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LetMeWatchThis Alternatives And Similar Sites

For the longest time, LetMeWatchThis (Primewire) was one of the top movie streaming sites in the world. The platform was also super popular in the U.S. as it lets you stream all the latest films and follow episodes of all your favorite TV shows.

Fans from around the world will be sad for being reminded that LetMeWatchThis is no more. For almost a decade, this platform was the premier location for getting high-quality, ad-free movie streams.

However, LetMeWatchThis claim to fame was not just the content alone. The site featured arguably the best and most functional interface of any free streaming site.

The LetMeWatchThis Platform

The user interface on this platform was the closest free streaming site ever came to a premium Netflix-esque UI. The site came complete with a rating system and a playlist feature. The ratings were excellent for picking out only the best movies while playlists let you curate a selection of flicks for one intense binge-watching session.

Furthermore, while it was alive, LetMeWatchThis also allowed you to listen to a variety of music tracks for free. You could even create a playlist that included movies and audio tracks.

However, due to unknown reasons, Primewire has stopped working and gone offline. Nevertheless, several clones of the platform are available now the most prominent of which are and

The top free movie streaming sites often get shut down from time to time, either by the government or as a result of issues from the site admins. When this happens, several clone sites that look similar pop up to capitalize on all the search traffic for the defunct site's keywords.

However, some of these clone sites strive to provide quality service and sometimes end up becoming giants in their own right. Since the shutdown of LetMeWatchThis, a few such clones have now appeared that prove to be worthy alternatives.



One of the original LetMeWatchThis Urls, PrimeWire.Ag now redirects to, another clone of the now-defunct platform. Furthermore, this particular site claims that “Primewire is back and better than ever! We're working on rebuilding the database, so have patience.”

Hence, it is apparent that this site is run by the former management of LetMeWatchThis or at least a part of them. However, the site does bear some differences in design and function from the defunct original.

From the homepage, you can access a wide range of select titles with the site's 5-star rating system as a handy guide. Alternatively, you can sort through the selection of movies on the homepage by using a series of dropdown menus that let you filter for the genre, production decade, country of origin, and language.

A handy search bar is up to help you find specific titles while the included comment section is practical for reporting broken links.

We enjoyed the streaming page on this platform as it loads all the server options within the same page instead of opening a new tab. Hence, the chances of ad pop-ups are significantly lower than what you will experience elsewhere.

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A top-ranking clone of the old platform, LetMeWatchThis offers a robust collection of movies from every genre. The site also keeps the old rating system and adds a user account feature that lets you save select titles to your account.

Currently, the website boasts a listing of 30,000+ movies, a significant percentage of which are flicks from the past 24 months. Many of these entries have multiple working links that allow you to stream movies in HD or less.

However, one thing we noticed is that most of the movies in the featured movie section are not available on the site. For these titles, the links available on the site often lead to ads or porn videos. Hence, you should be wary of these and avoid seeking the latest releases on this platform.

Otherwise, the site performs well and is one of the more usable clones of the legendary LetMeWatchThis platform.

The streaming page uses a simple layout that shows a short synopsis of the movie, multiple links to several embedded players, and a selection of related titles. The site also sports a live chat feature where users can keep abreast of all the latest developments. is another LetMeWatchThis clone that aims to fill the gap left by the defunct platform. This website mirrors the design and aesthetics of to the letter.

The homepage gives you access to featured movies as well as a chronological list of all the titles uploaded to the site. At the top of this page, a search bar helps you find your favorite movies, while the navigation bar links to movie-only and TV shows-only pages.

The streaming page is also quite familiar with a simple media player, a short synopsis of the movie, and a selection of related titles underneath.

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3. HDpopcorns


For a simple, straightforward platform that gets you to stream your favorite movie in no time, the HDpopcorns platform is an excellent choice. The website is a barebones interface that lists all of the latest videos on the homepage for easy reach. HDpopcorns is a worthy replacement for LetMeWatchThis.

From the main page, you can select any of the latest movies to begin streaming with one click. Alternatively, you can click the ‘view more' button to reveal a comprehensive sorting feature. The advanced filter lets you sort titles by genre, country of production, release date, most viewed, IMDB rating, or any combination of these parameters.

On the navigation bar, the most conspicuous feature is a search bar that helps you find specific movies if the standard sorting options are inadequate.

The main menu on the homepage lets you select movies, TV shows only, or any from a list of 26 genres. A smaller sub-menu allows you to sort movies in alphabetical order and jump to any specific alphabet with a click.

The streaming page is pretty straightforward as it prioritizes the stream player and is devoid of any extra features or gimmicks. A tabbed menu lets you change servers for a better stream, while a handy right sidebar lets you quickly switch to a different movie with one click.

Hence, HDpopcorns is our number one recommendation for anyone who needs a worthy alternative to LetMeWatchThis.

4. GoMovies123


Another excellent alternative to LetMeWatchThis which provides a robust database of movies with an intuitive interface is GoMovies123. The site's main page is a simple setup that lists movies chronologically based on the date they were uploaded.

However, Hubmovie's primary focus is on recent movies, especially those released in the current year. Hence, the selection of movies on the homepage contains all of the latest blockbusters.

For sorting options, you get the choice to browse titles by year, country, or language. Furthermore, you can refine your selection with an ample list of genres or in alphabetical order.

Once you click on a movie, you are taken to a page that contains the synopsis directly above a responsive player that works smoothly every time. The site as well as responsive; hence, unlike many other options, Afdah does not require any hand gymnastics to get it working on your device, whether mobile, tablet or PC.

Atop the player, a tabbed menu lets you select from 3-4 streaming servers, while an extra option reveals a list of related movies. Furthermore, the related movie feature works quite well and is surprisingly accurate.

5. AZMovies


When it comes to free sites for streaming Hollywood blockbusters, few websites can hold a candle to the AZMovies platform in both performance, user experience, and content. AZMovies arguably even provides a better UI than LetMeWatchThis.

The site uses a Netflix-esque layout that shows all the latest and greatest that Hollywood has to offer on the front page. Underneath that, you get another set of movies: a selection of some of the best classic oldies. From here, you can also select several genre options to filter for only the videos that match your taste.

Once you select the movie you are interested in, getting to the streaming part is super easy. The main movie page gives you a short synopsis of the film as well as a minimum of 20 working links to watch the movie.

The most substantial reason to use AZMovies is the quality of their uploads. The movies on this site are typically in 720p and have the best consistency of any we've tried.

Furthermore, compared to other movie streaming sites like LetMeWatchThis, AZMovies have relatively fewer ads. During our trials, even the streaming page did not contain any obstructive adverts.

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6. YesMovies


When it comes to the user interface and the intuitiveness of the platform, YesMovies is arguably the best alternative to LetMeWatchThis on this list. With its fully optimized and responsive website, few free movie streaming sites can hold a candle to Every page on the platform reeks of high-quality design with accurate proportions and an aesthetic layout.

From the homepage, you get access to a prominent search bar that lets you select any movie of your choice. Furthermore, up top, the main navigation bar contains links to the film and TV series pages that show you all the latest titles sorted by their upload date. Alternatively, on either of these pages, you can change the sorting parameters by using the filter button on the top right of the page.

The filter option lets you sort the titles by genre, country of production, release date, or any combination of the three. Plus you can also sort by most viewed, most favorited, and most rated.

For a free movie streaming experience that is almost on par with what you will get from paid services, YesMovies is a clear choice. However, like with many other free sites, you will still have to deal with a few ad pop-ups.

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7. CMoviesHD


If you need a place to catch up on all your latest TV series for free, CMoviesHD is your best bet. Few free online streaming sites can match the amount of content or the excellence of the user interface on the platform.

The platform offers access to a health database of content that includes hundreds of popular TV shows, including shows currently airing on television.

However, the primary issue we had testing the CMoviesHD platform was the continuous disturbance from video ads and ad pop-ups. Furthermore, many of the site's older uploads contain broken links as the management does not run checks on links.

8. Netflix


Tired of all the ads on streaming sites like LetMeWatchThis? It may be time to switch to a paid platform like Netflix.

Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service, with over 151 million paid memberships in over 190 countries. With Netflix, you enjoy thousands of TV series, documentaries, and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages.

Members of the platform can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can play, pause, and resume watching, all without commercials and with the control entirely in your hands.

Netflix uses a personalized movie recommendation system to help you find all the best movies in your favorite genres. The system works by using Netflix members' ratings to predict choices for all Netflix members accurately.

Netflix offers three streaming plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The Basic streaming plan costs $8.99 per month and lets you stream in standard definition on a single screen at a time, while the higher plans offer access to more devices.

The Standard plan, on the other hand, costs $12.99 per month and allows you to watch movies on two screens in HD simultaneously, while the Premium streaming plan which costs $15.99 allows video in HD or 4K Ultra HD for up to four displays simultaneously.



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