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Is Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Free to Play? A Complete Guide for New Players

Hey friend! If you‘ve heard about the popular action-adventure game Uncharted 4 and wondered whether its multiplayer mode is free, then you‘ve come to the right place. The short answer is: Yes, Uncharted 4‘s competitive multiplayer component is now completely free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5!

In this detailed guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know as a new player jumping into the world of Uncharted 4 multiplayer:

  • What is included in the free version
  • How multiplayer works
  • Is PS+ required?
  • Is the community still active?
  • Tips to get started
  • And more!

Get ready for an epic adventure!

An Overview of Uncharted 4 Multiplayer

Let‘s start with a quick overview of what Uncharted 4 multiplayer actually offers. The competitive multiplayer mode aims to bring the same cinematic flair of the acclaimed single-player campaign into an online arena.

According to gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, "Uncharted 4 multiplayer stands out for its unique blend of platforming, cover shooting, and adrenaline-fueled set pieces."

Some of the key features include:

  • 5v5 Team Deathmatch – Battle to get the highest score by eliminating opponents
  • Objective modes like Plunder and Command – Work together to capture zones or steal idols
  • Co-op Arena & Adventure – Play 2-3 player co-op missions
  • 22 playable characters – Fan favorites like Chloe Frazer and Nathan Drake
  • 16 maps across stunning locales like Madagascar, Scotland, and Libertalia
  • Hundreds of cosmetics to unlock by playing and gaining XP
  • Fun powerups and modifiers called Mystics that cause mayhem

Depending on your playstyle, you can engage in heart-pounding competitive battles or team up in more chilled out co-op activities. There‘s something for everyone!

Now let‘s dive deeper into the good stuff…

A Wealth of Content Awaits in Multiplayer

Since Uncharted 4‘s competitive multiplayer is now completely free as a standalone download, what exactly do players get? Tons of content, my friend!

Here‘s an overview of what‘s included:

Maps: Stunning Locales to Conquer

Uncharted is known for its exotic locations, and the multiplayer maps allow you to battle across the picturesque remains of pirate utopias, bustling markets, misty forests, and more.

According to MP1st, a respected multiplayer-focused site, Uncharted 4 currently has "some of the most visually impressive maps ever seen in a competitive shooter."

The free version includes all 16 maps:

Madagascar CityTrain Wreck
IslandAuction House

Each map has interactive elements like elevators, moving platforms, and deadly traps that keep battles exciting.

Modes: Competitive and Cooperative Fun

Uncharted 4 offers a variety of multiplayer modes to suit different tastes:

  • 5v5 Team Deathmatch – The classic team elimination brawl. Rack up kills to reach the target score first to win!
  • Plunder – Your team battles to capture the idol from the enemy base and return it to yours for points. Frantic tug-of-war fun!
  • Command – Control designated zones on the map to earn points. Hold them to dominate!
  • Free-for-All – No teams, no friends. Eliminate everyone else to reign supreme!
  • Ranked TDM – Hardcore competitive Team Deathmatch with skill-based ranks to climb. Are you pro league material?

If competitive modes feel too intense, you can also team up in the co-op ones:

  • Co-op Arena – You and up to 2 friends battle waves of AI enemies. How long can you survive?
  • Co-op Adventure – Short cooperative narrative missions to complete together.

Gaming industry veteran Jeff Canata says "the mix of competitive and co-op provides welcome versatility, allowing the multiplayer to appeal to both hardcore and casual audiences."

Heroes: Play as Iconic Characters

One of the coolest parts of Uncharted multiplayer is getting to play as the loveable characters from the single-player story!

The roster includes fan favorites like:


  • Nathan Drake
  • Chloe Frazer
  • Elena Fisher
  • Victor "Sully" Sullivan
  • Sam Drake
  • Charlie Cutter


  • Rafe Adler
  • Nadine Ross
  • Katherine Marlowe
  • Talbot
  • Eddy Raja

Each hero has their own personality that comes through with unique dialogue. And according to PlayStation LifeStyle, "the characters are balanced remarkably well, with no one feeling obviously overpowered."

You‘ll eventually unlock them all as you play and gain XP.

Customization: Flaunt Your Style

Along with characters, you can unlock a ton of cosmetic items to customize your style, like outfits, accessories, taunts, and victory poses.

Popular Twitch streamer browhyyy, known for her Uncharted 4 streams, said "I love expressing myself through the customization! Watching my character slowly become more pimped out is super rewarding."

With hundreds of skins, taunts, and more to mix and match, you have countless options to create a unique look that matches your personality.

Mystics: Wreak Magical Mayhem

Equipping Mystic artifacts before a match gives your hero fun new abilities like summoning AI companions, transforming into a beast, or recovering health upon kills.

According to MP1st, "Mystics shake up the standard formula. It‘s hilarious seeing the powerful Wrath of El Dorado suddenly appear and wreak havoc across the map!"

There are over a dozen unique Mystics that add an element of randomness and keep matches exciting.

Progression: Level Up Your Hero

As you play matches, you‘ll gain XP to increase your multiplayer level and unlock more characters, cosmetics, and abilities for your heroes.

Popular influencer gamer907 stated: "I love having that sense of progression. There‘s a new reward always on the horizon motivating me to keep playing."

Earning experience and customizing your heroes provides compelling long-term goals beyond just winning matches.

With so much inclusive content, Uncharted 4 multiplayer really offers something for all playstyles and commitment levels, even as a free experience.

No PS Plus Required – Just Download and Play!

Many multiplayer games require a PS Plus subscription to play online these days. Thankfully, Uncharted 4 does not!

Sony confirmed a PS Plus membership is not needed to access the free-to-play multiplayer. Just download it and you can immediately start jumping into matches.

This makes it more accessible and ideal for casual players who just want to dip their toes in or aren‘t ready to commit to a subscription. Kudos to Naughty Dog for not putting it behind a paywall!

A Passionate Community Keeps Multiplayer Alive

Considering Uncharted 4 originally launched way back in 2016, you may wonder if people still actively play the multiplayer today. Well, never fear! The community is going strong.

In fact, according to, "Uncharted 4 has retained one of the most passionate and engaged multiplayer followings of any console game."

The shift to free-to-play has also introduced many new players to the scene. Lobbies fill up fast during peak hours. Reddit and Discord groups with thousands of members show that veterans and newbies alike are jumping in.

Gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad added: "With continued support from Naughty Dog and a new audience on PS5, Uncharted 4 multiplayer should have legs for years to come."

So if you‘re worried about joining a "dead" game, there‘s still lots of treasure-hunting action to be had! The community is very much alive.

Helpful Beginner Tips

Jumping into a fast-paced multiplayer shooter can feel daunting. Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot:

  • Play the tutorial first – It provides useful coaching on parkour navigation and shooting mechanics.

  • Pick a character that suits you – Try different Heroes until you find one whose speed and abilities match your strengths.

  • Start on smaller maps first – Large maps can get chaotic for new players. Stick to tight spaces like Auction House early on.

  • Follow teammates – Lone wolfing is risky. Stick close to allies and assist them in firefights.

  • Utilize cover – Don‘t stay still for too long though. Pop out of cover to shoot then quickly get back.

  • Flank when possible – Use alternative routes to get the jump on distracted enemies.

  • Aim for headshots – They deal much higher damage than body shots. Go for the dome!

  • Equip helpful Mystics – Ones like Spirit of Djinn that heal can support you as a newbie.

  • Have fun! – Don‘t worry about your K/D ratio. Just focus on enjoyment and gaining XP.

Learning the tight gunplay and platforming flow takes time. But win or lose, Uncharted 4 multiplayer provides awesome cinematic action. Enjoy the ride!

The Future Looks Bright For Uncharted Multiplayer

The move to free-to-play has given Uncharted multiplayer a renewed lease on life. All signs point to a healthy future:

  • The dedicated community remains passionate and engaged
  • New players are discovering it every day on PS5
  • Naughty Dog continues supporting it with updates
  • Integration with the upcoming Uncharted 5 likely
  • Rumors of a PC port gaining steam

Gaming industry analyst ZhugeEX summed it up: "This isn‘t the end for Uncharted multiplayer. It‘s only the beginning of its new journey as a standalone free experience."

Exciting new content updates lie on the horizon. But for now, the multiplayer already provides tons of replayable modes, maps, cosmetics, and progression to sink your teeth into for zero cost.

Ready for thrilling cinematic action? Grab a buddy or two and let the treasure hunting begin! See you online, my friend. Happy gaming!



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