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4 Top Optery Alternatives in 2023: Take Back Control of Your Personal Data

Hey there! Have you ever Googled yourself and been disturbed to find your personal details openly available on shady-looking data broker websites? I‘ve been in your shoes, and I know how unnerving it can be. The truth is, hundreds of these data brokers are collecting and selling our information without our knowledge. A 2021 study found that the average American‘s personal data is spread across 223 different data brokers! But don‘t worry – services like Optery let you regain control by removing your data from these sites.

Optery has been a popular choice in the personal data removal space for years. After creating an account, Optery will scout the whole internet to find instances of data like your names, emails, addresses, and more. You can then approve removal requests that Optery automatically submits on your behalf. It‘s an easy 3-click process to start reclaiming your privacy!

But Optery isn‘t your only option. I thoroughly compared the top alternatives and want to walk you through the key players in 2023. With the right removal service, you can erase unwanted data in just a few months. Let‘s dive in!

Why Remove Your Data in the First Place?

Before we get into the companies, let‘s briefly cover why getting your info off data brokers matters.

These shady data sites build massive databases by scraping content from social networks, public records, web forms, and even hacked accounts. They then sell that data to anyone willing to pay – including law enforcement, debt collectors, and even malicious actors.

According to surveys, 91% of Americans say they‘ve lost control of their personal data. Once it‘s out there, it can circulate indefinitely and be used in harmful ways, like:

  • Targeted scams, spam, and phishing schemes

  • Discrimination by companies, lenders, and employers

  • Identity theft leading to financial loss or legal issues

  • Stalkers and domestic abusers tracking you down

Yuck! Now you see why getting deindexed is so key for protecting yourself. Let‘s look at the top services that make it easy.

Breakdown of Optery

As one of the first data removal platforms, Optery paved the way for this industry. Its software efficiently searches thousands of sites and submits opt-out requests on your behalf.

Here‘s an overview of how Optery works:

  1. Enter your details: Provide info like your name, email, physical addresses, phone numbers, etc. This allows Optery to search for and remove matching data.

  2. Approve removal requests: Optery‘s technology identifies instances of your data at people search sites, data brokers, and other companies. You approve the removal requests you want submitted.

  3. Monitor your data: Optery‘s dashboard lets you monitor the removal process and receive alerts if your data reappears.

Optery‘s standard plan covers 130+ data brokers for $129 per year. It offers simple self-service removal, but lacks some convenience features of competitors. Next, let‘s explore excellent Optery alternatives to consider instead.

4 Top Optery Alternatives for Data Removal

After closely comparing privacy services, these four options stand out as the best Optery alternatives based on capabilities, value, and customer satisfaction:

1. Incogni – Best Overall Alternative

I recommend Incogni as the leading Optery replacement for most people. Incogni offers robust data removal across 180+ sites coupled with helpful privacy tools.

Users praise Incogni for its:

  • Low monthly pricing – Starts at just $9.99/month
  • Broad data coverage – Deletes data from leading US and international brokers
  • Advanced tech – Scans 20 billion web pages for your info
  • Privacy dashboard – Central hub to control your settings and removal requests
  • Seamless experience – Simple 3-click removal process

Incogni also includes extras like identity theft protection and monitoring to prevent reemergence of data. The 14-day free trial lets you test it out risk-free.

2. DeleteMe – Best for Maximum Data Removal

Owned by the privacy veterans at Abine, DeleteMe focuses exclusively on data removal. It deletes info from over 1,500 data brokers – more than any other service.

DeleteMe‘s key strengths include:

  • Industry-leading data coverage – Expansive broker network
  • Established reputation – Trusted brand with 10+ years‘ experience
  • Satisfaction guarantee – Refund if not fully removed

The one downside is DeleteMe‘s $129 annual pricing. But the unmatched data cleansing may be worth it for high-risk individuals.

3. PrivacyDuck – Best for Premium Support

PrivacyDuck is a smart choice for those wanting personalized help managing their online privacy. Along with data removal, you get VIP service like:

  • Expert consultation – Custom plan tailored to your needs
  • Ongoing support – Direct access to live privacy advisors
  • Full protection – Bundles identity/financial monitoring tools

You pay a premium for PrivacyDuck‘s high-touch service and bundled toolset. But for business executives and public figures concerned about their exposure, it‘s worthwhile.

4. OneRep – Best Budget Option

If saving money is your top concern, OneRep offers the most affordable way to delete personal data. It charges just $9.95 per month and offers a free trial.

OneRep provides:

  • Low monthly cost – Starting at $9.95
  • Free trial – Evaluate without committing
  • Simple setup – Just enter name and email
  • Monitoring – Alerts if removed data reappears

OneRep isn‘t as full-featured as other options. But for those with basic data removal needs, it delivers excellent value.

Choosing the Right Data Removal Service

As you evaluate alternatives, keep these key criteria in mind:

  • Types of data exposed – Seek broad coverage or specifics like social media data
  • Data sensitivity – Higher risk individuals need robust removal and monitoring
  • Budget – Monthly, annual, and one-time pricing varies significantly
  • Customer support – Look for responsive teams that resolve issues quickly

I always recommend reading through customer reviews and checking for satisfaction guarantees when choosing a company. Protecting your privacy is too important to leave to chance!

Regain Control of Your Personal Data in 2023

Third-party data brokers stockpiling and selling our information without consent should concern all of us. The good news is that tools like Optery and its top alternatives make it easy to erase your data from these shady sites.

I hope this overview equips you to evaluate the different options and decide the best fit for your situation. We all deserve to feel empowered to determine how much of our personal details are available online.

Here‘s to taking back control of your data in 2023! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.



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