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33 Best Open Source Games for Android (2023)

Do you like playing open source games and want to know which open source games are currently making the buzz now? This article will show you the top best open source games for android.

What are Open Source Games?

Open source games include any game that makes its source code available for download. Since they aren’t being created to make money, they’re almost always available for free. The only thing open source software developers care about is making the world a better place through interactive entertainment and showcasing their talents.

Top 33 Open Source Android Games


RVGL is a must-play for anyone who enjoys car racing video games. RVGL is one of the best open-source games. What I like about the game is that it is fast-paced and requires agility in both thought and movement.

Driving a radio-controlled car to its destination is your responsibility, and you must do so quickly and with minimal damage. You can personalize your race car’s appearance and choose from a variety of sound effects for the game’s soundtrack. Peer-to-peer tournaments are also available in the multiplayer version of the game.

2. Nethack

If you’ve never played Nethack, you’re missing out on one of the best roguelike games out there. Developed in 1987, the single-player video game has since inspired a number of other similar games. Every player must traverse a mysterious-looking land and complete 50 levels in order to emerge victorious.

You’re left to your own devices in a pitch-black lair, with only your wits to guide you through the maze. ASCII graphics are used in Netback, which means that all of the moves can be based on any key on the keyboard. The game has a steep learning curve, but it is extremely popular among players and die-hard fans.

3. Cataclysm

Zombies, dungeons, and everything else dark you could want are all part of Cataclysm, a newly released open-source game. Cataclysm is a turn-based strategy game in which the primary goal is to stay alive for as long as possible.

In a post-apocalyptic New England setting, it features several roguelike elements. The replacement tilesets go well with the game’s design, even if you don’t like ASCII-style graphics. Cataclysm may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a challenging game, as some players find it too easy.

4. Unvanquished

Unvanquished, a first-person shooter based on real-time strategy, is one of the best open-source games. In this open-source game, players are asked to choose a side and then engage in a battle with an alien opponent. Players in Unvanquished have the ability to crawl on the walls and ceilings like insects, which is a unique design choice.

You can’t play Unvanquished in single-player mode because it’s the best multiplayer game. Monthly updates keep the game fresh, but it has stale visuals to show for it. At first glance, the game’s creepy environment may be due to the inclusion of insect mechanics, but in the long run, this adds an intriguing new dimension to the gameplay.

5. Red Eclipse

There is a new twist on the first-person shooter genre in Red Eclipse, which includes parkour and impulse boosts. It enables players to perform a variety of bizarre acrobatics. This allows players to experience a wide variety of gameplay through various modes. It also includes dashing, sliding, and a variety of environments that require agility. “By the people for the people” is the basis of this free and open-source game. Red Eclipse is a relatively simple game, but it does have a few features that must be mastered.

6. Oolite

Oolite, a space trading and combat simulation based on Elite, is one of the best open-source games. The player assumes control of a spacecraft in a weightless environment as a first-person, single-player combat simulator game. The purpose of the free game is to test your flying skills, not to accomplish anything. You begin with a ship, some cash, and some weapons. This is more than enough to get you going. Glory, wealth, and progress are all part of the plan as you move forward.

7. Secret Maryo Chronicles

Super Mario is the inspiration for Secret Maryo Chronicles. Featuring an advanced editor and detailed graphics on a two-dimensional open-source platform, this is a jump and run game. The player must ensure that Maryo collects all of the scattered coins.

8. FlightGear

FlightGear is a flight simulator and one of the most distinctive open source games. FlightGear is a lot like Microsoft Flight Simulators, but it’s not quite a clone. In order to create a refined open-source flight simulator framework, FlightGear is open to anyone who wants to help out. Their goal is to avoid shortcuts and “do things the right way.” Once they’ve mastered the fundamentals of flying, the players will be tasked with taking off. You can pick from three different types of flight dynamics and learn to operate a variety of 3D cockpits.

9. UFO

This is a strategy video game based on the Quake II engine. UFO is one of the most popular open-source games. As a secret organization, the players are tasked with defending Earth from merciless extraterrestrials. Soldier realism meets science fiction in this squad-based tactical game. To keep the action moving and the stakes high, UFO uses a turn-based system that allows players to take command of their own squads.

10. FreedroidRPG

FreedroidRPG, a great open-source game based on the Diablo series, is one of the best. Cross-platform role-playing games are set in a dystopian future where humans and robots wage war for control of the world. In addition to Tux, the Linux mascot, a smiling penguin makes up the rest of the graphics. Robots are the primary target of FreedroidRPG. The players must complete the tasks of non-player characters, as well as battle robots of varying levels. FreedroidRPG’s development team claims that the game’s single-player mode has more than 10 hours of content.

11. Neverball

Like Super Monkey Ball and Marble Madness, Neverball is one of those fun open-source games. Neverball is an action-puzzle hybrid that really tests your abilities. As a player, you must tilt the floor in order to roll a ball and clear the obstacles before time runs out! Players must move the ball into the goal while collecting coins in a variety of ways in order to complete each challenge. Neverball is a fun way to learn about gravity and inertia, but collecting coins isn’t as simple as it appears.

12. AstroMenace

AstroMenace is a fantastic old-school 3D arcade shooter. AstroMenace’s user interface is adorned with eye-catching special effects and expertly crafted 3D graphics. Players must maneuver their ship through the waves, defend it from oncoming fighters, and avoid being hit by bullets, all while completing other objectives. 3D visuals and high-quality special effects accompany the 2D gameplay of AstroMenace.


13. Endless Sky

Endless Sky, one of the best open-source games, is a clone of the 1996 release Escape Velocity. Exploration of the galaxy’s countless star systems is the focus of this 2D combat and trading game. You buy a ship with a bank loan and begin as a pilot. There are more than 50 different ship types to try out. In the game, you fight pirates and eventually become a pirate yourself. To further develop their ships and keep an eye out for alien worlds and species, players can take advantage of the endless Sky.

14. Sauerbraten

Sauerbraten, a first-person shooter, originally developed as open-source software, is an excellent example of an awesome open-source game for android. Cube FPS is the inspiration for both the single-player and multiplayer modes of this game. The players must kill and collect the skulls of their enemies. They must also guard their flags against being touched by the opposing team. Players can choose from a variety of game modes in the game, including Teamplay, Instagib, Capture the Flag, and Deathmatch.

An in-game level editor is Sauerbraten’s most notable feature. It creates a fun game with an elegant open-source engine using geometry and map editing. The only thing about this game is that it has a limited player base and a lack of new content.

15. Xonotic

Xonotic, a first-person arena shooter, is one of the best open-source games. It is the developers’ goal to foster a sense of community. It is based on the Unreal Tournament and Quake games, but it also includes new features. With 16 different game modes and a variety of weapons, Xonotic has something for everyone. Deathmatch and Capture the Flag are two of the most popular game modes. To gain access to the game modes, players must first complete a series of challenges. The game’s mechanics are simple to understand, and the characters move with precision.

16. The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod is a clone of Thief by Looking Glass Studios and is one of the best open-source games. Installing the base game is required before you can play The Dark Mod. You can then choose how to install it. More than one hundred and seventy missions await! As you complete each task, you’re transported into an increasingly enigmatic world. The Training mission is always recommended for new players to begin with. Two missions and the official introduction to the Dark Mod are included in the game’s download.

17. Warsow

Warsow is a first-person shooter game. It is inspired by the classic Quake game and loosely based on Fabrice Demurger’s e-book Chasseur de bots, which is one of the best open-source games. It is a fast-paced game that emphasizes movement and speed. Cyberpunk-style graphics and a futuristic cartoon world make up the game’s visual style. Trick jumps and maneuvering are central to the game’s competitive gameplay. The game’s stylish graphics, such as the cell-shaded characters, are a standout feature. This open-source game lets you customize the interface and add your own game modes. Warsow is a fun game if you’re a beginner.

18. FreeCiv

FreeCiv is a ripoff of Civilization II. 4000 BC. It is a strategy game that takes players back to that time period. They take on the responsibilities of tribal chiefs and seek to lead their people through the ages. Their primary goal is to take your faction from the Stone Age to the Space Age, drawing inspiration from human civilizations. One civilization annihilates all others, or you reach the goal of space colonization in multiplayer games.


19. SuperTuxKart

Is Mario one of your favorite video games? If you keep Mario Kart and replace the characters with open-source mascots, you’ll get one of the best open-source games, SuperTuxKart. Gamers will be able to take control of a wide variety of characters, including Golok, Tux, and Gnu. In order to win at SuperTuxKart, you must be the first to cross the finish line. It’s possible to play single-player or multiplayer in a variety of game modes, such as Battle and Time Trial. The multiplayer game’s distinct features, such as the use and collection of Nitro cans, are intended to provide entertainment for all players.

20. Teeworlds

Open source game Teeworlds is a mashup of classics such as Kirby, Mario, and Quake. In this side-scrolling 2D shooter game, the graphics are based on physics, and the gameplay is based on teamwork. In order to keep things moving quickly, the game makes heavy use of classic shooter weapons and mechanics. This is a cross between classic sprite-based shooters and more modern first-person shooters, and it’s called Teeworlds. The goal of the game is to shoot other players or their items. It is possible to collect shields that are scattered around the map. The game enables you to create your own maps and play as a game developer!

21. The Saga Of Ryzom

The Saga of Ryzom is one of the few open-source MMORPGs, making it even more special. This game is an excellent example of how free games can be of high quality, with realistic effects and a dynamic environment. However, if you want to use all of the features, you’ll have to pay $9 monthly for a premium account. Crafting, harvesting, battle, and Assault are all part of Ryzom. There is also a super AI system, dynamic ecosystem, and no-class system. At your own pace, you can experiment and discover new things. You have complete control over your characters.

22. OpenRCT2

This game is one of the most popular open-source games. OpenRCT2 is a clone of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Players can create and manage amusement parks using OpenRCT2’s scenario and sandbox modes. Your roller coaster rides can also be designed and built easily and however, you want. As long as the assets from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 are still licensed, you’ll need to have that game installed in order to use OpenRCT2. In addition to that, the game can be played on a variety of platforms, and it includes additional features such as interface themes. OpenRCT2’s overall performance has also been improved, and it can now be played in multiplayer mode.

23. OpenRA

Popular real-time strategy titles in the ’90s included Age of Empires and Command and Conquer. OpenRA recreates real-time strategy games such as Tiberian Dawn, Dune 2000, and Red Alert. If you’re looking for a great open-source game, OpenRA is a great place to start. OpenRA retains the spirit of the original game while adding a wide range of new features. In addition to a fantastic game engine, the developers have made it possible for players to download graphics and sound effects for their games. OpenRA, one of the best multiplayer strategy games, requires players to go head-to-head against each other. A variety of defense theories, positions, and combat levels necessitate a well-managed army on the battlefield. The original game source code can also be downloaded from the GitHub repository.

24. OpenTTD

OpenTTD is a clone of Chris Sawyer’s game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, one of the best open-source games that is free to play. To make money, players in OpenTTD manage a transport company. This is a business simulation game.

Modifications for OpenTTD have added new features and enhancements when compared to the original game. New features include customizable map sizes, user-created AI, and a more intuitive user interface.

25. Minetest

What if you could play Minecraft for free? Minecraft’s development and vision may not be to your liking; however, Minetest remains the most thrilling exploration game you can play. There are no limits in the infinite world of Minetest. Each player has the ability to both explore and create their own block world. Over thirty different building blocks await you in this new world. You can fly or sail through the blocks at your leisure.

26. MegaGlest

MegaGlest, a 3D real-time strategy game, is one of the best moldable games out there. To create an unforgettable experience, it combines elements of the fantasy world with cutting-edge technology. MegaGlest is based on the now-defunct game Glest. In MegaGlest’s 17 natural settings, the emphasis is on big battles and epic adventures, as well as magic and re-imagined elements from the past civilizations. Rivers, seas, fields, cliffs, and Mountains make up the landscape of the game. All of the factions in the game are represented by one of the seven units each player controls. Players can also use it to create custom conversions.

27. Freedoom

One of the best open-source games, Freedoom, is a Doom clone. Doom’s source code is freely available, but the game’s visuals and sound effects must be purchased. In Freedoom, each level is a step up from the previous one in terms of difficulty. There are two campaigns for the single-player, and there is also a deathmatch mode for multiplayer.

Neither Doom II nor Final Doom PWAD requires a separate installation to play a deathmatch or FreeDM. A compatible game engine is required to play the free FPS action game with its decade-long catalog and thousands of DOOM levels.

28. Hedgewars

Hedgewars, one of the best open-source games, is both amusing and engrossing. Artillery, comedy, and action all combine in this turn-based strategy game. Players have access to a wide variety of weapons and tools.

Classics like grenade and shotgun are included, but there are also cake and watermelon bombs as well as bazooka. In this fantastic game, each player takes control of a group of hedgehogs and selects their own arsenal of weapons to deal with their opponents. Keep in mind that hedgehogs die when they fall into a water body or if their health power is reduced to zero.

29. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

The DCSS game, also known as Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, is a roguelike in which players create and control their own characters as they explore the dungeon. The objective of the game is to explore the dark dungeons while avoiding monsters and traps. Strength comes from fighting monsters. There are more difficult stages to come, but the power will help you get through them.

30. Armagetron Advanced

The next open-source game on this list is Armagetron Advanced. In this game, the vehicles used by the players are called “light cycles,” and they have two wheels. In their wake, the bikes’ forward motion leaves a trail of brightly colored dust. The player’s goal is to stay as far away from the arena’s walls and the light cycle trails as possible.

The goal is to cause your opponents’ computers to shut down before you do. Other game modes and the ability to rotate the vehicle through a 90-degree left or right axis are available for players’ enjoyment. Armagetron Advanced, one of the best open-source games, is straightforward and has a lot of fun.

31. Alien Arena

CodeRED, the original name of Alien Arena, was a fast-paced first-person shooter with a multiplayer mode. The deathmatch game is based on the same lines as Quake and Unreal Tournament and features retro-style maps. It’s one of the best free source games out there, with eight characters, ten weapons, and 60 levels. Tactical, Deathball and Tactical Assault are just a few of the game modes available. Are you interested in playing Alien Arena by yourself? There’s nothing to worry about. You can play against the bots if you’d like.

32. Battle For Wesnoth

Taking place on a hexagonal map, the strategy game Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based affair. Resource management and tactical combat are intertwined in this RPG. The player is tasked with building a large army, gradually transforming new recruits into seasoned veterans. In order to reclaim your rightful place on the Wesnoth throne, you must put up a fight.

An integrated map editor in Battle for Wesnoth, one of the best open-source games, lets you design your own units and campaigns. Play against friends and strangers in a fantasy-themed cross-platform game available on Linux/GNU, Windows, and Mac OS X. you can also write your own game development strategies and scenarios.

33. 0 AD

0 AD, one of the best open-source games, takes place between 500 BC and 1 BC, more than 500 years ago. During the second half of the game, players will travel through time from the year 1 AD to the year 500 AD. War and economy are the focus of this strategy game. There are a number of tasks that the players must complete before they can engage in combat. Additionally, technology and research play a critical role in this epic contest.


  1. Are open-source games free?

Not all open-source games are free. Some require you to subscribe to their premium in order to have access to its exclusive features.

  1. Are open-source available on android devices only?

No. Some open-source games are also available on other devices like iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS.


It takes time and money to create an open-source game, just like any other. If you’re a serious gamer, you should always try to afford a high-quality gaming laptop. the developers of these games place more emphasis on community and skill development rather than profit. In addition to donating money, you can help open-source developers by volunteering bug fixes expertise and your time.

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