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Top 11 OnlyFans Search Tools in 2023 – Techlaze

OnlyFans has exploded in popularity as a platform for creators to share exclusive content with subscribers. But with over 1 million creators now using OnlyFans, how do you go about finding the kinds of accounts you want to follow?

That‘s where OnlyFans search tools come in handy.

According to OnlyFans, these 3rd party sites help users discover new creators and narrow down the millions of accounts to find exactly what they‘re looking for.

In this guide, we‘ll share the top 11 OnlyFans search tools based on extensive testing and research. With these sites, you can:

  • Easily find OnlyFans accounts based on your preferences
  • Filter search results by categories, gender, pricing and more
  • Uncover free OnlyFans accounts and trial offers
  • Search for creators in your local area
  • Verify account credibility and safety

Let‘s dive in and explore how each of these tools can enhance your OnlyFans experience!

1. TruthFinder

I‘m kicking off this list with TruthFinder because it‘s my personal favorite for searching OnlyFans safely.

TruthFinder is a comprehensive background check service that also allows you to search for OnlyFans accounts.

Beyond just locating profiles, you can use TruthFinder to verify the identity and credibility of any OnlyFans creator you‘re interested in following.

According to their website, TruthFinder scours over 10 billion public records and social media sites to generate detailed background reports.

With TruthFinder, you get peace of mind that the OnlyFans accounts you choose to support are credible people you can trust.

Some key features I love about TruthFinder for OnlyFans searching include:

  • People Search to find accounts by name or username
  • Background checks provide social media profiles, location info, age, aliases and more
  • Reverse phone lookup connects OnlyFans accounts to real identities
  • Available on desktop and mobile apps

TruthFinder offers unlimited searches for only $28.05/month, which is well worth it for discovering and vetting OnlyFans creators safely.

Get started with TruthFinder for $1 to find OnlyFans accounts here!

2. Spokeo

Spokeo is a trusted people search engine I frequently use to find OnlyFans accounts connected to someone‘s real identity.

With Spokeo‘s deep web search features, you can input a name, email address, phone number, username or other personal details to search for associated OnlyFans accounts.

Some of the OnlyFans-related search filters Spokeo offers include:

  • Username search to find accounts by handle
  • Location filter shows creators near you
  • Social media profiles linked to OnlyFans
  • Photos & interests match OnlyFans persona
  • Relationship status & family info

Spokeo also provides background checks similar to TruthFinder, so you can verify an OnlyFans creator before subscribing.

The standard Spokeo membership is $14.95 per month, which in my opinion is worth it for the extensive OnlyFans search capabilities.

Check out Spokeo to unlock OnlyFans accounts here!

3. Intelius

Intelius is another robust people search platform I rely on to find and vet OnlyFans accounts.

With over 20 billion public records, Intelius makes it easy to uncover OnlyFans accounts associated with someone‘s personal information.

Helpful search filters include:

  • Name & username search
  • Email address lookup
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Background check reports
  • Public records search

Intelius also offers location-based searches, so you can find OnlyFans creators nearby.

I suggest using their one-time report option which starts at $0.95 to test it out for OnlyFans searching.

Click here to try Intelius for $0.95!

4. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a go-to option among my streaming friends for identifying OnlyFans accounts safely.

This people search tool looks across social media, court records, criminal records, and other public data sources to connect an OnlyFans username or persona to a real identity.

Notable search features include:

  • Username & handle lookup
  • Location-based searching
  • Public records search
  • Vetting accounts with background checks
  • View associated social media profiles

Instant Checkmate has affordable options starting at $1 for a 5-day trial, so you can test it out for searching OnlyFans without much financial risk.

Get Instant Checkmate for $1 here

5. Fansmetrics

Fansmetrics is an OnlyFans-specific search engine that makes finding new creators a breeze.

With Fansmetrics, you can filter OnlyFans searches in ways that aren‘t possible on the platform itself. Helpful filters include:

  • Search by gender
  • Sort by account pricing tiers
  • View location of creators
  • Find accounts with free trials
  • Uncover fully free OnlyFans accounts
  • Search by post frequency
  • Filter by sexual preferences

Fansmetrics also has one of the largest indexes of OnlyFans accounts that I‘ve found, with over 100k creator profiles.

The site is completely free to use and doesn‘t require an account or subscription. Overall, Fansmetrics is ideal for filtered OnlyFans searching tailored to your preferences.

Discover new OnlyFans accounts on Fansmetrics here!

6. OnlySearch

As the name implies, OnlySearch allows you to search OnlyFans specifically to find exciting new creators to follow.

With a database of over 100,000 OnlyFans profiles, this search engine indexes accounts in ways you can‘t filter on OnlyFans itself.

I especially like using OnlySearch to find accounts based on:

  • Specific keywords and interests
  • Location of creators
  • Gender and sexual orientation
  • Account prices like paid vs. free accounts

You can also browse trending OnlyFans hashtags and categories to get content ideas.

Overall, OnlySearch is a free and easy way to uncover OnlyFans accounts aligned with your preferences.

Check out OnlySearch here!

7. Reddit Communities

Believe it or not, Reddit is home to many thriving communities dedicated to OnlyFans discovery and discussion.

By participating in OnlyFans subreddits, you can crowd-source account recommendations from fellow Redditors who enjoy similar content.

Some popular OnlyFans subreddits include:

  • r/OnlyFans101 – General discussion
  • r/OnlyFansPromotions – Get new account recommendations
  • r/OnlyFansReviews – Read reviews before subscribing
  • r/OnlyFansAdvice – Tips for creators & users
  • r/OnlyFansAsstastic – Accounts with attractive rear views

The communities are also great for getting referral codes and promotions from creators advertising their accounts.

Reddit is a free way to uncover exciting OnlyFans accounts to follow based on your preferences.

Search Reddit for OnlyFans subreddits here

8. OnlyFinder

OnlyFinder operates similarly to OnlySearch as a dedicated OnlyFans search engine.

I like using OnlyFinder for its clean, easy-to-use interface and great selection of filters.

You can narrow down OnlyFans searches based on:

  • Keywords & interests
  • Gender of creators
  • Sexual preferences
  • Location of accounts
  • Free vs. paid tiers

OnlyFinder also shows related and recommended accounts which helps you go down "rabbit holes" to discover new interests.

And best of all – OnlyFinder is completely free to use without any subscription or sign-up required.

Check out OnlyFinder here

9. Search Engines

Don‘t underestimate using broader search engines like Google and Bing to find specific OnlyFans accounts.

By using the right search operators and keywords, you can track down accounts directly through search engines.

Useful search tips:

  • Put OnlyFans username in quotes to find that specific account
  • Use to limit results to OnlyFans
  • Combine OnlyFans with location, keywords, names, etc.
  • Check cached pages if account set to private

Search engines likely won‘t give all the filtering capabilities of specialized sites, but are helpful for finding niche accounts.

Click to search OnlyFans on Google

10. LinkTree

Many OnlyFans creators promote their accounts on LinkTree profiles linked from social media bios.

By browsing the LinkTrees of models, influencers and other personalities you follow, you may come across some pleasant OnlyFans surprises!

I‘ve also found creators sometimes share exclusive LinkTree discounts on their OnlyFans subscription tiers.

So if you want to find accounts from people you already know, checking their LinkTree links can reveal some hidden OnlyFans gems.

Search LinkTree for OnlyFans accounts

11. TikTok

Lastly, don‘t forget to check TikTok for OnlyFans promotions and accounts. Many creators promote their OnlyFans through TikTok videos and in their profile bios.

Helpful tips for finding OnlyFans accounts on TikTok:

  • Look in user bios for OnlyFans links
  • Check video captions for account names or promos
  • Search related hashtags like #OnlyFans and #OnlyFans101
  • Use the sound filter to find popular OnlyFans audios

By tapping into TikTok, you can find exciting new OnlyFans creators tailored to your interests.

Discover OnlyFans accounts on TikTok

Get More out of OnlyFans Search Tools

Now that you know the top OnlyFans search engines and methods, here are some tips for getting the most value from these tools:

  • Test out multiple search tools to compare results
  • Use background checks to vet any promising accounts
  • Double check location filters if privacy is important
  • Create disposable/anonymous accounts if needed
  • Leverage filters to refine searches by specific preferences
  • Subscribe to trial offers before paying full price
  • Avoid pirated content or unofficial accounts
  • Provide feedback to creators about account improvements

The right OnlyFans search tools make it easy to cut through the noise and discover exciting new creators tailored to your tastes.

And remember – being a respectful subscriber and tipping your favorite creators enables them to keep producing the content you love!

The Takeaway

As you can see, there are tons of OnlyFans search tools in 2023 that make exploring this vast platform quick and easy.

Whether you‘re looking for specific niches orverification of account credibility, these tools have you covered.

So be sure to experiment with a few options to see which OnlyFans search engines provide the results you desire.

Just remember to always be respectful of creators‘ privacy and OnlyFans terms of service while searching.

With the right blend of tools and best practices, you can unlock the world of OnlyFans in a safe, tailored and enjoyable way.

Here‘s to finding your new favorite OnlyFans creators!



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