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Top 26 KissAnime Alternatives You Should Try in 2023

If you routinely watch anime on a daily basis, you may want to look for KissAnime alternatives. As one of the best streaming sites for anime, KissAnime provides the best quality of every title of the anime you can think of to this day. Along with KissAsian, KissAnime has given the Asian series fans a space to enjoy its contents for free.

KissAnime allows you to stream high-quality anime series, television cartoons, and many more. You can find every type of anime on KissAnime along with Western cartoons from the past and the present. This site works like every streaming site you ever visit. Find the anime series you want to watch and pick the resolution of the video accordingly. Everything will work out fine if you have the best connection with the fastest speed.

While KissAnime undoubtedly has massive followers, you cannot only rely on this site to watch anime. Since this site is free, it bounds to meet some errors along the way. Most people who know about KissAnime alternatives have mostly constricted within fanbases or fandom. The knowledge is mostly spread within the community rather than being shared publicly.

Even so, the world has caught up with the anime world that it begins to search for any necessary information about the anime streaming sites like KissAnime. Aside from sharing information through anime conventions or a strict community, anime fans now proudly discuss things like streaming sites like KissAnime with the new people they meet.

Legal Alternatives to KissAnime

It is not as easy to find KissAnime alternatives compared to an abundance of movie streaming sites out there. As far as the streaming sites go, the most popular ones out there only include Hollywood movies and series in general.

Unlike any specific anime site like KissAnime, a lot of chunks of the movie and series collections consist of blockbuster movies and Hollywood productions. In return, KissAnime and its alternative anime streaming sites tend to separate themselves from the casual movie streaming sites.

Even so, some of the well-known streaming sites out there provide high-quality anime series aside from the usual Hollywood productions. As an alternative to KissAnime, these streaming sites often have popular animes which are loved by default in their collections.

A few of them even have curated an anime tab on its own. Knowing these sites exist will allow you to broaden your knowledge about films in general while still enjoying your anime series nonetheless.

1. Watchbox


If you speak Germany and look for KissAnime alternatives, then you can try Watchbox. This German-based streaming site provides streaming services for movies and anime.

As such, Watchbox displays everything on the site in German. If you have difficulty to access Watchbox site, try to use Watchbox mobile app.

2. Asian Crush

Asiancrush overview

Expand your Asian movie and series knowledge with Asian Crush. As an interesting alternative site to KissAnime, you can look for your favorite anime and watch it for free. This streaming site is equipped with a neat and simple interface to make your streaming experience better. When you look at the home page, you will be welcome by a couple of genre tabs on it.

Search for the anime box and click on it if you only intend to watch your favorite anime series. Afterward, you will be directed to the anime page. Once you get there, you can type the name of the anime you want to watch. If you want to explore certain genres, then you can simply pick on the genre you want to watch.

3. Viewster

Viewster overview

As one of the KissAnime alternatives, Viewster can be a great platform to please your hobby of streaming anime and cartoon. This streaming site provides a lot of options to offer other than anime. You can find documentaries, pop culture boxes, and many other features on Viewster.

In case you cannot access the site, you can also access Viewster from a mobile app. If you install the Viewster app, you can enjoy watching your favorite anime shows wherever you go from your mobile phone.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV overview

When it comes to KissAnime alternatives, find a reliable streaming site with diverse contents. Tubi TV can give you just that with its diverse movie as well as anime collections. In order to get access to this site, you will need to create an account first.

Afterward, Tubi TV will send a confirmation email to your email address. Once your account has been verified, you can log in to Tubi TV and watch your favorite anime.

5. Hulu

Hulu overview

It may surprise you that Hulu provides an anime collection aside from an extensive number of Hollywood movies and series. As one of the KissAnime alternatives, Hulu can give you a lot more than you know. Find every anime you love from the classic Akira to the recently popular One Punch Man. Hulu has all kinds of anime across every genre in its pocket.

In case you’re interested to try its service, you must make a Hulu account first. In order to watch some of the shows, you must pay a few dollars first along with a confirmed Hulu account. During the first thirty days, the first time Hulu users will get a free trial in which they can watch everything for free. Once the trial period ends, Hulu users may continue the service with a paid subscription. In case you want to consider subscribing to Hulu, then you can take a look at its terms and conditions first.

6. Netflix

Netflix overview

Satisfy your anime needs with Netflix as your choice of KissAnime alternative. As you may know, Netflix has curated all types of popular series and movies you can think of today. Along with the old and classic movies as well as series, Netflix has its own role in producing its original contents. If you apply for Netflix subscription, then you can enjoy everything Netflix has to offer. Makes sure to read the terms and conditions first before you decide to apply for it.

It may surprise you that besides movies and series, Netflix also curates a lot of anime series. As a worth alternative site to KissAnime, Netflix will provide you features change the audio of the video you stream. In other words, you can change the audio from the anime series you are currently watching. You can choose the subbed or dubbed videos according to your preference. With these helpful features to stream your favorite anime, you will not have difficulty in watching the anime series you love.

7. Anime Sites like KissAnime

Anime Sites like KissAnime

KissAnime may be the most reliable anime site you know, but there are alternatives you can try. Instead of sticking to KissAnime, you can stream anime from other anime sites available on the internet. In order to help you decide which one of many anime streaming sites best for you, we have curated a list of anime sites you can try below. Check out each one of the KissAnime alternatives below and see which one fits your preference best.

8. Anime Heaven

Animeheaven overview

For an anime centered contents, you can always trust AnimeHeaven. As an alternative site to KissAnime, Anime Heaven provides all kinds of different genre of every anime release. Other than anime series, you can also look for movies on Anime Heaven.

Choose between two modes to watch your favorite anime here. The dubbed mode will help you understand the anime better by only hearing it while the subbed mode can give you better insight into the original Japanese audio. If you do not have time to stream, then you can download your favorite anime from Anime Heaven as well.

9. Anime Streams

Anime Streams overview

As one of the most curated anime streaming sites on the internet, AnimeStreams can make a great alternative to KissAnime. Select which anime series you look for by scanning Anime Streams’ collections. In case you are not familiar with the Japanese language, you can select an anime series with English dub or sub.

Aside from its neat display and free streaming service, this KissAnime alternative does not have the annoying pop-ups bothering your stream. If you cannot find the anime series you like, you may request it on fill-in form as well.


Ani me overview

Try to look for the most obvious name of an anime streaming site as a worthy alternative to KissAnime. No website other than will tell you the obvious contents it offers.

This site curates the anime series which have the legal license from US companies. If you choose to stream anime here, you will not be bombarded with every annoying advertisement available. Select the highest resolution to watch your favorite anime series in order to get the best experience.

11. AnimeSeason.COM

Animeseason overview

Find great anime contents from AnimeSeason. With an easily remembered name like that, it can easily make for a great alternative to KissAnime. If you stream anime from this site, you will not meet any annoying ads and pop-ups blocking the video you watch. Anime Season also provides your favorite anime series with captions as well as animated features in between.

Even though there is no search bar, you can always look up to the well-curated anime collections and find the one you want to watch. Anime Season also provides additional information next to the name of the show which tells you whether the show has been completed or still ongoing.

12. Manga-Anime Here

Manga-anime-here overview

Are you a big fan of anime as well as manga? Then Manga-Anime Here will make a worthy KissAnime alternative for you. Aside from anime, Manga-Anime Here also has a lot of manga to offer. Once you take a look at the home page, you will meet a list of recent or upcoming episodes of the ongoing anime series. With its user-friendly interface, you will not get lost as you can navigate your way through the site well.

As one of the great KissAnime alternatives, Manga Anime Here has a neat interface as well as curated collections with no rubbish ads in between to the point where it seems like an unusual look for a free anime site. Manga-Anime Here may seem like a premium site when it is actually free. If you are curious about it, then visit the home page by yourself to prove it.


AnimeFreak overview

As one of the best KissAnime alternatives, Anime Freak can provide you with all kinds of animes across every genre. Much like KissAnime, Anime Freak has a diverse library containing anime genre which some sites rarely include. Every anime series are available to be accessed for free as well.

The downside of Anime Freak, however, is the pop-up ads. Since this site operates for free, it must have the necessary support from the ads. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy more than 10,000 episodes on this anime streaming site for free. As such, this site will be perfect for an anime freak like you.

14. Anime-Planet

Anime-planet overview

If you love to delve into anime culture deeper, then you must visit Anime-Planet. As an alternative site to KissAnime, you can stream over 45.000 legal anime episodes which have a legal license from the distributor. Other than streaming anime, you can also contribute to the community by writing reviews or joining the forum.

Anime-Planet can also provide you with some manga recommendations as well for a reference to certain animes you watch. For a first-time user, you can create an Anime-Planet account first. Once you get your account, you can log in to the site and enjoy all the things you can see on this site.

15. Aniplus Asia

Aniplus Asia overview

Another choice to make your anime viewing experience better is Aniplus Asia. As one of the best KissAnime alternatives out there, Aniplus will provide everything you need regarding anime. Aside from providing space to stream anime series and movies, Aniplus Asia also offers many more.

On this site, you can check the schedule of the ongoing anime series as well as news about anime in general. Besides the helpful information, you can also shop for unique and particular attires to fulfill your anime obsession in the store section.

16. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll overview

Just like KissAnime, every anime lover must have heard of the name Crunchyroll. Much like KissAnime, this site is best known for its diverse content and availability in certain countries. As a worthy alternative to KissAnime, Crunchyroll also provides Asian drama as well.

Try to explore the list on the homepage to find the anime series you like. Alternatively, go straight to the search bar to type the show you wish to watch. If you want to expand your anime knowledge, you can look for the category tag and learn more of anime genre with the help of the tags.

17. Funimation

Funimation overview

As one of the best KissAnime alternatives, Funimation has what it takes to please every anime lover out there. Find every anime across the genre on the diverse and vast Funimation library. If you live in North America, then you can easily enjoy stream your favorite anime series from this site. Unfortunately, Funimation cannot be accessed in certain countries. Nevertheless, you can still access it with the best VPN available.

In order to stream anime on Funimation, you must log in with your account first. If you do not have one yet, then you can make one first. Once you log in with your verified account, you can stream all your favorite animes with subtitles from different languages.


AnimeNova overview

an Asian series lover, you may want to stream anime with this KissAnime alternative site. Anime Nova offers the streaming service for a large collection of anime series, anime movies, as well as Korean dramas for free. Aside from a daily dose of anime series and movies, you will also get the newest updates of Korean dramas from this site.

Other than the regular update, you can also enjoy streaming your favorite anime with the best quality. Instead of boring ads, Anime Nova will give you the visually pleasing ads which may not bother your streaming experience.

19. Narutoget

Narutoget overview

If you are a big fan of Naruto, then this KissAnime alternative site will be the best choice for you. Narutoget has a collection of anime series, movies, as well as mangas to offer. Living up to the name of the site itself, Narutoget also has the collection of original Naruto Shippuden along with the rest of the manga collection and the movie versions of it.

You can stream any kinds of anime series and movies with the best quality here, but you cannot download them. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy streaming every type of anime series here for free. If you love Naruto series a lot, then you can try streaming anime from this site.

20. Anime Ultima

Animeultima overview

An anime streaming site usually comes with subtitles in English. Much like KissAnime, Anime Ultima can provide you a service to accessing all kinds of anime series in English. Enjoy every content presented by this KissAnime alternative for free. Other than the recent and popular anime series, Anime Ultima also has a lot of anime movies in its collections.

Despite serving free contents, Anime Ultima does not have any disturbing ads floating around its site. Aside from no ads, you can enjoy streaming every type of anime movies and series in the best quality. If you cannot handle any unnecessary ads in between your viewing, then Anime Ultima may be the best choice for you.

21. Gogoanime.IO

GogoAnime TV

Aside from KissAnime, you may have heard of Gogoanime.IO as one of the most used anime streaming sites on the internet. As one of the worthy alternatives to KissAnime, Gogoanime has curated almost every anime you know and love. Stream any kinds of anime series you like from this site for free. In case you do not know which anime series to watch, you may try to look into the categories neatly curated on the site.

Several tabs on this site include New Season, Popular, Movies, and many more. If you have one anime series in mind, then you can simply type the name of it on the search bar. A list of shows with similar names will show up and all you have to do is click on the show you want to watch.

22. Masterani

Masterani overview

If you look for a great and free anime streaming site, then you can always choose Masterani. Just like KissAnime, Masterani has a fairly simple interface. As one of the KissAnime alternatives, Masterani provides the best service with a non-complicated display.

You can stream any types of anime you like on this site, but you will not be able to download the video you watch. In case you want to find a user-friendly site, then Masterani will be your best bet. With an easy and simple interface, you can navigate your way easily on this site. You can watch the recent and the most classic animes from this site for free.

23. TOKU!

TOKU! overview

As one of the KissAnime alternatives on this list, TOKU! has a slightly different style. TOKU! is not an anime streaming site, but it is a TV channel which also mainly airs the anime series to its online site. If you want to use TOKU!, then you must create an account first.

First-time TOKU! users will get a 30-day trial. With the free trial period, you can watch the first episode for every series on TOKU! for free. If you wish to continue to use the service, then you can subscribe to it for around $3.99 per month after the trial.

24. Midnight Pulp

Midnight Pulp overview

If you love strange and gothic anime, then you may try Midnight Pulp. Unlike KissAnime, Midnight Pulp offers strange things to stream on this site. As an alternative site to KissAnime, Midnight Pulp gives you weird horror and fantasy shows that you have never seen on KissAnime. If you do not trust the word on the street, then the display of the site itself can indicate what kind of anime you can watch here.

In case you want to explore some strange and horror anime, then Midnight Pulp will gladly take you on the strangest journey you’ver ever had.


There are many alternatives to KissAnime. If you love streaming and watching anime in general, you can always look for the best anime site on the internet. In case you find any difficulty, you can go back to this list and find one of the sites we have curated above. Have fun streaming your favorite anime with your preferred KissAnime alternative!



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