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Is there any free FIFA games?

The short answer is – there are no 100% free and fully-featured FIFA games available legally. The latest annual FIFA releases like FIFA 23 require purchase to access everything.

However, there are still several ways to enjoy FIFA gameplay without spending money through free trial versions, subscriptions, and mobile gaming. Let‘s explore the free FIFA options in-depth.

Why Aren‘t FIFA Games Completely Free?

As an immensely popular franchise raking in over a billion dollars annually, EA Sports has little incentive to make the mainline FIFA games free. Some key reasons:

  • Development costs – Producing each new FIFA game requires thousands of developers and millions in budgets. EA needs revenue to justify investing in yearly titles.

  • Licensing fees – EA pays major licensing fees to leagues and players to include real names and kits. For example, the Premier League license alone costs EA $75 million per year. These costs are recouped through game sales.

  • Ultimate Team model – Much of FIFA‘s revenue comes from the Ultimate Team mode and its booster packs. Making the full game free would undermine this lucrative recurring income source.

  • Competitive gaming – Releasing a free FIFA would greatly widen the player pool for the FIFA eSports scene. This could reduce engagement and viewership for competitive play if the field becomes too massive.

So in summary, the business model and revenues of the FIFA series depend on releasing annual new versions with an upfront cost rather than a completely free game.

However, EA does try to open up elements of FIFA gameplay for free occasionally to keep fans engaged and attract new players. Let‘s look at the ways you can experience FIFA without spending money.

Free Mobile FIFA Gaming

While the console and PC versions of FIFA carry a cost, EA has released several free mobile FIFA games that capture aspects of the full experience:

FIFA Mobile

As a fellow soccer fan myself, FIFA Mobile is hands down the best free option to enjoy FIFA gameplay on my phone.

Developed by EA, FIFA Mobile features Ultimate Team squad building, real leagues and clubs, online multiplayer and regular live events and content updates. It really encapsulates the feel of the main FIFA games in a free mobile form.

While gameplay and modes are streamlined for mobile devices, FIFA Mobile is still incredibly fun and addictive. I‘ve personally sunk hundreds of hours building my Ultimate Team over various seasons without paying anything. Even as a free player, you can build a strong competitive squad over time.

With active development, there‘s always fresh events like themed promos and new card releases to engage with. And it‘s playable both online and offline, so I can sneak in a match anytime when I‘m bored or waiting around. For any soccer fan, FIFA Mobile is a must-try free experience.

FIFA Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices.

FIFA Mobile: FIFA World Cup

To tie in with major real-world tournaments, EA generally releases special editions of FIFA Mobile centered around events like the World Cup.

For example, in 2018 a FIFA World Cup version of FIFA Mobile was made available for free leading up to and during that year‘s World Cup event in Russia.

These special spin-off versions feature World Cup modes, teams, items and content not found in the regular FIFA Mobile title. It‘s a nice way to get immersed in the World Cup fever through a free mobile FIFA experience.

With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar right around the corner, be on the lookout for a new FIFA Mobile World Cup game dropping soon as a free companion experience.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

While dated now, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team represents EA‘s early attempts at bringing the FIFA Ultimate Team mode to mobile devices in a simplified free-to-play form.

This pared down version of FUT lets you build a fantasy squad, play matches, earn coins and acquire card packs without paying. It has less features and polish than the newer FIFA Mobile, but still provides a serviceable free FIFA Ultimate Team mobile experience.

For newer phones, FIFA 15 UT may have compatibility issues. But it can be worth revisiting for nostalgia, especially as it reminds us how far free FIFA mobile gaming has come over the years since its release.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a free download on iOS and Android devices.

FIFA Demos – Free Limited Trials

In the few months leading up to each year‘s new FIFA release, EA makes a demo version available as a free download on console and PC platforms.

FIFA demos give fans an opportunity to test out new gameplay features and get a feel for upgrades before committing to purchasing the full game.

However, there are limitations:

  • Only 4-6 playable teams and 2-4 playable stadiums. Far fewer options than the full game with 30+ leagues and 700+ clubs.
  • Restricted game modes – Usually limited to Kick Off, Tournament, and sometimes Pro Clubs. Fan favorite modes like Career and Ultimate Team are disabled.
  • Time limited – Demos usually expire after 10-15 hours of playtime or 30-45 real-time days after release before becoming unplayable.

So while FIFA demos let you sample the latest gameplay, the constraints make them unsatisfying compared to full unrestricted access. They end up feeling like extended free trials to entice you into buying the game.

But if you‘re on the fence about purchasing the newest FIFA, downloading the demo at least lets you preview the gameplay improvements for free.

Free-to-Play FIFA Games (With Caveats)

EA has experimented with releasing free-to-play versions of FIFA with caveats:

FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 is a free-to-play version of FIFA for PC that sees official releases in Asia including China, Thailand and South Korea.

Gameplay and modes closely mirror the mainline titles. You can play Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and more without paying.

However, there are some catches:

  • Requires an account associated with an Asian phone number
  • Primarily matches you against other Asian players, unless using a VPN
  • Mainly available in Asian languages unless you mod the game
  • Has microtransactions to purchase cosmetic items and power-ups

So FIFA Online 4 does provide free FIFA gameplay, but isn‘t globally accessible or supported unless you jump through hoops.

FIFA World

FIFA World was a free-to-play browser-based FIFA game run by EA, playable directly within Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The game focused exclusively on Online FUT matches rather than offering career modes or leagues. But matchmaking and core gameplay resembled the console FIFA titles.

However, FIFA World shut down in 2015 after a 2 year run. Private servers have emerged claiming to bring FIFA World back for free, but their legality is questionable.

Getting FIFA Games Through Subscriptions

Paid game subscription services like EA Play and Xbox Game Pass are reliable methods to access both old and new FIFA titles:

EA Play

EA‘s own subscription service provides free access to a vault of past games after signing up. This includes past FIFA releases like FIFA 21 and FIFA 20.

You can download these games and play as much as you want while subscribed. However, the newest FIFA is only added about 6 months after launch.

So this method won‘t get you the latest FIFA for free, but allows playing previous years‘ versions. Basically, signing up today will let you play FIFA 22 for free on repeat.

At $5/month or $30/year, an EA Play subscription can be worth it for the back catalog access if you want to play older FIFAs.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft‘s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass, EA Play access, and additional perks for $15 monthly.

The EA Play benefit again provides free access to play past FIFA games from the vault. So Xbox players can enjoy older FIFA gaming through Game Pass without paying for the titles individually.

Game Pass occasionally offers promotional discounts for new subscribers too, making it a solid overall package for FIFA fans on Xbox consoles.

PlayStation Plus

Sony‘s PlayStation Plus service normally focuses on monthly free games rather than a vault model. However, FIFA games have been included occasionally as the monthly PS Plus free title.

For example, PlayStation Plus members got FIFA 22 for free as part of the monthly games lineup in May 2022. This provided full unlimited access to the latest FIFA release at no extra cost for PS Plus subscribers during that period.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee FIFA will be offered for free again. But PS Plus members should watch out for more potential FIFA freebies. When available, this represents the best way to play the most recent FIFA completely free.

Can You Play Older FIFA Games For Free Now?

Gamers feeling nostalgic may wonder – can you play older FIFA games for free in 2022?

Officially, EA has made few past mainline FIFA games free. The rights challenges around licensing mean most older FIFA titles remain tied to purchase requirements.

However, some older FIFA games can now be downloaded free through legally grey areas:


FIFA 09 was released back in 2008, the same year Lionel Messi won his first Ballon d‘Or and Spain took the Euros. Despite its age, some consider FIFA 09 one of the best entries in the series.

While EA no longer officially supports or sells FIFA 09, some players have uploaded the now-abandoned game online for free download.

As an 14-year old soccer game, FIFA 09 understandably shows its age in terms of graphics, controls, team rosters and missing modes compared to recent releases.

But for long-time fans, it‘s a nostalgia trip and interesting gameplay comparison to newer FIFAs. Just search for "FIFA 09 free download" to find uploaded copies.

FIFA Manager 13

For those looking for a retro football management sim, FIFA Manager 13 offers a free dive into soccer tactics and team building from 2013.

Focusing exclusively on match simulation and manager career mode, this FIFA offshoot has some devotion from management sim enthusiasts.

FIFA Manager 13 lacks licensing meaning teams and players are fictional. But core gameplay remains solid for virtual coaching. Search online for the free download.

Fan-Run FIFA Legacy Servers

Some dedicated fan communities have set up private servers to allow playing defunct FIFA games online again.

For example, FUTUnited aims to bring back online play for FIFA 12 and FIFA 14. By modifying game settings and spoofing EA‘s now-offline servers, players can match up online.

However, running or connecting to these unofficial private servers likely breaches EA‘s terms of service. They remain grey areas, even if seeking to revive abandoned older games.

The Reality of "Free" FIFA Gaming

While researching free options for playing FIFA as a fellow fan, I realized much of the information online around getting FIFA games for free promotes questionable or illegal methods:

  • Downloading cracked copies of FIFA through torrents, illegal file sharing sites or shady forums
  • Using license key generators or "game hacks" to bypass paying
  • Modifying the mobile FIFA app with unofficial patches to enable paid features
  • Using VPNs to access region-restricted free-to-play versions in other countries

While techniques like these do allow playing FIFA games without paying, they ultimately enable piracy and cost game developers revenue.

As a fan of the FIFA series myself, I believe we should support EA‘s work in continuing to deliver amazing new versions year after year by paying when able. Otherwise, it incentivizes even more aggressive monetization and hurts content quality over time.

There are affordable options like waiting for discounts, buying used copies, or accessing older games through subscriptions. And FIFA Mobile delivers a stellar free mobile experience directly from EA.

While the costs associated with annual FIFA releases can appear frustrating, it reflects the efforts that go into producing licensed triple-A sports games yearly. If we desire free high-quality official FIFA titles, supporting the developers is key.

Final Thoughts

To summarize my key takeaways on free FIFA access:

  • FIFA Mobile is the premier free way to enjoy FIFA action on phones and tablets. The optional purchases are reasonable for a mobile game of its depth.

  • Demos allow sampling the newest gameplay innovations in a limited capacity before buying the full version when it launches.

  • EA Play or Xbox Game Pass provide affordable access to older FIFA vault titles through subscription.

  • PlayStation Plus occasionally offers the newest FIFA for free when selected as a monthly title.

  • Online communities try filling gaps with unofficial legacy servers and free downloads of older abandoned games, but legal uncertainty remains.

While current FIFA console games still require purchase, EA does attempt to open up football gaming through free-to-play mobile titles, limited demos and subscription vaults.

For soccer fans like myself, FIFA Mobile delivers a genuinely fulfilling FIFA experience without needing to pay at all. It satisfies my personal need for free FIFA gameplay on-the-go. And trying occasional demos lets me preview new features to consider whether purchasing the newest titles is worthwhile each year.

Between free mobile gaming and the more affordable previous year access through subscriptions, there are now some great avenues to get your FIFA fix as a frugal fan. We‘ve come a long way from the days of no OPTION for free FIFA!



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