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Things You Must Know By using Jarvee to Scale Up Social Media

Do you want to succeed in your social media marketing? Scaling a social media marketing operation can be a daunting task. There are no right answers.

There is no clear path on how to grow your operation. However, many marketers have achieved social media excellence and reached their goals by scaling their social media marketing.

In this article, we are going to consider why you should scale your social media operation and the things worth considering before deciding to invest resources. First, let us start on why you should scale your operation.

The Main Reason For Scaling Social Media

scalling social media

Social media is all about creating and nurturing audiences. Social media marketing is all about reaching the largest audience possible with the intention of promoting, advertising or making your products and services known.

Furthermore, marketing, general or social media, is a numbers game. And more often than not, the results of a marketing campaign are measured in percentages. No matter what your key performance metric is, you should consider scaling your social media marketing operation. The main argument here is that the more people a campaign can reach, the higher the chances of generating conversions.

Even if through scaling social media, a marketer does not improve its conversion rate, she can still profit from it, due to economies of scale. Here is where math becomes useful and numbers start adding up.

The Math Of Scaling Social Media Marketing

Let’s use a hypothetical example. Consider a one-year-old blog with one social media account. This is a financial news blog and its Twitter account has 1.500 followers. Because of its little history, the owner of the blog is focusing entirely on generating traffic through social media. Therefore, its Twitter account is the only distribution channel of the blog’s content.

For each new piece of content published, the blog received 200 visitors. Even if the blog owner starts publishing more content, his reach will be limited. The issue is the distribution of the content. Therefore, the solution to bring more visitors to the blog is to scale its content distribution. There are several ways to achieve this. The two main ways of scaling this social media operation for reaching a larger audience is by either promoting its content through Twitter ads or by automating several accounts.

At first glance, Twitter ads might be appealing. But for a starting blog with limited resources, scaling the social media operation for distributing content is the less expensive alternative.

Therefore, if the blog owner develops nine more accounts up to 1.500 followers each. Together with his main account, he will have a total of 10 accounts and 15.000 followers. Thus, the blog owner has the opportunity of reaching a ten times bigger audience. Therefore, attracting up to 2.000 visitors for each blog posts.

Scaling Up Social Media with Jarvee

What Are The Costs

Scaling a social media operation can be performed even with a zero budget. Twitter allows you to connect up to five accounts per IP. And if you control these accounts manually, from your personal or business PC, you do not need to spend any cent. However, even if you can scale your operation for free, your capabilities will be limited.

In order to take full advantage of scaling social media marketing, or content distribution, you have to automate your accounts’ growth and publishing strategy.

The costs to consider should be for purchasing an automation tool, such as Jarvee, several private proxies for social media (special use social media proxies) and a virtual private server.

Beside Jarvee, you should consider purchasing private proxies for your desired social media platform and the VPS if you have to manage more than five or ten social media proxies.

For running a ten accounts social media operation, the cost breakdown is the following:

    TOTAL: $ 64.95

Jarvee System Requirements


Jarvee is a desktop-based software, therefore, you could consider disregarding the VPS and setting your personal computer as a server. However, there are certain drawbacks to using a personal PC for scaling social media. Such as keeping the computer ON 24-7 or limiting the available resources.

Therefore, we recommend using a VPS with 4 GB RAM and a minimum of 25 GB storage. GreenCloud VPS offers a Jarvee dedicated VPS with the above requirements. If you scale your social media operation to 10 accounts, you could consider the cheapest Jarvee VPS offered by GreenCloud VPS.

Accounts To Use

When it comes to developing more accounts, some marketers consider buying social media accounts from third-party providers. Usually, this is the wrong approach because these accounts are automatically created. In addition, most of these accounts are created from the same IP, therefore, any time one account is blocked or reported, all other accounts created from the same IP risk getting blocked as well.

So, even if you manage your accounts correctly, if you purchase them from an unreliable source, you could risk getting blocked due to flagged IPs. Therefore, it is better to create your accounts manually, from the same IP through which you will manage it.

Instagram Automation

So, before you create Instagram accounts, You must get proxies to mask IPs for Instagram automation at first, then create each account from the proxy that it will be allocated. Thus, for creating 10 accounts, consider creating them from 10 different proxies, instead of creating them from the same IP. Remember, first buy proxies and then create accounts. Not the other way around.

The Proxy Question

Jarvee allows proxy setup for each account. And each account behavior is ring-fenced from other accounts. Therefore, going forward with your social media scaling, the proxy question will become the second most important one after the accounts’ behavior setup.

Some marketers will make the mistake of choosing cheap private proxies for social media or even go for shared proxies. However, this could endanger your operation and run the risk of not being able to connect your accounts, or worse, getting your accounts blocked due to flagged IPs.

Reliable Proxy Provider

When it comes to private proxies, it is impossible to verify if a proxy is shared or dedicated. Or if a private proxy is a virgin or has been used before.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose a provider with great feedback, which offers at the same time social media proxies. There are few proxy providers offering this kind of proxies. And you should consider choosing one of them. At least for the sake of your accounts’ safety.

What Proxies To Use

The only proxies worth considering for social media should be virgin private proxies. These are dedicated proxies, meaning you have full control over the traffic passing through them. At the same time, they should be virgin proxies, meaning they were never used to connect social media accounts prior to your allocation.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that if you plan to scale your social media operation and incorporate other platforms, ask your proxy provider if you could use the same proxies or if you should purchase other proxies. Because some providers offer virgin Twitter proxies, but these might be flagged Instagram proxies. Therefore, they might work flawlessly for Twitter and not connect at all to Instagram.

Account/Proxy Ratio To Use

The last question regarding proxies, when scaling your social media operation, is how many accounts to connect per proxy. Most social media platforms allow up to 5 accounts per proxy.

However, it is recommended to connect 1 account per proxy. This way, you limit your risks and ring-fence each account’s behavior. And if one of your accounts is mistakenly blocked by the social media platform, you will still be able to use the other accounts and continue your social media marketing.

Posting Strategy To Use

You have set Jarveeon a VPS. You connected each account to a separate dedicated proxy. The obvious question to ask next is what content strategy to use.

Independent to the social network through which you perform your scaled social media operation, the best strategy for posting is by using a content silo strategy. Through this strategy, you develop one or two main accounts. And then use your other accounts as secondary ones for distributing the main account’s content.

Best practices for this posting strategy recommend that your secondary accounts should be used to post not only from your main accounts but from several accounts. Thus, you should use your secondary accounts as a satellite to distribute content from several authority accounts. This way, none of your accounts could be linked directly to your main accounts. Thus, you avoid any blocks due to inter-linking accounts.

Wrapping It Up

Scaling a social media operation without considering a few things beforehand, raises the risk of not reaching your goals. Or worse, you could get your accounts blocked and loose resources.

The main argument of scaling social media marketing is the opportunity to reach a larger audience and increase your traffic or conversion rate.

The things you should consider when scaling your social media operation are the cost incurred. Also, you should consider if is necessary renting a VPS or setting your operation for a personal PC. In addition, once you have set your system, the proxy and content distribution should be considered.

There is no right answer to any of the things you should consider. Each social media operation is unique. Therefore, consider all the above factors and decide on which one is important for scaling your operation.



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