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Top 5 Mass Planner Alternatives for 2023 – The Instagram Marketer‘s Guide

As an Instagram growth specialist, few things shocked me more than hearing the news that Mass Planner had officially shut down their services.

For years, Mass Planner was the tool for taking your Instagram marketing to the next level. With over 1.2 million registered users at its peak, Mass Planner offered an unrivaled all-in-one solution for automating liking, following, analytics, and more – everything you needed to grow your reach and engagement quickly and efficiently.

But with the recent crackdowns on automation by Instagram‘s algorithm changes, Mass Planner sadly became unsustainable. As one of the dominant players in the space, its shutdown leaves a massive gap for Instagram marketers relying on its services.

Trust me, I feel your pain. I‘d been using Mass Planner successfully for years to grow accounts in all sorts of niches. When I got the dreaded email announcing its closure, I knew I needed to immediately find the next best alternative or risk major setbacks.

Through extensive research, expert consultations, and hands-on testing, I experimented with over 12 tools to discover the closest successors to Mass Planner for safely and effectively growing your Instagram again in 2023.

In this ultimate guide, I‘ll reveal:

  • The top 5 Mass Planner alternative tools that can reignite your Instagram growth
  • Detailed reviews of their features, pricing, and first-hand experiences
  • Expert tips for transitioning away from Mass Planner
  • Strategic advice for setting up successful Instagram campaigns post-Mass Planner

Let‘s get into the tools poised to fill Mass Planner‘s shoes!

Why Was Mass Planner So Popular?

Before we get into replacements, it‘s helpful to understand why Mass Planner gained such a loyal following and dominated the Instagram growth space:

Powerful Automation

At its core, Mass Planner provided stellar automation to save time and grow quickly. It could auto-like thousands of posts matching your hashtags and accounts per day, auto-follow and unfollow strategically, and auto-comment to boost engagement.

Robust Analytics

Mass Planner offered in-depth analytics on your followers and competitors. You could identify ideal targets and influencers in your niche for outreach.

All-In-One Solution

Rather than needing multiple tools, you could manage every aspect of your Instagram marketing from Mass Planner‘s central dashboard.

Reliable Reputation

Active since 2016, Mass Planner built trust and credibility among users, cementing itself as a go-to Instagram growth tool.

Cost-Effective Pricing

From just $9 per month, Mass Planner gave amazing bang for buck. It beat competitors on pricing for the included features.

With this winning combo, it‘s no wonder Mass Planner was a key tool for hundreds of thousands of Instagram marketers.

But its time has passed. Let‘s look at successors that can recreate similar benefits…

My Top 5 Mass Planner Alternative Tools for 2023

After extensively testing over a dozen tools as potential Mass Planner replacements, these 5 alternatives stood out from the pack:

1. Growthoid – Best for Seamless Transition

For the closest like-for-like Mass Planner replacement, I recommend Growthoid. Its smooth onboarding, intuitive interface, and reliable automation make transitioning effortless.

Growthoid mirrors Mass Planner‘s core automation functionality. It can target ideal accounts and hashtags for automated liking, following, unfollowing and commenting. Everything is precisely customized and humanized to avoid detection.

In my testing, Growthoid delivered the most similar experience and results to Mass Planner. Monthly plans start at an affordable $69 for 500 new targeted followers per month. It‘s a premium tool made for power Instagram marketers.

Key Features:

  • Automated liking and commenting to boost engagement
  • Auto-follow and unfollow based on ideal audience targeting
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to optimize efforts
  • Seamless onboarding and intuitive interface
  • Customizable schedules to mimic human patterns

2. Kenji – Best for Safety

While Mass Planner focused on fast growth, safety standards have tightened. Getting banned is a huge risk I wanted to avoid.

This led me to Kenji, the stand-out choice for safe Instagram automation. Kenji was designed from the ground up to avoid detection using AI, machine learning and staggered human-like actions.

While growth is slower than Mass Planner, Kenji‘s meticulous approach ensures your account stays in good standing. Pricing starts at $99 per month. If you prioritize safety like me, Kenji is a superb Mass Planner successor.

Key Features:

  • AI to mimic human actions and avoid detection
  • Slow staggered engagement for natural growth
  • Means to manually review all actions for extra safety
  • Integrations with tools like Google Sheets for custom workflows
  • Free trial to test safety first

3. Jarvee – Best Established Option

If reputation is important to you, Jarvee stands out as the most established and trusted Mass Planner replacement having served social media marketers since 2009.

I‘ve used Jarvee for years across various projects because of their focus on adapting to stay ahead of Instagram‘s algorithm changes. They keep their customers‘ accounts safe and growing.

While the interface lags newer tools, Jarvee nails the fundamentals. It offers scheduled automated liking, following, commenting and more. Performance marketing agencies particularly like Jarvee‘s advanced account management options.

Plans start at $49 per month. For a reputable option, Jarvee is a great Mass Planner alternative.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive automation avoiding bans
  • Account management for agencies
  • Scheduled posts and stories
  • Available for Instagram and other social platforms
  • Established company since 2009

4. Nitreo – Best forAnalytics

Mass Planner‘s analytics were second-to-none. For in-depth Instagram insights, Nitreo is the best replacement.

Nitreo specializes in social media analytics and data. I was amazed exploring its interactive visualizations on audience demographics, optimal posting times, competitor comparisons and more.

While light on automation, Nitreo does auto-like based on your target audience. Its analytics focus makes it the perfect partner tool to maximize your Instagram strategies.

Key Features:

  • Interactive demographics visualizing followers
  • Competitor benchmarking and analysis
  • Posting time optimization
  • Hashtag tracking and recommendations
  • Audience interest analysis
  • Auto-liking by audience targeting

5. Combin – Best for Budget

If you valued Mass Planner for its cheap pricing, Combin is the most budget-friendly alternative starting at just $15 per month.

Combin keeps costs low by focusing on excellent audience analytics paired with essential auto-liking functionality. It helps identify who to target without a huge feature set.

For small businesses watching costs, Combin gives you helpful insights and automation affordably. It‘s a solid bang-for-buck option replacing Mass Planner‘s cheap plans.

Key Features:

  • Costs just $15 per month
  • Audience demographics and insights
  • Auto-liking based on target audience
  • Content analysis for engagement
  • Tracking potential customers
  • 14-day free trial

Making the Switch from Mass Planner – Expert Tips

Transitioning to a new Instagram growth tool from Mass Planner can feel daunting. Here are my pro tips for making the switch smoothly:

Export Your Data

Before Mass Planner shut down, download reports containing your logged activity, comments, followers and other historical data for reference.

Learn The New Platform

Spend time getting familiar with your new tool‘s interface and settings before launching campaigns. Take advantage of free trials.

Start Small

Don‘t immediately start massive automated campaigns. Begin liking and commenting manually or with light automation to calibrate it to your account.

Analyze Algorithm Impact

Use analytics to monitor how Instagram‘s algorithm reacts to your new tool‘s actions. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

Request Client Support

Don‘t be afraid to lean on your new tool‘s customer support. They can help optimize settings and give platform advice.

Kickstarting Growth Post-Mass Planner

Once you‘ve selected your new Mass Planner alternative and made the transition, it‘s time to get back to Instagram growth with an effective strategy tailored to today‘s environment.

Here are my top tips for launching successful campaigns:

Take Safety Precautions

Enable settings like humanized actions, custom delays, and manual review to keep your account in good standing.

Find Your Niche

Target followers and hashtags aligned to a specific niche for the best engagement. Stay laser-focused.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Unlike Mass Planner‘s growth frenzy days, it‘s better to grow slower with highly engaged targets.

Interact Beyond Liking

Commenting and engaging with Stories drives stronger connections than passive liking alone.

Complement with Manual Efforts

Authentic direct outreach and conversations build rapport that pure automation lacks.

Frequently Analyze Results

Adapt your strategy based on analytics instead of a rigid set-and-forget approach. Review growth velocity, audience metrics, optimal posting times and more.

Take Your Instagram Growth Further with the Right Mass Planner Alternative

Mass Planner‘s closure certainly dealt a blow. But by selecting the right successor tool for your needs and rethinking your approach, your Instagram can thrive once again.

My recommendation for most Instagram marketers is Growthoid for its seamless transition replacing Mass Planner‘s smooth interface and proven automation capabilities.

But niche needs around budget, safety or analytics may make Jarvee, Kenji, Nitreo or Combin better options for your specific goals.

The key is extensively evaluating the options using free trials and consulting experts to match the best alternative to your Instagram growth objectives. With the tools above, a strategic mindset and my advice, you‘ll succeed in the post-Mass Planner era.

Have any other questions on transitioning to these Mass Planner alternatives or rebooting your Instagram strategy? Let me know in the comments!



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