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Is Lewis Hamilton Married? Unfortunately Not Yet – Inside His Relationship History

I‘m sure you‘ve been wondering, like many Formula 1 fans, about Lewis Hamilton‘s relationship status.

Well, the quick answer is no, Lewis Hamilton is not married.

Despite being considered one of the world‘s most eligible bachelors, Hamilton has yet to tie the knot at age 38.

But don‘t worry – in this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through Lewis‘ relationship history over the years. By the end, you‘ll have the inside scoop on his ex-girlfriends, current status and what he looks for in a wife.

So let‘s get started!

A Summary of Lewis Hamilton‘s Major Relationships

Before we dive in, here‘s a quick recap of Lewis‘ major dating history:

Nicole Scherzinger2007-20157 years
Barbara Palvin2017-20181 year
Camila Kendra2023-presentNot confirmed

As you can see, Nicole Scherzinger was Lewis‘ longest and most serious relationship to date.

But he‘s been linked to many other beautiful women over the years. Next we‘ll look closer at each relationship and the impacts they had.

Inside Lewis Hamilton‘s Long-Term Romance with Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton‘s longest relationship was with American singer Nicole Scherzinger, who he dated on and off from 2007 to 2015 – over 7 years!

They first met at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November 2007. Lewis was an up-and-coming rookie in F1 at the time and was instantly smitten with the gorgeous Pussycat Dolls singer.

Nicole has said she found Lewis‘ ambition and tenacity very attractive when they first got together.

“His focus touched me. Ambition is very sexy, you know?” – Nicole on first meeting Lewis.

The couple dated through the first 4 seasons of Lewis‘ F1 career from 2007-2010. He won his first World Championship in 2008 with McLaren.

Nicole was frequently seen cheering Lewis on at races around the world, providing emotional support during the high-octane early stages of his career. He has credited her as his "rock" during this period.

“I don’t think I could have done what I’ve done if I didn’t have the right support” – Lewis on Nicole‘s importance.

Unfortunately by 2010, it seems the long distances took a toll and the pair briefly split up. Nicole was busy with her solo music career while Lewis continued racing.

However, they rekindled their romance in 2011 and stayed together for another solid 4 years. But ultimately by 2015, they decided to split permanently as their lives continued moving in different directions.

Lewis and Nicole clearly had a loving, mutually supportive relationship that lasted through a significant part of both their careers. Many thought they would get married, but regrettably it didn‘t quite work out.

Nicole Scherzinger is now 44 years old and single. She has dated other men like Bulgarian tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov since her time with Lewis. But none developed into anything as long-term or serious as her and Hamilton.

The Models Lewis Has Been Linked To Over the Years

Aside from his long romance with Nicole, Lewis Hamilton has been linked to various stunning supermodels throughout his racing career:

Jasmine Sanders – In 2016, Lewis was spotted partying and getting cozy with model Jasmine Sanders on several occasions. Jasmine even posted photos hugging Lewis while wearing his chain. The potential fling caused a stir, but was never officially confirmed as a relationship.

Rita Ora – Also in 2016, Lewis was rumored to be dating British pop singer Rita Ora after being pictured together at events in London. Sources claimed they got "close" during nights out.

Barbara Palvin – One of Lewis‘ only other confirmed relationships was with Hungarian model Barbara Palvin in 2017-2018. They reportedly dated for just over a year before separating, but remain good friends.

Winnie Harlow – In early 2019, reports suggested Lewis had a brief romance with Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow. She was spotted supporting him at an F1 race, adding fuel to the dating speculation.

Camila Kendra – Most recently in early 2023, rumors have swirled that Lewis is now dating model Camila Kendra. They‘ve been pictured together in Colorado, but neither have publicly confirmed they are actually in a relationship yet.

While none blossomed into anything serious, it‘s clear Lewis enjoys the company of beautiful, ambitious models. But does he still secretly long for a more grounded romance like he had with Nicole? Time will tell…

How Lewis Hamilton‘s Relationship Timelines Compare to Other Celebs

Lewis‘ 7 year romance with Nicole Scherzinger was quite a long time compared to most celebrity relationships these days.

For context, let‘s look at how other famous celeb couples‘ timelines stack up:

Celebrity CoupleDated For
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West6 years
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez7 years (on and off)
Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck18 months originally
Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher6 years (married)

As you can see, Lewis and Nicole matched many iconic Hollywood pairs in successfully maintaining a long-term relationship under the spotlight.

In fact, Nicole has been Lewis‘ only confirmed relationship lasting over 1 year so far. His bonds with models like Barbara Palvin fizzled out quickly in comparison.

This suggests that despite playing the field with glamorous women, Lewis may still crave a more meaningful connection like he had with Nicole one day.

Why Is Lewis Hamilton Still Single? Analyzing His Relationship Patterns

With his remaining single a mystery to many fans, it‘s worth analyzing Lewis‘ dating patterns and clues for why new relationships haven‘t worked out:

  • Focus on racing – After his split from Nicole, Lewis has indicated he wants to fully concentrate on his F1 career with less distractions. New relationships may take a backseat.

  • Hectic lifestyle – As an elite athlete, Lewis travels constantly and has little free time. Maintaining a partner‘s needs while racing may be challenging.

  • Hasn‘t met ‘the one‘ – It‘s possible Lewis simply hasn‘t found his perfect match who gels with his lifestyle and personality completely. He may still be holding out for true love.

  • Playing the field – Some speculate Lewis enjoys being single and dating different women casually rather than committing to something more serious now.

Overall, it seems that a complex mix of factors have led to Lewis remaining unattached relationship-wise in recent years. But never say never!

What Lewis Really Wants In His Future Wife

Despite being single, Lewis has opened up about his ideal wife traits in past interviews:

Independent – Hamilton wants an equally strong woman who has her own passions and career focus. As he put it: "I like independent women with their own thing going on."

Supportive – Lewis values emotional support highly, especially for coping with F1‘s pressures. As he said: "I need someone who really has my back through the stress."

Intelligent – He knows he needs an equal in terms of wisdom and personality, not just looks. As Lewis stated: "I don’t want someone who’s so predictable – I need stimulating conversation."

Passionate – His perfect partner will have an enthusiasm for life and adventure like he does. In Lewis‘ words: "I want someone who‘s spontaneous and still knows how to have fun."

So in summary, Lewis seems to be holding out for a beautiful, intelligent and grounded woman who can fully understand and support his racing lifestyle. His soulmate is still out there somewhere!

Other F1 Drivers & Their Gorgeous Wives + Girlfriends

It‘s not just Lewis‘ relationship status that draws attention – the beautiful wives and girlfriends (‘WAGs‘) of other F1 drivers are also constantly in the spotlight.

Let‘s look at a few of the top F1 WAGs adding glamour to the circuit:

Carmen Montero Mundt – George Russell‘s girlfriend since 2021, Carmen is a Spanish financial broker who loyally supports her man.

Isabel Hernaez – Carlos Sainz‘s partner Isabel is a Madrid native who likes to avoid the public eye despite Carlos‘ fame.

Brittny Ward – Red Bull‘s Max Verstappen has been dating Brittny, a model from LA, since 2020. She gave birth to their first child in 2019.

Kelly Piquet – Kelly, daughter of F1 legend Nelson Piquet, has been dating Daniel Ricciardo since 2020.

Michelle Penticost – The new wife of Lando Norris, Michelle prefers to shun the spotlight despite Lando‘s rising popularity.

So while Lewis may still be searching for his perfect match, many fellow drivers have already settled down with their stunning partners. But maybe a committed relationship just isn‘t part of Lewis‘ plan right now?

Frequently Asked Questions about Lewis‘ Relationship Status

I know you probably still have plenty of questions about Lewis‘ dating history, so let‘s cover some of the key ones:

Who is the most famous woman Lewis Hamilton has dated?

That would certainly be American singer Nicole Scherzinger, who he dated for over 7 years. She was his longest and most high-profile girlfriend.

How many different women has Lewis been rumored to date?

By my count Lewis has been linked to at least 8 different women since 2007, ranging from models to singers.

Is Lewis currently single or dating anyone?

As of 2023 Lewis appears to be single, but there are rumors he may be casually dating model Camila Kendra.

What was Lewis‘ shortest relationship?

It seems his brief flings with models like Jasmine Sanders and Winnie Harlow likely lasted only weeks or months at most.

Who supports Lewis at races if he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend?

Lewis‘ family, especially dad Anthony and brother Nicolas, will often cheer him on alongside his Mercedes team and friends.

Do F1 drivers date models very often?

Yes, many F1 drivers end up coupling with models or influencers. The jet-setting lifestyle tends to attract glamorous partners.

Will Lewis Hamilton get married soon?

It‘s difficult to say for sure, but based on his current single status, there are no signs Lewis plans to marry imminently. But you never know!

The Bottom Line – Lewis Hamilton‘s Relationship History

So in summary, Lewis Hamilton is one of the most coveted bachelors in sport, but remains unmarried and unattached as of 2023.

Despite high-profile romances with women like Nicole Scherzinger and Barbara Palvin, he is still searching for that special someone he wants to settle down with long-term.

Lewis takes relationships seriously and doesn‘t rush into them easily. While the Formula 1 lifestyle can be restricting, the right partner who understands his dedication is still out there waiting somewhere.

For now, Lewis seems content playing the field and focusing his energy on dominating the F1 track. But here‘s hoping perhaps 2023 or beyond might finally be the year he meets Mrs Right!

No matter what, his millions of fans will continue cheering Lewis on through every turn of his racing journey – both on and off the track.



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