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Kicksta vs Flock Social vs SimplyGram: Which Instagram Growth Service is the Best Fit for You in 2023?

So you want to step up your Instagram game this year, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the Instagram growth services out there promising you the world. I get it – it‘s hard to tell which ones are the real deal.

After testing out several popular services myself, I wanted to share an honest, in-depth comparison of Kicksta, Flock Social, and SimplyGram to help you decide which one is the best fit for achieving your 2023 Instagram goals.

Let‘s start with a high-level overview:

Kicksta is one of the OG Instagram growth services, leveraging artificial intelligence to target potential new followers in your niche and organically build your audience.

Flock Social puts a spin on growth services with a focus on collaboration and team management features. It uses AI to emulate human behavior for natural growth.

SimplyGram touts big follower gains – up to 5k new followers per month! – but has concerning reviews about deliverables versus its lofty claims.

Now, let‘s get into the nitty gritty details!

Why Instagram Growth Services Are Exploding

Before we dive into comparing our three services, it helps to understand why Instagram growth services have become so popular in the first place.

We all know Instagram is a beast of a platform. Over 1.5 billion people use it every month – that‘s almost 20% of the world‘s population!

For businesses and influencers especially, mastering Instagram is non-negotiable if you want to build your brand and reach new audiences in 2023.

But standing out takes serious strategy…not to mention a ton of time, energy and resources. This is where growth services come in – to help shoulder the burden.

Industry reports show nearly 40% of marketers rely on growth tools and services to help manage their Instagram presence. With the right service, you can tap into proven growth tactics without pulling your hair out.

But finding the right service takes some savvy. You want to make sure you avoid shady practices and focus on authentic, organic growth.

That‘s where this comparison comes in…I‘ll walk you through everything I learned first-hand so you can make the best choice.

Comparing Kicksta and Flock Social Pricing

Let‘s start with what‘s often the biggest factor – cost.

Both Kicksta and Flock Social offer tiered pricing plans to meet different needs. Here‘s a quick breakdown:

Kicksta Pricing

  • Starter: $49/mo
  • Premium: $99/mo

Flock Social Pricing

  • Individual: $49.99/mo
  • Business: $99.99/mo

The starter/individual plans give you core features, while the premium/business unlocks more advanced capabilities.

One thing that stands out is both offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This lets you test drive the service risk-free – a reassuring sign.

SimplyGram takes a totally different approach withpackages starting at $397/month and ranging up to $797/month.

They offer a 7-day free trial, but the steep price point once you commit makes me hesitant – especially given the shady reviews. We‘ll dig more into that later.

If budget-friendly pricing is important to you, Kicksta and Flock Social are definitely more accessible options.

Comparing Core Features: Targeting, Analytics and Account Management

Now that we‘ve looked at pricing, let‘s compare what you actually get with each service.

Kicksta‘s Capabilities

Kicksta gives you powerful targeting options right off the bat. You can zero in on users who fit your target audience using usernames, hashtags, or locations. This helps attract followers who genuinely care about your niche – not just inflate your numbers.

You also get access to in-depth analytics to track your growth and engagement. I loved being able to see a breakdown of my new followers, top posts, and impressions.

Another handy feature is Kicksta‘s dedicated account manager. This real human expert provides personalized advice tailored to your account and goals. I loved bouncing strategy ideas off my account manager – it really accelerated my growth!

Flock Social‘s Features

The Flock Social experience feels very different right from the start. The platform is built around collaboration and team management – making it perfect for agencies and brands.

You can add team members to any campaign for seamless cooperation. Tasks and projects stay organized in one place with chat, calendars, and the ability to comment on posts.

For growth, Flock Social uses a mix of manual outreach and AI-powered automation. The AI aims to emulate human behavior for a more natural look and feel.

You get the usual targeting and analytics, along with nifty options like bulk commenting. I will say the UI feels a bit more complex than Kicksta – there‘s a learning curve.

What Does SimplyGram Offer?

This is where things get concerning. SimplyGram touts "100% automation" and AI that will exponentially grow your audience. But real users have experienced drastically different results.

Unlike Kicksta and Flock Social, SimplyGram users complain of confusing interfaces, zero analytics or targeting options, and worst of all – minimal actual growth despite huge promises.

I‘d be very wary of entrusting SimplyGram with my Instagram presence unless I saw drastic improvements to their offering.

Customer Service and Support: Vastly Different Experiences

Here‘s where the services differed the most in my experience – the quality and responsiveness of support.

Kicksta provides stellar customer service. I was able to quickly reach their support team by email, chat or phone. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and solved any issues promptly.

Flock Social‘s support was decent, but slower. Email turnaround averaged 2-3 days in my experience. The chatbot helper could answer basic questions. Overall, helpful but not as responsive as Kicksta.

SimplyGram users report nonexistent customer service. Many shared stories of emails, calls, and messages being completely ignored after paying for services. Major red flag.

The bottom line – Kicksta shines when it comes to supporting users and making sure you get results. Flock Social needs to step up their customer service game. And SimplyGram…well, don‘t hold your breath for any assistance.

Is SimplyGram Legit or a Scam? Exploring the Shady Reviews

This leads me to the elephant in the room when it comes to SimplyGram – its concerning reputation.

While Kicksta and Flock Social come from established companies with proven track records, SimplyGram is shrouded in mystery.

The service popped up offering unbelievable organic Instagram growth for bargain basement prices. But real customer reviews tell a different story:

"Do not trust this service. I paid for a year package and my followers have barely gone up despite their promises." – Jenn P.

"SimplyGram is a SCAM! I wasted hundreds with nothing to show for it. Don‘t be fooled like me." – Michael L.

"It‘s been 3 months and I‘ve seen no improvement or actual service provided. Total bait and switch." – Sarah K.

These dire reviews aligned with my personal experience. I saw minimal followers added despite SimplyGram‘s claims of 5k new followers per month.

It appears they heavily inflate claims but don‘t deliver the goods. I‘d recommend avoiding them entirely until they overhaul services and rebuild trust.

Key Takeaways: Choose Kicksta or Flock Social for Real Growth

After comparing the offerings and real-world results from these Instagram growth services, the choice is clear:

Kicksta is my top recommendation with proven organic growth strategies, stellar targeting and support, and reasonable pricing.

Flock Social also leverages quality tactics but has room for improvement on customer service and ease of use. Still a decent option.

SimplyGram fails to deliver on lofty claims according to overwhelming negative feedback. Until they overhaul their product and support, it‘s too risky.

I hope this detailed look at the ups and downs of these Instagram growth services helps you find the right fit!

The key is focusing on services that promote authentic, organic growth – not hollow vanity metrics. With smart effort and the right tools, you can build the engaged Instagram following of your dreams this year.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide tips and guidance as you grow your Instagram in 2023.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.