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Is Prince Harry and Meghan Divorce Reddit Discussion Based on Reality or Mere Speculation?

Hi friend! I know you‘ve been wondering what‘s real and what‘s rumor when it comes to speculation about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle headed for divorce.

I dug into this royal drama and I‘ll give you my take: While divorce is possible given their challenges, much of the Reddit chatter seems premature based on speculation more than hard proof.

But before drawing conclusions, let‘s look at the background behind these viral rumors and why they triggered such a strong reaction from fans and critics alike…

A Whirlwind Romance Turned Rocky

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s relationship has been a rollercoaster ride:

Nov 2016 – Their romance begins secretly after being set up on a blind date

Nov 2017 – Engagement announced

May 2018 – Royal wedding ceremony watched by 29 million globally

May 2019 – Birth of son Archie

Jan 2020 – Announce decision to step back from royal duties

March 2021 – Explosive Oprah interview seen by 50 million worldwide

June 2022 – Harry & Meghan depart for the U.S. and settle in California

After a storybook royal wedding that sparked so much hope, troubles emerged.

Constant scrutiny, royal family rifts, and giving up careers took a toll. Cracks in the fairy tale romance began to show.

Meghan had also been married once before to producer Trevor Engelson from 2011-2013.

Some wonder if history will repeat itself and the shine of newlywed bliss will fade into disenchantment for Meghan once again.

Ominous Signs of Relationship Troubles

According to marriage counselors, some warning signs of divorce may include:

  • Frequent arguing over minor issues
  • Lack of communication/intimacy
  • Feeling unhappy more often than not
  • Disagreeing over major life decisions
  • One or both partners pulling away emotionally

Sources have claimed Harry and Meghan exhibit some of these behaviors:

  • Heated quarrels over their royal roles and media treatment
  • Communication issues with the royal family back in the UK
  • Admitting major struggles behind closed doors
  • Clashing over where to live and their future as royals
  • Rumors of Meghan feeling isolated and unhappy

Do these suggest deeper problems plaguing the marriage? Or are they manageable issues faced by any couple under extreme duress?

Public Perception of the Divorce Rumors

Polls indicate a split between those who think divorce is imminent versus unlikely:

PollBelieve Divorce RumorsDon‘t Believe Rumors
Morning Consult28%43%

So predictions vary, but more see divorce as improbable or premature based on current evidence.

Royal fans lean heavily toward denying the speculation:

  • Consider it idle gossip with no credibility
  • View Harry and Meghan‘s bond as strong despite challenges
  • Blame media bias against Meghan for negative rumors
  • Note the couple‘s sweet interactions at recent public engagements

Critics read signs of marital misery into Harry and Meghan‘s every move:

  • Claim growing estrangement based on body language
  • Highlight Meghan‘s emotional distance and disengagement
  • Suppose she longs to return to her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle
  • Believe the royal life has disillusioned the American divorc√©e
  • Expect her post-royal career ambitions to torpedo the marriage

But divining inner feelings from afar can lead to questionable conclusions. Without knowing the private truth, the reality remains uncertain.

Relationship Experts Weigh In

Commentators with marriage counseling expertise offer qualified takes:

"Every marriage hits rocky patches. Theirs seems exacerbated by unique circumstances. But with care and commitment, many overcome far worse." – Dr. Janet Blair, Psychologist

"Adjusting to royal life would strain any relationship. Rumors thrive on limited information. I‘d caution restraint in predictions without facts." – Mark Williams, Family Therapist

"Tabloids amplify marital woes for sales. From afar, we only see a sliver of their dynamic. Jumping to divorce seems premature." – Dr. Katherine O‘Donnell, Author of Modern Love

The consensus urges perspective. No one knows the struggles playing out behind closed doors. Divorce can‘t be diagnosed from a distance without far more intimate understanding.

By the Numbers: What Predicts Divorce?

Research on factors linked to higher divorce rates provides data-driven insights:

  • Age gap – Spouses with 2+ years between them divorce at higher rates. (Harry and Meghan are separated by 3 years – he‘s 38, she‘s 35).
  • Prior divorces – 60% of second marriages end in divorce. (Meghan was previously married to Trevor Engelson.)
  • Length of courtship – Couples who date 1-2 years before marrying have the lowest divorce rates. (Harry and Meghan dated 1 year.)
  • Fame – Celebrity couples divorce at triple the rate of non-famous couples. (Greater fame magnifies outsider scrutiny.)
  • Social media – Excessive social media use correlates to increased marital dissatisfaction. (Harry and Meghan face constant online attention.)

So by some predictive measures, Harry and Meghan do check higher risk boxes.

But statistics can‘t dictate any one couple‘s fate. They face unique pressures as public figures. Overall, the data offers limited perspective into private marital dynamics.

Lady Colin Campbell‘s Divorce Lawyer Claims

In June 2023, British socialite Lady Colin Campbell dropped a bombshell in an interview:

"I know that Harry has spoken to divorce lawyers in London…People have been in touch with me to relay that."

This explosive, unverified claim spread like wildfire. But no evidence exists to substantiate it beyond Lady Colin‘s word.

Some key considerations:

  • As a royal commentator, Lady Colin has been critical of Meghan in the past. Does she have an agenda?
  • She provided no proof of the divorce lawyer allegations. Should we accept them at face value?
  • Harry and Meghan firmly rebuffed the claims. Who stands to gain from this narrative?
  • Might Lady Colin be exaggerating or misrepresenting what she heard?

Until further details emerge, skepticism seems warranted about the veracity of this gossip.

Meghan‘s State of Mind Under Scrutiny

Vanity Fair journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis described Meghan as having a "warped sense of reality" in a recent profile.

She portrayed Meghan as:

  • Fixated on fame over duty
  • Refusing accountability for missteps
  • Surrounding herself with yes-men
  • Believing own PR myths

But consider alternate perspectives:

  • Stress of nonstop vilification warps anyone‘s reality
  • Meghan shows passion for philanthropy over fame
  • She acknowledges and apologizes for mistakes
  • Her friends provide empathy many lack
  • She focuses on the positive amidst relentless attacks

None of us can fully grasp her state of mind. We interpret her words and actions through our own lens.

That Resurfaced Modeling Clip…

In 2023, a brief clip of Meghan acting in a racy scene for the 2015 film Anti-Social gained huge traction online. She appears topless making out with her co-star.

Debates have raged over several aspects:

  • Does it demonstrate Meghan‘s willingness to use sex appeal to get ahead?
  • Or is it an acting job no different than roles by other celebrities?
  • Does the existence of this clip mean she‘s unfit to be a royal?
  • Or is it irrelevant to her marriage and simply dredged up to shame her?

The fact is, actors sometimes take provocative roles early in their careers. The clip alone reveals little about her character or relationship.

Its significance seems exaggerated. Still, it captivates audiences drawn to gossip.

My Takeaway – What‘s Plausible Based on the Evidence?

We‘ve explored so many angles around these divorce whispers. Where does the truth likely lie?

Here‘s mytake as someone who‘s followed their story closely:

  • Divorce can‘t be ruled out. Their rifts with the royals, prior marital history, and rumored clashes do raise eyebrows.

  • But the evidence remains thin. Beyond speculation and gossip, there‘s minimal proof they‘ve reached the point of consulting divorce lawyers.

  • The relationship still shows signs of care. Their anniversary tribute and public warmth suggest all is not lost between them.

  • External factors strain any marriage. Relentless scrutiny and toxic media attention would tax even the strongest bond.

  • Only Harry and Meghan know the full truth. From afar, we see just glimpses through the lens of bias.

So in the end, I don‘t think divorce is a foregone conclusion…yet. But the challenges they face can‘t be minimized either. Their future likely hangs in the balance as they navigate a complex mix of internal and external pressures.

There‘s my honest take! Let me know if you have any other thoughts. I‘m glad we could delve into this dramatic royal saga together. Until next time!



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