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Is there a free version of Minecraft for PC?

In short – yes, there are a few limited ways to play Minecraft on a PC for free. But these free options don‘t give you the full experience. To really get the most out of Minecraft, purchasing the Java Edition or Bedrock Edition is highly recommended.

But I totally get not wanting to spend money upfront before trying out a game. So let me walk you through exactly how to access free trials and demos for Minecraft on a Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook. I‘ll also compare the pros and cons of paid vs free versions, so you can decide if Minecraft is worth buying.

Let me start by giving a quick overview of Minecraft for anyone unfamiliar…

What is Minecraft Exactly?

In case you‘ve been living under a rock, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever made!

Minecraft is an open world survival and creation game. You explore beautiful randomly generated worlds and gather resources like wood, stone, ores, etc. Using these materials you can craft tools, weapons, armor and hundreds of blocks to build almost anything you can imagine.

The core gameplay revolves around mining, crafting, building, combat and survival. But Minecraft also has lots of mini-games, challenges and ways to play with friends. With 144 million players every month in 2022, Minecraft has become a global gaming phenomenon.

Minecraft Gameplay

The blocky, pixelated graphics may seem simple, but they allow Minecraft to run on most computers. And they have a nostalgic retro charm! The platforming and fighting mechanics are accessible for beginners too. But there‘s plenty of depth to master over time.

With so much hype around Minecraft, no wonder you‘re interested in testing it out for yourself. So let‘s look at how to get started with Minecraft on PC for zero dollars…

Play Minecraft Classic in Your Browser

The easiest way to try Minecraft for free on a Windows PC, Mac or even Chromebook is to play the Classic version directly in your web browser.

Minecraft Classic is a simplified, free version of the original Minecraft creative mode from 2009. It runs right in your browser – no download required.

To play, just go to and click Play. You can start building instantly!

In Minecraft Classic, you‘re given unlimited blocks and can freely create whatever you want and explore the procedurally generated world. There are no monsters, no survival elements and no pressure.

It‘s a nice, quick way to understand Minecraft‘s core mechanics. You can spend hours expressing your creativity and bringing your imaginations to life in Classic!

The Good:

  • Completely free

  • Works on any browser and device

  • Fun, creative sandbox to build

  • Learn the basics of Minecraft

The Bad:

  • Hasn‘t been updated since 2011

  • Very limited block types and features

  • Small, confined worlds

  • No survival mode or enemies

  • Can‘t save creations

So while Minecraft Classic doesn‘t give the full experience, it‘s a great starting point to try out the creative freedom that makes Minecraft so magical for millions of players.

Download the Minecraft Demo

The next free option is the official Minecraft Demo for Windows and Mac. This gives you 100 minutes of gameplay to try Survival mode and other core features.

You can grab the Minecraft Demo here. It‘s a 291 MB download for Windows 7 and above.

The Demo includes everything from the latest version of the Java Edition game. You‘ll get to try out:

  • Survival mode – mine, craft, build shelters and survive against mobs
  • Creative mode – unlimited blocks for freeform building
  • Mining, crafting and smelting
  • Multiplayer – connect with up to 8 players locally
  • Fighting mobs and animals
  • Potions, enchantments and armor

You can experience the main Minecraft gameplay loop and see if the blocky worlds suck you in.

The only catch is that your world will expire after 100 minutes of playtime. And some items are limited stack sizes.

But the Demo lets you decide if you want to upgrade to the full game before spending any money. Give it a shot!

The Good:

  • Official free trial of latest Minecraft

  • Full features and modes

  • Multiplayer support

  • Transfer saves if you buy the game

The Bad:

  • World deletes after 100 minutes

  • Some items have limited uses

  • No access to Realms or 3rd party servers

While you‘ll eventually hit the Demo‘s time wall, it gives you plenty of uninterrupted gameplay to become invested in Minecraft‘s addictively chill vibes.

Use "Cracked" Launchers – But Be Careful!

Now, you may have heard about unofficial "cracked" Minecraft launchers that let you play premium Minecraft for free. But I don‘t recommend them.

Cracked launchers like TLauncher are often bundled with malware, stolen accounts and other shady behavior. They violate Minecraft‘s Terms of Service. And you won‘t get access to Realms, get updates or play on multiplayer servers.

However, I understand some players rely on cracked launchers out of necessity. So here are a few smart tips to reduce risks if you go that route:

  • Virus scan installers before use with VirusTotal

  • Never enter your real Minecraft credentials

  • Turn off automatic logins and avoid entering personal info

  • Use a Virtual Machine or Sandboxie for isolation

  • Don‘t use the same password as other accounts

  • Make sure your antivirus app is active

  • Monitor network traffic and be alert for any suspicious activity

While cracked launchers are not ideal, taking precautions allows you to safely try Minecraft. But I still recommend the official free demos as a legal and safer alternative.

Try Minecraft on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Here‘s one more innovative way you can experience Minecraft for free – Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft‘s Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) lets you stream Xbox games to PCs, phones and tablets.

If you join the free beta program, you can stream the full Minecraft Bedrock Edition through the cloud. All you need is:

  • A Microsoft or Xbox account

  • A smartphone, tablet or PC with Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  • A decent internet connection (5+ Mbps recommended)

Since the game runs on Microsoft‘s servers, you don‘t need an expensive gaming PC to play the latest Minecraft. Even a basic computer works!

Cloud gaming does have some lag and visual downsides. But it lets you experience the full Minecraft game for zero upfront cost. And streaming means updates, mods and multiplayer are supported.

Give Xbox Cloud Gaming a try if you want a free way to play real Minecraft on a low-end or incompatible device. Just be sure your internet is fast enough to support streaming.

Paid vs Free Minecraft – What Are You Missing Out On?

Free trials, demos and clouds gaming give you a taste – but to really get the most out of Minecraft, you need to pay for an official copy.

Here are some key things you miss out on with free Minecraft options:

Paid MinecraftFree Minecraft
Unlimited gameplayLimited time or features
Official multiplayer supportNo access to 3rd party servers
Mods and texture packsLimited or no mod support
Cross-platform playMultiplayer restrictions
Realms server hostingMany features disabled
Custom skins and mapsStuck on old versions
Official customer supportHigher risk of malware
All updates and new featuresLack of account security
Achievements and profilesCan‘t migrate creations

Spending $26.95 to buy the Java Edition or Bedrock Edition unlocks unlimited gameplay and the full Minecraft experience. You get substantial value for the money with years of updates and worlds to explore.

For creative players especially, the limitless possibilities make Minecraft well worth the one-time payment. Survival mode, mods and multiplayer also shine in the paid versions.

But again, try before you buy with the free demos so you can make an informed decision.

What Do You Need to Run Minecraft on PC?

A common misconception is you need a fancy gaming PC to run Minecraft smoothly. Thankfully, that‘s not true at all!

Minecraft‘s system requirements are quite modest. These are the official minimum and recommended PC specs:

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz

  • RAM: 2GB

  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / AMD Radeon R5 with OpenGL 2.1

  • Storage: 1GB

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or better

  • RAM: 4GB or higher

  • GPU: GeForce 700 series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 series

  • Storage: 4GB or higher

As you can see, almost any computer from the last 5-10 years can run Minecraft. The minimum GPU requirement is very forgiving. Even low-end laptops with integrated graphics chips meet it.

For the best experience, I suggest having at least 8GB RAM and a discrete Nvidia 900/1000 series card or modern AMD equivalent.

But don‘t worry if your PC is fairly average. Minecraft scales exceptionally well to lower-end hardware. Millions play on modest laptops without issues.

Performance Tips for Weaker Computers

If your computer just barely meets or misses the minimum specs, you can still enjoy Minecraft with a few quick tweaks:

  • Close other programs – Free up RAM and CPU for Minecraft. Browsers and video streaming eat resources.

  • Lower render distance to 4-6 chunks. Less terrain rendering means better performance.

  • Turn graphics to Fast/Minimal – Disables visually taxing features like clouds.

  • Reduce resolution – Try playing at 900p or 720p instead of 1080p.

  • Limit framerate to 30 FPS – Smoother than 20, but reduces workload for weak GPUs.

  • Avoid HD textures/shaders – Visual mods add a lot of strain.

  • Play on smaller worlds – Limit exploration and world generation.

  • Add more RAM – Upgrading to 4GB+ helps minimum spec systems tremendously.

With strategic adjustments, you can enjoy smooth Minecraft gameplay even on a potato PC. The blocky graphics scale down nicely.

Any Issues Running Minecraft on Mac or Linux PCs?

Lots of players wonder if Minecraft works properly on platforms besides Windows. The short answer is yes – Minecraft runs flawlessly on Mac and Linux!


Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are fully supported on macOS 10.14+ and older. Gameplay, compatibility and performance are generally on par with Windows.

Apple Silicon M1 chips in newer Macs can run Minecraft extremely well. But Intel-based Macs still play Minecraft smoothly too via Rosetta emulation.

Overall, any Mac from the last 5-10 years can handle Minecraft nicely. The system requirements are nearly identical to Windows PCs as well. It‘s a seamless experience for Mac gamers.


Minecraft Java Edition natively supports major distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint and more. You can install it just like on Windows.

Performance is excellent on modern Linux rigs. Some users even report slightly faster gameplay compared to Windows since Linux has lower overhead.

Integrated graphics chips work but a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD GPU is recommended for the best results. Make sure to install proprietary drivers for your card.

Also consider lighter distros like Linux Lite or Lubuntu if playing on lower-end hardware. But overall, Linux is a fantastic platform for enjoying Minecraft.

What About Chromebooks – Can You Play Minecraft on Them?

Chromebooks are a bit trickier… they‘re designed to run lightweight ChromeOS apps and web games mostly.

But fear not – with a bit of effort, there are ways to play Minecraft on many newer Chromebooks:

  • Enable Linux (Beta) via settings to install Java Edition

  • Download Minecraft from Google Play Store if your Chromebook supports Android apps

  • Use Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream Minecraft from the cloud

  • Consider web games like Minecraft Classic or similar alternatives

Playing the full Java or Bedrock editions natively on ChromeOS has challenges though. Performance may suffer greatly.

Streaming Minecraft via Xbox Cloud Gaming seems most promising for bypassing compatibility hurdles. Give it a try if you want the real deal.

And for casual creativity, browser-based games like Minecraft Classic or Minecraft Hour of Code offer blocky building fun right on ChromeOS.

Can You Get Minecraft Free if You Already Own It?

If you purchased the PC version of Minecraft years back, you may qualify for a free digital upgrade to Minecraft Bedrock. This lets you play on Windows 10, mobile, consoles, and VR!

Follow these steps to claim your free copy of Minecraft for Windows 10:

  1. Visit and login to your Mojang account

  2. Go to your account settings and look for "Claim Code"

  3. Redeem the code generated in the Microsoft Store app

  4. Download and play Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition (Bedrock)

This promotion has been around since 2016 but won‘t last forever. Be sure to claim your free Windows 10 copy soon to unlock cross-platform multiplayer!

Sadly, you can‘t generate additional codes for more free copies of Minecraft by already owning it. Each new account purchase is required to play the full game.

Can You Get Minecraft via Xbox Game Pass or Other Services?

Minecraft is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – a Netflix-style game subscription from Microsoft.

For $14.99 per month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides:

  • Full access to Minecraft for Windows 10 (Bedrock Edition)

  • 100+ other games like Halo, Forza, and Fallout

  • Online multiplayer gaming

So Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the latest Minecraft version on Windows PC for no extra cost. Pretty sweet deal!

However, Minecraft is not free with standard Xbox Game Pass for PC or Xbox Live Gold. You need the pricier Ultimate plan.

And so far, Minecraft is not available on competing services like PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online, EA Play, Ubisoft+, etc. Only Game Pass grants free access to Minecraft.

Enjoy Minecraft Through Twitch, YouTube and More!

If you ultimately decide Minecraft isn‘t for you – or want to save money until you can buy it – there are plenty of ways to enjoy the game through others!

Watching YouTubers, streamers and esports pros play Minecraft gives you a free window into the creative possibilities:

  • PopularMMOs – hilarious modded adventures

  • LDShadowLady – playful family-friendly co-op quests

  • Dream – cool tips to improve and skillful speedrunner

  • GeorgeNotFound – goofy challenges with the Dream Team

  • TommyInnit – chaotic teen energy and nonstop banter

And thousands more entertainers showcase everything from detailed builds to fierce PvP battles in Minecraft. Watching videos is an engaging free alternative to play.

You pick up lots of valuable knowledge and inspiration for when you eventually get the game yourself too.

Is the Investment Worth It? My Verdict…

Hopefully by now you have a good sense of how to test Minecraft for free on a PC, Mac or Chromebook. But is the full paid game ultimately worth buying?

In my opinion – absolutely, 100% yes! No free trial or demo properly conveys the magic of building your own persistent worlds in Minecraft.

Unlimited gameplay in Creative mode is almost impossible to put a price on. The sheer scale and possibility is unparalleled. Survival mode and mods add even more value on top.

And seeing your own imagination brought to life block-by-block is an unmatched feeling. Throw in multiplayer adventures and living worlds that evolve with updates, and Minecraft delivers endless fun.

For only a one-time $26.95 payment, the content and replayability can‘t be beat. Cost per hour, it‘s one of the most economical game purchases around.

So once you get a taste of the free versions, I highly recommend taking the plunge and buying the Java or Bedrock Edition. Join millions of other Minecraft fanatics in a vibrant community!

Have more questions about accessing Minecraft for free or on a budget? Let me know in the comments!



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