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Is there a free roam in Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition?

Hey there! If you‘re considering getting Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition, one question you might have is – does it include an open world free roam mode? Let me walk you through the details.

The short answer is: No, Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition does not officially include a free roam mode. The base game focuses on closed circuit racing at detailed recreations of famous tracks.

However, the amazing modding community has created some incredibly immersive open world maps that add free roam capability! So with the right mods, you can cruise around expansive environments at your leisure.

Let me explain everything in more detail…

What is Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition?

In case you‘re new to the franchise, Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition includes the original Assetto Corsa game plus all additional DLC cars, tracks, and content packs ever released.

Specifically it contains:

  • 178 cars from 24 manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini
  • 33 track configurations from 16 real-world circuits
  • Famous tracks like Spa-Francorchamps, Laguna Seca, Nurburgring
  • Additional content from the Prestige pack, Porsche packs, more

It‘s really the complete Assetto Corsa experience with all the extra goodies bundled in one package.

The core of the game remains focused on realistic racing physics and closely recreating the sensation of driving real cars at their limits. Professional racers were involved in developing the handling to make it as authentic as possible.

Now let‘s look at whether free roaming is possible in the base game…

No official free roam mode in vanilla Assetto Corsa

Within the official content from developer Kunos Simulazioni, there is no ability to freely cruise around an open world map and explore.

Instead Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition only includes closed circuit racing on detailed track recreations. These are based on real-world courses mapped through laser scanning for accuracy.

So unfortunately out of the box, you‘ll be limited to driving laps around closed tracks like Brands Hatch, Monza, and other famous circuits. No matter how awesome it would be, you can‘t just take a Ferrari F40 cruising through scenic mountain roads or blasting through Tokyo city streets.

Talented modders have added free roam capability!

Thankfully one of the best parts of Assetto Corsa is the dedicated modding community. These talented users have put in huge effort to give us amazing open world free roam mods!

Some of the most popular options include:

LA Canyons102km of faithfully recreated roads in the LA mountains
Lake Louise97km of twisting mountain roads through picturesque Canadian Rockies
Shutoko Revival Project140km of expressways through intricately detailed Tokyo cityscape
North Coast 500196km route along Northern Scotland‘s scenic coastal roads

Driving these mods really gives you the best of both worlds – Assetto Corsa‘s world-class physics blended with the freedom of an open map to explore.

Now let‘s look closer at one of the most popular options…

LA Canyons mod highlights

The LA Canyons mod is arguably the most immersive and exciting free roam option. Let‘s see what it includes:

  • 102km of accurately mapped roads – Recreates famous LA routes like Angeles Crest Highway, Mulholland Highway, Little Tujunga, and more winding through the mountains. Many areas laser scanned for precision.

  • Dynamic weather and lighting – Weather seamlessly transitions from sunny to cloudy to rainy, affecting grip. Time of day also progresses for immersive drives.

  • Realistic traffic – Other vehicles populate the roads to add life and challenge. Traffic density can be adjusted.

  • Police chases – Cops will come after you if speeding or crashing! Try to outrun them down winding mountain passes.

  • Tourist mode – Sit back and relax as your car automatically cruises along the scenic routes.

  • Challenges – Timed point-to-point challenges test your driving skill through the canyons.

From blasting through the twisties in an Aston Martin to a chilled sunset drive in a vintage Mustang, the LA Canyons mod captures the area‘s roads in incredible detail.

How to install free roam mods

Adding these open world mods is thankfully a straightforward process:

  1. Download the mod .zip file from a site like RaceDepartment
  2. Extract the .zip contents which will include content and other folders
  3. Copy these extracted folders into your Assetto Corsa install directory
  4. Launch Assetto Corsa and enjoy driving the new free roam map!

The talented modders have done the heavy lifting of crafting the open worlds. We just need to download, install, and enjoy!

Most fun cars for free roaming

One of the best parts of Assetto Corsa is having so many awesome vehicles to choose from. Here are some particularly fun options for relaxed free roaming:

  • Toyota Supra MK4 – This Japanese icon just begs to be drifted through mountain passes.
  • Ferrari F40 – Experience the thrill of the twin-turbo V8 in this ‘80s Pininfarina legend.
  • Lamborghini Miura – Feel the passion of the V12 as you cruise through the countryside.
  • Pagani Zonda R – Hear the magnificent AMG V12 singing at high RPMs.
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm – Take this snarling, lightweight Italian through the tight switchbacks.

And when you want to kick the intensity up to 11:

  • McLaren P1 GTR – Unleash the combined 1,000hp of electric and twin-turbo V8 power!
  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Try taming 700hp in a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive monster.
  • Koenigsegg Agera RS – Experience 273mph top speeds with this 1,340hp megacar!

Part of the fun is testing the limits of insanely powerful supercars on open public roads – albeit virtual ones!

How realistic is a wheel versus a controller?

As a dedicated simulator, Assetto Corsa is designed first and foremost for racing wheels. A force feedback wheel adds critical sensation of weight shift, grip, and tire slip to react instinctively at the limit.

Wheels like the Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T300RS bring the physics to life and let you catch slides with subtle hand motions.

However, Assetto Corsa is also very playable on gamepads! The controller handling was carefully tuned to translate inputs cleanly. You can achieve surprisingly precise control and responsiveness with practice.

Overall a wheel is strongly recommended for the most realistic experience, but gamepads are also very capable if that‘s your preferred option. Both are miles better than keys for control. Many players start with a gamepad and upgrade to a wheel once invested.

How difficult for a beginner?

Let‘s be honest – Assetto Corsa has a steep initial learning curve if you‘re new to hardcore racing sims. Mastering the realistic physics takes time and practice.

Here are some tips to make the process easier as a beginner:

  • Turn on assists like ABS and traction control at first, then wean yourself off.
  • Stick to slower cars like the BMW M4 to start. Easier to control on limit.
  • Drive simpler circuits like Brands Hatch to learn basics.
  • Replay challenging corners slowly and work up to speed.
  • Use track guides to learn optimal racing lines.
  • Focus on smooth inputs and consistency before speed.

With some patience, persistence, and help from the welcoming community, Assetto Corsa can absolutely be picked up as your first true racing simulator. And the process of improving your skills is incredibly rewarding!

Various gameplay modes

Between structured racing events and open-ended cruising, Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition provides diverse driving experiences:

Closed Circuit Racing

  • Single Race – One-off race weekends with any car + track combo
  • Championship/Career – Long-term progression through multiple race series
  • Time Attack – Chase the fastest lap around a circuit
  • Drift Challenge – Score points by mastering controlled oversteer

Free Roam Driving

  • Cruise – Relaxed driving through expansive open worlds
  • AI Traffic – Practice reacting to realistic traffic behaviors
  • Tourism – Sit back as your car automatically drives scenic routes
  • Police Chases – Outrun cops when speeding or crashing

Whether you‘re chasing lap records on detailed circuits or cruising open mountain roads, Assetto Corsa has you covered.

Active multiplayer racing

Beyond solo driving, Assetto Corsa has robust online racing against real opponents:

  • Public lobbies – Jump into pick-up races filtered by preferences
  • Private lobbies – Host custom races with friends or communities
  • Ranked matchmaking – Take on those with similar skills
  • Leaderboards – Compare times and climb ranks for bragging rights
  • Scheduled leagues – Join organized, structured competitions

Dedicated servers, netcode optimization, and in-game chat provide a solid foundation for competitive online racing.

The active playerbase means full grids, hosted events, and active leagues running 24/7. Playing together against real drivers takes the intensity and fun to the next level!

How often is Assetto Corsa on sale?

If paying full $40+ price makes you hesitate, know that Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition goes on sale extremely frequently:

SaleTypical DiscountFrequency
Major Steam sales75-80% offEvery 3-4 months
Random weekly sales50-67% offYear-round
Retailer bundles80-90% offMultiple times per month

Watching /r/GameDeals, you‘ll easily find Assetto Corsa Ultimate for $10-15 multiple times per year. Definitely don‘t pay full price!

Is Assetto Corsa worth it in 2022?

Even years after release, Assetto Corsa remains extremely worth buying in 2022 for these key reasons:

  • Robust mod community – Continuous stream of new free cars, tracks, graphics mods, and more.
  • Active online racing – Competitive communities keep multiplayer grids packed.
  • Ongoing updates – Developers still improving tire model, controllers, more.
  • Strong value – Unbeatable amount of content per dollar during sales.
  • Timeless physics – Still considered the benchmark for realistic handling.
  • Customizable – Tweak every setting for your exact preferences.

For only ~$15 on a Steam sale, no other simulator offers comparable physics, mods, and sheer breadth of content. That‘s excellent value with unlimited hours of enjoyment.


So while Assetto Corsa doesn‘t officially have open world free roam, the incredible mods from the community allow you to cruise through expansive worlds modeled in impressive detail.

Combine that free roam capability with the acclaimed simulation physics, hundreds of cars, dynamic weather, lively traffic, and more – and Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition makes for an amazing driving experience.

Especially when found at 75% off on a routine Steam sale, I‘d highly recommend giving Assetto Corsa a shot. It offers engaging online racing, relaxing scenic drives, and most importantly, an incredibly realistic driving feel.

Whether you‘re a veteran sim racer or just entering the genre, Assetto Corsa is absolutely worth a spot in your racing library. Now let‘s hit the twisty coastal roads along Scotland‘s North Coast 500 in a throaty Aston Martin V8 Vantage!



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