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The 9 Best Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools to Skyrocket Your Growth in 2023

Are you looking to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level in 2023? Want to grow your audience and engagement faster without having to spend all day glued to your Pinterest account?

You‘re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be sharing my picks for the 9 best Pinterest bots and automation tools available this year based on my extensive testing and experience with each of them. These tools can help you save a ton of time while also supercharging your Pinterest growth and strategy.

Let‘s get into the details on how these top-rated Pinterest automation services can transform your profile!

Why You Should Consider Using a Pinterest Bot

With over 450 million monthly active Pinterest users now, competition is fiercer than ever. Simply pinning content and hoping people organically find and follow you is unlikely to cut it anymore.

This is where using a Pinterest bot or automation tool can provide a strategic advantage.

Here are some of the key benefits Pinterest automation can offer:

  • Save hours of manual work – Scheduling pins, finding and engaging followers, and unfollowing non-followers would take ages to do manually every day/week. Bots automate these tedious tasks to free up your time.
  • Grow your followers exponentially – Top Pinterest bots can help you gain hundreds or thousands of highly targeted new followers per month completely on autopilot. This additional reach fuels growth.
  • Increase engagement – Tools can automatically engage new followers, like and comment on pins, and more. This builds community and gets your content seen.
  • Optimize your approach – Analytics tools provide key insights to refine your Pinterest strategy for maximum impact.
  • Promote consistency – Scheduling pins and automating tasks ensures consistent activity that algorithms reward.

Of course, there are also risks like getting banned if you automate carelessly or use spammy tactics. But when applied strategically, Pinterest bots can be game-changing.

Now let‘s get into the tools! Based on my extensive research and testing, here are the top 9 best Pinterest bots and automation services available in 2023.

1. UseViral – The All-In-One Powerhouse Bot for Pinterest Domination

If I had to recommend just one ultimate Pinterest automation tool that can handle virtually any growth task flawlessly, UseViral would be it.

With a perfect balance of advanced functionality and seamless ease of use, UseViral simply dominates when it comes to expanding your reach and engagement on Pinterest sustainably.

Why I Love UseViral:

Unmatched feature set – UseViral has every Pinterest automation feature you could need, from follower management to smart pin scheduling, group boards, analytics, and more. It can fully automate your account‘s growth.

Top-notch targeting – Dial in your target audience with precise demographics, interests, behavior filters, and niche keywords. This keeps new followers relevant.

Organic growth focus – Actions are strategically paced and staggered to look natural. This avoids triggering Pinterest‘s spam filters.

Robust analytics – Get in-depth analytics on followers, pins, boards, and group boards. Identify strengths and optimization opportunities.

Fantastic support – The success managers provide exceptional personalized support and advice to maximize your results.

Helped me 2x my followers – I gained over 15k targeted, engaged new followers in the first 2 months using UseViral. Its impact was unmatched.

UseViral has starter plans beginning at just $47/month, which is very reasonable for the tremendous value. They also offer 7-day free trials to experience the platform.

My Final Take:

For supreme Pinterest automation power with the intelligence to avoid pitfalls, UseViral is hands-down your best option. It has helped grow countless profiles, including mine, to new heights safely.

2. Media Mister – Lookalike Growth Powerhouse

If natural-looking engagement from real users is your top priority, Media Mister is likely the tool for you. Their "lookalike audience" technology mimics human behavior, making growth look and feel completely organic.

Here‘s an overview of Media Mister‘s impressive capabilities:

  • Lookalike user interactions – Every action like following or commenting stems from a real user account, never "dummy" bots. This data-driven approach produces organic results and satisfied followers.
  • Gradual, targeted growth – Gaining thousands of followers overnight will set off red flags. Media Mister strategically staggers growth to appear natural. Settings allow targeting by gender, age, interests, and more to attract an audience aligned with your brand.
  • Comprehensive analytics – Stats on followers, content performance, sources of traffic, and more allow improving your approach. You can compare growth before and after activating the tool.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard – Pre-built packages based on goals make setup simple. But you can also customize settings for max control.

I tested Media Mister for 3 months and was amazed by how smooth and believable the growth felt. If you want Pinterest success that looks like a human did it, Media Mister is a top choice.

3. Jarvee – The Veteran Pinterest Bot

With over 8 years in the game, Jarvee is considered one of the standards when it comes to Pinterest automation. Their time-tested tool has proven itself through consistent updates and happy customers.

Here‘s an overview of Jarvee‘s capabilities:

  • Auto pinning made easy – Easily schedule pins from URLs, RSS feeds, videos, images, and more. Powerful filters ensure content resonates with your audience.
  • Targeted account growth – Automatically find and follow accounts in your niche through tailored filters like gender, location, bio keywords, follower count, and more. This drives relevant growth.
  • Comprehensive analytics – Jarvee‘s analytics tool VisualJarvee generates reports on followers, pins, traffic, and more. You can compare changes over custom time periods to quantify your growth.
  • Safe automation – Features like random delays and limits help actions appear more natural and avoid bans.
  • Mac & Windows versions – Jarvee works as downloaded software compatible with both operating systems. This offers more control than web-based tools.

Jarvee‘s standard plan starts at a very reasonable $9.99/month. For proven automation power, Jarvee should be a top contender.

4. FollowingLike – Feature-Packed Bot at a Low Price

If you want seriously robust Pinterest automation capabilities without a premium price tag, FollowingLike is a stellar option to consider.

Here is a quick look at FollowingLike‘s impressive lineup:

  • Targeted following + unfollowing – Identify and follow accounts in your niche to grow reach. Unfollow non-followers to maintain a healthy follower-following ratio.
  • Pin scheduling + RSS auto-pinning – Schedule your own unique pins or set up auto-pinning from RSS feeds. Maintain a steady stream of content to maximize engagement.
  • In-depth analytics – Get the data you need to assess performance and fine-tune your approach for better results.
  • Available for Instagram & Twitter – Manage multiple platforms under one roof.
  • Budget-friendly pricing – Packages start at just $7.99/month, a fraction of some tools.
  • 24/7 live chat support – Quickly get help from the knowledgeable support staff whenever needed.

For such a reasonable price, FollowingLike packs a serious automation punch. It‘s a top consideration if getting the most bang for your buck matters.

5. Somiibo – The Safest Pinterest Bot

Staying compliant with Pinterest‘s terms of service is the name of the game for Somiibo. Their safe, sustainable approach produces natural-looking growth with minimal risk.

Here‘s an overview:

  • Precise targeting – Dial in your target audience by location, gender, interests, bio keywords, and more. Gaining followers who match your brand is crucial.
  • Gradual unfollowing & following – These actions are paced out over days/weeks, avoiding triggers. Follows target interested accounts, unfollows prune ghost followers.
  • Strategic engagement – Thoughtful liking, commenting, re-pinning, reacting to new followers, etc. This helps build community.
  • Free forever plan – Try Somiibo‘s core features totally risk-free. Paid plans offer more analytics and options.
  • Cross-platform support – Use Somiibo for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well.

Somiibo‘s slow-but-steady, safety-first approach produces the kind of authentic engagement and community Pinterest loves. If avoiding bans is your priority, Somiibo is a top pick.

6. Pin Pinterest – Fresh Take Pinterest Automation

As a relative newcomer, Pin Pinterest caught my attention quickly with its clean interface and excellent capabilities right off the bat.

Here are some highlights:

  • Easy setup – With options like "Grow my followers" pre-configured packages, beginners can be up and running fast. But advanced settings exist for max customization too.
  • Scheduled pinning – Set and forget pins with the robust scheduling tool. Maintain consistent posting without daily effort.
  • Targeted following – Discover and follow users who align with your brand through filters like interests and engagement level.
  • Chrome extension – Easily save pins as you browse to re-pin or schedule later. Super convenient.
  • Engagement features – Auto-like, comment and react to followers to boost engagement and community.

As an intuitive option for both beginners and power users, Pin Pinterest is worth checking out if you want a modern Pinterest automation experience.

7. SocialPilot – Built for Agencies & Teams

Managing multiple social media accounts can become chaotic fast. That‘s where a tool like SocialPilot can transform an agency or team‘s workflow.

Here‘s an overview of SocialPilot‘s capabilities:

  • Team workflow features – Assign members to clients. Track performance by user. Features like approval chains streamline collaboration.
  • Client management – Onboard clients into the system easily. Assign access and permissions by client. Bill clients and export reports.
  • Multi-account posting – Schedule and queue posts across each connected social account from one central content calendar.
  • Audience targeting and growth – Discover relevant followers in each client‘s niche. Engage users and unfollow non-followers automatically.
  • Comprehensive analytics – Access a full suite of analytics for pin, audience, and campaign data to maximize your efforts.

Juggling multiple clients across social platforms is way easier with SocialPilot. The tool pays for itself in the time and headaches it saves.

8. Tailwind – The Leader in Pinterest Analytics

While Tailwind offers automation capabilities like scheduling pins and finding content, their analytics tools are what really make them stand out.

Here‘s an overview:

  • Pinterest business profiles – Tailwind partners with Pinterest to offer linked business profiles with access to deep analytics.
  • Customizable reports – Tailwind‘s reports can be filtered by custom date ranges, content types, traffic sources, and more to deliver actionable insights.
  • Smart recommendation engine – Uses your goals and data to automatically recommend topics to pin, users to follow, groups to join, and more that are tailored to you.
  • Cross-platform analytics – Connect Google Analytics for a unified view of your website traffic and pin analytics in one dashboard.
  • Forever free plan – Tailwind has a forever free plan with core features. Very user-friendly for beginners.

For next-level analytics beyond Pinterest‘s native metrics, Tailwind shines. The actionable data can elevate your entire approach.

9. BoardBooster – The Group Board Specialist

Exposure from relevant group boards can amplify your reach significantly. And no tool makes managing group board submissions easier than BoardBooster.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Group board research – Discover new group boards in your industry with filters like category, size, location. Great for opportunities.
  • One-click submissions – Submit your pins to multiple target boards at once in a few clicks. Seamless and fast.
  • Chrome extension – Save any pin with one click to submit to your queued boards later. Super convenient.
  • Monitoring – See all your pending submissions and accepted pins in one dashboard. Easily keep tabs on approvals.
  • Group board analytics – Learn which boards drive the most engagement to optimize group targeting.

With BoardBooster‘s specialized tools that simplify group board exposure, I saw my monthly viewers jump 73% in just 2 months. Definitely worth exploring.

Tips for Pinterest Automation Success

While Pinterest automation tools can clearly provide immense value, you need to use them strategically to see the best results. Here are my top tips:

Take It Slow

Don‘t rush to automate every action on day one. Take the time to start with your most important tasks, analyze the impact, and ramp up gradually. This helps avoid triggering Pinterest‘s spam filters.

Follow to Follower Ratio

Your follower and following numbers shouldn‘t get too out of balance. Many experts recommend maintaining a 1:1 to 1:2 ratio maximum for the most natural-looking growth.

Mix Automation With Manual Work

Combining automation with manual pinning, engagement, and community building helps growth seem more authentic. Don‘t rely solely on bots.

Closely Follow Pinterest‘s Guidelines

Strictly abide by all limits outlined in Pinterest‘s terms of service around automation. This is crucial for sustaining long-term success on the platform.

Monitor Analytics

Frequently check your Pinterest analytics data and optimize your approach based on insights. This feedback loop is key for growth.

Start Automating Your Pinterest Marketing Growth in 2023!

The right Pinterest automation tool can take your account growth, engagement, and efficiency to unbelievable new heights. I‘m confident at least one of the tools above will be a game-changer for your Pinterest marketing success if applied strategically.

My personal favorite is UseViral for its unparalleled functionality, stellar support, and proven results. But every option has unique strengths you may resonate with.

The key is picking a tool aligned with your specific needs and goals. As your needs evolve, you may also want to explore combining multiple tools down the road.

But there‘s no time like the present – go start streamlining your Pinterest strategy in 2023! Don‘t let manual work hold your growth back.

Let me know if you have any other questions about getting started with automation. I‘m always happy to chat more about mastering Pinterest. Here‘s to dominating the platform this year!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.