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Is Piers Morgan Net Worth As Impressive As His Career? From TV Personality to Wealth Accumulation

Piers Morgan is one of the most recognized – and controversial – media personalities in the world. With an estimated net worth of $20 million, Morgan has built immense wealth and fame through a long career in television, journalism and publishing. But how did Piers Morgan amass such an impressive fortune? Let‘s take a closer look at Morgan‘s varied career, resilience through ups and downs, and the money he‘s made along the way.

Summary of Piers Morgan‘s Wealth and Career

  • Piers Morgan has an estimated net worth of $20 million, amassed over a 30+ year media career.

  • He first gained prominence as a sensationalist British tabloid editor in the 1990s.

  • Morgan built his fame and fortune as a reality TV judge, talk show host and morning show anchor.

  • He has proven resilient, reinventing himself despite setbacks. His wealth reflects his staying power.

  • At only 58, Morgan still has potential to grow his fortune and cement his status as a media icon.

Morgan‘s Wild Ride to a $20 Million Net Worth

Piers Morgan has one of the most recognizable faces – and voices – in media today. But his path to fame and riches has been far from smooth.

Morgan got his start in British tabloids, with stints at The Sun, News of the World and the Daily Mirror. As editor of News of the World in 1994 at age 28, he was the youngest ever to run a British national newspaper.

But Morgan’s tabloid tactics were controversial. He published sensationalist stories and photos with questionable reporting methods. After a market crash in the early 2000s, Morgan tried to reinvent the Daily Mirror into a more respectable publication.

However, in 2004 Morgan was fired from the Mirror when he fell for faked photos allegedly showing British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. The scandal dealt a blow to Morgan‘s reputation.

Rather than slink away in disgrace, Morgan pivoted to television. He landed judging gigs on America‘s Got Talent and Britain‘s Got Talent, criticizing aspiring acts with his caustic wit.

ShowYearsEst. Salary
America‘s Got Talent2006 – 2011$2 million per season
Britain‘s Got Talent2007 – 2010$2 million per season

Morgan earned millions through these shows at a reported $2 million per season. Though he‘d been sacked from UK media, American audiences took to his blunt personality.

From 2011 to 2014, Morgan went back to his journalism roots hosting Piers Morgan Live on CNN. He conducted interviews with major celebrities, politicians and newsmakers. At CNN, he reportedly earned $2 million per year.

Ups and Downs: Controversy Never Hurt Morgan‘s Bank Account

Morgan‘s CNN show struggled in the ratings and he was eventually replaced by Anthony Bourdain. Once again, Morgan had to reinvent himself after a high-profile setback.

He returned to British TV as a co-anchor on Good Morning Britain from 2015 to 2021. Morgan rebuilt his image interviewing politicians and holding leaders accountable.

But controversy was never far behind. Morgan frequently made incendiary comments on air, including criticisms of Meghan Markle that led him to storm off the set in 2021. After refusing to apologize, ITV terminated Morgan‘s contract.

Yet again, Morgan leveraged scandal into more money and fame. In 2021 he made global headlines for his Meghan Markle remarks and signed a new deal with Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp.

Morgan constantly courts controversy, but it has never severely damaged his wealth long-term. Instead, he monetizes fame and outrage into new opportunities.

According to Jonathan Shalit, chairman of InterTalent Rights Group, Morgan is "one of the most talented TV presenters in the world today.” His staying power is proven by the stability of his estimated $20 million net worth.

New TV Show Deal Adds to Piers Morgan‘s Fortune

In 2021, Morgan signed a global deal with News Corp to host a new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, on its talkTV channel.

According to company filings, Morgan earned £50 million ($63 million) over 3 years. That adds significantly to his $20 million+ net worth according to Wall Street and wealth analysts.

Morgan also signed a deal for Uncensored to air on Fox Nation in the US. Between Britain and America, Morgan‘s distribution is massive. This contract proves his enduring popularity despite past controversies.

Books, Columns and Other Endeavors

While TV has been Morgan‘s main income source, he has earned from other endeavors:

  • Authoring 8 books including British bestsellers The Insider and Don‘t You Know Who I Am Yet?. Successful authors typically earn 6-15% royalties. If Morgan sold 500,000 copies at $20 each, he may have netted over $1 million from book sales.

  • Writing columns for the Daily Mail that probably earn him six figures annually.

  • Paid speaking gigs and corporate appearances that can pay $50,000 or more.

  • Investments and business holdings that contribute passive income.

According to Sydney Lipworth, chairman of Celebrities First, these ventures “all accumulate into fairly healthy numbers.” While Morgan‘s fame comes from TV, he has wisely diversified his income.

Lavish Lifestyle Reflects Morgan‘s Wealth

So how does Piers Morgan spend his millions? He enjoys a lavish lifestyle with multiple luxury homes, cars and posh vacations.

His real estate portfolio includes a $9.6 million mansion in Kensington, London along with homes in Los Angeles and New York. He travels between them privately and frequently holidays in places like St Tropez.

Morgan owns expensive vehicles like a $200,000 Aston Martin DB9 and Rolls-Royce Ghost. He dines at upscale restaurants and has courtside seats at sporting events.

Clearly, Morgan spends generously on comforts befitting his wealth. But he also invests in property to grow his fortune.

The Road Ahead: Can Piers Morgan Stay Rich and Famous?

Piers Morgan has defied the odds by remaining wealthy and relevant after 30+ years in the cutthroat media business. But can he continue that success?

At only 58 years old, he still has plenty of money-earning years left. With his new TV show launching globally, Morgan is poised to grow his fortune even higher.

But eventually viewers may tire of his antics and controversies. To stay rich and famous long-term, Morgan will need to keep reinventing himself – and avoid PR disasters that finally sink his career.

According to Robert Watts of the Sunday Times Rich List, Morgan is “a clever operator who knows how to get people to watch him on TV." But to remain a top personality, Morgan must heed the lessons of his own unpredictable career: nothing lasts forever.

Yet for now, Piers Morgan shows no signs of slowing down. His estimated $20 million net worth is a testament to his staying power. Love him or hate him, over 3 decades Morgan has done what few media personalities can – stay relevant, and keep getting richer along the way.



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