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Is Ubisoft Free to Use? A Comprehensive Look at Their Gaming Services

Before we dive into the details, let me provide a quick answer upfront to your main question:

Yes, Ubisoft does offer many free gaming options spanning full games, trials, subscriptions, and in-game content. Their services like Ubisoft Connect and limited Ubisoft+ trials give you access to plenty of free entertainment.

Now let me explain in more detail across this in-depth guide…

French video game company Ubisoft has built a reputation for developing innovative and highly engaging games across a variety of genres, from Assassin‘s Creed to Far Cry and Rainbow Six. But beyond their catalogue of hit titles, Ubisoft has also been expanding their platforms and services in recent years – aiming to provide more free-to-play opportunities while still monetizing through in-game transactions.

So what exactly does Ubisoft offer players for free, and how can you take advantage of these services? As an avid gamer myself, I‘ll explore all aspects of Ubisoft‘s free gaming ecosystems in this comprehensive guide.

An Overview of Ubisoft‘s Gaming Platforms

Ubisoft Connect is the company‘s free online platform that allows players like us to interact with their games and the Ubisoft community. Available across PC, consoles and mobile devices, Ubisoft Connect lets you do things like:

  • Track in-game achievements and rewards
  • Access community forums and content
  • Sync your game data and progression across platforms
  • Chat with friends
  • Participate in events and contests

Unlike competitors like EA‘s Origin or Xbox Live, Ubisoft Connect is completely free to use for all players with a Ubisoft account. No membership fees are required to access basic functionality.

Ubisoft+ is the company‘s premium subscription service, granting members unlimited access to new releases, an expanding library of 100+ games, DLC packs and other exclusive content. This "Netflix for games" currently costs $14.99 per month. We‘ll explore Ubisoft+ and its free trial options later in this guide.

Free-to-Play Ubisoft Games

While Ubisoft is best known for big-budget franchises that require purchase, they also offer an array of free-to-play games across PC and mobile platforms. These free games support in-game transactions and battle passes as monetization models instead of upfront costs.

Some popular free Ubisoft titles across various genres include:

  • Brawlhalla – Smash Bros-style fighting game for PC, consoles and mobile with over 85 million players as of 2022.

  • Tom Clancy‘s Elite Squad – Military RPG/strategy for mobile with over 5 million downloads.

  • Hungry Shark Evolution – Action/adventure mobile game played by over 130 million people.

  • Might & Magic: Chess Royale – Battle royale chess for PC and mobile with 1.5 million players.

  • Roller Champions – Competitive roller derby on PC drawing over 10 million users at launch.

  • The Settlers Online – Real-time strategy web browser game with over 20 million registered users.

While free to download, most of these games include microtransactions and in-game purchases to unlock additional content. Cosmetic items like character skins can cost real money, but aren‘t always necessary to progress. With the option to grind for in-game currency, these titles aim to monetize “whales” who splurge on premium gear.

What‘s Included with a Ubisoft+ Subscription?

As mentioned earlier, Ubisoft+ provides unlimited access to new releases, an expansive back catalogue of games, DLC expansions and exclusive rewards. This makes it a great value for diehard Ubisoft fans who want it all.

Here are some key things you get with an active Ubisoft+ subscription:

  • Day one access to new Ubisoft releases – play them months before non-subscribers!

  • Full PC versions of games, not trials or demos

  • All available DLCs and season passes – over $110 value according to Ubisoft

  • Monthly rewards including XP boosters and bonuses

  • Special editions of games like added missions and gear

  • Early beta access opportunities – test new titles

  • Cloud sync and cross-platform play to continue games anywhere

Once your Ubisoft+ subscription ends, you lose access to any games you didn‘t purchase outright. However, your progress and achievements stay linked to your Ubisoft account, allowing you to pick up where you left off if you resubscribe later on.

Ubisoft+ Subscription Perks

New Release Early AccessPlay latest AAA games 3 days early
Game Catalog100+ titles across PC/Mac
Post-Launch ContentAll DLCs and season passes included
Ubisoft+ EditionsSpecial versions with extra missions, gear, etc.
Ubisoft+ RewardsMonthly bonuses including boosts and cosmetics
Early Beta AccessTest upcoming games before release
Cloud SyncCross-progression across PC and cloud gaming

Trying Ubisoft+ for Free

New players curious about Ubisoft+ can take advantage of the company‘s recurring free trial promotions.

Typically these offers grant 1 month of full Ubisoft+ access for free. All you need to do is create a Ubisoft account, provide your payment details (for automatic renewal) and activate the promotion during eligible periods.

Just be sure to cancel your membership before the month ends if you don‘t wish to continue at the regular $14.99 monthly rate. During special events and game releases, Ubisoft sometimes extends these free trial periods beyond just 1 month too.

For example, in September 2022, Ubisoft offered a free month to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. This allowed players to experience the full benefits of Ubisoft+ on PC, cloud gaming platforms, and even Amazon Luna.

Maximizing Free Ubisoft Games and Trials

Even if you don‘t subscribe to Ubisoft+ or take advantage of a free trial, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy popular franchises like Assassin‘s Creed for free – or at least extended demos.

Here are some tips for maximizing free play of Ubisoft games:

  • Watch for free weekends of recently released games that temporarily provide full unrestricted access. For example, Rainbow Six Extraction was fully playable for 3 days in January 2022.

  • Ubisoft regularly makes older games totally free for a limited time – snag them when you can! I scored both Assassin‘s Creed II and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for free.

  • Sign up for the Ubisoft newsletter and check the Deals section for free game offers. Just confirming your email often unlocks freebies!

  • Participate in in-game events and community challenges that give away prizes and unlocks. The recent Hungry Shark event awarded a new exotic fish.

  • For extended trials, create multiple Ubisoft accounts to replay the 6 hour demo periods. I used this trick to maximize my Roller Champions preview.

  • Refer friends for bonus incentives including boosts, currency and occassional full games. I earned Watch Dogs 2 for free via their referral program.

  • Follow gaming deal sites for alerts on Ubisoft giveaways, promotions and coupon codes. I‘m saving 50% on an Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla season pass thanks to their tips.

What Happens If You Unsubscribe from Ubisoft+?

As mentioned earlier, unsubscribing from Ubisoft+ means losing access to any games or DLCs tied to the service. However, your account itself along with certain data will remain intact:

  • Your Ubisoft account and profile stay active but revert to free user status. All your friends and contacts remain linked.

  • Achievements and rewards earned during membership remain on your account. Your legacy persists!

  • Cloud save data synced from Ubisoft+ games may still be accessible if saved locally offline as well. So you can pick up where you left off if you resubscribe.

  • In-game purchases and currency you acquired separately will still be available. Your hard-earned gear isn‘t lost.

  • You can resubscribe later to regain access to your Ubisoft+ catalog and progression. It‘s not gone forever if you rejoin!

So in summary, unsubscribing from Ubisoft+ removes the benefits of the premium catalog itself unless you purchased base games outright. But your overall account, profile details, purchased items and progress stay linked for easy resumption if you rejoin later.

Ubisoft‘s Free Gaming Compared to Other Publishers

Compared to other major game publishers, Ubisoft strikes a reasonable balance between free-to-play models and premium subscriptions. They offer more free game options than companies like Activision Blizzard and Take-Two Interactive, but less than rivals Electronic Arts and Epic Games.

Here‘s a quick overview comparing Ubisoft‘s free gaming services to key competitors:

  • EA: EA Play monthly subscription provides more games, but fewer new releases than Ubisoft+. EA‘s free-to-play roster including Apex Legends vastly exceeds Ubisoft‘s current selection.

  • Xbox: No monthly subscription required for online multiplayer like Xbox Live Gold. Perks like Games with Gold put Xbox ahead for free game giveaways.

  • Epic: The Epic Games Store offers exponentially more free full game giveaways than Ubisoft. Fortnite‘s free-to-play success far outweighs any Ubisoft title.

  • PlayStation: PlayStation Plus required for online play and monthly free games makes it less accessible overall than Ubisoft‘s model.

  • Nintendo: Nintento Switch Online provides classic games but lags behind in modern free titles. Ubisoft‘s mobile and PC focus gives them an edge here.

Free Games & Trials Offered Annually

CompanyFree GamesFree Trials
Electronic Arts20+10+
Epic Games50+20+

*Estimates based on 2021 giveaways and promotions

The data shows that while Ubisoft may not be the most generous, their free game offerings are still substantial and worthwhile for fans of their franchises.

The Future of Ubisoft Free Gaming

Based on current trends, Ubisoft will likely continue expanding its free-to-play and subscription models in the coming years. Here are some predictions on what avid gamers like us can expect:

  • More big franchise titles like Assassin‘s Creed getting free entry level access with paid "freemium" upgrades. This helps build player bases.

  • Expanded device support for Ubisoft+ to include more consoles and streaming devices beyond PC/Mac. Wider accessibility equals more subscribers.

  • Increased use of limited time events, giveaways and perks as incentives for players to keep checking back. FOMO drives engagement!

  • Continued growth of mobile gaming presence through acquisitions of popular mobile studios and their communities. The lucrative mobile market is Ubisoft‘s future.

  • Potential bundling of Ubisoft+ with outside services like Xbox Game Pass or Amazon Prime. More partnerships will help reach new players.

  • Introduction of tiered subscription plans to provide options beyond the $14.99 premium access. Lower tiers increase conversion rates.

If the popularity of franchises like Assassin‘s Creed and Rainbow Six continues growing, Ubisoft has plenty of incentive to keep investing in accessibility. That means more opportunities than ever before for players to enjoy hit Ubisoft games for free or at reduced costs.

Wrapping Up

Ubisoft has clearly embraced the "games as a service" model – using their Ubisoft Connect platform and expanding subscription options to offer players more choice. While not every title is completely free-to-play just yet, there are tons of incentives for all types of gamers ranging from limited trials to paid subscription perks.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide provided you with a complete overview of exactly what Ubisoft offers for free and how you can maximize those services as a player. Let me know if you have any other Ubisoft gaming questions! Their systems can seem complex, but taking advantage of the free opportunities is worth the initial effort.

Happy gaming!



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