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Mark Consuelos Salary on Live: How Does it Compare to Kelly Ripa?

As an avid daytime TV watcher, you’ve likely been curious about Mark Consuelos‘ salary since he began co-hosting “Live With Kelly and Mark.” Especially in comparison to Kelly Ripa’s pay. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

By the end of this insider guide, you’ll understand Mark’s earnings from “Live” and how they stack up to Kelly’s. Get ready for salary comparisons, contract negotiations, net worths, and friendly banter between the hosts. Grab some coffee and let’s dive in!

A Breakdown of Mark Consuelos‘ Salary on "Live"

In April 2023, when Mark Consuelos became Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on “Live,” it sent shockwaves through the daytime TV world. For nearly two decades, Kelly hosted Live alongside various co-hosts, most recently Ryan Seacrest.

So when Mark finally sat beside his wife as permanent co-host, fans were immediately curious — how much is Consuelos earning on this new gig?

Unfortunately, hard facts on Mark‘s "Live" salary are scarce. As a newly minted co-host, Mark‘s contract details are kept under wraps. But based on reports of Kelly Ripa’s massive paycheck and Consuelos‘ jokes about earning less, we can piece together an estimate.

Estimated Salary: $5-10 million per year

Based on Ryan Seacrest’s estimated annual salary of $15 million and Consuelos‘ admission he earns far less than Ripa, a reasonable guess for Mark is around $5-10 million per year.

Consider that “Live” rakes in $300+ million annually in advertising revenue, with excellent ratings across 200+ markets. Mark provides immense value as co-host, justifying a multi-million dollar salary.

Of course, Mark’s pay will increase over time as he becomes more established on “Live.” But Kelly Ripa’s seniority means Mark earning equivalent pay is still years away.

Salary Versus Net Worth

Mark Consuelos‘ estimated $5-10 million “Live” salary contributes to his rising net worth—now $40 million by some estimates. His assets encompass:

  • Long acting career spanning 30+ years
  • Real estate investments, including a NYC penthouse
  • Lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Combe Inc.

In other words, “Live” remains just one revenue stream for Consuelos. Yet hosting a top talk show certainly pads his wealth.

A Ratings Hit For Mark…and ABC

Mark Consuelos brings more than good looks to “Live”—he’s helped sustain its strong ratings after signing on as host.

In his first few months beside Kelly Ripa, “Live” continued its 5+ year streak as the #1 daytime talk show among women 25-54, the key demographic for advertisers.

The show also retains an average of 2.5+ million daily viewers. Combine this with Kelly Ripa’s star power, and it‘s no wonder ABC committed to Mark with a multi-million dollar deal.

Inside Mark Consuelos‘ Earnings For “Riverdale”

Beyond “Live,” Mark Consuelos also earns a hefty sum starring on The CW’s hit teen drama “Riverdale.” Let’s pull back the curtain on those paychecks:

Estimated Salary: $40,000+ per episode

As with many TV shows, “Riverdale” cast salaries started lower but grew with its success. Reports indicate Mark and his co-stars made around $40,000 per episode early on.

Flash forward to season 7, and core cast members likely now earn $100,000+ per episode. As a key part of the show, Mark has likely negotiated raises over time.

Steady Work = Steady Cash

While not “Live” level money, “Riverdale” provides Mark consistent income via its long 22-24 episode seasons.

So even at $40,000 (on the lower end), Mark stacks up hundreds of thousands yearly. Useful when “Live” takes breaks!

The CW‘s Cash Cow

Despite dim ratings, "Riverdale" makes big bucks selling streaming rights. The ravenous fanbase tunes in not just on TV but Netflix and Hulu.

This makes the show lucrative for The CW despite under 3 million weekly viewers. And it indicates why networks pony up for talent like Consuelos.

Inside Mark Consuelos‘ Mindset on Salary

For those curious if Mark feels underpaid compared to Kelly Ripa, he’s been very candid:

"I Shouldn‘t Make What She Makes"

In an interview, Mark bluntly said: “I shouldn’t make anywhere near what [Kelly] makes” on “Live.” He cited this being his first contract as co-host.

Such honesty shows Mark understands Kelly’s integral role as heart of “Live” for 20+ years. She‘s earned her mega-payday.

Mark Is "Just Happy to Be Here"

Rather than envy Kelly‘s salary, Mark conveys an "I‘m just happy to be here" mindset about co-hosting "Live" with his wife.

In the same interview, he said any chance to work with Ripa—regardless of pay—is a "dream job." Their joyful banter every morning tells it all.

Loyalty Over Money

Mark Consuelos proved his loyalty by waiting over two decades to become Kelly Ripa‘s on-air partner.

As a working actor, he easily could have skipped “Live” for better paying gigs. But supporting Kelly took priority for Mark.

How Mark Consuelos‘ Earnings Stack Up to Kelly Ripa‘s Salary

Now this is what everyone wants to know: how do Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s salaries compare? Kelly is the undisputed queen of “Live,” but just how much more does she rake in versus her new co-host?

Let’s dig into Kelly Ripa‘s salary and see how Mark measures up.

The Gold Standard: Kelly Ripa‘s Salary

Per reports, Kelly Ripa earns a massive annual salary of $20+ million as host of “Live.” On top of this, she owns valuable equity in the show‘s parent company which pays dividends.

Thanks to shrewd business sense, Kelly now commands the salary appropriate for a daytime icon with 30+ years on TV.

Mark Times 5 = Kelly

Based on estimates, Kelly Ripa earns around 5 times Mark Consuelos‘ $5-10 million “Live” salary.

To match Kelly‘s paycheck, Mark would need to up his annual haul to $20+ million. A gap that significant shows who the real “Live” breadwinner is!

Salary History Favors Kelly

As daytime’s proven “ratings queen,” Kelly long ago leveraged that success into a fat contract. Before Mark came along, she earned $20 million per year solo hosting "Live."

In contrast, Mark is still new to the daytime TV world. He must pay dues before reaching Kelly‘s stratosphere.

Mark: The $40,000 Man?

Here‘s a startling comparison: Kelly Ripa makes around the same amount per show as Mark‘s estimated per episode fee for "Riverdale."

Obviously Mark isn‘t complaining. But it shows the massive financial divide between the co-hosts.

Fun Exchanges About Salary Between the Co-Hosts

While salaries may be imbalanced, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos keep humor at the core of their partnership. This extends to playful popshots about Mark’s earnings:

“I Just Talk to My Wife and Get Paid!”

Mark once quipped that the best part of co-hosting with Kelly is “I get paid for talking to my wife!”

Though a joke, it suggests Mark would trade salaries just to share the stage with Kelly. How can you not admire that outlook?

“He’s the Inexpensive One!”

When asked on-air about working with her husband, Kelly jabbed playfully, “I guess Mark is the inexpensive one compared to Ryan!”

Clearly Kelly revels in her top earner status. But her chemistry with Mark proves money can’t buy happiness.

Mark Milks the “Free Lunch” Jokes

Being Ripa’s lesser paid co-host has provided Mark great fodder for comedy. He often jokes that accepting the “Live” gig was about scoring free lunches with Kelly.

Of course, viewers know Mark deserves every penny. But his humility and humor about Kelly‘s higher pay makes fans love him more.

Inside Mark‘s Journey to Landing His "Dream Job"

It was a long road before Mark Consuelos became Kelly Ripa‘s co-host in 2023. Let‘s take a quick stroll down memory lane:

From Soap Star to Supporting Actor

After meeting on the soap opera “All My Children," Mark and Kelly married in 1996. Mark continued acting in supporting TV and film roles.

Guest Appearances on “Live”

Starting in the early 2000s, Mark made frequent guest appearances on “Live” beside Kelly. Their effortless chemistry was evident.

Longtime Co-Host Speculation

For years, Mark was speculated to be the permanent replacement whenever co-hosts like Michael Strahan departed “Live.”

Success Subbing for Ryan Seacrest

Mark finally got his chance when he subbed for Ryan Seacrest in recent seasons. Strong ratings during these stints earned Mark the full-time gig.

Off and Running in April 2023

On April 17, 2023, Mark Consuelos officially began his run as Kelly Ripa‘s new “Live” co-host. And the rest is history!

The Bottom Line on Mark Consuelos‘ "Live" Salary

As this deep dive shows, Kelly Ripa undoubtedly makes far more than her husband co-hosting “Live.” But Mark Consuelos seems content with his lucrative pay that lets him banter daily with his wife.

While Mark may never reach complete pay parity with Kelly, his popularity among fans makes him worth every penny to ABC. Consuelos puts community, charity and family ahead of finances—a big reason we love him.

Ultimately, Mark choosing “Live” was about joining Kelly on her show—the money was secondary. And as Kelly said, having Mark beside her every morning is “priceless.” A fitting thought to end on!



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