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10 Best Instagram Private Profile Viewer Apps in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Private Instagram accounts have become ubiquitous – but you may still need to access these profiles at times. For instance, as a parent monitoring your child‘s account, an employer reviewing a candidate, or just wanting to peek at your crush‘s IG secretly.

Private profile viewer apps enable you to ethically and anonymously view these accounts when necessary. But with so many options today, how do you choose the right tool?

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the top 10 private Instagram viewers in 2023 based on careful analysis of features, privacy protections, credibility, user experience and more.

By the end, you‘ll have the knowledge to confidently select an app that aligns with your budget and viewing needs. Let‘s dive in!

Our Top Picks for Private Instagram Viewers

If you just want the quick recommendations, here are our top 3 choices:

Best Overall: mSpy

  • Offers robust monitoring features beyond private profile viewing
  • Excellent customer support and proven reliability

Easiest to Use: InstaEntry

  • Beginner-friendly app ideal for one-time or casual use
  • Provides instant viewing access with minimal steps

Most Private: Anonymous Viewer

  • Website-only access leaves no app footprint
  • Guarantees completely anonymous and untraceable viewing

But keep reading for the full analysis of the top 10 apps!

Why View Private Instagram Profiles?

Before we look at the tools, let‘s discuss why accessing private Instagram accounts is useful in the first place:

  • Parental monitoring – Parents want to oversee children‘s digital activities to ensure safety. Viewing private accounts allows monitoring without following your child.
  • Screening candidates – Employers may review candidates‘ social media as part of background checks, requiring viewing private profiles.
  • Dating research – People want to learn more about a potential romantic partner‘s life. Peeking at their Instagram can give insights.
  • General curiosity – We all get curious about friends, peers or public figures‘ private lives. Privately viewing their accounts lets you satisfy the curiosity.

According to Business of Apps, 25% of the 1 billion monthly Instagram users have private accounts. With privacy concerns rising, that percentage will likely keep increasing.

Having legitimate reasons to ethically access these private accounts is normal. The responsible viewing tools covered next enable you to do so without detection.

1. mSpy: Best for Comprehensive Monitoring

mSpy tops our list for providing excellent private account access alongside robust monitoring capabilities for texts, calls, locations and screen time.

Standout Features:

  • View all photos, videos, Stories on private Instagram accounts
  • Track direct messaging conversations
  • Monitor texts, call logs, real-time GPS location
  • Screen time and app usage monitoring
  • Works on both jailbroken iOS and Android devices

Ease of Use

Despite its advanced features, mSpy has an intuitive dashboard that guides new users through setup and navigation. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided for installation. Accessing the core viewing features is very straightforward.

Privacy & Security

mSpy prioritizes user privacy – your viewing of private profiles is entirely anonymous and untraceable. Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption protects collected data.


Monthly packages start from $70, with better value 1-year and 2-year deals available. Family kits covering multiple devices are also offered.

Credibility & Support

mSpy is a highly credible service launched in 2010. They provide 24/7 live chat and email support should you need troubleshooting.

"I‘ve used mSpy successfully for more than 5 years to monitor my kids‘ accounts closely including private Instagram and Snapchat. The alerts and tracking capabilities give me peace of mind that they stay safe online." – James D., parent

With its versatile monitoring tools, mSpy is ideal for parents overseeing children‘s digital activities across multiple platforms. Try out the no-risk demo to experience it yourself.

Robust device monitoring capabilitiesiOS app requires jailbreaking
Intuitive, newbie-friendly dashboardOn the pricier side
Industry-leading credibility & reviewsPotentially invasive for non-parental use

2. Anonymous Viewer: Most Private Option

Living up to its name, Anonymous Viewer prioritizes privacy above all when viewing private Instagram accounts.

Standout Features:

  • Website-only access leaves no app trace
  • Untraceable account viewing with no logs kept
  • No account creation needed to start viewing
  • Add multiple Instagram accounts to view easily

Ease of Use

The website-only access makes viewing private accounts incredibly easy. Just enter the username to instantly access photos and videos.

Privacy & Security

Your private viewing remains completely anonymous with no app downloaded or logs kept by Anonymous Viewer.


A 3-day free trial is offered. Following that, affordable weekly ($4.95) and monthly ($9.95) plans are available.

Credibility & Support

Anonymous Viewer has earned positive reviews since launching in 2019. They respond to emails within 24 hours for any user issues.

"I was able to stalk my ex‘s private Instagram without any risk of them being notified. It was super simple to use the Anonymous Viewer website too." – Grace F., New York

If complete anonymity is your priority, Anonymous Viewer‘s website-only access makes it the most private choice with no app footprint left behind.

Website-only for enhanced anonymityNo ability to save photos
No account or info needed to start viewingSlower loading than some apps
Untraceable viewing guaranteedLimited to viewing only

3. InstaEntry: Best User Experience

InstaEntry stands out for its incredibly easy private profile access in seconds – no expertise needed.

Standout Features:

  • Streamlined app for instant private profile viewing
  • Add multiple Instagram accounts to view
  • Includes option to download images and videos

Ease of Use

Simply enter the username to gain immediate access to private profiles. The clean interface makes it super straightforward.

Privacy & Security

Your viewing of private accounts is kept anonymous and confidential by InstaEntry.


A free 3-day trial is offered. Following that, affordable weekly ($15) and monthly ($69) plans are available.

Credibility & Support

InstaEntry is less known than some competitors but has positive reviews. Support assistance is available by email.

"As a first-time user just wanting to peek at my girlfriend‘s Instagram, InstaEntry provided simple, quick access without any hassle." – Brad U., San Diego

For casual viewing, InstaEntry‘s hassle-free app offers the best overall user experience and quickest access.

Beginner-friendly intuitive interfaceLacks advanced monitoring tools
Instant private account access in secondsLesser known provider than some
Easy one-time or occasional useLimited support options

4. Snoopza: Best for Downloading Content

Snoopza enables discreet downloading of photos, videos and other content from private Instagram profiles.

Standout Features:

  • Save and export images from private accounts
  • Download Instagram Stories to view offline
  • Monitoring features for texts, browser history and location

Ease of Use

Navigating the wider monitoring features takes some learning. But downloading private media is easy – a clear enhancement over viewing only.

Privacy & Security

Snoopza guarantees anonymous viewing and downloading from private Instagram profiles.


Subscription plans start from $35 monthly, with better annual rates available.

Credibility & Support

Snoopza has delivered reliable service since launching in 2021. Support agents are available 24/7 via live chat.

"The ability to download my boyfriend‘s photos for when he eventually blocks me was so worth it. I‘ve got all his private Instagram pictures backed up thanks to Snoopza." – Jade S., Los Angeles

For saving content from private accounts, Snoopza is the ideal choice. Test it yourself using the free trial.

Download capability for private account mediaiOS app requires jailbreaking
Advanced monitoring features like location trackingSteeper learning curve
Trusted credibility with 24/7 live supportEthical concerns over downloading media

Now that we‘ve covered the top 4 Instagram private profile viewers, let‘s quickly summarize the remaining options:

5. Inspy: Best Free Trial

  • 14-day free trial available
  • Track private account Stories and posts
  • No app download required

6. Spyic: Best for Multiple Platforms

  • Monitors Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and more
  • Includes phone screen recording
  • Powerful location tracking features

7. TailSpy: Best for Text Monitoring

  • Track private Instagram activity
  • Extensive text message monitoring
  • Search text content for keywords

8. IGPass: Best Bulk Account Viewing

  • View up to 10 accounts simultaneously
  • Download account photos and videos
  • $3.33 weekly subscription

9. PrivateGram: Best Private Story Viewing

  • Access private Stories anonymously
  • Limited post viewing capabilities
  • 24-hour views available for $2.99

10. GramRocket: Best for Occasional Use

  • 7-day access for just $4.99
  • Photos and Stories accessible
  • Limited search filters and features

So those round out the top 10 Instagram private profile viewers and their notable strengths. Now let‘s compare key factors to determine the best choice for your specific needs.

Comparing the Top Instagram Private Profile Viewers

To help summarize the options and key differences, here is a detailed comparison table:

mSpyAnonymous ViewerInstaEntrySnoopza
Price$70+ monthly$4.95+ weekly$15+ weekly$35+ monthly
Best ForComprehensive monitoringMaximum privacyEase of useDownloading content
App RequiredYesNo, web onlyYesYes
Key Features– View all private content
– Save photos/videos
– Text, call & location tracking
– Untraceable viewing
– No app or account needed
– Web access for anonymity
– Beginner-friendly
– Instant private access
– Streamlined interface
– Download private photos & videos
– Save content to device storage
– Additional monitoring tools

Some other key factors to compare include:


Do you just need private account viewing? Or are extra monitoring tools useful for your needs? Anonymous Viewer and InstaEntry focus solely on private profile viewing. Meanwhile, mSpy and Snoopza offer capabilities like text monitoring, keystroke logging and location tracking.

Platform Compatibility

Most tools work across iOS and Android devices. But some like mSpy require iPhone jailbreaking for full functionality. Web-only services like Anonymous Viewer allow access from any device browser without app installs.


Prices range from $2.99 for 24 hours (PrivateGram) up to $70+ monthly for premium packages (mSpy). However, anonymous private viewing can be found for as low as $4.95 weekly (Anonymous Viewer). Evaluate pricing in relation to the value delivered.

Customer Support

Reliable customer service demonstrates a commitment to users. mSpy and Snoopza lead here – offering 24/7 live chat and email support. Others like InstaEntry provide more limited email-based assistance.

Expert Tips for Responsible Private Account Viewing

While private viewers provide useful access in many cases, keep these responsible viewing tips in mind:

  • Only use ethically and for legitimate purposes like parental monitoring. Never harass or stalk others.
  • Avoid tools asking for human verification or surveys, which could steal your information.
  • Keep screenshots and downloaded media private. Publicly sharing would be unethical.
  • Monitor children’s accounts transparently and discuss digital safety openly with them. Don’t spy excessively.
  • Look for apps with strong privacy standards like anonymized viewing and data encryption.
  • Frequently check your privacy settings and review follower lists on your own profiles.
  • Delete browsing history and account data from viewer apps when your purpose has been fulfilled.

FAQs About Private Instagram Viewers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about accessing private Instagram profiles:

Are these tools allowed by Instagram?

No. Private profile viewing violates Instagram‘s terms of service. The tools enable discrete access but are not officially authorized.

Can the account holder tell I viewed their profile?

Not if using a reputable, anonymous viewer. The private browsing will be completely untraceable to them.

Do I need to create an account with the viewing app?

Some apps like mSpy require account creation, while others like Anonymous Viewer do not since they operate through website access.

What are risks of using these apps?

Main risks are exposure of your data if selecting an unreliable app and viewing accounts without owners‘ consent. Use ethically and prioritize privacy-focused apps.

Can I save photos/videos from the private profiles?

Certain tools like Snoopza allow discretely downloading content from the viewed profiles. Others only permit viewing the accounts without saving media.

Can I view private accounts without downloading an app?

Yes, web-based services like Anonymous Viewer enable private account viewing directly through the website with no app required.

How Private Instagram Viewers Work

These tools use advanced techniques to provide anonymous access to private profiles, such as:

  • Proxy networks – Rerouting your viewing traffic through remote servers hides your IP address and identity.
  • Session hijacking – This involves accessing active Instagram sessions already logged into a target account for seamless viewing without separate login.
  • Web scraping – Private profile content can be automatically extracted and displayed to you as the anonymous viewer.

Security researchers and ethical hackers are constantly evolving methods for bypassing Instagram‘s private profile restrictions. Responsible tools utilize these techniques so regular users can benefit from private account access.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide gave you extensive knowledge to select the right Instagram private profile viewer app based on your specific preferences and use case.

Key factors to keep in mind are price, features, credibility, privacy protections and ease of use. Apps like mSpy and Snoopza provide robust monitoring capabilities, while tools like Anonymous Viewer and InstaEntry focus just on private account viewing.

There are ethical ways to leverage these viewers for purposes like parental monitoring and checking candidates‘ profiles. But avoid viewing private accounts excessively as that crosses into unethical stalking behavior.

Whichever tool you select, be responsible by keeping screenshots private, deleting data after use and maintaining transparency with children around monitoring their accounts.

Have you used a private Instagram viewer before? Let us know your experiences in the comments!



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