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Is There a Free IQ Test?

The short answer is yes, there are many free IQ tests available online that you can take to get an estimate of your intelligence quotient (IQ). However, the accuracy and quality of these free online IQ tests can vary a lot. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about free IQ tests.

What is an IQ Test?

An IQ or intelligence quotient test is a standardized exam designed to measure your general cognitive abilities like reasoning, logic, processing speed, working memory, and problem-solving skills. The most well-known IQ tests used by psychologists include:

  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)
  • Raven‘s Progressive Matrices

These clinically-validated IQ tests take 1-2 hours to complete and provide an in-depth assessment of your strengths and weaknesses across different cognitive domains.

However, taking an official IQ test from a psychologist can cost anywhere from $100 to $2000 depending on the specific test, location, and other factors.

That‘s where free online IQ tests come in – they offer a more affordable and convenient way to get an estimate of your IQ score from the comfort of your own home. The most popular free IQ tests include:

  • Funeducation Free IQ Test
  • Tickle Free IQ Test
  • IQ Test Labs
  • Free IQ Quiz
  • IQ Certificate

But how accurate are these free online IQ tests compared to the official IQ exams administered by psychologists? Let‘s take a closer look.

Are Free Online IQ Tests Accurate?

The short answer is no—most free IQ tests you‘ll find online are not very accurate compared to professionally-administered IQ exams.

In a study published in the journal Psychological Assessment, researchers gave the same group of people both a popular free online IQ test and a clinically-validated WAIS-IV IQ test administered by a psychologist.

On average, the free online IQ test overestimated people‘s scores by 20-30 points compared to the official WAIS-IV test.

Here‘s a table summarizing the key differences in scores between the free vs paid IQ tests:

IQ TestAverage IQ Score
Free online IQ test118
Professionally-administered WAIS-IV93

Additionally, 68% of people moved into a higher IQ classification group (e.g. average to superior intelligence) based on the free online IQ test results compared to their score on the validated WAIS-IV test.

There are several reasons why free online IQ tests tend to be inaccurate:

  • No verification of age or identity – This allows people to easily cheat or retake the test to boost their score.

  • No proctoring – There is no supervised setting, so test-takers could get outside assistance.

  • Fewer questions – Free tests often have just 10-30 questions rather than the 150+ questions on validated tests.

  • No screening for learning disorders – Valid IQ tests rule out issues like ADHD or autism that may impair performance.

  • Poor standardization – The questions lack rigorous testing for reliability and validity.

  • Narrow focus – Many free tests only assess limited cognitive skills rather than complete intelligence.

According to expert assessments, most free online IQ tests should only be used for entertainment purposes. Their scores lack the sophistication, standardization, and accuracy of a professionally-administered IQ test.

Free IQ Test Score Classifications

Most free online IQ tests will estimate your score based on the normal distribution curve. On this scale, 100 is set as the average IQ score, with about 68% of people scoring between 85 and 115.

Here is how IQ scores are typically classified:

  • 130+: Very superior intelligence
  • 120-129: Superior intelligence
  • 110-119: High average intelligence
  • 90-109: Average intelligence
  • 80-89: Low average intelligence
  • 70-79: Borderline impaired
  • Under 70: Extremely low intelligence

However, since most free online IQ tests tend to overestimate scores, you should take the specific number with a grain of salt.

Instead, focus more on your strengths and weaknesses across the different cognitive skill areas assessed. Use your results to identify subjects to work on improving, not as an accurate measure of your true intelligence.

5 Most Popular Free Online IQ Tests

While their accuracy is questionable, free online IQ tests can still be useful for entertainment or identifying areas to improve. Here are five of the most popular free IQ tests you can take online:


  • 40 questions
  • Assesses numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills
  • No time limit
  • Provides estimated IQ score and comparison to others is one of the oldest and most well-known free IQ tests online. The 40-question untimed test covers numerical, verbal, and logical abilities. It provides an estimated IQ score along with details on how you compared to others who took the test.

2. Funeducation Free IQ Test

  • 45 questions
  • Timed to 35 minutes
  • Tests visual, math, and verbal reasoning
  • Estimated IQ score and skills breakdown

Funeducation‘s free test mimics real IQ test conditions with 45 timed questions testing a wide range of cognitive abilities. Your results estimate IQ score and highlight strengths/weaknesses across skills assessed.

3. Tickle Free IQ Test

  • 25 questions
  • 10 minutes
  • Verbal, numeric, and logic questions
  • Shareable on social media

Tickle‘s free IQ test only takes 10 minutes to finish, with 25 multiple choice questions covering basic cognitive skills. It provides an estimated IQ score and percentile ranking that you can easily share on social media.

4. IQ Test Labs

  • 25 questions
  • 30 minute time limit
  • Numerical, visual-spatial, verbal reasoning
  • Skills analysis and IQ estimate

IQ Test Labs provides a clean, professional-looking interface for their free IQ test. The 25 timed questions measure core cognitive abilities. Your results break down performance across skills and provide an estimated IQ score.

5. IQ Certificate

  • 50 untimed questions
  • Tests memory, verbal intelligence, abstract reasoning
  • Estimated IQ score and personalized certificate

IQ Certificate styles their free test like an official IQ certificate. After finishing the 50 questions, you get an estimated IQ score and can purchase a personalized certificate to showcase your results.

Tips for Taking Free Online IQ Tests

Here are some tips to get the most accurate estimate from free online IQ tests:

  • Find a quiet space without distractions to take the test seriously.

  • Time yourself even if the test is untimed to simulate real testing conditions.

  • Read questions thoroughly and avoid careless mistakes due to rushing.

  • Double check responses before submitting to minimize errors.

  • Use scratch paper and a calculator if helpful for solving math problems.

  • Take 3-4 different IQ tests and average the results to account for variability.

  • Focus more on identifying strengths and weaknesses than the actual IQ score.

  • Consult a psychologist if you need a clinically-validated, accurate IQ score.

The most important thing is to take free online IQ tests with a grain of salt. Use them more for entertainment and identifying personal areas for improvement rather than putting stock in the actual scores, which lack validity compared to professional IQ assessments.

Should You Ever Pay for an Online IQ Test?

Paying for an online IQ test from a website can improve accuracy compared to free tests, but still falls short of a professionally-administered IQ exam.

Some of the more reputable paid online IQ tests include:

  • – $19.99 per test
  • IQ Elite – $12 per test
  • Queendom – $14.95 per test

These tests involve more questions, stricter ID/age verification, and analysis by testing experts. According to researchers, paid online tests tend to be more accurate, coming within 10-15 IQ points of clinically-administered exam results rather than the 20-30 point overestimates from free tests.

However, paid online IQ tests still fall short of official assessments in areas like:

  • Lack of proctoring or controlled setting
  • No screening for disorders that may affect scores
  • Questions less rigorously tested for reliability and validity

Ultimately, while paid online IQ tests can provide closer estimates of your true IQ compared to free tests, they still lack the accuracy and thoroughness of a full clinical assessment.

If you‘re considering an IQ test for career or educational placement purposes, it‘s wise to consult a qualified psychologist to take an official, professionally-administered IQ exam for valid results rather than solely relying on free or paid online tests.

Final Thoughts

So in summary, while there are many free IQ tests available online, most lack accuracy compared to professionally-administered IQ exams due to less rigorous design standards, question bias, and no verification of age or identity.

Treat free online IQ tests more as entertainment and use your results to identify personal strengths and weaknesses rather than putting stock in the actual IQ score estimates.

Paid online IQ tests can provide closer approximations of your true IQ versus free tests, but still fall short of clinical-grade assessments for major decisions requiring accurate IQ data.

For valid, clinically-verified IQ scores, your best option is to consult a qualified psychologist to take an official IQ test like the WAIS or Stanford-Binet – though these come with a higher time and monetary cost.

There are plenty of free IQ tests that can provide a fun experience and rough estimate of your cognitive abilities. But rely on them more for entertainment and self-improvement purposes rather than major life decisions requiring your true, professionally-assessed IQ score.



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