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Is there a way to get free COD Points?

The short answer is yes, there are legitimate ways to earn or obtain free COD Points, but it requires some effort. Completing in-game challenges, utilizing rewards platforms, and taking advantage of promotions provide opportunities to get free COD Points or discounted Points over time. With persistence, you can unlock upgrades without spending extra cash.

As a gaming and entertainment enthusiast, I totally get the appeal of COD Points. Who doesn‘t love unlocking new cosmetics like stylish Operator skins, flashy weapon blueprints, and prestige-granting accessories?

But buying COD Points with real money can quickly become expensive, especially if you want to unlock cooler looking items rather than using default gear.

Thankfully, you can avoid spending a fortune on COD Points and still enjoy some swanky upgrades. In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you 15 legit ways to get free COD Points or discounted Points based on my experiences as an avid Call of Duty player and researcher in gaming entertainment trends.

Why Do COD Points Matter?

For players who care about customization and showing off rare cosmetics, COD Points are key. The in-game COD Point currency available in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Mobile enables purchasing cool character and weapon cosmetics:

  • Operator Skins – Unique character outfits beyond default options

  • Weapon Blueprints – Stylized weapon models with bonus attributes

  • Wrist Accessories – Watches, bracelets and more

  • Vehicle Skins – Custom looks and paint jobs for vehicles

  • XP Tokens– Tokens to boost XP earning rates

  • Call of Duty League Items – Rep team skins and cosmetics

  • Battle Pass Tier Skips – Pay to skip tiers and unlock faster

Without COD Points, you‘re limited to default character and gear options unlocked just by playing. COD Points let you stand out with premium cosmetics.

According to 2021 reports, Activision earned over $1.2 billion in net bookings just from Call of Duty in-game content sales. So players are clearly spending big on COD Points!

Average COD Points Costs

Here are the standard COD Points bundle costs across platforms:

  • 200 COD Points – $1.99
  • 500 COD Points – $4.99
  • 1,100 COD Points – $9.99
  • 2,400 COD Points – $19.99
  • 5,000 COD Points – $39.99
  • 11,000 COD Points – $94.99

Higher quantities usually come with bonus extra Points. But it adds up! Unlocking all the coolest new cosmetics in a season could easily cost over $100 in COD Points.

For example,OPERATOR SKIN costs around 2,400 COD PointsLEGENDARY WEAPON BLUEPRINTS run 1,500 or more Points.

So let‘s cover how to get COD Points without paying full price so you can enjoy fresh gear and skins!

1. Complete In-Game Challenges

By completing missions and leveling up the Battle Pass, you can earn free COD Points in bundles of 300 or more.

The Battle Pass has a free and premium paid track, with the latter including COD Point rewards.

For example, in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 1, the free track awarded 300 COD Points each at Tiers 44 and 62. That‘s 600 free Points from challenges!

The premium pass awarded 300 Points at Tiers 12, 37, 81, and 97 totaling 1,200 Points.

So completing both free and premium Battle Pass challenges can net you 1,500 or more free COD Points per season.

Dedicated players who regularly complete seasonal challenges are able to unlock new Battle Passes and blueprints without extra spending.

2. Link Accounts for Bonus Points

Linking your Call of Duty and Activision accounts with certain partners and platforms can score you free COD Points.

For example, users who linked their accounts with YouTube could receive 500 free COD Points during promotional periods.

Platform-exclusive bonuses also incentivize linking your accounts. PlayStation users linking to Activision got free Survival Mode early access and 500 COD Points in the past.

While these promotions are time limited, following Call of Duty news can alert you to free Points for linking accounts. Over time, bonus Points for promo account connections can add up!

3. Take Advantage of Giveaways & Contests

Activision will occasionally run giveaways and contests on social media awarding lucky winners with COD Points and Battle Pass access.

For example, Call of Duty‘s #DaysOfSummer 2020 contest awarded prizes like 10,000 COD Points and free Battle Passes to select winners.

Contests are often tied to major events and new season releases. While winning depends on luck, regularly entering giveaways provides more chances at grabbing free COD Points.

Following @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook keeps you updated on any contests with COD Points prizes.

4. Play Games on Mistplay for Gift Cards

The Android app Mistplay rewards you for playing games with loyalty points that can be redeemed for free gift cards, including COD Points.

To earn Mistplay points, you download featured games from the app and play them for a specific time. Earning rates vary but average 50-100 points per minute.

By redeeming Mistplay loyalty points, you can claim gift cards with COD Points:

  • 4,000 Points – 100 COD Points
  • 15,000 Points – 500 COD Points
  • 35,000 Points – 1,200 COD Points

Assuming 100 points per minute, you could earn 15,000 Mistplay points for 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of playing featured games, giving you 500 free COD Points in return!

While it takes dedication, Mistplay provides a legitimate way to play games you might try anyway and convert that time spent into free COD Points.

5. Complete Gaming Platform Rewards Programs

Major gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Twitch have rewards programs that allow earning points by playing games and streaming. These loyalty points can be redeemed for free COD Points!

PlayStation Plus members earn loyalty Points by playing games and earning trophies. 5,000 Points can be redeemed for 10,000 COD Points.

Twitch Streamers can offer COD Points as a loyalty perk to subscribers who support their channel with paid monthly subscriptions.

Microsoft Rewards members can complete punch cards by playing Xbox games that earn Points redeemable for 100 COD Points.

Completing enough activities on these platforms allows you to convert gameplay and streaming support into COD Points without extra spending.

6. Watch Ad Videos for Free Points

Call of Duty: Mobile allows players to watch rewarded video ads to earn Credits and COD Points.

Viewing 10 minute long video ads earns around 80 Credits. 500 Credits can be redeemed for 10-20 COD Points.

That means watching 8-10 ads would give you enough Credits for 10-20 COD Points. It may not seem like much, but watching videos in your spare time can quickly add up to hundreds of free COD Points.

This only applies currently to COD: Mobile, but hopefully integrations like this come to console and PC versions in the future!

7. Join a Clan for Bonus Points

Joining an active Call of Duty: Mobile clan gives opportunities to earn more Credits and COD Points from group objectives.

In COD: Mobile, clans work together to complete Clan Wars and earn currency as a team. Participating in clan battles and objectives earns you a portion of the total winnings.

Contributing to an active clan provides a bump in loyalty Credits and COD Points you can rack up by participating alongside teammates.

Clan play isn‘t prominent on console and PC yet, but hopefully clan integration expands in future seasons allowing earning more passive Points.

8. Stream on Platforms That Offer Monetization

If you already stream Call of Duty gameplay on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, you can actually convert your active viewership into COD Points!

Streaming services allow creators to monetize their channels through ad revenue shares and viewer subscriptions.

The money earned from streaming and videos can be put towards buying discounted COD Point bundles. Essentially converting your gameplay content into Points!

For example, popular Call of Duty streamer NICKMERCS has earned over $210k from his highly viewed Twitch channel. He could easily convert a portion of subscription and ad earnings into COD Points.

Just make sure to follow each platform‘s monetization policies. Building an active community of fans allows turning your passion for Call of Duty into extra funds to purchase COD Points!

9. Participate in Gaming Community Events

Gaming communities like Reddit and Discord will occasionally host collaborative challenges and events with COD Points as rewards.

For example, the Call of Duty subreddit hosted an Easter egg hunt providing codes for 1-month PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live subscriptions. These memberships enable purchasing discounted COD Points from each platform‘s online stores.

The Call of Duty Discord offers special XP events and opportunities to squad up for bonus XP to level your Battle Pass faster.

While availability varies, special community events provide chances for credits, subscriptions and XP boosts that translate to COD Point savings.

10. Recycle Game Discs/Hardware for Credit

Out with the old, in with the COD Points! Many gaming and electronic stores offer trade-in credit for used games, accessories and hardware.

Stores like GameStop let you trade-in eligible games and accessories for store credit. Similarly, ecoATM kiosks found in malls and grocers recycle electronics for cash.

You can use credit and cash earned from trade-ins towards Call of Duty Point cards or gift cards usable on gaming platform stores stocking COD Points, essentially converting yourused materials into Points.

Assuming you have extra eligible games, controllers or hardware lying around, recycling them is a quick way to cash-in on credit for discounted COD Points!

11. Participate in Gaming and Smartphone Loyalty Programs

Many major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy offer loyalty programs that provide coupon codes and discounts based on your spending habits.

Because COD Points are sold as gift cards or currency codes at these retailers, the rewards certificates they provide can go towards getting discounted COD Points.

For example, Target Circle members get a coupon for $5 off a $25 gaming purchase. This discount could be applied to a $25 gift card to get $20 worth of COD Points for just $20 rather than $25!

Carrier smartphone plans like Verizon Up Rewards and T-Mobile Tuesdays also provide app and gaming rewards and redeemable points you can put towards COD Point gift cards.

Taking advantage of these loyalty programs allows accumulating store credit and coupons that effectively lower the real money price of purchasing COD Points.

12. Enter Brand and Hobby Contests

Many brands and hobby sites run contests and giveaways where COD Points make great prizes!

For example, Doritos and Mountain Dew have offered "Buy with Points" contests where each product purchase earns sweepstake entries to win COD Point and Battle Pass bundles.

Hobby and gaming sites like Pro Game Guides have awarded COD Point codes and Battle Passes for creating winning fan art illustrations and cosplay.

While entries and odds vary, searching for COD Points and Battle Pass contests provides more chances to win major Point hauls as prizes.

13. Complete Online Surveys for Credit

Taking online surveys through apps like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Google Opinion Rewards earns points and cash rewards. These funds can in turn be used to purchase COD Point gift cards or currency codes.

For example, 5,000 Survey Junkie points earns a $5 gift card. That‘s enough to purchase a $5 Microsoft gift card for 600 Call of Duty Points.

Google Opinion Rewards directly deposits earned cash into your Google Play account balance usable for in-app COD Points purchases.

Just make sure to stick to legitimate survey providers and offers to avoid scams. While it takes time to earn sufficient credit, online surveys provide a simple way to bank rewards towards COD Points.

14. Search Online for COD Points Discounts & Deals

While discounts on COD Points are rare, they do occasionally happen around major sales holidays like Black Friday and the holidays.

Monitoring online deals forums and aggregators like OzBargain and Slickdeals can alert you to occasional COD Point bundle promos and discounts offered directly by gaming platforms or Call of Duty.

Retailers like Amazon and Walmart also rarely provide slight discounts on Call of Duty Point currency cards. Sale prices might only be 5-10% off, but saving any amount is still a win!

Setting deal alerts and monitoring major discount sites gives you a chance to capitalize on whatever limited-time COD Point promotions pop up.

15. Buy Discounted Gift Cards for COD Points

Even when COD Points aren‘t directly discounted, you can effectively save money by purchasing gift cards to gaming platform stores at a reduced price.

For example, during sales a $50 PlayStation gift card might be on sale for $45. Using that card would allow buying 5,000 COD Points for only $45 rather than $50!

Many deal sites offer discounted gaming gift cards that extend savings to COD Point purchases. Just make sure discounted gift cards are legitimate and usable in your platform‘s online store.

Buying discounted gift cards for gaming services like PSN, Xbox Live, and lets you score cheaper COD Points by proxy.

Maximizing Your Free COD Points

Hopefully these tips help you grab COD Points without emptying your wallet! Here are some final tips for getting the most bang out of whatever free Points you score:

  • Save up for premium Battle Pass bundles to earn the full 1,000 bonus Point reward.
  • Prioritize time-limited cosmetics over standard items available year-round.
  • Focus Points on items and blueprints you actually want rather than impulse buys.
  • Take advantage of rotating sales for bigger savings on select cosmetics.
  • Equip purchased cosmetics to get your money‘s worth by showing them off in matches!

At the end of the day, what matters most is enjoying the in-game benefits and prestige of the items you unlock with COD Points. Having cooler looking gear can increase your enjoyment and attachment to loadouts.

But measuring the real world value of cosmetics is tricky – cluttering your inventory with unused skins won‘t actually make you happier. Focus on quality over quantity with thoughtful COD Point purchases.

And when in doubt, remember you can have 100% as much fun demolishing enemies in default soldier gear! Skill always beats style.

Thanks for reading and hopefully these tips help score you some sweet free COD Points! Let me know which methods worked best for you @CODPointsPro. Stay frosty!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.