can‘t bring your own snacks, coolers, etc. All food and drinks must be purchased on-site. This helps keep the pool clean and service staff employed.

  • Proper swimwear required: Swimsuits only – no cutoffs, athletic shorts, or revealing suits permitted.

  • Pool hours: Open from 8am – 7pm during peak season. Closes earlier off-season.

  • 21+ restrictions: Aqua di Gio, Bamboo and Azure pools prohibit underage guests. IDs are checked.

  • Guests only: Your room key lets you in. Don‘t sneak non-guests through side gates.

  • No reserving seats: You can‘t leave belongings unattended to hold chairs or beds. This rule keeps things fair.

If we all follow the rules together, the Venetian pools stay pristine paradises! Staff may check room keys and IDs, so keep yours handy.

Savvy Tips to Maximize the Free Pool Perk

Take it from a Venetian pool expert – here are my insider tips to make the most of the complimentary pool access:

Come early. Get down to the pool by 8am to claim prime lounge chairs before the crowds arrive. The best spots fill up fast, especially on weekends. Early bird gets the shadiest loungers!

Pool hop. Switch between the Venetian‘s pools in the morning, Palazzo‘s in the afternoon. Variety is the spice of pool life!

Try the boutique pools. For a more chill vibe, head to Aqua di Gio, Bamboo or Bacino pools where you‘ll often find openings.

Visit midweek. Las Vegas pools are less busy Monday to Thursday. You‘ll have fewer guests competing for chairs.

Splurge on an upgrade. If you can‘t find standard chairs, rent a daybed or cabana for guaranteed outdoor seating in style.

Follow my tips and you‘ll be tanning, sipping and splashing your way poolside like a VIP all stay long!

Be Aware of Additional Pool Charges

It‘s worth noting that while access to the pools themselves is free, you may encounter some additional costs for certain amenities:

Daybeds – $50 and up per day

Cabanas – From $300 – $700+ per day depending on size

Dining – Poolside menus with $15+ cocktails and food

Chair/umbrella rentals – $10+ if all free seats are taken

Spa treatments – Massages, facials and body treatments by the pool

I recommend budgeting an extra $100 or more per day by the pool if you want to indulge in extras like cabanas, food and drinks. But the pool-only access is gratis if you‘re staying on-site!

Score: The Venetian Offers Free Parking!

Finding free parking on the Las Vegas Strip can be rarer than striking jackpot, but the Venetian has you covered.

All registered hotel guests receive complimentary self-parking in the resort‘s attached parking garage. There‘s no need to pay for parking during your stay – it‘s included free as part of the Venetian‘s guest perks.

Valet parking is also available for a daily fee starting around $20. Grazie loyalty members can valet park for free.

Given the rarity of free parking in Vegas, take advantage of this money-saving perk! Park to your heart‘s content without feed during your visit.

More Free Things Included in Your Stay

Aside from pool access and parking, guests at the Venetian enjoy a ton of other complimentary inclusions:

  • WiFi: Free high-speed wireless internet throughout the resort

  • Fitness center: 24-hour access to the Canyon Ranch Gym

  • In-room coffee: Replenished daily

  • Local calls: Unlimited domestic long distance calls

  • Airport shuttle: To and from McCarran Airport

  • Daily newspaper: USA Today delivered every morning

  • Resort fee inclusions: Self-parking, fitness center access, and more

From working out at the gym to making free calls home, take advantage of these complimentary amenities to enhance your stay.

Bottom Line: Yes, the Pools Are Free!

After all this, the big question remains – are the amazing pools at the Venetian free if you‘re an overnight guest? The answer is a resounding yes!

As a registered visitor at the Venetian or Palazzo, you get complimentary access to all seven pools across the two resorts. That means you can float down rivers, lounge under waterfalls, and soak up the sun on luxurious chaise lounges without paying a cent.

Follow the pool rules, arrive early to get a primo spot, and take advantage of the Venetian‘s free parking and other inclusions. With a little planning, you can indulge in the Venetian‘s aquatic luxury and make every dollar stretch on your Vegas getaway.

Pack those swim trunks and flip flops and get ready to dive into the Venetian‘s free pools on your next visit! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to share more poolside tips and tricks. Have an amazing (and very affordable) trip!



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