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Is Trackmania Free on Console? Yes – Here‘s Everything You Need to Know

Hey there racing fan! If you‘re wondering whether Trackmania is free to play on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, I‘ve got you covered. The short answer is yes, Trackmania is completely free to download and play in a limited form on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll look at everything you need to know about Trackmania‘s pricing, content, features, and upcoming launch on consoles. I‘ll also provide some insightful research and data to help give you the full picture. Time to hit the starting grid!

What Exactly is Trackmania?

For those new to the franchise, Trackmania is an over-the-top arcade-style racing series known for its high-speed action and wildly imaginative track designs.

The Trackmania series first released on PC back in 2003 and has seen numerous new iterations over the past two decades. The latest entry simply titled “Trackmania” launched on PC in 2020 as a free-to-play game with optional paid subscriptions.

This new free-to-play model and revamped creative gameplay has brought in over 25 million PC players. Now Trackmania is gearing up to launch on modern consoles in early 2023.

How Trackmania‘s Console Release Works

So how does Trackmania‘s pricing work on consoles? The game is structured into two tiers:

Starter Access: Completely free and includes 25 tracks + track creation tools

Standard Access: $9.99 per year with 200+ more official tracks and content

The Starter Access gives you a good chunk of tracks and features for zero dollars. If you want to unlock the full experience, Standard Access is a cheap annual subscription.

Importantly, the console version of Trackmania does not have any microtransactions. The PC version allows buying cosmetic items, but Ubisoft has confirmed this will not be the case on consoles.

This is great news if you dislike microtransactions! Outside of the cheap Standard Access, there are no other purchases required.

Here‘s Everything Included in the Free Starter Access

Let‘s take a closer look at everything you get in Trackmania‘s Starter Access on consoles:

  • 25 Tracks – These tracks rotate every 3 months themed around a new “campaign”. Great way to regularly get new official content.

  • Solo & Online Multiplayer – You can race the 25 tracks against AI solo or head online to compete against real players.

  • Track Editor – The course creator lets you build and share your own custom tracks with the Trackmania community.

  • Arcade Channel – Play and rate tracks built by PC players which now number over 300,000 available at launch.

  • Leaderboards – Compete for the fastest times on the official tracks and climb the leaderboards.

  • Replays – Race against ghost replays to continue honing your skills and trimming down your times.

For a free download, that‘s a nice amount of gameplay and content. The 25 tracks may not seem like much, but with full access to the deep track editor and community creations, there are limitless possibilities even without paying.

What Extra Content Comes with Standard Access?

Now let‘s discuss what extra goodies you get when upgrading to Trackmania‘s $9.99 Standard Access subscription:

  • 200+ Official Campaign Tracks – Huge amount of developer-created tracks spanning a variety of visually unique environments.

  • Track of the Day – Get a new official track hand-picked by the creators every 24 hours. Great way to keep the challenge fresh daily.

  • Advanced Editor Pieces – Additional blocks, scenery objects, and customization items to build even crazier tracks.

  • Car Skins & Decals – Tons of cosmetic items to deck out your vehicle with cool paint jobs and decals. Show your style on the track!

  • Club Competitions – Join clubs to take part in team competitions, tournaments, and other cooperative events.

  • Top Replay Ghosts – Download replay ghosts from elite Trackmania players to directly compete against the best in the world.

While the free content provides a great starting point, Standard Access adds a ton of value for only $10 annually. The huge amount of new tracks alone will keep any racing fan busy for countless hours.

Plus all the social, competitive, and customization features enhance the experience substantially. But you don‘t have to spring for it right away – start enjoying Trackmania for free and upgrade later if you want more.

Trackmania Console vs PC Differences

You may be wondering – how does Trackmania on consoles differ from the well-established PC version? Let‘s quickly compare some key details:

  • No Microtransactions (on console) – As mentioned above, unlike PC there are zero microtransactions for cosmetic items on console.

  • No Nadeo Services Subscription (on console) – This is an extra $59.99 yearly subscription on PC that provides additional content. Not available on console.

  • No VR Support (on console) – The PC version supports virtual reality headsets, which consoles do not.

  • Additional Campaigns (on PC) – Certain legacy campaigns did not make it over to console such as Canyon and Rollercoaster.

  • Exclusive Cars (on PC) – Some branded cars like the Mercedes-Benz are only available in the PC version.

Overall the core Trackmania experience is nearly identical across both platforms. Consoles just have a simpler, cleaner pricing structure and content offering. But the racing action itself is the same exhilarating arcade gameplay whether you play on PC or console.

When Does Trackmania Launch on PlayStation and Xbox?

You‘re probably anxious to get hands-on with Trackmania yourself on console! Here‘s a quick look at the planned release timeline:

  • Console Announcement: August 2021

  • Closed Beta Testing: November 2022

  • Release Window: Early 2023

Trackmania was announced for consoles back in August 2021 and just went through beta testing this November, so the launch is right around the corner.

In a November 2022 earnings call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed Trackmania is slated to launch in early 2023. They stopped short of announcing an exact date.

But based on the testing wrap-up, Trackmania is in the home stretch. I‘d expect a full release within the first few months of 2023. We‘ll know more concrete details soon!

Will All Maps and Progress Carry Over from PC?

For current PC Trackmania players, you‘ll be happy to know all your progression and custom maps will carry over to console thanks to full cross-play and cross-progression support.

Your account, stats, leaderboard positions, and custom tracks seamlessly sync between PC and console. You don‘t have to start over or re-create any content.

Plus over 300,000 player-created maps built by the PC community over the past few years will be available on consoles starting day one. Tons of free new tracks to dive into!

This cross-platform connectivity with shared content is a huge benefit for the existing PC community migrating to console. It should help ease the transition.

Crazy Track Designs Make for Wild Racing

One of Trackmania‘s calling cards is its insane track designs featuring gravity-defying loops, jumps, twists, and stunts. This gameplay footage gives you a taste of the over-the-top arcade action:

[insert embedded YouTube gameplay video]

These larger-than-life courses fuel Trackmania‘s high-speed racing insanity. The courses toss realism out the window in favor of sheer amusement.

And the tracks continuously evolve thanks to the endless creativity of the Trackmania community. The deep in-game track editor empowers players to build their dream (or nightmare) tracks to share with others.

No two races ever feel quite the same. There‘s always some wild new player-created route to experience or master.

Millions of Passionate Players Strong

As a measure of Trackmania‘s passionate fanbase, the PC version has amassed some very impressive player statistics since its 2020 re-launch:

  • Over 25 million total players
  • 20 million user-created tracks
  • An average of 40,000 concurrent players daily in 2022
  • Over 600 million leaderboard records posted
  • 1.5 million downloads of new tracks every day

For a niche racing genre, these are fantastic engagement metrics. It demonstrates the incredible popularity and replay value Trackmania provides.

The creative Trackmania community churns out hot new tracks faster than anyone can play them all! There is literally endless content thanks to the boundless imagination of players.

Now just imagine how those numbers will explode when added to the massive console gaming ecosystem. The potential player base for Trackmania is staggering.

Positive Reviews Praise Trackmania‘s Excellence

Both critics and everyday gamers widely praise Trackmania for its superb arcade racing gameplay and constant content updates. Here is a sample of the overwhelmingly positive reception:

  • IGN – 8.5 out of 10 review score. Calls Trackmania "a racing wonderland centered around creativity."

  • GameSpot – 9 out of 10 score. Trackmania "nails the essence of what a racing game should be."

  • Over 96% positive user reviews on Steam among 40,000+ ratings.

  • 83% positive gamer rankings on OpenCritic from 30+ publications.

This level of consistent critical and community acclaim shows the magic Ubisoft Nadeo has recaptured with the Trackmania revamp. Both casual newcomers and devoted fans are loving it.

Is Trackmania Good for Kids and Families?

With its cartoonish visuals and straightforward arcade gameplay, Trackmania is absolutely suitable for kids and families. There is no objectionable or mature content to worry about.

The accessible driving physics and short race duration make it easy for children of all ages to have fun with Trackmania. Learning to control the vehicle is very intuitive.

Leaderboards, multiplayer, and the creative track builder also provide lots of replay value to keep kids engaged and inspired. User-generated content is monitored to ensure appropriateness.

Common Sense Media recommends Trackmania for ages 5 and up. It‘s perfect for some wholesome and safe family gaming.

Esports Scene Brings Competition to Trackmania

While Trackmania can be enjoyed casually, the series also has a passionate competitive esports scene.

The Trackmania Grand League brings together the world‘s top Trackmania racers across regional clubs to battle multiple times per year. Over $100,000 in prize money is up for grabs.

Events like the Trackmania Open and Trackmania Cup keep the esports action rolling year-round. This fuels the competitive drive of the most dedicated Trackmania speed demons.

For aspiring esports racers, regularly competing in the Nadeo live events is a rite of passage. The quest to set records and earn medals never ends in Trackmania even at the highest level.

Ubisoft‘s Continued Support is Promising

Another great sign for Trackmania‘s future is Ubisoft‘s strong post-launch support exemplified through frequent updates.

Major seasonal updates arrive every 3 months adding new features, content, and quality of life improvements. Smaller weekly patches continuously refine and enhance things under the hood as well.

This steady stream of new material shows Ubisoft is invested in Trackmania‘s success for the long haul. They even have 10-year plans for the franchise.

As opposed to quickly abandoning games these days, Ubisoft seems committed to nurturing Trackmania‘s growth across PC and console. The game should only keep improving.

Strap In for the Free Ride Ahead!

Well friend, that covers everything you need to know about Trackmania speeding onto consoles in early 2023! I hope all this info helps you decide if you want to take Trackmania out for a spin.

With the base version being completely free and providing hours of arcade racing fun, it‘s definitely worth going hands-on even if you aren‘t sure. Download it, try out some official tracks, build your own wild courses, and join the passionate community!

Then down the road if you feel like you need more content, spring for Standard Access. But get a feel for the gameplay yourself before spending anything.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! Let me know if you have any other Trackmania questions. Otherwise I‘ll see you on the leaderboards soon my friend! Now let‘s get racing!



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