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Perfect Privacy VPN Review – Best Secure Anonymous VPN for Windows 10 

Perfect Privacy is a Switzerland based VPN service provider (Tech Implementation in Panama) which was established in 2008 and nowadays considered to be one of the best anonymous VPN service providers in industry and committed to the privacy of its customers since the beginning. The protection of users’ privacy is their main concern.

Perfect Privacy is a very fully-featured VPN service that gives you high level military-grade encrypted privacy, protection & security of your virtual identity while surfing, and help you access all your favorite sites with highest possible level of anonymity of current time. They have been helping Internet users browse safely and privately for more than 8 years while running a premium VPN network optimized for high speed and reliability. They currently operate 39 dedicated secure servers across 23 countries to help their customers bypass censorship, geo-blocked websites and content throughout the globe with high tech privacy. By purchasing their VPN service you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, probably the fastest speed and your choice of servers in 23 countries around the world.

They run their VPN service under the jurisdiction of Switzerland, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. Apart from this, Perfect Privacy is a very privacy-focused and the best logless VPN service provider and therefore never stores any kind of identifiable connection logs or activity logs of  its users when using their services, So you can always trust your privacy to them. According to me, it is one of the best No log VPN service providers in industry for anonymous surfing .

Pricing Plan with Features

Pricing Plans

  • 1 month Plan: € 13.49/Month
  • 3 month Plan: € 11.98/Month (€ 13.49/Month); Save 11.17% if you buy this plan
  • 6 month Plan: € 10.99/Month (€ 13.49/Month); Save 18.52% if you buy this plan
  • 12 month Plan: € 10.41/Month (€ 13.49/Month); Save 22.81% if you buy this plan
  • 24 month Plan: € 8.95/Month (€ 13.49/Month); Save 33% if you buy this plan

All clients, regardless of the duration of the contract, have access to the full functionality and all services of Perfect Privacy VPN. The features are as below-

Included Features in all packages (at a glance)

  • 39 Dedicated VPN Servers in 23 countries
  • Unlimited traffic, Bandwidth and Server switching
  • 100mbps to 3000mbps bandwidth server speed
  • Only username & email address required to sign up
  • No connection logs, No Activity logs stored
  • Full featured & Powerful VPN Client software/apps
  • IPv6 leakDNS Leak protection & Kill-switch options
  • Protection from IP leak through SNMP/XSS
  • OpenVPN, IPSec, SSH2-Tunnels or PPTP protocols
  • Maximum security with up to AES-256Bit encryption
  • StealthVPN to bypass VPN connection detector-DPI trapped by censored countries
  • Cascading over several VPN servers with Multi-Hops
  • Proxies (SOCK5, HTTP) even with cascaded VPN connection
  • Random exit IP, 8 Port-forwarding
  • TrackStop to block server-side ads, malware, browser fingerprint, unwanted domains
  • Unlimited devices connection at a time
  • Compatible with all major Operating System and Devices
  • Multiple Payment Methods including Bitcoin
  • A 7 Day Money Back Policy adopted
  • 24/7 Support via email, Forum and TeamViewer

Usually your account will be activated immediately upon receipt of payment. Your login details will be delivered via e-mail you signed up with. They do not need any personal data from you except a working e-mail address–no name, no address, no contact number.

Accepted Payment Methods

Perfect Privacy accepts these following payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa/Master Card, Cash, American Express, Mobiamo, UnionPay. Beside these, it also offers PaymentWall offers different payment options depending on your country. More than 60 payment options available via Paymentwall as mentioned in the picture below:

Compatible with all major Devices & Operating Systems

Device & OS compatibility is a very important matter in VPN perspective, because if you purchase any VPN service that is not compatible with the device or operating system you use then you have loosen your money. So, in this Perfect Privacy VPN review I’ll somewhat discuss about its device and OS compatibility.

Perfect Privacy supports multiple devices for their VPN applications. Whether PC, NoteBook, SmartPhone or Tablet—you can use Perfect Privacy on all your devices, even simultaneously. PerfectPrivacy is also compatible with major operating systems including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android.

39 Servers Located in 23 Countries

Perfect Privacy has 39 VPN servers across 23 countries worldwide.  They use dedicated servers and completely renounce virtual servers, and their authorities have full control to them and all servers are entirely managed personally by their technical staff. Admin access to servers is not provided for any third party.

The Countries include: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

Perfect privacy VPN runs only dedicated servers which are managed in a RAM-disk to secure clients anonymity and privacy, where as many VPN providers may run their VPN functionality on a single server with data physically stored on the hard drive. With unlimited speeds and unlimited server switches, you can connect from anywhere in the world.  And they’re incredibly reliable, with average uptime of 99.9%. So there’s no need to worry about your VPN not being available. They’re committed to be solid as a rock.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Speed & Switching

Unlike many other VPN providers, Perfect Privacy VPN assures that they will never limit you to use bandwidth, speed or server switching. You also most welcome to be connected to any of their servers, anytime, without restrictions or download caps. Easily switch between server locations is widely available at no additional charge. In short:-

  • Unlimited Speed: No throttling Ever.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: No bandwidth restrictions or download caps.
  • Unlimited Server Switching: Switch between locations at no additional charge.

There is no traffic limit or throttling in Perfect Privacy. However, it is to be noted that the Perfect Privacy servers and its bandwidth are shared among all users. So they ask that you respect other users and do not over utilize any server: If you make traffic that would put a significant load on a server for a longer period of time, then you are requested by Perfect Privacy to split it among several Perfect Privacy servers so all other users are not affected and can enjoy our service as much as you do.

How ‘Perfect Privacy VPN’ manages user’s Internet Security and Privacy 

In this Perfect Privacy VPN review, my main focus is to depict the security and privacy level of Perfect Privacy. Let’s know something about it in detail.

Being Incorporated in Data-Privacy-Friendly Country is a Plus Point

Perfect Privacy VPN is officially incorporated in Switzerland. And Switzerland has a well-known reputation for respecting privacy if information and fortunately has established a legal framework to protect this reputation. Basically privacy protections for Internet activities of users are provided for under Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). Fortunately the right to Internet privacy is guaranteed in Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. Unlike the data protection legislation of many other countries, the DPA protects both personal data pertaining to natural persons and legal entities. Switzerland has also established global frameworks and safe harbors with the EU, the United States and other countries, which extend privacy protection beyond its borders. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland ruled in 2010 hinting that IP addresses fall into the criteria of personal information, and under Swiss privacy laws they may not be used to track Internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved.

Self Managed VPN servers  to ensures higher privacy and security

Perfect Privacy only uses dedicated servers and completely renounce virtual servers which are operated only by them exclusively for their users. They developed zero-knowledge DNS service to increase user privacy and defeat censorship across the world. Every time you connect to their VPN, you will automatically use those self-managed DNSs. That guarantees you more safety and online privacy.

Extremely Powerful & World-Class VPN Client Software/App

In this Perfect Privacy VPN review, I’ll depict an overview of the security and privacy level of Perfect Privacy VPN client software in detail.

Perfect Privacy, with  their dedicated team composed of talented and expert IT security personnel, has been able to develop a very innovative, impressive, competitive and very powerful VPN client software that has, with great features, one of the most secured and end-to-end encryption technology in industry to ensure the most up-to-date, high performing and feature-rich security service. They have developed this vpn client software especially to defeat censorship, protect your personal data and prevent tracking you while you’re online. The reasons why I said this client software powerful are as below-

VPN-Software includes multiple Protocols to ensure internet Privacy

For ensuring utmost online privacy and security in any situation, Perfect Privacy offers a variety of VPN protocols so that you can set your preferred level of encryption, speed, and privacy protection between your computer and the VPN server location you connect to. When you use their VPN, all in-and-outgoing connections between your computer and their VPN server are anonymized with military grade privacy and no third-party can see your real IP and DNS address. The Protocols are: OpenVPN (TCP & UDP), IPsec, SSH2 Tunnel and PPTP. So you can choose which one to use, depending on your needs.

Capability to hide IP address assigned by Local ISP

Well…I performed multiple tests using OpenVPN and IPsec protocol of Perfect Privacy at different IP tracker websites to see how much capable their VPN client software is of hiding my real IP assigned to my local ISP. I am extremely impressed that I found all of the results supremely ‘OK’. I, for example, have shown below here an image of one of my test results got at renowned IP tracker website where I used OpenVPN. The image shows that their VPN client software works perfectly in hiding my local IP address, as my IP is not visible here at all. You only see a France (Paris) IP Address perfectly altered by Perfect Privacy VPN.

Capability to prevent DNS Leak 

You should know that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is able to read and monitor what you do on the internet by storing file-logs and records in their servers about your whole internet activities. When connected to a VPN, a user automatically connects with VPN’s DNS server instead of ISP’s DNS. This way, the ISP doesn’t know which domain you are accessing or what website you are visiting. But, in rare cases it can happen that your system will revert back to your ISP’s DNS server, exposing your online activities to your ISP. So ‘DNS leak protection’ feature has been invented by VPN providers to mask your local ISP’s eye to let them not see and record your internet activity at all.  To do this, Perfect Privacy added ‘DNS Leak Protection’ option in their VPN software.

DNS leak Protection‘ option includes three different checking facilities as mentioned below-

Activate while tunnel is active:

This will prevent all DNS lookups that are not routed via VPN.
This DNS leak Protection will be deactivated once you disconnect the VPN connection.
This DNS leak Protection will not be deactivated if the program crashes or the tunnel fails.
This level of protection is recommended for most users.

Activate while program is active:

This will prevent all DNS lookups that are not routed via VPN as long as the program is active.
This DNS leak Protection will be deactivated once you exit the program.
This DNS leak Protection not be deactivated if the program crashes or the tunnel fails.
Activating this option will protect you even if you accidentally disconnect the VPN tunnel.

Activate permanently:

This will permanently prevent all non-VPN DNS lookups even if you exit the program.
This level of protection should be used by advanced users.

I performed multiple ‘DNS Leak’ tests using OpenVPN protocol and France (Paris) server of Perfect Privacy at different ‘DNS-Leak-tracker-websites’ to know about the capability of their client software in preventing DNS leakage. And I am very delighted to report that ‘DNS leaks’ were never detected during those tests. I, for example, have shown below here 5 images of my test results got from , ,  , and . You can notice below  that they all show the common result of absolutely ‘No DNS Leak’, as you only see some other DNS IP addresses and related information replaced by Perfect Privacy; not the information of DNSs assigned to my local ISP. Perfect….

Kill-Switch: So that you’re Not Exposed in case of unwanted VPN Disconnection

Kill-switch is an innovative feature to ensure data privacy and security of all users by disabling all internet activities when the VPN disconnects. To ensure complete protection, PerfectPrivacy added this ‘Kill Switch’ feature as Firewall Protection option in their VPN software  that disconnects all your internet activities if the VPN connection drops. It means when kill-switch is enabled and the connection interrupts, the client software automatically blocks all outgoing network connections so that your real IP is protected from being exposed. This is an optional feature so you can switch it on if you feel the need.

In most disconnection cases, users do not even realize that their VPN connections have stopped working. Cyber criminals and surveillance agencies stay on the lookout for these few unprotected moments to get into a system and compromise its security. Luckily, this will not be the case anymore with PerfectPrivacy users. As soon as you have established their OpenVPN or IPSec connection, all traffic should automatically be routed through this tunnel, even without any firewall protection. However, under some circumstances it is possible that certain software may circumvent this tunnel. To prevent this, the Perfect Privacy VPN client provides three different kill switch levels of firewall protection.  See the image below-

According to my practical experience, Perfect Privacy’s Kill-Switch technology works very strongly and perfectly.

Capability to prevent WebRTC IP Leak 

Reports from some users have brought to light a Internet security hole first in VPN industry that might reveal your local IP address to websites/web-browsers through ‘WebRTC’. The ‘RTC’ in WebRTC stands for Real-Time-Communication, and the API directory is used for voice calls, video chats, and p2p file sharing.  This WebRTC was originally developed to aid certain types of connections between browsers without the need for an additional plugin. But today’s most remarkable worrying subject in VPN industry has been WebRTC that could be used to discover your local IP address assigned to your local ISP, even under the presence of a VPN connection.

So, does Perfect Privacy VPN client software have the capability to protect your local IP address from being leaked through WebRTC? Yes, Perfect-Privacy added 3 different levels of ‘Firewall’ options, as I mentioned above with an image, in their client software that prevents WebRTC IP leakage.

To get this answer, I have performed multiple tests on this issue using OpenVPN protocol  (without any WebRTC IP leak controller extension) at different IP-Leak-Tracer-Websites. I am very delighted to state that Perfect Privacy  passed the tests perfectly and No WebRTC IP leak were detected, at all, during my tests. I, for example, have shown below here 5 test results got at , , ,  and .The results show a common IP address as WebRTC Local (Private) IP address which is assigned to Perfect Privacy; not assigned to my local ISP. So, my Local IP address is not leaked through WebRTC technology. See the images below-

Note: To increase ‘WebRTC Local IP leak protection’ security, I recommend you to use updated Mozilla Firefox browser (and completely avoid Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Comodo Dragon etc browsers), while being connected with VPN, for ensuring more privacy. If you add ‘Disable WebRTC’ extension to Mozilla Firefox Browser and perform the same test at the same WebRTC IP leak tracer websites just mentioned above, then you’ll get more perfect result and even Perfect Privacy’s local (Private) IP address will be absolutely invisible. See the images below-

In case you use ‘Google Chrome‘, you are recommended to add ‘WebRTC Control‘ extension to an updated Google Chrome to prevent ‘WebRTC IP Leak’ perfectly.

Capability to prevent IPv6 Leak 

IPv6  stands for ‘Internet Protocol version 6’. It is also called IPng (Internet Protocol next generation). IPv6 is the most recent version of the IP (Internet Protocol). It is basically a communication protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet. IPv6 was developed by the ‘Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)’ to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 is intended to replace the current version of IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4).

As IPv6 routes traffic across ISP (Internet Service Providers) and Websites, nowadays it may be possible that user’s traffic requests will be traced by third party or malicious attacker even when connected to an IPv4 VPN. This risk may take place stealthily while surfing any website by downloading any advertisement, image, or css file from an IPv6 URL, and it can even occur over Bittorrent also. In this way it would be possible to spy on the user’s website browsing history or online activity simply from leaked IPv6 requests. So, protecting IPv6 leakage is very important.

This is why Perfect Privacy has added a feature that specifically forces all IPv6 traffic to route through their VPN tunnel; thus blocking any potential leak at the source. Perfect Privacy fully support IPv6, you are also protected from IPv6 leaks, no matter what operating system you are using. They offer IPv6 addresses on most servers. Anonymous connections to IPv6 services from everywhere are possible without any problems.

StealthVPN to bypass DPI (Deep Pack Inspection) Firewall 

Nowadays different websites, ISPs and Governments of different countries around the world are using DPI (Deep Pack Inspection) technology to spy on people’s online activities and control their access to the Internet. This DPI can only tell them that you are using encryption and that your packets are coming from a VPN server. And It is not a magic wand that breaks encryption. And so far, despite pretending to do exactly that, not even the NSA has ever broken a single packet with or without DPI.

To solve this DPI issue, Perfect Privacy VPN added an option ‘StealthVPN (STunnel, SSH, Obfsproxy 2, Obfsproxy 3)’ to their software so that user can check this option in order to protect his VPN traffic from being traced and finally blocked by user’s ISP, governments or any websites that use DPI firewall. See the image below-

I performed multiple tests using OpenVPN (TCP) protocol with StealthVPN options at to know about how much capable Perfect Privacy is of preventing its VPN connection from being inspected and traced by any 3rd party. I am delighted to say that No VPN connection was detected and traced ever by .  I, for example, have shown below an image of my test result got at  where I used StealthVPN (STunnel)  and OpenVPN protocol (TCP; AES-256bit-CBC) optionsThe result says– ‘We could not detect your connection type‘. See the image below-

If VPN connection was detected, then it would say – ‘You are connected via generic tunnel or VPN and have made …. hops. Your connection type (generic tunnel or VPN) is rather uncommon for the average internet surfer, and could suggest proxy/VPN use’.

So, PerfectPrivacy is a great choice for the users who live in such countries that practice Internet censorship such as China, Turkey, Iran, the United Arab Emirates etc

Cascading with Multi-Hops over Multiple Servers

With PerfectPrivacy VPN client you are allowed to establish a cascaded VPN connection, which only works with OpenVPN, over up to four different servers. To establish this type of connection you will need to activate cascading in the software first. The cascaded connection usually increases the latency (ping time) -By how much, will depend upon the conditions and numbers of the servers involved in the cascade. However, the bandwidth should not normally be affected that you can still download with full speed. The use of a cascaded connection is not recommended for you if you are running software that requires low latency (like online games).

TrackStop (Powerful Blocker)

TrackStop has been developed by Perfect Privacy basically with a view to helping users to get them rid of internet attackers or trackers by blocking malware, browser fingerprints, ad-tracking, phishing sites and unwanted domains. Users of Perfect Privacy can activate this TrackStop feature in their respective member areas. Once you active it, the Perfect Privacy nameservers will automatically filter out the unwanted domains. You can also choose among different blocklists and can now block unwanted domains directly on VPN-level such as Tracking and Advertising domains, Malware domains, Phishing domains, Facebook Domains, Social media domains, even Google domains.

With TrackStop you can block annoying ads, tracking cookies and protect your computer from malware too that can be injected via banner ads. With it, you can enjoy surfing without ads.

TrackStop will protect you against absorbing snapshots of your fingerprints when you are using your Browser with or without VPN.

Since TrackStop blocks tracking domains when browsing with a VPN, the VPN gateway servers will not see any relation to your browser even when you are surfing without Perfect Privacy VPN.

So I recommend you to activate TrackStop to get more control over your internet privacy by using Perfect Privacy VPN

Privacy Policy

Perfect Privacy VPN is seriously committed to user’s privacy. To ensure their users’ privacy they accept Bitcoin too from their users to pay for their services. So, you can pay anonymously using only your email address.

Perfect Privacy is also one of the best Logless vpn service providers in industry; meaning they neither store user’s connection-logs (user’s local IP address, time-stamps during connecting or disconnecting attempt) nor activity-logs whatsoever. They neither can relate any internet activity with any specific user account nor can they match any specific user’s identity with any Internet activity. They stated-

On none of our servers are any logs which would enable a de-anonymization. []

We do not log any logins or connections you make. []

Privacy related 12 Questions  answered by Perfect Privacy support team 

1-Q:  a) Which country is your VPN Company officially incorporated in and under what jurisdiction(s) does it basically operate? b) Is there any mandatory data retention law under that jurisdiction(s) to store any personal information (like name, local address, country, contact number etc.) or any kind of identifiable connection logs or activity logs of your VPN users in your database?

1-Ans:- a) Perfect Privacy is registered and operates in Zug, Switzerland. b) No, we are not and have never been forced to retain data of any kind.

2-Q: Is your VPN Company a sister company of any company incorporated under such jurisdiction which has any law that can be used to impose your VPN Company, through the company of which your VPN Company is sister company, to handover any personal information or any identifiable logs of your VPN users whenever they want?

2-Ans:- No, Perfect Privacy is an independent entity that operates under its own label.

3-Q: a) Are the servers you use as VPN gateway in different locations basically built-in-house servers that you own or are they Dedicated servers or VPS/Cloud servers hosted on 3rd party hosting companies for rent? b) What privacy and security measures do you take to keep them safe and secure from any possible adversaries of current time? I am asking this, because there is an argument specially about VPS/Cloud servers that if VPN providers don’t own the VPN servers rather host them on third party hosting companies, they have no way to be sure the hosting companies don’t have any stealth key or backdoor into the hosted servers to keep logs, and there may have possibility for hosting companies to store or take snapshots of use- logs. What do you say about this privacy issue?

3-Ans:-a) All our servers are dedicated servers (no VPS) hosted at various data centers around the world. b) All our servers are running in containers in memory (RAM) only, no Perfect Privacy data is ever stored on disk. We also monitor the operating system for tampering and are able to determine if any of our images have been modified.

4-Q: a) Where have you hosted your VPN website —on built-in-house server or any VPN gateway server or absolutely separate server other than them?  b) When an customer gets registered, which server do you manage to store user’s account information — on any VPN gateway server or same server where website has been stored or absolutely separate server other than them? c) Is the account area you provide to users after registration—a built-in-house account area or any third party software? d) What privacy and security measures do you take to keep users’ account area and personal information safe and secure from  any possible adversaries of current time?

4- Ans:- a) The website is hosted on our own server and operated separately from our VPN infrastructure. The fastest VPN gateways run nginx as a cache for static content (images, etc) but not the user database which is on a separate server. b) Account information is stored only in the secure backend. The vpn gateways only know what is necessary (username/password). c) The account area was built in-house with no third party involved. d) We only store the data that is strictly necessary: Whether the account is active and when it it will expire and the username and password. The username can be selected by the user while the password is always random; users cannot set their own password so that even in case of a compromised database no other services the of the user will be affected because of password re-use. Furthermore, we do not record any user’s internet activity so it is not possible to determine which user accessed a certain website, service or resource.

5-Q: a)  For getting registered, beside ‘username’, email address and password do you also require full name, local address, country, contact number, postal code etc from users? If so, then why? B) Do you store debit/credit card information, bitcoin wallet address etc on your database if user uses those respective payment methods to purchase any VPN plan? Many argue that these types of information mentioned in (a) and (b) reduce user’s privacy and anonymity specially when court order or subpoena is received to investigate about any active user. What do you say about this privacy issue?

5-Ans:- a) The only data we need from a user is a valid email address (this can be a throw-away email only used for signup). b) We do not handle payment processing, this is done by bitpay or paymentwall, depending on the payment method. We only store the data necessary to verify that the account was paid.

6-Q: We see what username and password are used to login to user account-area are also used to login to VPN client software/apps. And that means user account area is linked with VPN client software/app . a) Do you store or monitor user’s real IP address and time stamps when he mare logs in to or logs out from both the account area as well as VPN client software/app? If you do, then which server do you manage to store them —VPN servers or any separate servers where website or user’s personal account information is stored?

6-Ans:- We do not store or monitor user’s real IP addresses or timestamps at any time. See our answer under 4d) for more details.

7-Q: When user pushes ‘Connect button’ of VPN client, then obviously user’s VPN client software understand which username belonging to which user-account is authenticating VPN Server access for VPN tunneling. Do you store ‘username’ and IP address and timestamps other identifiable logs of user when he connects to or disconnects from VPN tunnel through VPN client software/app?

7-Ans:- As stated before we do not store any IP addresses or timestamps on any of our servers. The username and password of course needs to be known to the vpn gateways to authentificate the user but this data is not sensitive.

8-Q: Do you store any user’s activity logs on VPN gateway servers that can help specify any specific user? If so, then it is for how long and why?

8-Ans:- No.

9-Q: Suppose a court order has come to your company against any of your IP addresses that has been used for any online activity and that should be under official investigation. If enforcement agency goes into the entire content of associated VPN servers which the accused IP address belongs to, then will you or enforcement agency be able to find out any connection/activity logs of any particular period of time in any way that can be matched with any user account.  I am asking this because, we know all most all of the professional VPN providers basically provide shared IP addresses to ensure sufficient interface crowding on the servers and crowding is used to increase the total number of users sharing the same IP, which combined with encryption makes it harder for a 3rd party to attribute an outgoing connection to an incoming one thereby significantly increasing users’ privacy. So it becomes harder to identify any particular user’s logs. But yet, if hypothetically we assume that user ‘X’ is the only user who is using a VPN server at a particular short period of time (for example 10 minutes) and none other else, then can you anyhow identify which account-user is using the server, what his real IP address is, what location he is residing in and what activities he is performing at that specific time period?

9-Ans:- There have been incidents in the past where Perfect Privacy servers were seized but never was any user information compromised. Since no logs are stored in the first place and additionally all our services are running within RAM, a server seizure will never compromise our customers. We blogged about such an inceident last year: []

10-Q: There is an argument that third party DNS servers may keep user’logs. Do you use third party DNS server? If so, then how do you protect user’s privacy?

10-Ans:- No, we exclusively use our own domain name servers.

11) Do you use any third party support software (like email software, Live Chat software etc) which is linked to the user-accounts and that holds information or logs of subscribed users?

11-Ans:- No, we are using an in-house email server.

12)  If you receive a valid court order or subpoena that requires your company to identify any active user of your VPN service, then a) what do you do? b) what will you be officially able to provide them from account area and VPN servers?

12-Ans:- For any court order or police inquiry we get, the only step on our side is to inform the contacting party that we do not have any data that would allow the identification of a user.

7 Day Money Back Policy

Perfect Privacy VPN adopts a 7-day money back policy. If you are less than 100% satisfied with the Perfect Privacy VPN service, as the service proves to be not usable for you, they have assured that they will gladly refund your payment if the refund is requested within seven (7) days from the date of the purchase. Requests will be denied if they are made after this seven (7) day purchase date window. However, before refunding, they will troubleshoot an issue you experience first. So, if you are having technical difficulties you should e-mail their support team ([email protected]) before claiming a refund. They will be happy to solve any problems. Also you should understand that Perfect Privacy support may ask for additional information related to the request sent to your account e-mail address. If you fail to provide requested information within fourteen (14) days from the date of the request sent by Perfect Privacy, then you you are forfeiting the entire refund request and that you are not eligible for a refund under this Section.

Customer Support

Perfect Privacy offers customer support via Email and  ‘Contact Form’ on their website. Answers to some important common questions about the company, software usages and services have also been provided in their Info and FAQ’s section. They also offer  support of ‘Team-viewers’.

Go to

Remarkable Pros

  • A Renowned high quality VPN provider based in Privacy-Friendly country, Switzerland (Tech Implementation in Panama)
  • 39 Dedicated VPN Servers in 23 countries worldwide
  • Unlimited traffic, Bandwidth and Server switching
  • 100mbps to 3000mbps bandwidth server speed
  • Only username & email address required to sign up
  • No connection logs, No Activity logs stored
  • Full featured & Powerful VPN Client software/apps 
  • IPv6 leakDNS Leak protection & Kill-switch options
  • Protection from IP leak through SNMP/XSS
  • OpenVPN, IPSec, SSH2-Tunnels or PPTP protocols
  • Maximum security with up to AES-256Bit encryption
  • StealthVPN to bypass VPN connection detector-DPI trapped by censored countries
  • Cascading over several VPN servers with Multi-Hops
  • Proxies (SOCK5, HTTP) even with cascaded VPN connection
  • Random exit IP, 8 Port-forwarding facilities
  • TrackStop to block server-side ads, malware, browser fingerprint, unwanted domains
  • Unlimited devices connection at a time
  • Compatible with all major Operating System and Devices
  • Multiple Payment Methods including Bitcoin
  • A 7 Day Money Back Policy adopted
  • 24/7 Support via email, Forum and TeamViewer
  • 2 days paid trial

Remarkable Cons

  • Little Expensive (worth what services it gives and its costs are very similar to iVPN, ExpressVPN etc)
  • No free trial (7 day money back guarantee)
  • No live chat support

Our Take on Perfect Privacy VPN

In this review, I am warmly delighted to say that Perfect Privacy VPN is, according to me, one of the most secure and best anonymous VPN services I have reviewed in this website. Firstly, you can register with them using only email address and/or username, and buy any premium plan with bitcoin anonymously. Secondly, because  my tests proves that Perfect Privacy VPN perfectly ensures military grade encrypted privacy of user’s identity and other important information, while surfing online, by hiding local IP and geo-location from unauthorized inspection of any third party. Thirdly, It is based in a very privacy friendly country Switzerland where there is no data retention law. Fourthly, Perfect Privacy VPN is a true Logless vpn service provider; meaning, as I stated above, they neither store user’s connection-logs (user’s local IP address, time-stamps during connecting or disconnecting attempt) nor activity-logs whatsoever. They neither can relate any internet activity with any specific user account nor can they match any specific user’s identity with any Internet activity. Evidence mentioned above also proves that even Douch Police was not able to manage to get any user’s identifiable logs from two seized servers of Perfect Privacy VPN located at Rotterdam  as  they simply don’t store any user’s identifiable logs. So, Perfect Privacy VPN may be a great choice in terms of users’ privacy especially for those (like truth seeker journalist, news reporter, blogger) who face a severe need of end-to-end online anonymity and privacy in upholding true information in the internet against powerful bad/corrupted organizations ( like bad governments, bad law enforcement agencies, bad politicians etc.) with a view to protecting themselves from the probable harassment that might take place by those bad organizations, because if these organizations even illegally force Perfect Privacy VPN to handover all possible identifiable information of any specific user to them, they will not be able to officially match any specific user’s identity with any Internet activity. Fifthly, Perfect Privacy VPN is highly recommended for those users also who want to bypass any country’s Internet Censorship &  Content Surveillance, as well as to access any Geo-Blocked Website, or to view or download any legal file or video with great speed, in the form of P2P or torrenting, with profound privacy.  In this perspective, Perfect Privacy VPN is one of the best offshore anonymous VPN service providers in industry.



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