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Is Valhalla free forever?

No, unfortunately Valhalla is not free forever. The acclaimed Assassin‘s Creed game was temporarily available for free from December 15-19, 2022. This was a limited-time trial promotion on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. But after December 19, Valhalla returned to being a paid game like normal.

While the free period has ended, progress does carry over if you choose to buy the game. So you can pick up where you left off. Below I‘ll provide an in-depth look at what content was included during the free weekend, whether Valhalla is worth buying, and how it compares to past Assassin‘s Creed titles.

Key Details on the Valhalla Free Trial Promotion

Let‘s start by looking at the key details on the free trial period:

  • The Valhalla free weekend ran from December 15 to December 19, 2022 – just 4 days.
  • This coincided with the game leaving the PlayStation Plus Extra subscription service on December 20. It was your last chance to try Valhalla for free as a PS Plus subscriber.
  • Playing during the free trial period gave you unrestricted access to the entire base game. No content was locked.
  • Your progress was saved so you could continue seamlessly if purchasing the game after the free weekend ended.
  • The free promotion was available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. No PC trial option was provided.
  • Paid DLC expansions like Wrath of the Druids were not included in the free version. Only base game content.

So in summary, for 4 days players on Xbox and PlayStation had full access to the enormous base game before Valhalla returned to its normal $59.99 price tag. It was an awesome opportunity to experience this massive Viking adventure for free!

Just How Much Can You Experience During 4 Free Days?

You might think 4 days isn‘t enough time to properly try out such a huge open-world game. Let‘s look at how much content is actually possible to see:

  • Valhalla‘s main story quest will take the average player around 60 hours to complete.
  • That means during the 96 hours of the free trial, you could progress through well over half the main story – a huge portion!
  • The free weekend provided enough time to also explore much of England, complete many side activities, and level Eivor up substantially.
  • 4 days allows you to experience all the core gameplay loops and get a feel for the overall pace and variety.
  • Reviewers recommended spending your time focusing on major story arcs like Grantebridge and Ledecestrescire to see the best content.
  • Ultimately, 4 free days gives ample opportunity to get hooked by Valhalla‘s world and combat before the trial ends.

While seeing everything would require purchasing the full game, you can experience a meaty chunk of Valhalla during the free promotion. Many players were impressed by how much they accomplished over just a long weekend.

What Reviewers Are Saying About Valhalla

Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla received strong reviews upon its original release. Here‘s what professional reviewers praised about the experience:

  • "An astonishing recreation of medieval England" – IGN, praising the world details and ambiance
  • "Satisfying combat with weight and impact" – GameSpot, on the visceral battles
  • "Some of the best characters and storytelling in the series" – Game Informer
  • "An incredible value with over 100 hours of content" – Polygon
  • "A worthy RPG successor to Origins and Odyssey" – Destructoid, approving the RPG pivot

While some criticized its pacing issues and overdependence on repetitive side content, most reviews agreed Valhalla provided an incredible, content-rich Viking saga. The free weekend offered a good chance to experience these strengths yourself before purchasing.

How Does Valhalla‘s Size Compare to Other AC Games?

As a massive open-world RPG, how does Valhalla stack up size-wise versus past mainline Assassin‘s Creed games?

GameMain Story LengthCompletionist Length
Valhalla59 hrs130 hrs
Odyssey43 hrs172 hrs
Origins38 hrs80 hrs
Syndicate19 hrs50 hrs
Unity20 hrs82 hrs
  • Valhalla‘s main story is 50% longer than previous recent entries like Odyssey and Origins.
  • 100% completing everything can take over 130 hours – one of the highest marks in the series.
  • The scale is immense, but also leads some to criticize Valhalla as bloated or padded.
  • The free trial gave opportunity to see if Valhalla‘s vast map and extensive quests sustain your interest.

So if you enjoy absolutely massive open world games, Valhalla offers one of the most content-rich Assassin‘s Creed games ever. The free weekend provided the perfect way to experience that size and scope first-hand.

Key Gameplay Improvements Over Past AC Titles

Valhalla refines the RPG direction first seen in Origins and Odyssey, while also adding its own twists. Here are some of the key gameplay improvements over past AC titles:

Revamped combat system

  • Dual-wielding allows new mix-and-match combat options
  • Visceral special abilities like shoulder barging enemies
  • Enemies have health bars for added RPG depth
  • Overcome any foe whether stealthy or aggressive

Greatly expanded progression

  • Deep skill trees for unique character builds
  • Gear system with statistics and set bonuses
  • Level scaling of zones so you can take any path
  • Allows diverse playstyles from stealthy to tanky

Customization & Crafting

  • Cosmetic options to define Eivor‘s look
  • Crafting system to upgrade gear and consumables
  • Settlement building through expansions and decorations
  • Personalize your own Viking experience

Social & Multiplayer Elements

  • Raids with friends against tough targets
  • Custom PvP modes for tactical battles
  • Jomsviking mercenary system to recruit allies
  • Shared persistent world with other players

These improvements expand player choice and make Valhalla one of the most customizable and repayable AC games yet. The free trial was the perfect way to experience these robust new systems for yourself before committing to a purchase.

Post-Launch Support Shows Long-Term Commitment

Beyond the base game, Ubisoft has demonstrated a strong commitment to support Valhalla long-term through frequent updates and expansions:

  • Major free content additions like Discovery Tour and New Game+ mode
  • Fresh expansions to the settlement with Jomsviking Hall and Svartalfheim Portal
  • Timed seasonal events like Yule Festival, Sigrblot Festival, and Ostara Festival
  • Higher level Mastery Challenges and new River Raids
  • Two huge paid narrative DLCs – Wrath of the Druids and Siege of Paris
  • Major mythology expansion Dawn of Ragnarok DLC

This ongoing content cadence has added substantial value beyond the initial package. Ubisoft has treated Valhalla as an evolving platform primed for growth.

The free trial provided a great sampling of Valhalla in its current state – the culmination of years of improvements and additions. This informed whether the full experience merits your investment.

Is Valhalla Worth Purchasing After Trying for Free?

So after previewing Valhalla during the free promotional period, is the game worth purchasing? Here are the key factors to consider:

You Enjoyed Core Gameplay Loops

  • Satisfying combat – If clearing camps, raiding monasteries, and battling Saxon soldiers hooked you in, there are over 100 more hours of that awaits.
  • Beautiful world – Fast travel let you appreciate England and Norway‘s beauty and ambiance. But also respect your time.
  • Progression system – If leveling skills and gear to become a Viking legend appealed, keep chasing that power fantasy.

You Connected With Eivor and Their Journey

  • Eivor‘s character – Their duality as cold Viking yet warm with loved ones won you over. See their complete arc.
  • Main story intrigue – If the complex politics between Raven clan, kings, and Hidden Ones pulled you in, pursue the epic saga.
  • Mythical realms – Magical worlds like Asgard and Jotunheim left you wanting more. DLCs expand these fantastical realms.

You Want Even More Content and Playtime

  • 100% completion – The free version just scratched the surface. Tons remain to accomplish over hundreds of hours.
  • Post-launch additions – You want to experience exciting new updates like Mastery Challenges and Jomsviking Hall.
  • Big DLC expansions – Huge paid additions like Siege of Paris and Dawn of Ragnarok introduce completely new areas you‘re eager to explore.

You Want to Support Ambitious Open World Games

  • Craftsmanship – The world‘s beauty and realism deserve financial support to incentivize similar vast open worlds.
  • Developer reputation – Ubisoft created an immense Viking RPG deserving of recognition despite some flaws.
  • Price value – On sale now for $30, no other new release delivers this amount of content for the price.

After playing for free, purchasing is the ultimate way to vote with your wallet for more awesome worlds like Valhalla‘s.

Verdict: Give the Free Version a Shot!

Valhalla‘s days of being completely free are over. But the free trial period provided an exciting hands-on preview that undoubtedly helped many judge its quality and value proposition for themselves.

For Assassin‘s Creed fans, Valhalla is among the meatiest and most content-rich entries ever – even if slightly bloated. Its vast Viking world, satisfying combat, memorable characters, and extensive post-launch support make it absolutely worth playing.

While the free promotion has ended, my recommendation is to give the trial version a shot if you haven‘t already. Four days is more than enough to experience many of Valhalla‘s highlights before deciding if you want to keep raiding and conquering across England‘s ninth century frontiers.




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