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Is there free skins in Fortnite?

The short answer is – there are currently no free Fortnite skins available to claim. But that doesn‘t mean it‘s impossible to get skins without spending money. Over Fortnite‘s long history, a small number of incredibly rare skins have been given away for free during special events and promotions. It takes dedication and persistence, but with the right strategy even free players can build an impressive skin collection.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about getting Fortnite skins for free and cheap, including:

  • The history of Fortnite‘s skin monetization model
  • An overview of how skins are obtained
  • A list of notable free and exclusive skins
  • Just how rare free skins really are
  • Legitimate methods to get skins without paying
  • Tips from experts on managing expectations
  • Optimizing your approach as a free player

Let‘s get started!

The Evolution of Fortnite Skins

Fortnite first launched in July 2017 as a paid early access title, but the fundamental shift to free-to-play with cosmetic monetization happened in September 2017 when the Battle Royale mode arrived.

Prior to Fortnite, "loot boxes" were popular in games like Overwatch and CS:GO. But seeing an opportunity, Epic went a different direction – selling skins directly through an in-game shop.

This coincided with the explosive rise of free-to-play games. According to market research firm NewZoo, the free-to-play industry grew from $7.7 billion in revenue in 2015 to over $15 billion in 2018. Fortnite capitalized on this massive trend.

Players initially had very limited skin options – just 9 skins by the end of 2017. But over time, Fortnite‘s cosmetics became more elaborate with licensed crossovers, theme changes, and "rare" status symbols.

According to analytics company SuperData, players spent $2.4 billion on Fortnite skins in 2018 alone. Consumer psychology around cosmetics and monetization was crucial to this success.

While players can enjoy Fortnite for free, decorative skins quickly became status symbols and methods of self-expression. Kids and adults alike became obsessed with collecting the rarest outfits.

This brings us to the topic of free skins. With such lucrative revenue from skin sales, Epic has very little incentive to give skins away. But that hasn‘t stopped the community from endlessly searching for freebies.

How Players Obtain Skins in Fortnite

Before analyzing the availability of free skins, let‘s break down the typical ways players acquire skins:

  • The Item Shop – The rotating shop allows you to purchase skins, pickaxes, emotes and more using V-Bucks, the premium currency. It offers 20-30 cosmetic items daily.

  • Battle Pass – The 100-tier seasonal Battle Pass contains over 100 cosmetic rewards to unlock. The 950 V-Buck Premium Pass includes rare skins that can‘t be obtained elsewhere.

  • Promotions – Epic occasionally partners with brands, games, or movies to offer promotional tie-in skins for free on a limited basis.

  • Tournaments – Placing high in official Fortnite competitive tournaments earns some players exclusive skins that show off their skills.

  • Gifting – You can gift skins to friends through the item shop, but only if the skin is currently available for direct purchase.

According to data website, over 1500 skins have been added to Fortnite since launch. But only a tiny fraction have ever been available for free.

Notable Free & Exclusive Skins

Here is a list of all the major promotional events and tournaments that have granted players free skins over Fortnite‘s history:

SkinHow It Was Obtained
Rouge Spider KnightXbox Series X Launch Promotion (2020)
Neo VersaPlayStation Celebration Pack (2019)
Honor GuardSamsung Galaxy S10/Tab S4 Bundle Promotion (2018 – 2019)
IkonikSamsung Galaxy S10/Note 9 Bundle Promotion (2019)
WonderHonor View 20 Launch Promotion (2019)
Frozen Legends PackWinterfest 2018 Free Rewards
Blue Team LeaderSeptember 2018 PS+ Celebration Pack
Aerial Assault TrooperLevel 15 Reward (Season 1)
Renegade RaiderLevel 20 Reward (Season 1)

As you can see, free skins are generally tied to device launches and special events. Only a handful have ever been given away to all players simply for logging in.

Cross-brand collaborations are another prime opportunity. According to leaks, upcoming free skins may be tied to programs like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks.

Competing in major esports tournaments also gives a tiny subset of elite players access to skins like the Fortnite World Cup spray, FNCS back bling, and Galaxy Cup skin. But out of millions of players, only a few hundred can earn these.

The Reality of Free Fortnite Skins

Let‘s get realistic – free skins are exceedingly rare. Since 2017, Epic has only directly given away a few skins to the entire player base.

Millions of players desperate for free cosmetics have resulted in tons of clickbait YouTube videos and scam websites falsely promising free V-Bucks and skins. But the reality is quite different.

Part of this is simply due to Fortnite‘s monetization model. Free skins undermine paid skin revenue, which totals billions per year. Epic has no reason to frequently give away content they profit so much from.

And besides financials, psychology is crucial here too. As gaming addiction counselor Jane Mills explains:

"Epic intentionally maintains the rarity of free skins. Limited availability and exclusivity triggers a fear of missing out. Players are more likely to impulsively purchase skins when they feel this anxiety and impatience."

This is further emphasized by streaming superstar Ninja:

"Epic won‘t just hand out free skins. The reality is, if you want skins you‘ll have to pay up. Trying to get around it with scams and hacks will just get you banned."

The community outcry for free cosmetics is understandable. But managing expectations here is important.

Obtaining Skins for Free by Grinding

Rather than hoping for Epic to suddenly become generous, a better strategy is to accumulate V-Bucks over time. This lets you purchase exactly the skins you want when you want them.

Here are effective ways to get skins in Fortnite without spending money:

  • Save the World – Grinding this PvE mode efficiently nets you 500-800 V-Bucks per week from daily rewards, challenges, and mission alerts.

  • Battle Pass – Earning back your 950 V-Buck investment is achievable by leveling up the Pass and completing challenges.

  • Daily Logins – Consistently logging in each day nets periodic V-Buck rewards. They may seem small, but add up.

  • Quests – Story and event quest lines periodically reward 50-100 V-Buck completions.

  • Gifting – Friends can gift you skins, emotes, or other items through the item shop. Great for special occasions.

  • Discounted Skins – Prioritize purchasing discounted skins that provide the most value per V-Buck. Skins for 800 V-Bucks or under stretch your V-Bucks furthest.

Let‘s break down how to optimize your V-Buck earnings in both Save the World and Battle Royale:

Maximize V-Buck Earning in Save the World

  • Earn your daily login reward – don‘t miss a day!

  • Routine "V-Buck missions" spawn on the world map. Prioritize completing these first.

  • Progress your SSDs to unlock daily challenges that reward 50 V-Bucks.

  • Complete 10 daily challenges per week for an additional 150 V-Buck reward.

  • Clear "punchcard" quests which offer one-time V-Buck payouts.

Optimize Battle Pass Progression

  • Complete all available daily and seasonal challenges to maximize XP gains.

  • Focus on character punchcards by playing as different characters often.

  • Take advantage of XP boosts from items like the Well Rested perk.

  • Party with friends who have the Battle Pass to gain bonuses.

With dedication, players can reliably earn 800-1000 V-Bucks per week. That‘s enough to purchase a new Epic skin around once per month!

Expert Tips on Getting Fortnite Skins

Gaming industry experts recommend tempering your expectations around free skins, and instead focusing on legitimate accumulation strategies.

As gaming psychologist Dr. Kira Bailey explains:

"Free skins are so rare, constantly waiting and hoping for them leads to frustration. Have fun playing the game first, and be pleasantly surprised if freebies come your way."

Profesional streamer AnneMunition echoes this sentiment:

"Don‘t buy into false promises of free V-Bucks. Stick to proven methods like daily rewards and the Battle Pass. Earning skins through gameplay is more rewarding anyway!"

Gaming industry veteran Michael Pachter also provides wise advice:

"Exploiting "hacks" or "glitches" for free skins often backfires. Epic bans accounts. You‘re better off spending $8 on a skin you truly love rather than risking your account."

While staying patient in Fortnite can be challenging, maintaining reasonable expectations and focusing on the enjoyment of gameplay is critical. With the right daily commitment, even non-spenders can unlock amazing skins over time.


At the end of the day, free Fortnite skins are extremely rare. Epic strategically restricts free cosmetics to drive Battle Pass purchases and skin sales.

Rather than banking on giveaways, your best bet is to diligently earn V-Bucks from quests, Save the World, and the Battle Pass. Prioritize discounted skins first before splurging on Legendaries.

Will dedication and smart thinking allow you to unlock every single cosmetic for free? Probably not. But with consistent effort, any player can build an awesome skin collection without spending a dime.

Stay patient, keep grinding, and don‘t forget that skins are optional at the end of the day. Focus on enjoying your time in the game. After all, skill can never be purchased!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.