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Is there an app like Lumosity but free?

Lumosity is one of the most popular and well-known apps for brain training games and exercises aimed at improving cognition. With over 100 million users worldwide, Lumosity provides a suite of games designed to exercise memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving and more. However, full access to the app requires a paid subscription. This article will explore top-rated free alternatives to Lumosity that provide brain training games and features without needing to pay.

What is Lumosity and does it really work?

Lumosity is an app consisting of games and challenges targeting different cognitive abilities like memory, focus, processing speed, and problem-solving. Using Lumosity for a few minutes a day is intended to "exercise" your brain in key areas to boost mental performance.

Originally, Lumosity‘s marketing touted scientific research showing their games could help users perform better at work and school, delay age-related decline, and even reduce the risk of Alzheimer‘s disease. However, the company faced regulatory crackdowns questioning these claims.

Research on whether brain training games actually improve real-world cognition is still mixed. Some studies show benefits, while others find that getting good at specific games does not translate to overall better mental performance. The jury is still out, but apps like Lumosity are popular for providing engaging games that at least make you feel more mentally active.

While Lumosity has over 60 million users, a major limitation is that full access requires a paid subscription of $14.95 per month or $59.95 annually after a free trial. This article will highlight some of the top-rated free alternatives to get brain training games without the ongoing cost.

Top free alternatives to Lumosity

Here are some of the best free apps that provide brain training games and exercises similar to Lumosity:


Elevate is often considered the top free alternative to Lumosity in terms of providing diverse games targeting different cognitive skills. Like Lumosity, Elevate offers games to enhance focus, memory, processing speed, math skills, and more.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • 35+ games spanning different cognitive areas
  • Personalized daily workouts
  • Adaptive difficulty targeting your "sweet spot"
  • Motivational rewards and tracking to chart progress
  • Additional tools like meditation and sleep tracking

Studies funded by Elevate‘s maker have shown benefits, but more independent research is needed. Reviews consistently rate Elevate as one of the better free options for brain training games.

Peak Brain Training

Peak offers fun, arcade-style games to challenge and improve your mental skills. Games target reaction time, memory, problem solving, language, coordination, and more.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • 30+ mini-games
  • Compete against others on leaderboards
  • Uses AI to provide personalized training
  • Track progress over time
  • Additional tools for meditation, sleep, etc.

Peak has over 45 million users. While some users feel the free version is too limited, Peak provides more content before needing to upgrade compared to other alternatives.

CogniFit Brain Training

CogniFit takes a more scientific approach to brain training with customized programs developed by neuroscientists. It offers more assessments and analytics than typical brain game apps.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • 60+ brain games and exercises
  • Assessments to generate a personalized training program
  • Detailed analytics to track progress
  • Covers memory, concentration, planning, and more
  • Used in research studies on brain training

CogniFit has a large free version with full access starting at $9.99 monthly. The variety of metrics makes it more comprehensive for tracking mental performance.

Brain Age Concentration Training

Based on a popular Nintendo DS game, Brain Age for Nintendo Switch provides brain training exercises and activities to sharpen processing speed, memory, and concentration.

Key features:

  • Available on Nintendo Switch
  • Variety of activities like math puzzles, drawing prompts, and verbal quizzes
  • Compare your "brain age" score over time
  • Leaderboards and rewards to motivate you
  • Personalized training based on performance
  • Activities designed with help from neuroscience experts

This offers a fun option for Switch users looking for free brain training. It does not have all the bells and whistles of apps but provides solid exercises.

Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron has a wide variety of free logic and brain teaser games with over 100 available in the free version. Games cover areas like memory, attention, language, visual/spatial skills, and more.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • 100+ logic and brain teaser games
  • 8 categories targeting different abilities
  • Adaptive difficulty matches your skill level
  • Motivational levels and reward system
  • Simple, clean interface

While the games may get repetitive over time, Happy Neuron offers a free way to get in some daily brain exercise.

Brain Wars

Brain Wars provides a free tier of 17 classic brain training games that challenge skills like memory, math, focus, and visual thinking. Solving puzzles earns you points to unlock additional games.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS and Android
  • 17+ arcade-style games
  • Earn points to unlock more games
  • Compare scores on leaderboards
  • Clean, simple interface
  • Covers useful cognitive skills

The free version of Brain Wars gives you a decent selection of games to try out and see if you like this style of brain training.

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer offers a variety of free brain training games covering skills like memory, attention, language, visual/spatial, and more. The large free tier provides solid value.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • 70+ brain training games
  • Track progress over time
  • Compare scores with others
  • Covers all major cognitive domains
  • Personalized workouts

Fit Brains Trainer provides better variety and training features in its free version compared to most competitors.

Brain it On!

Brain it On! takes a unique approach using physics-based puzzles rather than typical brain game scenarios. You must visualize solutions to challenging spatial puzzles.

Key features:

  • Available on iOS, Android, and web
  • 100+ physics puzzles
  • Visualize creative solutions to challenges
  • Intuitive drawing controls
  • Adaptive hints guide you as needed
  • Compare to others on leaderboards

If you‘re looking for something different from standard brain training games, Brain it On! provides a free collection of clever spatial puzzles.

How to evaluate brain training apps

When choosing a brain training app, consider aspects like:

  • Games: The variety and enjoyment of games matters more than fancy features. Look for different categories targeting key cognitive skills.

  • Adaptive difficulty: Apps that dynamically adapt to your skill level keep the challenges in your "sweet spot."

  • Motivation: Features like rewards, leveling up, social competition can help motivate you to keep training.

  • Tracking: Visual analytics to show your progress over time provides helpful feedback.

  • Personalization: Adjusting games and workouts based on your performance maximizes training effectiveness.

  • Research support: Look for some evidence the training transfers to real cognitive abilities, though research is still limited.

  • Price: Try out free versions fully before paying for subscriptions to find the best value.


While the scientific jury is still out on the cognitive benefits of brain training games, quality apps like Lumosity provide an engaging way to feel more mentally active. Fortunately, there are many free alternative apps that offer similar brain challenges without needing to pay. Options like Elevate, Peak, and Happy Neuron are top-rated picks that provide free access to fun brain training games covering key cognitive skills like memory, focus, problem-solving, and more. Whether you want brain teasers as a hobby or hope to see real mental improvements over time, taking advantage of these free apps is a great way to give your brain some exercise.



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