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Is there a way to get far cry credits for free?

The short answer is no, there is currently no legitimate way to earn Far Cry credits for free in Far Cry 6. But I‘ll explain in more detail below why that is, and share some tips on how you can get the most out of your credits.

As an avid Far Cry fan myself, I know how tempting it can be to want to grab some premium weapons, vehicles or cosmetics without paying real money. But unfortunately Ubisoft hasn‘t provided any way to earn premium credits through normal gameplay. Here‘s what you need to know:

Purchasing Credits is the Only Option

I scoured forums and FAQs from all over the web, and the consensus is unanimous – the only way to get credits is to pay for them. Packs range from 500 credits for $4.99, up to 6000 credits for $49.99. There are occasional sales where the prices are discounted, so keep an eye out for those.

Some players have tried exploiting glitches or cheating to get free credits, but these methods are bannable offenses. I don‘t recommend attempting them.

You Get a Small Amount of Credits at the Start

When you first finish the opening missions and leave the starting island, you‘ll receive 300 credits automatically. This gives you just enough to buy a fun custom outfit or weapon paintjob to start off. But don‘t get too spend-happy, because that‘s the only freebie you get!

Occasional Micro Rewards from Activities

As you explore Yara and complete activities like Treasure Hunts, you may sometimes find tiny credit rewards of around 20-50 credits. But these are rare, and the amounts are so small that it would take forever to save up for anything substantial. So they‘re a nice bonus, but not a good farming method.

What Can You Actually Buy with Credits?

Here‘s a quick overview of the types of items you can purchase with Far Cry credits:

  • Weapons – This includes rare signature weapons like the SBS, SPAS-12, and MBP .50 sniper rifle. Prices range from around 400 to 1800 credits.

  • Vehicles – The store has premium rides like sports cars, military vehicles, and helicopters. Prices range from about 500 to 1500 credits.

  • Outfits – Unique clothing like Stranger Things collab outfits or the Vice outfit from Far Cry 3. Usually 100-500 credits.

  • Weapon Skins – Special cosmetic paintjobs for your guns. Around 100-300 credits each.

  • Backpacks – Stylish backpacks with custom designs. Roughly 250-800 credits.

  • Vehicle Skins – Custom paintjobs and decals for your rides. Prices between 100-500 credits.

  • Resource Packs – Bundles of crafting resources, ammunition, and pesos. 150-1200 credits.

As you can see, credits let you access all sorts of cool premium customization options and rare gear. But it comes at a real money cost.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Credits

If you do decide to buy some credits, here are some tips to get the most value:

  • Wait for sales – Items will periodically be discounted by 25-50%. Great time to buy!

  • Get cosmetics first – Outfits and skins are the cheapest, so grab those before vehicles.

  • Crafting packs are handy – Resources can be hard to collect. Packs let you upgrade gear faster.

  • Avoid consumables – Don‘t waste credits on one-use items like throwing knives or car repairs.

  • You don‘t need everything – Pick just your favorite couple of items, you‘ll never use them all.

  • Play before you pay – Try out all the free gear first, so you know what you really want.

Focus on Earning Pesos and Gear through Gameplay

Even without spending credits, there are tons of great weapons, vehicles, and outfits to earn just by playing:

  • Missions and quests provide new gear as rewards.

  • Take over outposts to unlock free vehicles.

  • Find unique weapons scattered around the open world.

  • Buy gear with Pesos earned from quests and selling loot.

  • Rank up to unlock more items and upgrades.

  • Complete Accolades to get free backpacks and accessories.

With smart playing, you can kit yourself out with awesome equipment without ever spending credits. The free gear is just as powerful, it just lacks the visual flair of the paid stuff. But gameplay always comes first!

So in summary, credits can only be bought with real money. But you don‘t need them to enjoy everything Far Cry 6 has to offer. Focus on taking over Yara in your own style with all the great free items. And if you do grab some credits, choose your favorites carefully! Happy gaming my friend!



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