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Is there a free trial for PS Plus?

The short answer is yes – PlayStation Plus does offer free trials, but there are some limitations. Typically it‘s a 7-day trial available once per account.

Keep reading as I‘ll explain everything you need to know about free trials for Sony‘s popular online gaming service, PS Plus. I‘ve got details on how trials work, tips to maximize your free access, answers to frequently asked questions, and advice on whether a trial is right for you.

As your gaming guru, I want to provide the most helpful info so you can decide if PS Plus is worth it. Let‘s dive in!

What is PS Plus and why consider a free trial?

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) is Sony‘s premium online gaming membership that unlocks awesome benefits:

  • Online multiplayer gaming so you can team up with or battle other players.

  • 100 GB of cloud storage to keep your game saves safe and accessible.

  • Exclusive discounts on digital games in the PlayStation Store.

  • 24 free games to download each year (2 per month).

  • Early access to new game demos and betas.

  • Share play – allow friends to try your games remotely.

A free trial lets you experience all of this for a limited time at no cost. Since PS Plus requires an ongoing paid subscription normally, a trial is a great way to preview the perks risk-free.

You can decide if you think a membership is worth the price after testing it out. Read on for details on how to get your free trial and what to expect.

What are the limitations of PS Plus free trials?

Sony does offer PS Plus trials, but they come with certain restrictions:

  • One trial per account – Each PSN account can only sign up for a single free trial of PS Plus.

  • 7 days – The standard PS Plus trial length is one week. Occasional 14-day trials are available.

  • Limited features – Some benefits like game catalogs may not be fully included in trials.

  • Payment required – You need to provide a valid credit/debit card or PayPal to start the trial but won‘t be billed.

So while you can try PS Plus free for 7 days, it‘s a one-time offer per account. Make sure to take advantage of your single free trial period!

Walkthrough of signing up for a PS Plus free trial

Ready to give your free trial a go? Here is a step-by-step guide:

On your PlayStation console:

  1. Open the PS Store and go to the PS Plus section.
  2. Select "Start Free Trial" then choose the 7-day trial option.
  3. Sign in with your PlayStation Network ID and agree to the terms.
  4. Enter your credit card or PayPal account when prompted.
  5. Your 7-day trial will begin instantly – happy gaming!

On the PlayStation website:

  1. Go to and click "Start Your Free Trial."
  2. Choose the 7-day trial, then click "Continue."
  3. Sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  4. Provide your credit card or PayPal details.
  5. Accept the terms of service.
  6. Your free week of PS Plus access will start right away – enjoy!

The process takes just a few minutes. You‘ll then have full PS Plus benefits for 7 days without being billed.

Making the most of your free trial period

You only have one shot at the free trial, so here are some tips to maximize your 7 days:

  • Download that month‘s PS Plus games – you‘ll get to keep these in your library if you decide to subscribe later. That‘s up to 6 free games if you time it right!

  • Try online multiplayer – play co-op or competitive multiplayer in games you already own to experience the benefit of online play.

  • Cloud storage – upload your game saves to the cloud for easy access later.

  • Discounts – check for exclusive member pricing in the PS Store on games you want.

  • Set a reminder – schedule a calendar alert so you remember to cancel a few days before the trial ends if you don‘t plan to continue.

  • Consider PS Now – stream hundreds of titles if this app is available in your region.

Leverage the week to experience the perks firsthand. Then you can determine if an ongoing membership is worthwhile for you.

What happens when your free trial concludes?

After your 7 days of previewing PS Plus, your membership will seamlessly convert to an auto-renewing paid subscription using your stored payment method (unless you cancel it ahead of time).

Here is what to expect if your trial expires and converts to a full membership:

  • You‘ll be charged the standard PS Plus fee – either $9.99 monthly, $24.99 quarterly, or $59.99 annually, depending on which you select.

  • Your membership will continuously auto-renew at the interval chosen until you decide to cancel.

  • Any PS Plus monthly free games you downloaded during the trial are yours to keep and play.

  • You‘ll continue enjoying full benefits like online multiplayer, cloud saves, and exclusive deals.

  • You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time via your account settings when you decide to end your membership.

If you don‘t want an ongoing paid subscription after the trial, make sure to turn off auto-renewal in your PlayStation account settings before the 7 days are up.

Free trial vs paid membership – pros and cons

Let‘s compare the advantages and disadvantages of trying the free PS Plus trial versus signing up for a paid membership straight away:

Free trial pros:

  • Risk-free – try before you buy without spending anything

  • Shorter commitment – only 7 days instead of a 1-3 month membership

  • Easy cancellation – stop auto-renewal before the week ends if you don‘t want to continue

Free trial cons:

  • Limited time – doesn‘t allow you to experience the full long-term value

  • One chance only – can‘t repeat the trial on the same account

  • May lack certain features – some member benefits won‘t be fully available

Paid membership pros:

  • Ongoing access – keep enjoying PS Plus as long as your membership is active

  • Full features – receive the complete set of benefits and services

  • Great value – worth the fees if you play online regularly

Paid membership cons:

  • Recurring fees – monthly or yearly costs add up over time

  • Longer commitment – 1-12 month terms auto-renew by default

  • No preview – have to pay first without trying it out

As you can see, the free trial lets you safely preview PS Plus, while a paid subscription ensures you can continue enjoying the full benefits long-term. Decide which pros matter most to you!

Still have questions? Here are answers to common FAQs:

Can I get more than one free trial on my account?

Unfortunately, no. Each PSN account can only redeem one 7-day free trial of PlayStation Plus.

What‘s the usual length for a PS Plus free trial?

The standard PS Plus trial period is 7 days. Occasionally they offer 14-day trials, but 7 days is most common.

Can I extend my free trial beyond 7 days?

There is no official way to extend your free trial. You‘ll need to purchase a membership to continue benefits after the 7 free days.

Does PS Plus provide a 1-month free trial?

No, the longest PS Plus trial is typically 7 days. You‘ll have to pay for a minimum 1-month membership to get a full free month.

If I create a new account, can I get another trial?

Yes, each PSN account is eligible for one PS Plus free trial. Making a new account will let you redeem another 7-day trial.

What happens if I cancel my trial before it ends?

Your PS Plus access will simply end immediately when you cancel. As long as you cancel before 7 days, you won‘t be charged or converted to a paid membership.

Can I use a PS Plus trial on both PS4 and PS5?

Yep! Your free trial works on both consoles so you can enjoy the benefits and games on either your PS4 or PS5.

Hopefully these answers cleared up any remaining questions you may have around PS Plus free trials. Now let‘s look at how the trial compares to Xbox.

How does the PS Plus free trial compare to Xbox Live Gold?

PlayStation isn‘t the only console offering free trials for online gaming services. Xbox users can also test out Xbox Live Gold. Here is how the PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold trials stack up:

PlayStation PlusXbox Live Gold
7-day free trial14-day free trial for new Xbox users
One trial per accountOne trial per account
Access to full benefitsLimits online multiplayer
2 free games per month4 free games per month
Auto-renews after trialAuto-renews after trial

So while Xbox Live Gold doubles the trial length to 14 days, it restricts access to online multiplayer during the free period. But both services let you permanently keep any free games downloaded during the trial.

The shorter 7-day PS Plus trial allows full unrestricted use of benefits. Ultimately, both trials give you adequate time to evaluate the membership services.

The future of PS Plus free trials

Will Sony start providing longer or more frequent free trials for PlayStation Plus in the future? Here are my predictions as a gaming industry expert:

  • Status quo likely for now – The 7-day trial has been consistent for many years and serves its purpose well. Sony has no pressing reason to expand it.

  • Possibility if competition demands it – If Xbox Game Pass continues gaining ground with generous 1-month trials or other promos, Sony may extend PS Plus trials to stay competitive.

  • I‘d expect 14 days maximum – Tripling the trial length to 21-30 days seems unlikely given Sony‘s careful strategy. 14 days would match Xbox while avoiding undercutting paid subscriptions too much.

  • Maybe occasional special events – We could see limited-time PS Plus free access weekends/weeks a few times a year to drive engagement and attract new members.

While 7 days is probably sufficient for now, it‘s possible Sony reconsiders its PS Plus trial length if market conditions and the competitive landscape shift. I‘ll be keeping a close eye on any changes as a gaming business journalist.

The final verdict: is a PS Plus free trial right for you?

So should you go for the 7-day free trial or just dive into a full paid PlayStation Plus membership? Here are my recommendations:

  • Casual gamers – The free trial is perfect for infrequent players to enjoy online gaming temporarily without an ongoing commitment.

  • Multiplatform gamers – Try the trial first if you also game on Xbox or Nintendo Switch to compare which service you prefer.

  • Budget-focused gamers – Take advantage if you want to minimize costs but still experience PS Plus temporarily.

  • PlayStation devotees – Skip the trial and enjoy seamless long-term access with a 1-12 month paid subscription.

Ultimately, the free week provides adequate time to judge the value of ongoing membership. Take advantage of your single free trial opportunity, but don‘t feel rushed into an automatic paid renewal if you‘re undecided.

Thanks for reading! I hope this guide gave you all the details on free trials for PS Plus. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy gaming!



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