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Is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman‘s Vast Wealth Truly Unparalleled?

I know you may be wondering – just how insanely rich is Saudi Arabia‘s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman? With whispers that his personal net worth could be as high as $25 billion, it seems like an unbelievable fortune.

But is MBS really in a wealth bracket all his own? Let‘s delve into the details surrounding his mind-boggling riches.

Who is Mohammed bin Salman?

Before examining his wealth, it helps to understand who MBS is and his rapid rise to power.

Mohammed bin Salman, commonly known as "MBS", is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. That means he‘s essentially the heir to the throne held by his father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

At just 37 years old, he also serves as Saudi Arabia‘s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. He has been described as the "power behind the throne" and is considered the nation‘s de facto ruler.

After being appointed Crown Prince in 2017, MBS moved swiftly to consolidate power. He led an anti-corruption purge, detained Saudi royals and business leaders, and limited the influence of religious conservatives.

This enabled MBS to take control of Saudi Aramco, the state oil company that is the world‘s most profitable business. He‘s spearheaded efforts to diversify Saudi Arabia‘s economy under his "Vision 2030" plan.

In short, despite his youth MBS has become one of the most influential leaders in the Middle East. But how does his wealth and fortune stack up?

Estimates of Mohammed bin Salman‘s Vast Personal Fortune

Given his vast power, you might expect MBS boasts extraordinary personal wealth – and you‘d be absolutely right.

Estimated to be around $25 billion, MBS‘s net worth is jaw-dropping. Some more conservative estimates still put his net worth at $5 billion minimum. Either way, that slots him firmly among the top billionaires worldwide.

To put that insane wealth into perspective, here‘s how MBS stacks up against some other famous billionaires:

  • 5x greater than Richard Branson‘s net worth of $5 billion
  • 3x greater than historic philanthropist George Soros‘ net worth of $8 billion
  • 2x greater than Chinese billionaire Jack Ma‘s net worth of $10 billion
  • Equal to Comic book legend Stan Lee‘s massive net worth of $25 billion

See what I mean? We‘re talking some serious, crazy money here. MBS‘s $25 billion personal fortune handily beats out almost every other billionaire you can think of.

But it looks like relative chump change compared to the overall wealth of Saudi Arabia‘s royal family.

The House of Saud‘s Unfathomable $1.4 Trillion Fortune

As a member of the House of Saud, MBS shares in the Saudi royal family‘s almost incomprehensible $1.4 trillion net worth. That‘s trillion with a "T"!

The House of Saud traces its roots back centuries but has ruled modern-day Saudi Arabia since 1932. Its fortune comes almost exclusively from the nation‘s vast oil reserves.

Get this – Saudi Arabia accounts for:

  • 1/5th of the world‘s oil production
  • 16% of proven global oil reserves

That gives the Saudi royals almost unrivaled control over the world‘s most vital resource, funneling inconceivable oil revenues their way.

To give you perspective on the scale of their wealth, the British royal family under King Charles III has an estimated net worth of around $88 billion.

That‘s just 6% of the House of Saud‘s fortune!

Or compared to the world‘s top individual billionaires:

  • 13x greater than Elon Musk‘s net worth
  • 10x greater than Bill Gates‘ net worth

I told you it‘s almost incomprehensible! Clearly when it comes to cumulative family wealth, nothing comes close to the House of Saud‘s $1.4 trillion treasure chest.

Just How Much Wealthier is MBS Than Other World Leaders?

Given his status as Saudi Arabia‘s de facto ruler, it‘s interesting to see how MBS‘s estimated $25 billion personal fortune compares to other world leaders.

Let‘s start within the Middle East. As King of Jordan, Abdullah II has an estimated net worth around $750 million – just 3% of MBS‘s fortune.

The wealth gap grows even larger compared to leaders like:

  • Bashar al-Assad (Syria): Estimated $1.5 billion net worth – 6% of MBS
  • Recep Erdogan (Turkey): Estimated $40 million – 0.16% of MBS

In Europe, the contrast is equally stark. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak‘s estimated net worth is $200 million – just 0.8% of MBS‘s $25 billion.

Other world leaders simply pale in comparison, like:

  • Justin Trudeau (Canada): $10 million net worth – 0.04% of MBS
  • Pedro Sanchez (Spain): $1 million – 0.004% of MBS

I think you get the point! With his estimated $25 billion personal fortune and access to the House of Saud‘s trillion-plus wealth, MBS sits in a totally different league than virtually all other world leaders and royalty.

Lavish Palaces, Supercars, Yachts: The Opulence of MBS‘s Lifestyle

Of course, with great wealth comes an extravagant, no-expenses-spared lifestyle. MBS owns some of the world‘s most luxurious real estate, vehicles and toys.

For example, he paid over $300 million for the Chateau Louis XIV near Versailles in France – dubbed "the world‘s most expensive home". Among his fleet of supercars is the $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

MBS also owns a $500 million megayacht named Serene, originally built for Russian billionaire Yuri Scheffler. At over 400 feet long, it includes multiple swimming pools, two helipads, a submarine and room for 52 guests across 24 cabins.

Other highlights of MBS‘s lavish lifestyle include:

  • Airbus A340 Private Jet – Estimated $500 million
  • French Chateau-style Mansion, Riyadh – Rumored purchase price up to $300 million
  • 6 Story-tall Video Wall, Ritz Carlton Residence – Reportedly the world‘s largest residential video wall

Pretty crazy right? When it comes to living in absolute luxury, MBS can afford whatever his heart desires.

MBS‘s Power and Influence: The Bigger Picture

While MBS‘s wealth is clearly mind-blowing, his power and influence stems from more than just his bank account. As the presumptive heir who already rules Saudi Arabia day-to-day, his authority outstrips other global billionaires.

After rising to Crown Prince in 2017, MBS was emboldened to act aggressively. He detained hundreds of wealthy Saudis and pressed them to hand over billions in assets to the state.

MBS also launched an intrusive crackdown on dissent, repressing political rivals and imprisoning women‘s rights activists. The brutal killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi remains an infamous example.

Yet MBS remains closely allied with Western nations, especially the U.S. His strategic decisions wield tremendous influence over global oil markets. With vast wealth comes great power, a reality MBS understands better than most.

Conclusion: MBS‘s Wealth Is Unmatched Among World Leaders

So in closing – is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman‘s wealth truly unparalleled? I‘d say absolutely, yes!

Conservative estimates still place MBS‘s personal fortune at $5 billion minimum. More commonly cited figures suggesting he holds $25 billion or more are eye-popping.

This dwarfs the net worths of other world leaders and royals. And combined with the House of Saud‘s $1.4 trillion in wealth, it‘s safe to say MBS sits in a class all his own.

Of course, raw wealth alone doesn‘t determine power. But as Saudi‘s day-to-day ruler commanding huge oil revenues, MBS wields tremendous influence both within Saudi Arabia and globally.

So next time you hear about MBS‘s latest eye-popping purchase or lavish display of wealth, remember – it barely scratches the surface of the vast riches at his disposal!



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