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Is there a free Mortal Kombat on PC?

Yes, there are a few ways to play the classic Mortal Kombat games on your PC completely free of charge – but they come with some caveats. Let‘s dig into the details.

As a hardcore fan of fighting games and retro gaming, I understand the desire to experience those old-school Mortal Kombat titles from the 1990s again. The nostalgia factor is strong, and sometimes you just want to relive the glory days of gatherings around an arcade cabinet, mashing buttons and unleashing epic fatalities with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and the gang.

While the newer Mortal Kombat games are great, they just don‘t capture that distinct vibe of the originals. And not all of us have hundreds of dollars to shell out on retro game collecting. So being able to play the classics on PC for free would be amazing.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll outline both the official and unofficial methods that offer ways to download and play Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 and other early entries free on your computer. There are some legal gray areas involved, so I‘ll also provide some warnings about risks and understanding your local copyright laws.

Let‘s jump right in and FATALITY this topic!

A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

Before we get into the how-to, let‘s set the scene and talk Mortal Kombat nostalgia for a minute.

As someone who grew up in the 90s visiting arcades every weekend, the original Mortal Kombat games have a special place in my heart. The cutting-edge (and gory) digitized graphics, the iconic cast of fighters, the sweeping mythic storylines – MK was a revelation in the early 90s arcade scene.

Other fighting games like Street Fighter and Fatal Fury were great, but Mortal Kombat captured lighting in a bottle. It was darker, edgier and gleefully gratuitous in its violence. While this earned the ire of concerned parents, it secured Mortal Kombat a spot as the cool, rebellious fighting franchise of its era.

For me and many 90s kids, those quarter-guzzling arcade cabinets were our first exposure to the series. Saving up tokens and lining up to challenge opponents or spectate the local champs doing battle. The hype was real.

When Mortal Kombat finally made the leap from arcades to home consoles, the excitement hit fever pitch. Sure, the ports came with compromises – but we could play MK any time we wanted! I have vivid memories of weekend sleepovers devolving into all-night Mortal Kombat marathons on the Sega Genesis and SNES.

Times have changed, but those memories endure. And while I enjoy modern gaming, a part of me yearns to feel that old-school MK rush again. Getting the original games running on my PC free of charge would be a nostalgic dream come true.

Let‘s see how feasible that dream is…

Official Ways to Play Mortal Kombat Free

Let‘s start with the official channels first. Is there any way to get classic Mortal Kombat games free directly from the source? Sadly, the options here are limited:

Mortal Kombat Compilations

Various Mortal Kombat compilations and re-releases over the years have bundled the early titles:

  • Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1996) – Compilation of MK 1-3
  • Mortal Kombat Advance (2001) – GBA remake of MK 1-3
  • Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004) – Includes MK 1 and 2 arcade ports
  • Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006) – Includes MK 1 and 2 arcade ports
  • Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (2011) – Collection with MK 1-3 arcade ports

These collections allow you to enjoy the original games on modern systems. But they aren‘t free. You need to purchase physical or digital copies, which typically run $10-$40 depending on the compilation.

Still, grabbing them on sale or finding used copies is cheaper than acquiring the original arcade boards or cartridges. So they‘re a legal means of playing classic MK without spending big bucks.

Mortal Kombat Online

The official Mortal Kombat website offers a cool option to play MK 1-3 online in your browser for free. No downloads or sign-ups required – just hit that "Play" button!

There are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Single player only – no local/online multiplayer
  • No save/resume feature
  • Online latency can impact smoothness of gameplay

But being able to instantly play the arcade classics online with no cash outlay is an awesome official option for Mortal Kombat fans.

So while NetherRealm Studios doesn‘t offer the original games as standalone freeware, the compilation re-releases and web browser version give gamers legal and free (or cheap) ways to get their old-school MK fix.

Unofficial Methods – Enjoy at Your Own Risk

Beyond the official channels, there are some less scrupulous (and less legal) methods for acquiring the early Mortal Kombat games free on PC. I absolutely cannot recommend these options, but for informational purposes, they include:

Mortal Kombat ROMs

ROMs are essentially digital copies of game cartridges or arcade boards. While downloading them is legally dubious, they allow games to be emulated on PCs.

Full sets of MK 1-4 ROMs are readily available on various ROM sites online. When used with an emulator like MAME or FinalBurn, this will let you play no-cost arcade-perfect ports on your computer.

However – and I can‘t stress this enough – using ROMs this way typically violates copyright law in most regions. Tread extremely carefully!

Fan-Made Remakes

You can also find various fan-remade Mortal Kombat games floating around the web. These non-commercial projects recreate the classic titles for free distribution as "tributes" to the series.

But because they use copyrighted assets without approval, their legality is questionable at best. While the intentions may be noble, unauthorized use of intellectual property is risky business!

Web Browser Emulators

Some sites offer instant in-browser game emulators that let you play ROMs directly online. This includes which has Mortal Kombat ready to go.

However (I sound like a broken record here), this facilitation of copyright violation makes the legality of these sites extremely suspect. Better to steer clear!

As you can see, the world of unauthorized ROMs, remakes and emulators offers plenty of temptations for the cash-strapped Mortal Kombat fan. But with legal hazards abundant, I can‘t endorse diving into these shady areas simply to save a buck. Support the developers, and play it safe!

For a wrap-up of your options, both legit and sketchy, check out this comparison table:

MethodCostLegalityRisk Level
Official Compilations$LegalLow
ROMsFreeLikely IllegalHigh
Fan RemakesFreeQuestionableModerate
Browser EmulatorsFreeQuestionableModerate

Concluding Thoughts

At the end of the day, I always advocate playing by the rules and supporting the hardworking development teams that have provided us with so much entertainment over the decades.

But I also understand that gaming is an expensive hobby, and sometimes budgets are tight. If you truly cannot afford the official collection releases right now, at least steer clear of the more legally hazardous options outlined above.

Better yet – if Mortal Kombat nostalgia has you itching for some old-school gameplay, consider firing up Mortal Kombat 11. It has an amazing collection of retro fighter skins and arenas that will tickle the nostalgia bone nicely!

I hope this guide gave you some helpful insights on the world of free Mortal Kombat gaming. Game on – and flawless victory!



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