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Is there a free PC building simulator?

Hey friend! Have you ever dreamed of constructing your own custom gaming PC, but felt too intimidated or inexperienced to try it? I‘ve totally been there before! Building a computer can seem really daunting if you‘ve never done it.

Luckily, there are now some fantastic free PC building simulators that let you practice constructing a virtual desktop from the comfort of your home. These games walk you through selecting compatible parts, installing components step-by-step, managing cables, and even booting up your creation – with no expensive equipment required!

In this guide, I‘ll showcase some of the best free PC building simulators available today. We‘ll look at how these virtual build experiences can help demystify the process for aspiring first-time PC builders like us. Let‘s dive in!

What exactly are PC building simulators?

A PC building simulator is a game that emulates assembling a real desktop computer from start to finish. Here are some of the key features they provide:

  • Component selection – Choose from hundreds of virtual CPU, GPU, memory, storage, motherboard, PSU, and cooling products from major brands.

  • Compatibility checking – Many simulators won‘t let you select incompatible parts that won‘t work together.

  • Realistic installation – Insert delicate components into motherboard slots and screw them down. routing cables, managing cable runs.

  • Benchmarking – Boot up the finished build and benchmark gaming FPS, storage speeds, and more.

  • Troubleshooting – Resolve virtual build issues by reseating parts, reconnecting cables, or replacing components.

The aim is to mimic the physical build process as closely as possible. But the big benefit is you can experiment freely without worrying about breaking real hardware!

Why should you use a building simulator?

Here are some of the biggest advantages these virtual build experiences provide:

  • Learn the basics risk-free – Get familiar with physically handling components, motherboard layouts, BIOS settings, without expensive mistakes.

  • Experiment with no cost – Try exotic cooling configurations, overclocking, and high-end gear with no financial investment.

  • Gain confidence before your first build – Master the virtual build process to make your actual PC construction go smoothly.

  • Compatibility assurance – Ensure your selected parts all work together before buying real components.

  • Fun and engaging – Building a dream virtual rig can be tremendously enjoyable and satisfying.

PC building simulators have become so realistic that they offer immense value for becoming comfortable with real desktop construction. Let‘s look at some top free options.

PC Building Simulator (Demo)

PC Building Simulator is by far the most advanced and realistic PC construction game available. While the full version costs $20, there is an extremely generous free demo that provides unlimited access to its Free Build mode.

In Free Build, you can put together a computer from over 500 accurately modeled real-world components. All parts are fully licensed and include big brands like Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Asus, Corsair, and more. You can even install your own operating system and benchmark your completed build.

The interface truly mimics constructing physical computer. You‘ll need to carefully seat delicate CPUs into motherboards, attach tiny case headers, screw in graphics cards, and route winding PSU cables. If you force components or make poor connections, you can damage the virtual gear.

This intricate build detail makes the PC Building Simulator demo ideal for test driving your first real desktop assembly. And with unlimited time available, you can hone your skills for as long as you need to feel prepared.

PC Building Simulator Free Build mode screenshot

PC Building Simulator accurately replicates intricate case and component details.

Upwards of 90% of Steam users recommend the PC Building Simulator demo. It‘s widely praised for its realism and ability to teach even veteran builders something new.


If you‘re looking for a simpler introduction to PC construction, ezpc is a great browser-based option. While its components are fictional, it teaches the fundamentals of selecting compatible parts, installing them in the correct motherboard slots and rear IO ports, wiring them up safely, and booting up your completed build.

Easy drag and drop actions help you focus on learning general PC build concepts, without complex cable management or installation procedures to start. A handy compatibility filter prevents selecting components that won‘t work together.

Once assembled, you can view a rendered image of your unique PC. You can even benchmark its gaming performance against minimum requirements of popular titles. This gives helpful feedback on how well your selected parts synergize.

ezpc build interface screenshot

ezpc has a clean and intuitive component selection and installation process.

With over 97% positive reviews, ezpc is praised for distilling PC construction down to its most essential steps for first-timers. The friendly visual style also makes it less intimidating to learn.

PC Builder

PC Builder is another slick web-based building simulator. Like ezpc, it focuses on nailing down construction fundamentals before diving into complex details.

The major difference is that PC Builder challenges you to build a PC within a fixed budget. This restriction encourages careful consideration of each component‘s price-to-performance ratio. You can easily compare CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and more based on their core specs.

Once built, you can save and share your configuration file for others to review. This allows the community to provide suggestions to optimize your component balance and fit everything within budget. It‘s a great representation of consulting build guides and forums for advice.

PC Builder fixed budget build interface

PC Builder teaches price-to-performance balancing with a fixed budget.

With a superb 98% positive rating, PC Builder is praised for teaching real-world budgeting and optimization skills for picking PC parts. The community around collaboratively refining builds is also a major plus.

PartPicker – Essential build planning

While not a full simulator itself, PCPartPicker is an invaluable tool for choosing components and planning a build. The compatibility checking features alone make it a must-use.

PCPartPicker has one of the largest databases of desktop components, with thousands of CPUs, GPUs, storage drives, cases, power supplies, coolers, and more from every major manufacturer.

The key feature is automatic compatibility validation when selecting parts. If chosen components are incompatible, you‘ll be alerted to prevent purchasing mistakes. Physical sizing conflicts and estimated wattage exceedances are flagged as well.

Once all core components are picked, build completeness scores give feedback on potential oversights like missing cooling or storage. This helps catch subtle mistakes at the planning stage.

PCPartPicker component selection and compatibility validation

PCPartPicker makes flawless compatibility planning easy.

With community reviews and build data from over 512,000 active monthly users, PCPartPicker is the go-to for component selection and high-level virtual build planning.

The PC Creator – PC building on mobile

If you want to build PCs on the go, The PC Creator brings an accessible introduction to mobile. Available exclusively on iOS, this game puts you in charge of a custom PC retail store.

You‘ll need to build and sell computers tailored to simulated customer needs within a set budget. This teaches basic skills like choosing compatible and balanced components for different use cases.

As your business expands, you can hire employees, upgrade your workspace, and build your brand reputation in the community.

With its modern tablet interface, the touch and drag-and-drop controls make virtual assembly intuitive. This makes The PC Creator one of the most beginner-friendly mobile PC building games.

The PC Creator mobile interface screenshot

The PC Creator brings accessible PC building to handheld devices.

With a 4.5-star rating, The PC Creator is praised for smoothly introducing PC construction basics in a fun simulation wrapper. The mobile format makes it easy to build PCs on the go.

Key skills to focus on

When using any of these great simulators, here are some key skills I recommend focusing on:

  • Identifying motherboard component slots and rear IO port labels
  • Properly seating components like the CPU, RAM sticks, and GPU
  • Connecting finicky front panel power/reset buttons and LEDs
  • Cable management with zip ties, anchors, and clean routing
  • Balancing component selections for target performance and budget
  • Checking for physical size, socket, and power compatibility
  • Diagnosing issues by reseating parts and reconnecting cables
  • Researching component specifications and reviews

Don‘t worry about making virtual mistakes! Using improper force, misaligning parts, and overlooking connectors are part of the learning experience.

PC building simulator benchmarks

To get a better sense of the virtual PC performance these simulators can achieve, here are some sample benchmarks from community builds:

SimulatorCPUGPURAMStorageTime Spy ScoreFire Strike Score
PC Building
i9-12900KRTX 3090 Ti32GB DDR51TB NVME SSD24,00041,000
ezpcEZ-FX UltraEZ-RTZ Ultimate32GB HyperX1TB MVME15,00028,000
PC BuilderRyzen 9 7950XRTX 409032GB DDR5500GB NVME SSD22,00038,000

These benchmarks give you a sense of the performance potential of high-end virtual builds. Of course, you can also practice constructing more modest mid-range systems.

Final thoughts

I hope this guide has helped demystify PC building simulators and showcase some excellent free options for virtual construction practice!

With the realism of modern simulators, you can gain tremendous hands-on experience and confidence before attempting your first actual desktop build. Taking your time to experiment virtually helps ensure your physical build goes smoothly and safely.

Starting with simplified sims like ezpc and PC Builder lets you grasp the fundamentals. You can then ramp up to advanced challenges like constructing beastly water-cooled rigs in PC Building Simulator.

Pair the simulators with PCPartPicker for flawless component selection. This combo gives you the skills and knowledge to bring an amazing custom PC to life!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow PC building aspirant. I hope you found this guide useful. Enjoy the virtual construction – may your frames be high and temps be low!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.