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Is there a free trial for EA Play on PS4?

Yes, there is a free 7-day trial available for new EA Play members on PS4. This allows you to try out the full benefits of an EA Play subscription before paying anything.

Introducing EA Play

Hey there! As a fellow gamer, I know you‘re probably interested in EA Play for its library of titles from big franchises like Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, and more.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about the EA Play free trial, membership perks, game catalog, pricing, and whether it‘s ultimately worth it for the average PS4 gamer. Let‘s dive in!

Getting the 7-Day Free Trial

If you‘ve never tried EA Play before, you can get a 7-day free trial on PS4 to test it out. Here are the steps:

  1. On your PS4, open the PlayStation Store.
  2. Search for "EA Play".
  3. Select the EA Play membership or trial option.
  4. Sign up with your EA Account credentials (existing or new).

After signing up, you‘ll have full access to EA Play for 7 days at no cost. You can try any games in the Play library, play trials, get discounts, and more.

I definitely recommend taking advantage of the trial before paying! It lets you experience the benefits risk-free.

Evaluating the Game Catalog

Once you‘ve signed up for EA Play on your PS4, you gain access to the Play game catalog – over 100 EA titles ready to download at no additional cost!

Based on fan favorites, here are some of the highlights available:

Top Sports Franchises

  • FIFA 22
  • Madden NFL 22
  • NHL 22
  • UFC 4

No surprises here! EA is known for its sports games, so you get all the latest annual releases to play to your heart‘s content.

Major Shooters & Action Titles

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Titanfall 2
  • Battlefield V
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

For shooter fans, you‘ve got Battlefield and Battlefront representing EA‘s biggest first-person shooter series. The Star Wars games are excellent too if you enjoy action RPGs and hack-and-slash combat.

Signature RPGs & Adventure Games

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • The Sims 4
  • Unravel Two

Western RPGs are another area where EA shines. Dragon Age and Mass Effect are considered two of the best RPG franchises around. The Sims also continues to be a hugely popular chill gaming experience.

And that‘s just a taste! The full Play library spans various genres from action to sports to RPGs. According to EA, there are over 100 games total available across PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Honestly, that‘s a pretty insane value – access to 100+ titles for just $4.99 per month. Even if you only play a handful of games regularly, that‘s still huge potential savings compared to buying them individually.

Getting Early Access Trials

Another cool perk of EA Play is early access trials that let you play new releases before launch!

As a member, you can download upcoming games and get up to 10 hours of playtime before the official release date. Your progress also carries over if you decide to purchase the full game later.

For example, these are some of the upcoming titles you‘ll be able to trial soon with EA Play:

  • FIFA 23 (10 hours) – Available September 22
  • Madden NFL 23 (10 hours) – Available August 18
  • Need for Speed Unbound (10 hours) – Available November 29

That‘s plenty of time to get a feel for the game and decide if it‘s worth buying. Of course you can always trial the game for the full 10 hours and move on too.

And some currently available trials you can play right now include:

  • Madden NFL 22 (10 hours)
  • F1 22 (10 hours)
  • UFC 4 (10 hours)

The ability to demo new games for up to 10 hours before anyone else is an underrated perk for just $4.99 per month. You get to stretch the value of your membership even further with early access.

Getting Exclusive Rewards and Content

On top of game access, EA Play members also get exclusive bonuses, content, and rewards in select titles.

For example, in the Madden Ultimate Team mode, you may receive special item packs, legends, challenges, and more. If you play FIFA Ultimate Team, you can get extra gold packs and consumables.

There‘s also exclusive cosmetic items, characters, currency, and unlocks provided in games like Apex Legends, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Battlefield V, and other titles with online multiplayer.

Obviously don’t expect this in every game. But it’s a nice perk for major franchises with online communities and unlockable content systems.

Saving with Discounts on EA Purchases

Let‘s not forget the discount perks! With an active EA Play membership, you get 10% off any EA digital purchase made on PlayStation Store.

This discount applies to things like:

  • Full game downloads
  • Expansions and season passes
  • DLC add-ons
  • In-game currency and points packs

For example, let‘s say a new FIFA game is $59.99. With your 10% member discount, it would only cost you $53.99.

The savings add up, especially if you buy a lot of EA games and extra content regularly. Plus the discount stacks on top of existing sales and promotions!

Breaking Down the Subscription Options

EA Play is available as a recurring monthly or annual subscription:

  • Monthly: $4.99 per month
  • Annual: $29.99 per year (breaks down to $2.50 per month)

The annual plan gets you a lower effective rate, saving you some extra cash if you plan to stay subscribed for a long period of time.

Either way, the membership automatically renews based on your billing date until you decide to cancel. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time without penalty.

The great thing is you still get the full benefits regardless of which subscription you choose. It just comes down to whether you want to save a little more upfront with the annual plan.

And of course, you can always try a month first to see if you like EA Play before committing to a longer subscription. The choice is yours!

Sharing Your Play Library with a Friend

Good news – you can share access to your EA Play library with one friend on PS4 thanks to Share Play!

As long as your PS4 is set as the primary system for the account with Play access, here is how it works:

  1. On a second local user, open up the EA Play Hub app.
  2. You‘ll see an option to access the EA Play library through Share Play.
  3. Your friend can now join your game sessions and try out the library!

There are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Only works for one extra local user on your primary PS4.
  • The second player is capped at 60 minutes per game session.
  • Downloads and saves are still tied to the primary account.

While not a full separate membership, Share Play is great for giving a gaming buddy a taste of your library and playing together.

Transferring Your Game Progress to PS5

If you upgrade from PS4 to PS5 down the road, you can transfer your saved progress across most EA games thanks to cloud saves.

Here‘s how seamless cross-generation progression works:

  1. On PS4, upload your save files to the EA cloud linked to your account.
  2. Download the PS5 version of the game.
  3. Download your PS4 cloud save from EA‘s servers.
  4. Pick up right where you left off on PS5!

This makes transitioning between PS4 and PS5 super convenient. You won‘t lose hundreds of hours of gameplay when you eventually upgrade.

Is EA Play Worth It on PS4?

So is an EA Play membership worth getting on PS4? I think it comes down to a few key factors:

Worth considering if:

  • You regularly play titles from EA‘s biggest franchises – Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect, The Sims, etc.
  • You frequently buy extra DLC, season passes, or currency packs. That 10% discount adds up.
  • You want early access to trial new EA games for up to 10 hours before release.
  • You care about getting exclusive member-only rewards and content.

May not be as valuable if:

  • You only casually play the occasional EA title.
  • You mostly stick to just one EA franchise or series.
  • You don‘t play many online multiplayer EA games.
  • You don‘t buy much extra DLC or add-on content.

Based on EA‘s reported player numbers, many of their franchises have tens of millions of regular players.

If you‘re a dedicated fan of EA games across multiple series, the library access, discounts, trials, and bonuses make EA Play a very strong value on PS4 for only $4.99 a month. Occasional players may not get as much mileage from it.

My advice? Take full advantage of the 7-day free trial EA provides. This gives you a no-risk way to experience the perks and evaluate if an ongoing membership is worthwhile for your gaming needs.

Key Takeaways

Let‘s recap the key things covered about EA Play‘s free trial and subscription offerings on PS4:

  • There is a 7-day free trial available for new members to try it out first.
  • An EA Play subscription provides access to a library of over 100 games from franchises like FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and more top EA series.
  • You get up to 10 hours of early access playtime for new EA releases before launch. Progress carries over if you buy the full game.
  • Members receive exclusive rewards and content like Ultimate Team packs, skins, characters, and in-game currency bonuses.
  • You get a 10% discount on all EA digital purchases, from full games to DLC and points packs. This can provide huge savings for frequent buyers.
  • Pricing is $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year, with the annual plan offering the best value.
  • Share Play support allows game sharing with one other local friend on your primary PS4.
  • For hardcore EA fans and players deeply invested in EA multiplayer games, an EA Play subscription offers tremendous value given the low monthly price.

As a fellow gamer, I hope this detailed overview gives you all the key facts to decide if EA Play is right for your gaming needs on PS4. Take advantage of the free trial, and enjoy access to a huge library of amazing EA titles!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy your gaming!



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