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Is there a Free Guy game?

Free Guy is a 2021 action comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. It stars Ryan Reynolds as Guy, an NPC (non-player character) in a violent, open world video game called Free City who becomes self-aware and decides to make himself the hero.

The movie does an excellent job of imagining what an immersive video game world might look like from the inside. This has led many viewers to wonder – is Free Guy based on a real video game? Let‘s take a closer look.

Is there an actual Free Guy video game?

No, Free Guy is not based on any existing video game. The Free City game environment seen in the movie was created purely for the film and does not exist in real life.

According to the movie‘s co-writer Matt Lieberman, the fictional Free City game was loosely inspired by popular open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite. But the creators avoided basing it too closely on any one game to avoid potential legal issues.

So while Free Guy gives viewers an idea of what a next-generation open world multiplayer game could look like, the Free City game itself is not real.

Is a Free Guy video game being developed?

There are currently no official plans to create a standalone Free Guy video game.

However, the movie‘s successful box office run and potential for sequels leaves open the possibility. Given the built-in brand recognition and ready-made gaming environment, a Free Guy game seems like a logical step.

Ryan Reynolds expressed interest in a potential Free Guy game, jokingly pitching it as "a sandbox game where you just walk around and bother people."

But any real Free Guy game would likely be a much bigger production featuring open world multiplayer in Free City. Reynolds also noted that a game would hinge on getting director Shawn Levy involved.

So while nothing is confirmed yet, a Free Guy video game adaptation could still happen depending on the movie‘s continued success. The creators clearly put a lot of thought into imagining Free City as a playable environment. Turning Free Guy into an actual game franchise remains a possibility for the future.

What games are like Free Guy and Free City?

While there isn‘t an actual Free Guy game yet, the movie‘s fictional Free City has a lot in common with certain popular open world multiplayer games. Fans of the genre may find these existing games capture elements they loved about Free Guy.

Grand Theft Auto

Co-writer Matt Lieberman directly cited Rockstar‘s acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series as an inspiration for Free City‘s setting and gameplay. Like GTA, Free City is a vast open world filled with opportunities for driving, shooting, exploring seedy urban environments, and more unsuitable mayhem. Free Guy directly references GTA a few times as well.


Epic Games‘ Fortnite is another major influence. Free City shares Fortnite‘s cartoonish art style, colorful characters, emotes, and in-game purchases. Reynolds does a popular Fortnite dance move at one point. One scene also directly references a Fortnite live event.


As a sandbox game focused on user creativity and customization, Roblox has clear parallels with Free City. Players can create their own worlds, explore others‘ creations, and design unique avatars. Like Guy, Roblox users can push the boundaries of their virtual worlds.


Free City‘s vibrant, blocky environments are visually reminiscent of Minecraft. And like Minecraft, Free City offers open-ended gameplay with construction and customization elements. Gamers can shape the world to their liking.

Ready Player One

Though not a game itself, the Ready Player One movie (also directed by Shawn Levy) depicts a similarly advanced fictional virtual reality metaverse. It presents another interesting take on how virtual worlds could evolve.

Metaverse platforms

Facebook‘s Metaverse, Microsoft‘s Mesh platform, and other emerging metaverse concepts promise eventual virtual worlds akin to what Free City envisions. These real-life technologies and business initiatives further blur the lines between games and reality in ways Free Guy explores.

So while there isn‘t a true Free Guy video game yet, fans of the movie can find playable worlds that capture aspects of Free City across various platforms, from GTA to Fortnite and beyond. The movie synthesizes gameplay elements from popular online titles to create a compelling vision of where immersive gaming could one day lead.

Is Free Guy available on game consoles?

Free Guy is not currently playable on any gaming platforms, since a full Free Guy video game does not yet exist.

However, the movie itself is available through on-demand video gaming services:

  • In October 2021, Free Guy became the first movie to release on Oculus VR headsets via the Oculus Video app. It can be rented and viewed in 3D/VR on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift devices.

  • Free Guy is also now available to rent or purchase on Microsoft‘s Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles through the Xbox Video app and Movies & TV hub.

So while you can‘t play Free Guy as a game on Xbox or PlayStation, you can watch the movie on modern game consoles and Oculus VR via their digital movie rental platforms.

Will Free Guy ever become a real game?

Free Guy‘s creators designed an immersive open world multiplayer environment tailor-made for video games. And the movie‘s popularity shows there is clear interest in exploring its virtual city.

Turning Free Guy into a playable game one day remains a distinct possibility, even if just an adaptation of the movie rather than a standalone game franchise.

However, no Free Guy game is guaranteed yet. It would require considerable investment and coordination between the movie studio, director Shawn Levy, Ryan Reynolds, and a game developer. There are also licensing obstacles relating to major game franchises referenced in the movie.

But the potential is there. Technology continues advancing to where digital worlds like Free City may eventually be possible. And studios are increasingly expanding movies into interactive games, as seen with titles like Spider-Man.

For now, fans will have to keep waiting and hoping for the chance to one day play their own Free Guy adventure in Free City for real. But that possibility definitely remains for the future if the movie franchise continues succeeding. The pieces are in place for a Free Guy game to happen someday.

Yes, Free Guy is available to watch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Here are the details on how to watch the movie featuring Ryan Reynolds on Xbox gaming systems.

How to watch Free Guy on Xbox

You have two options for accessing Free Guy on an Xbox console:

Rent or buy on Xbox Video app

  • Open the Xbox Video app on your Xbox console
  • Search for "Free Guy"
  • Select whether you want to rent for $5.99 (SD) or $6.99 (HD) or buy for $19.99 (SD) or $24.99 (HD)
  • Confirm rental or purchase

Rent or buy on Microsoft Movies & TV

  • Go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console
  • Navigate to Movies & TV hub
  • Search for "Free Guy"
  • Choose to rent for $5.99 or purchase for $19.99
  • Complete rental or purchase transaction

Once rented or purchased, you can then watch Free Guy on demand via the Movies & TV hub or Xbox Video app.

Is Free Guy free with Xbox Game Pass?

No, an Xbox Game Pass subscription does not provide access to Free Guy. The movie is only available as a rental or purchase even for Game Pass members.

Free Guy is also not currently available on any Xbox Game Pass supported streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu.

Can you play Free Guy on Xbox?

Free Guy is not a playable video game on Xbox consoles – it is only available as a movie through the Xbox video rental/purchase options.

There is not a full Free Guy video game adaptation for Xbox at this time. You can only watch the film; you can‘t play Free Guy or explore Free City as a game world on Xbox yet.

So Xbox users cannot truly play Free Guy in the way depicted in the movie. But watching the innovative movie via Xbox Video is the next best thing until an eventual Free Guy game might arrive!

The Xbox Series S is an all-digital next-gen console by Microsoft. It offers streamlined performance and quick load times in a compact format. Can you watch the hit movie Free Guy on Xbox Series S?

The answer is yes, Free Guy is available on Xbox Series S via the Xbox Video app and Microsoft Store. Here are the details:

How to watch Free Guy on Xbox Series S

As an all-digital console, the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive. So you cannot insert a Free Guy Blu-ray disc.

Instead, follow these steps to access Free Guy on Xbox Series S:

  • Open the Xbox Video app
  • Search for "Free Guy"
  • Select to rent in SD ($5.99), HD ($6.99), or 4K ($7.99 if available)
  • Or choose to buy in SD ($19.99), HD ($24.99), or 4K ($29.99 if available)
  • Complete rental or purchase transaction

You can also rent or purchase through the Microsoft Store‘s Movies & TV section on Xbox Series S.

Once rented or bought, you can watch Free Guy at any time through the Xbox Video app.

Does Xbox Series S support 4K UHD?

The Xbox Series S is designed primarily for 1440p gaming rather than native 4K.

However, it can still stream video content in 4K UHD via supported apps like YouTube and Netflix.

For Xbox Video, the Series S supports 4K rental/purchases if the content provider offers a 4K version. Free Guy is available to rent/buy in 4K where supported.

So you can enjoy Free Guy in up to 4K quality on Xbox Series S depending on your rental/purchase selection.

Is Free Guy free with Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, a standard Xbox Game Pass membership does not provide free access to watch Free Guy on Xbox Series S.

You need to separately rent or purchase the movie for on-demand viewing, even as an active Game Pass subscriber.

But Free Guy is a great sci-fi action complement for Game Pass members who want both great games and movies on Xbox Series S!

So in summary, you can readily watch the innovative Free Guy movie on the affordable all-digital Xbox Series S console. Access it via Xbox Video rent/purchase in up to 4K quality where available.

Free Guy is now widely available for on-demand viewing on major streaming and rental platforms beyond Xbox. Here are the key apps offering the movie:


HBO Max subscribers can watch Free Guy at no extra cost. The movie is included with all basic HBO Max plans starting at $9.99/month.

Stream Free Guy via the HBO Max app on phones, tablets, smart TVs, or devices like Roku and Fire TV.


Disney+ subscribers can stream Free Guy as part of their standard $7.99/month membership.

Watch it via the Disney+ app on a wide range of devices.


Vudu offers Free Guy as a digital rental in SD, HD, and 4K UHD quality starting at $5.99.

You can also purchase and own a digital copy outright on Vudu for $24.99 or less.

Access Free Guy on Vudu across devices like Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, and more.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can rent Free Guy for $5.99 or buy it for $19.99 and up.

Watch on Fire TV, tablets, phones, computers, and other compatible devices.

Apple TV

On Apple TV, you can rent Free Guy in up to 4K HDR for $5.99. Or purchase in 4K for $24.99.

Get it via the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices.

Google Play

Rent (SD $5.99, HD $6.99) or buy ($19.99 and up) on Google Play Movies & TV app.

Watch on Android phones/tablets, Roku, Chromecast, and other devices.

So in summary, nearly any streaming media player, smart TV platform, mobile device, or game console offers easy access to Free Guy via apps and on-demand rental/purchase. Enjoy the imaginative movie on your preferred platform!

Free Guy delivers an engaging vision of an advanced open world video game come to life. This has sparked questions from enthusiastic viewers about whether they can actually experience its fictional Free City environment first-hand in game form someday.

While no official Free Guy game exists yet, the movie‘s growing popularity increases the chances it could still happen. Video game adaptations are becoming more common as technology allows ever more immersive interactive entertainment.

In the meantime, fans wanting to live the Free Guy gaming fun today do have options:

  • Watch Free Guy in virtual reality on Oculus VR headsets via Oculus Video
  • Rent or purchase Free Guy through game console video apps like Xbox Video
  • Stream Free Guy across phones, smart TVs, and devices via HBO Max, Disney+, Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and more

So until we can fully enter Free City as Guy and join the open world adventure ourselves, watching the innovative movie via accessibly on-demand platforms is the next best way to experience this imaginative vision of gaming‘s exciting future possibilities. Free Guy brings a bold gaming concept to life – one which could truly become reality through the right video game treatment someday.



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