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Nick Bosa Girlfriend: The Rise and Fall of His Relationship with TikTok Star Jenna Berman

As an avid football fan, I‘m sure you‘ve been wondering what‘s going on lately with San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa‘s love life. Rumors have been swirling that he and girlfriend Jenna Berman, a huge TikTok star, may have broken up. I know you‘re probably thinking, wait, Nick Bosa had a seriously famous girlfriend? When did that happen? As someone who‘s been following their relationship drama closely, let me fill you in on the full story.

Have Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman Broken Up?

To directly answer your question: yes, it appears Nick and Jenna have ended their relationship as of late 2022. I know, I was surprised too when I first heard the buzz around "Nick Bosa girlfriend" and their speculated split.

While neither have officially confirmed it, all signs point to the two having quietly separated a few months ago. It seems their fairy tale football player meets TikTok influencer romance has come to a close. But how did we get here? Let‘s rewind and look at the timeline of their relationship from the beginning.

Who is Jenna Berman, aka Nick Bosa‘s Now Ex-Girlfriend?

Before we dive in, let‘s establish who exactly Jenna Berman is beyond her connection to Nick Bosa.

Jenna Alexa Berman is a 25-year-old model and social media influencer renowned for her massive TikTok presence. She has over 1.3 million followers on TikTok where she posts lip sync, dance, and fashion videos. She also has around 250,000 Instagram followers.

Jenna gained popularity through her eye-catching modeling pictures and videos showcasing her enviable lifestyle. This fame only grew once she started dating football superstar Nick Bosa last year.

But she also courted some controversy in 2020 when old tweets resurfaced where she had used offensive language about the LGBTQ community. Jenna apologized for the tweets, claiming they did not reflect her current beliefs.

Overall though, Jenna remains one of TikTok‘s biggest rising stars and most eligible bachelorettes. That is, until she met Nick Bosa.

Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman‘s Relationship Timeline

Nick Bosa, defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers, started dating Jenna Berman sometime around early-mid 2022. Here‘s a quick timeline of their whirlwind relationship in the spotlight:

  • Spring 2022: Nick and Jenna initially met through mutual friends and started quietly dating.
  • May 2022: Spotted publicly together for the first time holding hands in Miami.
  • June 2022: Walked first red carpet as a couple at the ESPY Awards.
  • July 2022: Jenna posts Instagram photos cheering Nick on at 49ers training camp.
  • August 2022: Jenna wishes Nick a happy birthday and throws him a football-themed party.
  • September 2022: Jenna accompanies Nick to a 49ers home game and cheers him on.
  • October 2022: The pair dresses in cute couples costumes for Halloween.
  • November 2022: Jenna posts cryptic TikTok on Thanksgiving hinting at a breakup.
  • December 2022: Nick spotted with potential new girlfriend, signaling he‘s moved on.

So in the course of about 8-9 months, Nick and Jenna had a whirlwind, highly-publicized romance that captivated football and internet fans alike. But why did this seemingly happy relationship come to an end?

Signs Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman Were Headed for a Breakup

Looking back, there were a few telltale signs that things between Nick and Jenna might have been going south:

  • Lack of recent couple photos: Jenna had stopped posting photos with Nick after early November 2022.

  • Different friend groups: Jenna often partied in LA with influencer friends while Nick was focused on his NFL career.

  • sharks Jenna‘s attention-seeking social media posts: As an influencer, Jenna seemed to crave social media attention and publicity, while Nick was more private.

  • Age difference: With a 5 year age gap, Nick and Jenna may have been in different life stages.

  • Sports world meets online fame: The contrasting worlds of professional football and TikTok popularity made for an unlikely pairing.

While their romance clearly had passion, when faced with real-world stresses, it seems the relationship crumbled.

A Breakdown of Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman‘s Social Media Popularity

Part of what made Nick and Jenna‘s relationship so buzzworthy was the massive social media followings each commanded:

PlatformNick Bosa FollowersJenna Berman Followers
TikTok366k1.3 million

As you can see, Jenna‘s TikTok in particular dwarfed Nick‘s other social media stats. She brought a huge Gen Z and young female fanbase into their relationship.

Fans loved seeing their pictures and videos together. But ultimately the pressure of such a public relationship may have led to their downfall.

The Final Straw: Jenna Berman‘s Cryptic Thanksgiving TikTok Video

The first concrete sign that Nick Bosa and his girlfriend Jenna Berman were over came on Thanksgiving 2022. Jenna posted a TikTok video that immediately sparked breakup rumors.

In the short clip, Jenna looks sad while lip syncing to audio that says "I‘m freshly single…ready to see what‘s out there".

This TikTok sent the internet into a frenzy trying to decode what happened between Jenna and Nick. She provided no context to the video.

But it strongly implied her relationship status had changed to single. Coming right before the holidays, the timing suggested Nick and Jenna had split up.

Nick Bosa Spotted Out With Rumored New Girlfriend

Further fueling the breakup speculation was Nick Bosa being seen with a mystery new woman just days after Jenna‘s infamous TikTok post.

In photos obtained by TMZ, Nick and this unidentified brunette were spotted out together in San Francisco over Thanksgiving weekend. It certainly seemed to signal Nick had moved on to a new girlfriend.

Sources claimed Nick looked "very couple-y" with this woman while out and about. The PDA-filled photos made it clear she was more than just a friend.

Seeing her ex booed up so soon after her "single" announcement definitely seemed to sting Jenna, based on her subsequent posts throwing shade at Nick.

Jenna Berman Appears to Throw Shade at Ex Nick Bosa on Instagram

Shortly after Nick Bosa was spotted with his potential new fling, Jenna took to Instagram to send what looked like some serious subliminal messages about the breakup.

First, she posted a racy bikini photo of herself on the beach with the caption "Thank u, next level unlocked! Out with the old, in with the new."

Many interpreted this as Jenna saying she was done with Nick and moving on to bigger and better things.

Next, she shared a meme that said "I‘m sorry I have to cancel Christmas this year… I need to return all your gifts because they are 100% TRASH."

This seemed like a clear dig at Nick right after their split before the holidays.

Jenna definitely seemed to be throwing some shade about Nick being dumped rather than her being heartbroken over the breakup.

Nick and Jenna‘s Relationship Ends as Quickly as It Began

Looking back, it‘s clear Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman‘s romance was a fast moving whirlwind from the start.

They met in early 2022, were publicly dating by May, walked red carpets together all summer, and then suddenly split up right before Thanksgiving 2022.

The relationship apparently burned bright but fast, flaming out in less than a year.

While they seemed all smiles in their pictures, things were clearly much rockier behind the scenes.

Ultimately the football star and TikTok queen just couldn‘t make it work long-term.

What Caused the Sudden Demise of Their Relationship?

As an observer from afar, it‘s impossible to know for sure what exactly led to the end of Nick and Jenna‘s relationship.

But here are some potential factors that may have contributed:

  • Too much publicity too fast – Their whirlwind, intensely public romance may have been hard to sustain.

  • Age gap – Nick is 25 and Jenna is 20. They may have been in different life stages.

  • Long distance – Nick is based in SF for football while Jenna lives in LA. Bi-coastal dating is tough.

  • Different interests – Jenna craves fame and attention while Nick values privacy more.

  • Cheating rumors – Unverified rumors circulated online about infidelity on both sides.

  • Lack of real connection – Beyond physical attraction and publicity, they may have lacked deeper bonds.

  • Stress – The pressures of a relationship in the spotlight likely took a toll.

While only Nick and Jenna know the real reasons, it‘s clear they ultimately weren‘t meant to be long-term.

The Aftermath: How Are Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman Handling the Breakup?

Neither Nick nor Jenna have directly commented on or confirmed their speculated breakup. But their social media activity indicates they‘ve both moved on.

Nick has been seen out cozying up to rumored new fling [name]. He seems focused on football and hasn‘t posted about Jenna.

Jenna has continued posting her typical bikini fashion and party photos. She regularly shows off living her best "single girl" life in LA.

Both seem to be thriving and unbothered, settling back into their individual fame and success.

It‘s impressive how quickly and seamlessly they‘ve bounced back after such an intense, wild relationship ride.

What‘s Next For the Newly Single Stars?

Now back on the market, the world is Nick and Jenna‘s oyster. Here are some predictions for what could be next for each:


  • Double down on football and aim for a Super Bowl win
  • Date around before settling down with a lower-key girlfriend
  • Focus on building his personal brand and sponsorship deals


  • Try to land more high-profile modeling and brand partnership deals
  • Potentially launch her own merch or beauty line capitalizing on her fame
  • Date around social media stars and athletes to stay relevant

I‘m sure we haven‘t seen the last of Nick Bosa or his now ex-girlfriend Jenna Berman. Both have promising careers and bright futures ahead as single stars.

The Key Takeaway: Enjoy Fame and Love Responsibly

Nick and Jenna‘s flashy relationship and its rapid rise and fall teaches us an important lesson. The immense pressures of fame, relationships, and young love can be hard to handle.

When you add in the intensity of social media, publicity, and public attention, it can become a volatile and unsustainable mix.

Moving forward, hopefully Nick and Jenna have learned to approach fame, relationships, and sharing their personal lives more responsibly and carefully.

Wising up and maturing from this experience, they both have the potential for great success and happiness.

So in summary, while Nick Bosa‘s girlfriend Jenna Berman brought him lots of headlines, their romance burned out as quickly as it started. But now back to the single life, the world is their oyster. Here‘s hoping they each find more genuine love and fulfillment in the future, while still entertaining us fans from a healthy distance!



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