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Offset Net Worth 2023: How Does It Compare to Cardi B?

Hey there! If you‘re a fan of Offset and Cardi B, you may be wondering – just how much is Offset worth in 2023? And how does it stack up next to his superstar wife Cardi‘s enormous wealth? Read on as we take a deep dive into the dollar amounts behind Offset‘s fortune. You‘ll learn exactly how the talented Migos rapper has built his riches – and how far he has to go to catch up to Cardi‘s incredible net worth!

Offset‘s Net Worth Over the Years

Let‘s start by looking back at how Offset‘s net worth has grown over his career. Here‘s a quick timeline:

YearOffset‘s Net WorthKey Milestones
2013$500,000Migos debut album released
2015$1 millionMigos hit single "Versace", more albums
2018$16 millionNumerous hit Migos tracks, solo work begins
2021$26 millionSolo album Father of 4, investments
2023$28 millionContinued Migos success, business ventures

As you can see, the bulk of Offset‘s wealth comes straight from his music – especially his work with Migos. But his assets have also grown through smart investments, endorsements, and business moves.

By 2023, credible outlets like Celebrity Net Worth estimate Offset‘s total net worth at around $28 million. That‘s definitely impressive! Now let‘s compare it to his wife‘s fortune…

How Cardi B‘s Net Worth Compares

Cardi B has built a hugely successful career as a rapper, singer, and media personality. Here‘s a quick look at her rising net worth:

YearCardi B‘s Net WorthKey Moments
2015$400,000Career begins
2017$600,000Breakout hit "Bodak Yellow"
2019$24 millionDebut album Invasion of Privacy
2021$40 millionSingles, endorsements
2023$80 millionContinued hits, huge deals

According to reports from Forbes and other outlets, Cardi B now has a net worth around $80 million – almost triple Offset‘s fortune!

She earns big from music, endorsements, touring, and investments. Her debut album went triple platinum with multiple #1 singles like "I Like It" and "Bodak Yellow". Brand deals with Reebok, FashionNova, and others have earned her tens of millions per year.

So while Offset is certainly doing very well for himself, there‘s no denying that Cardi B has achieved far greater individual financial success up until now!

Offset‘s Assets and Income Sources Breakdown

Now that we‘ve compared the top line net worth figures, let‘s take a detailed look at exactly where Offset‘s $28 million fortune comes from:

  • Migos album sales: The rap trio has sold over 11 million albums and singles worldwide as one of the most successful hip hop groups ever. Offset likely earns at least $3-5 million per album release.

  • Migos touring: Their tours gross around $50 million per world tour. Offset receives a split as one-third of the group.

  • Solo album and single sales: His 2019 solo album Father of 4 sold over 89,000 copies in its first week. Singles like "Clout" have over 240 million Spotify streams.

  • YouTube revenue: Migos and Offset‘s music videos collectively have over 5 billion YouTube views. This generates up to $5 million in YouTube ad revenue.

  • Production and writing credits: Offset has earned income producing tracks for artists like Lil Yachty and writing lyrics for Drake.

  • Endorsements: Reebok, Glu Mobile gaming, and Beats By Dre endorsements have netted Offset an estimated $3-5 million.

  • Investments: He has invested over $2 million into esports company FaZe Clan and other startups.

  • Luxury clothing line: Offset launched a fashion line called Laundered Works Corp in 2021 that adds to his income.

  • Real estate: Owns $5.7 million mansion in Atlanta, $1.7 million LA house, and other properties.

So in summary, while music remains Offset‘s biggest income generator, he has done an excellent job diversifying his streams of income through business ventures, endorsements, and investments.

A Look at Offset‘s Lavish Lifestyle

With all those millions rolling in, Offset lives a life of luxury. Here are some of the ways he chooses to spend his fortune:

  • Jewelry collection: Offset owns diamond chains, watches, and earrings worth over $2 million. Some pieces cost $250,000+ like his rose gold Audemars Piguet watch.

  • Fleet of cars: His car collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488 Spider, and Rolls Royce Cullinan – over $1 million worth of vehicles!

  • Multi-million dollar homes: His Atlanta mansion cost $5.7 million. He spent $1.7 million on an LA house. The cribs are decked out with home theaters, game rooms, custom pools, and more.

  • Private jet travel: Offset bought Cardi B a private jet for $5.5 million! He also frequently charters Gulfstream jets which can cost $20,000/hour.

  • Lavish gifts for Cardi B: He has gifted Cardi multiple Birkin bags costing $100,000+ each, diamond watches, exotic vacations, and more.

  • Partying: Offset spends big bucks on bottle service, VIP treatment at clubs, and afterparties. Dropping $50,000 in one night is not uncommon.

Clearly, Offset enjoys the finer things in life. With Migos still touring and his assets growing, don‘t expect Offset to curb his spending habits anytime soon!

Who Makes More: Offset vs Cardi B?

Let‘s recap how Offset and Cardi B‘s current net worths compare:

  • Offset‘s net worth: $28 million
  • Cardi B‘s net worth: $80 million

Based on their net worths, Cardi B is making significantly more money than her husband Offset:

  • Cardi‘s net worth is over 2.5x higher than Offset‘s
  • She reportedly earned $28 million in 2021 – more than Offset‘s entire net worth!

Here are some key reasons why Cardi‘s personal fortune exceeds Offsets:

  • Cardi has more #1 singles and higher album sales than Offset
  • Her 2018 debut album went 3x platinum; Offset‘s solo album hasn‘t achieved that level yet
  • She earns over $20 million per year from endorsements like Pepsi and FashionNova
  • Her concerts gross higher ticket sales – up to $1 million per city
  • Cardi has earned big equity stakes (likely millions) from early startup investments

However, Offset‘s net worth is certainly nothing to sneeze at either! While his wife is the higher earner right now, Offset is still a multi-millionaire in his own right through his work with Migos and other ventures.

Offset‘s Financial Impact Beyond Dollars

When evaluating Offset‘s true impact, it‘s important to look beyond just his net worth. Here are some of his key achievements:

  • As part of Migos, Offset helped popularize the "trap music" flow and sound that now dominates the rap game.

  • His fashion sense and love of luxury brands has made high-end designer clothing more popular in hip hop.

  • His open and fun relationship with Cardi B has set a new standard for celebrity couples balancing great chemistry, mutual love, and ambition.

  • Songs like "Bad and Boujee" have become Embedded in the cultural zeitgeist with hugely popular lyrics and hooks.

So while Cardi may have the upper hand financially, Offset has also achieved immense cultural influence through his music and impact on hip hop culture, sound, and fashion. That kind of impact is impossible to measure in dollars alone!

Offset‘s Generosity: Giving Back Through Philanthropy

Offset uses part of his wealth to give back to those in need:

  • In 2020, he donated $500,000 to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund supporting justice reform.

  • His foundation provides college scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Atlanta.

  • During Covid, Offset helped donate over 1,000 meals to families in need in his Georgia hometown.

By generously giving back to his community, Offset is setting a great example of how to leverage wealth to lift others up.

The Verdict: Offset‘s Net Worth Keeps Climbing

So what‘s the final verdict on Offset‘s wealth?

Though Cardi B has achieved greater individual success up until now, Offset is still extremely wealthy with an impressive net worth of $28 million. His Migos fame and blossoming business empire will likely keep his net worth rising for years to come.

Offset certainly enjoys the fruits of fame, buying lavish homes, cars, and jewelry. But he also gives back generously and uses his platform to launch community initiatives.

Overall, Offset has come incredibly far from his modest upbringing to now living an A-list lifestyle. While he may not quite measure up to Cardi‘s net worth yet, Offset is already living the dream through music, family, and the power to help others. That‘s a true definition of wealth!



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