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Oklivetv Alternatives: 20+ Free Online Live TV Streaming Sites of 2023

Do you love to share every moment of your daily activities with friends and loved ones and want the best platform to do so in case OKliveTV fails? These top best OKliveTV alternatives are the best choices for you.

What is OKliveTV?


It is a social networking system that enables you to stream live videos and get around every happening in the world. Oknoklassniki Limited is the sole publisher and creator of the tool. With OKliveTV, you can watch unlimited live videos and share every moment of your activities with colleagues, family, and the world at large.

21 Websites Like to Watch Live TV Online

1. Vidioo


This tool is an app that enables you to watch live videos. It also lets you share video content with friends, find new friends all over the world, and send messages. Vidioo is an amazing OKliveTV alternative that makes inter-connection possible among people of various ethnicity, religion, and tribes. It is extremely easy to chat, interact, video-call, and send messengers with Vidioo. Without a doubt, it is one of the best OKliveTV alternatives.



This OKliveTV alternative has a group of communities where people from all walks of life and different parts of the world converge. It is an application for getting to know people around you and sharing lovely moments together.




This application was created by Kitty Team. It is an entertainment app that keeps you engaged with various tasks such as answering a few questions for fun. You can win amazing prizes by engaging in the task. MQ functions as a game show that you can play live. The game can be played more than once a day.

4. Mi Live

Mi Live

This is another OKliveTV alternative that acts as a social platform specifically made for broadcasters who desire to display their skills to the entire world. Mi Live is primarily created by Xiaomi Incorporation. The app functions as a new streaming platform for streaming amazing video chat and broadcast. With Mi Live, you are sure of having an interesting streaming experience.

5. BeLive


With this OKliveTV alternative, you are sure of having an interesting and attractive interaction and connection with the outside world and audience. One unique thing about the application is that it is entirely free to use. is the sole creator and developer of the BeLive application.



With this amazing application, you can watch WATCH endless amounts of live streamers perform and showcase their unique talents. LIVIT is all fun and easy to use.




This platform is an online webcam chat that is mainly created for individuals who desire to interact and meet new people from every part of the world. ZAKZAK Pro is an OKliveTV that provides various features for communicating socially and meeting new people from different parts of the world.

8. Lamour


This social networking platform is mainly for singles who desire to meet, find, and communicate with new individuals from either close-by or other parts of the world. It is a nice OKliveTV alternative.

9. Likee


This is one of the most renowned video sharing and video creation apps in the world. Likee is specifically made for anyone who desires to showcase their talents before the world and make others know what they can offer.

10. StreamKar


This application is mainly used for creating live video, live chat, and live streaming. It is a renowned application for making live videos. It also acts as an audio streaming app. With StreamKar, you can get to know new friends, video chat, broadcast anything about yourself, make live videos, and lots more.

11. Bigo Live

Bigo Live

This OKliveTV alternative is a mobile app used for chatting and making live videos. With this social networking platform, you can share your daily moments with the world and connect with any of your favorite broadcaster, fans, and colleagues. It also enables you to follow any one of your choices easily.

12. LiveMe


This live broadcasting platform is filled with over twenty-five million users from over eighty-five countries. It is a live video platform where you get to interact with various people from different parts of the world.

13. Tango


If you want to stay connected with your loved one and the people you care about, you should opt for Tango. It is a social networking application that enables you to video call, send messages, and live stream. It is completely free to use its services. It functions on all device types, whether tablets or mobile phones.

14. Uplive


This OKliveTV is entirely free to use. It is a live streaming app. The app enables you to connect with people locally or internationally. It has millions of subscribers from various places such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and a host of other countries.

15. YouStar


Another exciting OKliveTV is YouStar. It is an amazing live video application that connects you with new persons from various parts of the world. With the help of YouStar, you can easily integrate with an online community consisting of people from different cultures and beliefs. YouStar functions on both iOS and Android devices and be can be accessed from any part of the world.

16. Periscope


This smartphone app is used to explore your environment and the world at large. It does this via its live video feature. You can use the app to create your own live video and connect with people all over the world. The application can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices.

17. Camfrog


This social networking application is entirely free to use. Camfrog functions as an online chat platform that enables people to connect with one another through its live video feature. The platform is entirely free and fun to use.

18. 7Nujoom


This chatting application is one of the foremost live chatting applications. 7Nujoom can be used to stream funny videos. It has a voice chat community where people from different parts of the world communicate. The platform boasts of more than eleven million users for its amazing service.

19. Swoo


If you want to easily showcase your talent and skill to the entire world, you should opt for Swoo. With the Swoo application, you can stream the various world happenings. It is the perfect platform for showcasing your talent whether it is acting, motivating, entertaining, blogging, dancing, or others.

20. Friday Night Live-Social video

Friday Night Live-Social video

If you want to enjoy different live broadcasts from various international broadcasters and also stream live videos from any part of the world, you should go for Friday Night. The platform is created by Hua jiao and is particularly created for individuals who desire to showcase their skill, talent, and whatever they are made of to the world and connect with new people.

21. Streamago


This is the last OKliveTV on our list. Streamago functions as a live video streaming app. It enables you to make live videos and share them with your friends and loved ones. The app was created by Dr. SARL. With the help of Streamago, you can connect with an amazing community of people who you can share your daily moment with and explore the friendship circle.


This article has examined different top best OKliveTV alternatives. With OKliveTV, you can socialize with different people from various parts of the work. It is a social network platform where people get to communicate with one another. All the alternatives to OKliveTV discussed in this article are all amazing. You can give them a try.



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