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No, Free Robux offers are never real – They are always fake scams

Roblox is an incredibly popular online game platform and game creation system that allows users to design their own games and play games created by others. The platform has its own virtual currency called Robux that is used to buy in-game items like avatar clothing and accessories or access to certain games or game servers. Many players, especially kids, desperately want to get their hands on Robux but don’t want to spend real money to get them or put in the work to earn them legitimately. This strong desire for free Robux has led to a proliferation of websites and ads offering “free Robux” bonuses or generators. However, as a parent and gaming expert, I want to warn you that these offers of free Robux are always scams and should be avoided at all costs.

Why young players fall for free Robux scams

As a parent, I totally understand why kids are tempted by offers of free Robux. Here are the main reasons:

  • Kids don’t have money: Most kids under 18 don’t have credit cards or income sources to buy Robux. The only way they can get Robux is asking their parents or getting them for free.

  • Peer pressure: Having lots of cool customization and accessories is a status symbol on Roblox. Kids want to fit in and be like their friends who may have bought or earned lots of Robux.

  • Game limitations: Some games limit access or abilities unless you pay with Robux. Kids don’t want to be left out from the fun.

  • Addictive nature: Like many games, Roblox is designed to be addictive. Once kids are hooked, they crave getting more Robux.

  • Lack of patience: Earning small Robux rewards through activities takes a lot of patience. Kids would rather get Robux instantly.

While these motivations are understandable, no child should fall for the empty promises of free Robux scams. As kids grow older, they will learn patience and understand that most desirable things in life require real effort to obtain.

Billions lost to "free" game scams

Free Robux scams are part of a larger trend of deceptive ads and websites that lure gamers and other consumers into questionable activities with the promise of free in-game currency, VIP benefits, followers, and other digital goods. According to the Better Business Bureau, an estimated $7.3 billion was lost to these deceptive “free” offers in 2018 in the United States and Canada alone.

Additionally, a 2019 survey from the UK communications regulator Ofcom found that 25% of children aged 8-17 said they had signed up for digital services by pretending to be over 18. This demonstrates how underage children are especially prone to falling for “free” in-game offers without realizing the potential risks involved.

As a tech-savvy parent, I monitor what games and apps my kids use and coach them to be skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. With so much money lost and children putting themselves at risk online, it’s clear parents need to be involved and vigilant against “free” game scams.

Why you can’t actually get free Robux

While it would be great if players could get Robux for free, there are no legitimate ways to obtain free Robux, no matter what those sketchy ads and websites claim. This is because free Robux would undermine the game‘s whole business model. Here are the reasons free Robux is impossible:

  • No Roblox “cheat codes” exist: Platforms like Nintendo or Xbox sometimes offer promo codes for free in-game currency. However, there have never been any actual codes that give out free Robux on Roblox.

  • Roblox actively blocks hacking attempts: Hacking Roblox to try to get free Robux is impossible because the platform is designed to prevent cheating and hacking at a technical level. Any apps that claim to “hack” Roblox are scams.

  • All Robux is tracked: Roblox closely monitors their economy and all Robux generation and transactions. Any sudden influx of free Robux would be flagged as suspicious activity.

  • No apps can generate real Robux: While some apps claim they can generate free Robux, no third-party apps have the capability to legally create valid Robux currency. Any apps offering this are fraudulent.

The reality is that unless you purchase Robux with real money, the only way to accumulate modest amounts of Robux is through legitimate gameplay and activities. Beware of any offer that claims to provide large amounts of free Robux or membership benefits.

Legitimate ways to earn Robux

If you or your kids want Robux, you do have a few legitimate options to earn limited amounts of Robux without spending real cash:

  • Sell clothing items or access to games: Developers can monetize their games and avatar clothing creations. Popular developers can earn lots of Robux this way.

  • Convert Robux gift cards: Enter the code from a Robux gift card purchased at major retailers to redeem it for Robux currency.

  • Participate in challenges or surveys: Players can earn a modest amount of Robux by creating popular games, referring new users, or completing surveys.

MethodTypical Robux earned
Completing a survey10-100 Robux
Referring a new user10-20 Robux
Designing a basic t-shirt25-50 Robux
Winning a game challenge50-500 Robux

As you can see, while these methods do work, they earn only modest Robux rewards. For kids, the small amounts from surveys and promos offer a good introduction to earning virtual currency through effort. But for players wanting lots of Robux quickly, there is no choice but to purchase them directly via the Roblox platform.

Don‘t risk your account or your child‘s safety

Not only do free Robux scams not work, but they can also put your Roblox account and your real world identity at serious risk:

  • Bans for illicit Robux: If caught, getting free Robux from an illegitimate source can get your Roblox account permanently banned by the platform‘s moderators.

  • Identity theft: Most free Robux scams force you to input personal information and your Roblox password, which can lead to identity theft.

  • Malware infections: The scam apps and downloads often contain nasty malware that can take over your computer or phone once installed.

  • Predators targeting kids: Free Robux scams try to lure underage kids away from the game and onto shady websites where predators lurk.

  • Phishing for account access: By mimicking official Roblox pages, free Robux scams can convincingly phish and steal your username and password.

No amount of free virtual currency is worth compromising your real world identity and safety. Be very wary of anything asking for personal information or promising free Robux.

Roblox works hard to shut down free Robux scams

As a massive platform with millions of young players, Roblox takes extensive measures to stop free Robux scams and keep their audience safe.

  • Roblox employs over 1,200 human moderators who work around the clock reviewing content and investigating abuse. When they discover scam sites or apps, they take action to take them down.

  • The company uses DMCA takedown requests to legally force scam websites to be removed by their hosting companies. Over 10 million DMCA requests were filed by Roblox in 2021 alone according to their transparency report.

  • Roblox‘s Terms of Use explicitly forbids anything deceiving users with promises of free Robux, memberships, or valuable items. Violating these terms can lead to legal action.

While Roblox does its best to combat an endless amount of free Robux scams, players should exercise extreme caution as well. Teaching kids early on to identify and avoid online scams will serve them well into their adulthood.

The bottom line

As both a fellow gamer and a parent, I hope this guide has outlined why legit free Robux offers simply don’t exist. Anything promising free Robux will either scam you or expose you to legal and security risks. While real money is the only sure way to get lots of Robux quickly, kids can also learn the value of earning smaller amounts legitimately through time and effort. With awareness and caution, we can avoid falling victim to the endless torrent of free Robux scams targeting the Roblox community.



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