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11 Best Music Promotion Services to Grow Your Music in 2023

Hey there! Getting your music discovered in today‘s oversaturated industry is tougher than ever. You could have immense talent and put in long hours perfecting your craft, but attracting new listeners takes targeted promotion.

While DIY online marketing can work, most artists don‘t have the expertise or time do it themselves effectively. That‘s where leveraging online music promotion services comes in handy!

But here‘s the thing – you need legitimate services that deliver real, organic results by getting your music in front of engaged, targeted audiences. Fake followers and spam plays might temporarily inflate your numbers, but won‘t translate into loyal fans.

So I compiled this 2023 guide of the top 11 most effective music promotion services that I recommend based on proven strategies, satisfied customer reviews and overall value.

These companies have demonstrated their ability to help artists gain more streams, social media followers, YouTube views, and real fans organically. Some specialize in specific platforms like Spotify or Instagram, while others offer more broad promotion across multiple channels.

My goal here is to provide you with detailed insights into each service, how their campaigns work, pricing, and expert advice so you can determine which one(s) best align with your goals as an artist.

Let‘s dive in!

1. SoundCampaign – Best for Spotify Playlist Promotions

Spotify has become one of the most influential platforms for new music discovery and streaming. Getting placements on popular Spotify playlists can expose your music to tens of thousands of engaged listeners.

That‘s where SoundCampaign shines. They leverage direct relationships with Spotify curators to pitch and promote your music for targeted playlist additions.

Some details on how their promotions work:

  • Submit your tracks for playlist consideration
  • Dedicated manager coordinates curator outreach and scheduling
  • Handle all paperwork and negotiations
  • Promote your playlist placement for maximum reach

To date, SoundCampaign has successfully pitched emerging and established artists to some very influential Spotify playlists, including:

  • Today‘s Top Hits – 27M followers
  • Pop Rising – 1.2M followers
  • Fresh Finds – 104k followers
  • Indie Shuffle – 101k followers

Notable artists they‘ve worked with include Whethan, Louis The Child, Asher Roth, Hudson Mohawke, and more independent acts.

Their pricing is admittedly on the higher end, but competitive for the hands-on, 1-on-1 service and proven results:

  • Artist plans start at $197 for one playlist
  • Curator plans start at $497

The Verdict: for an all-in-one personalized Spotify promotional service that actually delivers results, SoundCampaign is a top choice. Well worth the investment given the immense exposure and streaming potential.

2. Omari – Top for Multi-Platform Music Promotion

If maximizing exposure across streaming services and social media is your goal, Omari should be on your radar. They offer music promotion and marketing tailored for:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • SoundCloud

With campaigns customized for each platform, Omari help artists reach target new audiences and grow engaged followers.

Here‘s some details how their platform campaigns work:

  • Choose songs and platforms to focus on
  • Dedicated manager coordinates promotion strategy
  • Curate and submit content across selected platforms
  • Follow/share from their network of artist accounts
  • Pitch to platform playlist curators
  • Optimize your artist profiles for discovery

They‘ve run successful campaigns for over 2,000 musicians globally. Some results include:

  • 750,000+ Spotify streams for Whethan
  • 400,000+ Instagram followers grown for Snow Tha Product
  • 25,000 TikTok followers grown for Tef Wesley

Omari‘s platform packages are priced very competitively starting at just $77. They offer tiered pricing up to $3,497 for 6-track global campaigns. Value-wise their robust service and proven results make the investment worthwhile.

The Verdict: If your goal is save time promoting across all major platforms, Omari is hands-down one of the most complete end-to-end services. Their tailored approach, global team, and past case studies are impressive.

3. PlaylistPush – Top for Spotify Playlist Promotions

We talked about SoundCampaign for Spotify promotion, but another service that excels specifically in playlist pitching and placements is PlaylistPush.

As you guessed…their entire focus is securing placements on the most popular Spotify playlists to tap into their millions of followers. Some details:

  • Submit your tracks to their pitching team
  • Handle all curator communication and negotiations
  • Schedule and promote your placement for max streams
  • Provide reporting on performance

Success stories they‘ve delivered for clients:

  • 7,500+ songs pitched to Spotify playlists
  • Over 500k playlist follower reach
  • Placements on Chill Hits (1.6M followers) and more

Pricing wise, their placements start at $300 for one playlist up to $1,500 for 3-tiered playlists.

The Verdict: for artists specifically wanting to tap Spotify playlists at scale, PlaylistPush is a smart choice strictly for Spotify. However, for cross-platform, I‘d go with other options on this list.

4. GROWDigi – Top Music Promotion for YouTube

In terms of active users and music consumers, YouTube reigns supreme with over 2 billion monthly users. That makes it a high-value platform for any music marketing strategy.

If your goal is to increase video views, subscribers and overall YouTube presence, GROWDigi is one of the best services catered specifically for YouTube.

Their channel management and video promotion includes:

  • YouTube channel audit/optimization
  • Custom thumbnail design
  • Metadata strategy for discovery
  • Topic/keyword targeting
  • Influencer outreach
  • Traffic sources like Facebook Ads

Some amazing results for musicians:

  • 0 to 250,000+ Subscribers
  • 100 to 68+ Million Video Views
  • 10X Average View Increase in 6 Months

Pricing starts at $500/month for channel management or $197 for individual promo services.

The Verdict: For hands-off YouTube channel growth, GROWDigi‘s custom strategies, targeting, and traffic sources are extremely effective. Well worth the investment.

5. HypeAuditor – Top for Instagram Follower Growth

For many music artists, Instagram has become the #1 platform for engaging with fans through a mix of video content, Stories, live performances, and behind-the-scenes.

If you want to rapidly grow your followers and engagement, HypeAuditor offers managed Instagram promotion campaigns tailored for musicians.

Their strategies include:

  • Hashtag/competitor research
  • Content creation & scheduling
  • Influencer seeding & partnerships
  • Giveaways, promotions, and ads
  • Analytics & reporting

Past campaign results are seriously impressive:

  • Grew singer Grace Davies from 2k to 150k+ followers in 6 months
  • Musicians average 2-10X follower growth

Packages start at $500/month minimum commitment. Well worth it for the hands-on Instagram expertise.

The Verdict: For artists focused on expanding their Instagram following and engagement, HypeAuditor is hands-down one of the most effective services with proven music industry results.

6. Socialix – Best Budget Music Promotion Service

If you want to maximize your music‘s reach across streaming services AND social media, all at an affordable investment, Socialix delivers.

They offer broad music promotion campaigns tailored for:

  • Spotify and Apple Music
  • YouTube and SoundCloud
  • Instagram and Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

With tiered packages, you choose the number of songs + platforms. Their team handles content creation, sharing, pitching your music, optimizing your profiles, hashtag research, and more.

Some impressive past campaigns:

  • 4,000+ musicians promoted
  • Multiple viral Spotify and TikTok hits
  • 750,000 video views driven for one artist

Pricing starts at just $99 for one song up to $549 for album rollout. Really budget-friendly compared to competitors.

The Verdict: For affordable streaming and social promotion, Socialix delivers great breadth. Perfect for artists wanting wide exposure across top platforms.

7. MobileMonster – Best for Buying Spotify Plays

This next service takes a unique approach…

We all know bots and fake streams are a bad idea. But MobileMonster leverages a strategy of initially "priming the pump" with real, organic plays and followers bought at low cost.

This kickstarts the Spotify algorithm to drive ongoing organic growth. Some benefits:

  • Gets your music into Spotify‘s recommendation engine
  • Triggers playlist additions
  • Builds initial streaming momentum

Of course this only works if done ethically. MobileMonster delivers:

  • Gradual, staggered delivery (not overnight spikes)
  • All accounts are real people in your target demographic
  • Accounts are real, active listeners added to similar artists

Some results:

  • 8,000+ satisfied musicians
  • Over 50 million Spotify plays delivered
  • 2+ million Spotify followers added

Their pricing is super cheap compared to traditional promotion…starting at just $2.99 for 1,000 plays and $49 for 5,000 followers.

The Verdict: Ethically "priming the pump" with an initial boost of real targeted plays and followers can absolutely drive ongoing organic growth, especially for new releases. MobileMonster is one of the rare legit services I recommend for this.

8. SidesMedia – Most Affordable Streaming Promotion

If your main goal is rapidly growing Spotify and SoundCloud streams affordably, SidesMedia delivers.

They take a similar "jumpstart" approach by providing an initial boost of legitimate plays and followers that kickstart organic growth.

  • Staggered, scheduled delivery to appear natural
  • Human accounts match your target demographic
  • All accounts are real active platform users

Some impressive past results:

  • 150+ million Spotify streams added
  • 700,000+ SoundCloud plays added
  • 75,000 new YouTube subscribers

Their pricing is super affordable compared to traditional PR campaigns. Packages start at just:

  • 1,000 Spotify plays for $19.99
  • 5,000 Spotify followers for $39.99

The Verdict: For artists and bands on a budget, SidesMedia is a cost-effective way to quickly build initial streaming momentum. Works best when paired with ongoing content releases and promotional efforts.

9. Social Proof – Full YouTube Channel Growth

While GROWDigi focuses specifically on YouTube music promotion, Social Proof takes a broader approach to entire YouTube channel growth and management.

They design a custom YouTube strategy including:

  • Channel audit and optimization
  • Keyword/topic research
  • Metadata optimization
  • Custom thumbnail design
  • Influencer outreach
  • Traffic acquisition
  • Video optimization

Past campaign results for musicians:

  • 672% average video view increase
  • 191% average subscriber gain

Pricing starts at $497/month with a 3 month minimum commitment.

The Verdict: For advanced YouTube experts that handle channel growth A-Z, Social Proof delivers substantial results. Ideal for hands-off YouTube management.

10. Digi Music Marketing – Full Service Social Media Promotion

If you want a complete social media takeover, Digi Music Marketing offers full-service management and promotion across:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Their campaigns are customized for each platform and include:

  • Content creation & scheduling
  • Hashtag research & targeting
  • Influencer seeding & partnerships
  • Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Engagement growth strategies

Example musician campaign results:

  • 13,500+ new YouTube subscribers
  • 47,000+ new Facebook followers
  • 5X fan growth in 4 months

Packages start at $997/month with a required 3 month minimum. Their expertise makes this investment pay dividends through ongoing fan growth.

The Verdict: For advanced social media teams to expand your audience across every top platform, Digi Music Marketing is a top choice. Expect in-depth strategies.

11. Crosshair Music – Facebook & Instagram Advertising

The final service I recommend is Crosshair Music – experts in Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

When done right, social ads can engage highly targeted new fans by promoting your new releases, tours, videos and more.

Some of Crosshair‘s proven strategies:

  • Lookalike audience modeling
  • Retargeting fans of similar artists
  • Flexible budgeting across objectives
  • Advanced tracking and optimizing

Notable past results:

  • 2-10X social media followers growth for 500+ artists
  • Reduced cost per new fan acquisition
  • Positive ROI across video views, conversions, and more

Packages start at a $500 minimum per month with additional ad spend minimums. Well worth expert management.

The Verdict: For advertising to new fans on social, Crosshair Music are masters at advanced targeting and optimizations. Worth the spend.

So there you have it…a comprehensive guide to the top music promotion services for taking your streaming, social media, YouTube, and overall music discovery to the next level in 2023!

Each platform and service has unique strengths and offerings, so choose what makes the most sense based on your goals, existing audience, and budget investment comfort level.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat more about music marketing strategies and provide any other recommendations. Wishing you huge success!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.