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6 Best Mass Unfollow for Instagram Tools & Apps in 2023

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Gaining followers and engagement on Instagram can seem like an uphill battle, but a tidy, well-managed account goes a long way in building credibility and reach.

One of the key elements of keeping your Instagram account healthy is to regularly prune fake and inactive followers. Too many ghost accounts and bots in your follower list can negatively impact your engagement rate and make your account look spammy to potential brand partners or sponsors.

Manually combing through your follower list and unfollowing accounts one-by-one is extremely tedious and time consuming. This is where mass unfollow tools for Instagram come in handy.

In this post, we‘ll cover the top 6 mass unfollow apps and browser extensions to help you clean up your Instagram follower list with just a few clicks.

Why Mass Unfollow Tools Are Useful

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to utilize a mass unfollow tool for Instagram:

  • Remove fake and bot accounts – Bots and fake accounts often follow Instagram users in hopes of a follow back. They clutter up your follower list and serve no purpose. Mass unfollowing lets you purge these accounts en masse.

  • Delete inactive accounts – Followers who have abandoned their accounts clutter up your list and make it hard to gauge your true reach and engagement. Bulk unfollowing clears out these dead accounts.

  • Maintain follower/following ratio – Instagram algorithm favors accounts that have a balanced follower/following ratio. Bulk unfollow helps get rid of accounts you followed but that never followed you back.

  • Boost engagement % – Less followers means your existing engagement counts for more in Instagram‘s algorithm. Removing fake/inactive accounts can boost your engagement rate.

  • Look appealing to brands – Brands want to partner with accounts that have genuine audiences. Bulk unfollowing inactive and fake accounts makes your profile more enticing.

  • Save time – Manually reviewing and unfollowing each account could take hours or days. Mass unfollow tools reduce this to just minutes.

Now let‘s look at some of the top mass unfollow apps and browser extensions available in 2023.

1. Spamguard


Spamguard is one of the leading mass unfollow and Instagram automation tools on the market. With its dedicated mobile app and Chrome extension, it makes it simple to analyze your followers and bulk unfollow accounts that are irrelevant or suspicious.

Some key features of Spamguard for mass unfollowing include:

  • Unfollow non followers, ghost followers, or accounts you don‘t interact with
  • Filter accounts by criteria like profile completeness, follower/following ratio, etc.
  • Schedule recurring auto unfollow based on account age, posts, etc.
  • Unfollow up to 600 accounts per hour
  • 14-day free trial, paid plans start at $7/month

I like that you can set highly customized filters to really fine tune the types of accounts you want to prune from your follower list. Spamguard also offers 24/7 live chat support in case you need any assistance.

Ease of use – Spamguard is straightforward to set up. Just connect your Instagram account, run an audit, review the suggestions, and bulk unfollow with one click.

Verdict – With advanced filtering, automated scheduling, and great customer support, Spamguard is one of the most full-featured mass unfollow tools for Instagram.

2. Datajam


Datajam is a slick web and mobile app specifically focused on analyzing your Instagram audience and allowing bulk unfollows.

Some notable features include:

  • Sort followers by quality and identify suspicious accounts
  • Filter by followers, non-followers, recently followed, etc.
  • Unfollow all or select accounts manually
  • See mutual followers and details on any user without following them
  • Free 7-day trial, $7/month basic paid plan

Datajam makes it easy to identify poor quality followers so you can remove them in bulk. I also like the ability to research any user profile in-depth before deciding to unfollow them or not.

Ease of use – Datajam has a very clean interface. Just connect your account, run a scan, filter your followers, and bulk unfollow with a single click.

Verdict – For those looking for a simple but effective Instagram-focused mass unfollow tool, Datajam ticks all the boxes.

3. Phantombuster


Phantombuster offers a wide range of Instagram automation scripts and bots beyond just mass unfollow. Their Instagram Following Collector bot specifically helps analyze your audience and bulk unfollow irrelevant accounts.

Key features include:

  • Identify fake, closed, and inactive accounts
  • Filter by non-followers, recently followed, etc.
  • Schedule recurring checks and unfollows
  • Unfollow up to 480 accounts per hour
  • 14-day free trial, $8/month basic paid plan

You can set up custom schedules to have Phantombuster regularly audit your profile and prune followers according to your parameters. I like the flexibility to customize the unfollow criteria.

Ease of use – Phantombuster has a ton of configuration options which makes setup a little more complex. But once configured, it runs automatically.

Verdict – For those who want extensive Instagram automation capabilities beyond just unfollowing, Phantombuster is a great option with more customization.

4. FastUnfollow


As the name suggests, FastUnfollow is laser focused on allowing you to bulk unfollow Instagram accounts as quickly as possible.

Some notable features:

  • Unfollow up to 1400 accounts per day
  • Identify suspicious and low-quality profiles
  • Browser extension and mobile app
  • Link up to 50 Instagram accounts
  • Completely free to use

FastUnfollow leverages AI to recommend accounts that are irrelevant or inactive so you can remove them in bulk. I like that they allow 50 connected Instagram profiles so you can manage multiple accounts.

Ease of use – FastUnfollow is very quick and easy to set up. Just add your Instagram profile(s), scan, and bulk unfollow low-quality followers with a single click.

Verdict – For those looking for a straightforward free tool to speed up mass unfollowing on Instagram, FastUnfollow is a great choice.

5. MassUnfollow


MassUnfollow is a web app specifically designed for analyzing your Instagram audience and bulk unfollowing irrelevant or suspicious accounts.

Some useful features include:

  • Filter quality of followers and unfollow inactive accounts
  • Unfollow non-followers in bulk
  • Schedule recurring unfollows based on criteria
  • Blocks ghost followers and fake accounts
  • Free trial, paid plans start at $6.99/month

MassUnfollow makes it easy to identify followers you don‘t interact with or that aren‘t relevant to your account so you can remove them quickly. Scheduling recurring unfollows helps keep your profile tidy automatically.

Ease of use – Simply grant access to your Instagram profile, run an audit, review suggestions, and bulk unfollow irrelevant accounts in one click.

Verdict – MassUnfollow lives up to its name with an easy-to-use tool focused solely on streamlining mass unfollowing on Instagram.

6. AiGrow


AiGrow offers a suite of growth tools for Instagram including analytics and mass unfollow capabilities.

Some useful features include:

  • Audits your followers and identifies suspicious/fake accounts
  • Filter by non-followers, ghost followers, etc.
  • Unfollow up to 1000 accounts per campaign
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 14-day free trial, paid plans start at $49/month

AiGrow combines automation with human oversight by assigning you an account manager to optimize your unfollowing strategy. If you need in-depth Instagram growth consultations, AiGrow is a great hands-on option.

Ease of use – More complex setup compared to other tools but you get dedicated account support.

Verdict – For those wanting higher touch Instagram account management, AiGrow offers robust analytics and automation coupled with human oversight.

When to Use Mass Unfollow

Now that you know the top tools available for mass unfollowing on Instagram, here are some of the best times to use them:

  • Before starting a collaboration with a brand – Tidy up your profile by removing fake and inactive followers to showcase true audience engagement.

  • After a poor performing product/launch – Mass unfollow fake followers that signed up but didn‘t engage. Rebuild with a targeted audience.

  • Monthly or quarterly maintenance – Set up recurring schedules to prune your profile 1-2 times per quarter.

  • Transitioning account focus – Removing irrelevant followers lets you restart with an audience aligned to your new niche.

The Importance of Judicious Unfollowing

While bulk unfollowing can be useful Instagram maintenance, it‘s important not to overdo it. Aggressively slash your follower count and Instagram may flag your account for suspicious activity.

It‘s best to take a nuanced approach by carefully filtering out accounts that are clearly irrelevant, inactive, or fake. Avoid mass purges that crater your follower count in short periods.

The tools covered above allow you to precisely target who to unfollow based on smart criteria. Used judiciously, they can effectively tidy your profile without triggering Instagram‘s abuse detection.

Make Sure to Use Official API Integrations

When selecting a mass unfollow tool, it‘s crucial that it uses Instagram‘s official API to interact with your account. This keeps your activity within Instagram‘s terms of service.

Unofficial third party apps that scrape or emulate Instagram‘s app can get your account banned. Stick to tools like the ones covered above that use approved API integrations.

Wrap Up

Maintaining your Instagram profile by regularly pruning fake and irrelevant followers is crucial for account health and credibility.

Mass unfollow tools take the pain out of removing accounts manually one-by-one. The best ones combine automation with smart filtering capabilities to neatly tidy your audience.

For most Instagram profiles, a tool like Spamguard or MassUnfollow that offers a robust feature set at an affordable price provides the best bang for buck.

Set up recurring schedules and your Instagram will always be primed with a lean, targeted follower list full of genuine fans. Your engagement and credibility will thank you!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.