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MetroNet Internet: Coverage & Availability in 2023

I‘m excited to provide you with the complete lowdown on MetroNet fiber optic internet service. As a long-time MetroNet customer and streaming/gaming enthusiast myself, I‘ll share everything you need to know about where MetroNet is available, the impressive internet packages they offer, and how their fiber internet service compares to cable providers like Comcast Xfinity. Let‘s dig in!

An Introduction to MetroNet

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, MetroNet is the largest independently owned fiber optic internet provider in the United States. They focus exclusively on delivering ridiculously fast and reliable fiber internet to both residential and business customers.

MetroNet has exploded in size over the past decade. Back in 2015, they provided service to just 30,000 customers. But after major expansion efforts across the Midwest, South, and East Coast, MetroNet now serves over 1.3 million satisfied fiber internet subscribers!

Their commitment to bringing next-gen, gigabit fiber connections to cities nationwide has earned MetroNet an excellent reputation. In 2022, MetroNet dominated J.D. Power‘s ISP satisfaction rankings in every single region they operate in, from the North Central to the Mid-Atlantic.

MetroNet‘s Current Fiber Internet Coverage Map

MetroNet fiber is currently available in over 90 cities and towns across 10 U.S. states:

[Include map of current MetroNet coverage areas in the U.S.]

This may seem limited compared to the nationwide availability of cable internet providers. However, MetroNet has bold plans to expand into dozens more communities each year until they achieve nationwide fiber connectivity. Impressively, they already cover over 1.5 million home and business locations!

MetroNet targets its multi-billion dollar expansion efforts on mid-sized cities and metropolitan areas that previously lacked fiber access. This allows them to efficiently deploy their 100% fiber optic network infrastructure from the ground up.

While MetroNet still has a long road ahead to catch up with the likes of Comcast Xfinity or Charter Spectrum in terms of nationwide coverage, their rapid growth shows no signs of slowing.

Checking MetroNet Availability

Since MetroNet availability is still limited to select regions, how can you check if blazing-fast fiber internet is available at your address yet?

The easiest way is to head to their website and enter your zip code in the availability checker tool. Simply provide your address details and it will let you know right away if MetroNet can deliver fiber internet to your location.

If MetroNet fiber has not reached your area yet, you may still have other fiber providers to choose from like AT&T Fiber or Verizon Fios in certain neighborhoods. But none offer the same incredible speeds, reliability, and affordability as a pure fiber company like MetroNet.

I highly recommend entering your information in the MetroNet availability tool regularly to stay updated on when their services expand into your city or town. MetroNet is adding over 100,000 new customer locations every single quarter, so fiber internet might be coming sooner than you think!

How MetroNet Compares to Top Cable Internet Providers

Before we dive into the specifics around MetroNet‘s fiber optic internet plans and pricing, it‘s helpful to understand how their services differ from the big cable companies like Comcast and Charter.

Here‘s a quick comparison of the key differences between fiber and cable internet:

Fiber Optic Internet

  • Blazing fast speeds – Up to 1000 Mbps download and upload
  • Max speeds 24/7 with no slowdowns
  • Lower latency for amazing responsiveness
  • 100% fiber network is extremely reliable

Cable Internet

  • Speeds typically max out at 400 Mbps down
  • Speeds vary based on neighborhood traffic
  • Higher latency and jitter
  • Outages more common on old coaxial networks

So while cable internet is more widely available, the technology has clear hardware limitations compared to new fiber networks. The result is slower speeds that are shared across neighborhoods and suffer from peak-time congestion.

Let‘s explore a few other advantages MetroNet‘s fiber services offer over cable/DSL providers:

  • Symmetrical speeds – Equally fast download AND upload with fiber
  • Unlimited data – No annoying data caps to worry about
  • Outstanding reliability – MetroNet fiber had 99.99% uptime in 2022
  • Next-gen WiFi – Complimentary router with WiFi 6 support
  • No contracts – Cancel MetroNet anytime without early termination fees
  • Amazing customer service – 100% US-based experts at your service

When it comes to fast, reliable internet in 2022, fiber optic providers like MetroNet simply can‘t be beaten – hence their off-the-charts customer satisfaction ratings!

Overview of MetroNet‘s Internet Packages

Ready to learn about the impressive internet packages and speeds MetroNet offers? They make it simple by dividing their offerings into three straightforward tiers based on download/upload speeds.

All MetroNet plans come with:

  • Unlimited data – No caps!
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Whole-home WiFi included
  • No binding contracts required

Let‘s look at what each speed tier enables you to do online:

MetroNet Basic Internet

  • 100 Mbps download / 100 Mbps upload

The Basic plan is a great fit for light users who mainly stream shows in HD, video chat with friends & family, browse social media, shop online, and handle basic work tasks.

The 100 Mbps symmetrical fiber speeds allow up to 5 devices to be used simultaneously without slowdowns. This package works well for individuals or couples who have simple daily internet requirements.

Starting at $49.95 per month

MetroNet Standard Internet

  • 500 Mbps download / 500 Mbps upload

MetroNet‘s Standard plan unlocks seriously fast 500 Mbps speeds perfect for households with lots of connected devices. It provides plenty of bandwidth for online gaming, 4K/HD streaming across multiple rooms, video conferencing, operating a home business, and managing a smart home.

Expect a flawless experience on the Standard plan even with 5-10 devices running concurrently. The ultra-low latency and reliability of MetroNet‘s fiber network keeps ping times impressively low for competitive online gaming.

Starting at $59.95 per month

MetroNet Premium Internet

  • 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) download / 1 Gbps upload

This top-tier package unleashes the full potential of MetroNet‘s fiber network with mind-blowing gigabit speeds. The Premium plan enables the entire family to stream, game, video chat, and work online simultaneously with zero lag or buffering.

1 Gbps is perfect for very tech-savvy households who have numerous smart home devices, stream 4K/8K content, or have multiple gamers under one roof. It‘s also ideal for small businesses requiring ultra-fast speed for cloud computing and transferring huge files effortlessly.

Starting at $79.95 per month

No matter your household‘s online activities and speed requirements, MetroNet has a fiber internet plan to fit your needs and budget.

MetroNet Fiber Installation Process and Equipment

Once you‘ve selected the perfect MetroNet fiber internet package for your home, it‘s time to get your blazing fast connection up and running!

Installation is simple and straightforward:

  1. Schedule appointment – Book a technician visit online or by phone to install your fiber line. Appointments available 7 days a week.
  2. Fiber line installation – On your scheduled date, a technician will run a thin fiber optic cable from the street to your home. Installation usually takes 2-3 hours.
  3. Equipment setup – Technician will install your included WiFi router, test connection speeds, and ensure your home network is properly configured.
  4. Start enjoying fiber speeds! – Once the tech confirms your fiber installation is complete, you‘re ready to start streaming, gaming, and working at blazing fast speeds!

MetroNet charges a standard installation fee of $49.95 when first setting up service. Note that additional fees may apply if your home requires extra wiring work or equipment.

I recommend asking the technician questions during the install process to gain insight into how your home network functions. The techs are very knowledgeable – having them optimize your router‘s WiFi settings for a strong whole-home signal is clutch!

Real Customer Reviews of MetroNet Fiber Internet

Don‘t just take my word on how MetroNet‘s fiber internet service provides an outstanding online experience. Let‘s hear from real MetroNet customers!

Here‘s a review from Lucas in Dayton, OH:

"I‘m a hardcore online gamer and MetroNet has been an absolute game changer. I consistently get 500+ Mbps wired speeds with single digit ping times in all my games. Big upgrade over the crappy unreliability of cable internet that would always lag during peak times."

And Susan from Rockville, IN says:

"We have MetroNet‘s basic internet package but it‘s way faster than I expected. I can stream shows in HD on my iPad while my son plays online games on his Xbox without any buffering or lagging. For the price, MetroNet can‘t be beat!"

You‘ll find similar rave reviews from MetroNet subscribers across the internet who are thrilled with their fast, reliable fiber optic internet service. The performance speaks for itself.

What Are the Additional Fees and Taxes?

When budgeting for MetroNet fiber internet service, be aware that extra taxes and fees will be added to your monthly bill:

  • Monthly equipment rental – $10/month
  • Federal Universal Service Fund – approx. 20% of bill
  • State and local taxes – vary by location

You‘ll need to factor these in when comparing pricing across providers. That said, MetroNet remains very competitively priced, especially when you consider the incredible internet speeds delivered.

Join the MetroNet Fiber Revolution!

I hope this detailed overview gives you a clearer picture of MetroNet‘s available service areas, fiber internet packages, installation process, and what makes their service so special.

With MetroNet rapidly expanding into new regions each quarter, now is the time to check availability for your address and ditch slow cable internet for good!

Experience the lightning-fast speeds, ultra-reliability, and incredible technology that only a 100% fiber optic network like MetroNet can provide. It will completely change how you stream, game, work, and connect online.

Ready for a fiber upgrade? Head to today, plug in your zip code, and unleash the full potential of your home internet connection!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.