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7 Top Removaly Alternatives in 2023 (It Shut Down!)

Are you searching for the best Removaly alternatives now that the popular online privacy service has closed its doors? With data breaches on the rise, keeping your personal information off the internet is more important than ever. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the top 7 replacement services to help safeguard your data in 2023 and beyond.

Saying Goodbye to Removaly

First, a quick background for those unfamiliar with Removaly. Founded in 2015, Removaly was a platform that automated the process of removing users‘ personal information from data broker websites. The service submitted opt-out requests on your behalf to over 50 sites like Whitepages, MyLife and Spokeo to limit your exposure online.

Removaly gained popularity among privacy-conscious consumers in its early years, amassing over 100,000 users. Unfortunately, Removaly was acquired by new owners in 2022 and subsequently shut down. While the full reasons are unclear, experts believe the decision was made to eliminate a competitor.

Regardless of the cause, Removaly‘s disappearance leaves a huge gap in the online privacy space. And it couldn’t come at a worse time. Identity theft and data breaches are surging, with the number of exposed consumer records jumping 68% to 38 billion in 2022. Clearly, individuals need reliable solutions to reclaim control of their digital footprint now more than ever.

7 Robust Replacements for Removaly

The good news? There are plenty of privacy management platforms that can pick up where Removaly left off. Based on expert analysis, these 7 alternatives stand out from the pack:

ServiceKey FeaturesPrice
IncogniAutomated data removal, daily scans to maintain privacy, easy-to-use, top-rated supportFree – $399/year
DeleteMeBroad data source coverage, dashboard to manage requests, automated form filling$129/year
AuraAll-in-one suite including credit monitoring, device security, identity theft insurance$10/month
Privacy BeeSpecializes in people search site removal, simple set-and-forget solution$99/year
OneRepHands-on support team, proactive monitoring, manual result verification$499/year
KanaryLow-cost self service removal, automated request filling$29/year
OpteryAutomated removal plus human verification of results$299/year

Now let‘s explore each of these top Removaly replacement services in more detail. I’ll overview how each one works, key capabilities, pricing and ideal user fit so you can determine which is right for your needs.

Incogni: My #1 Recommended Removaly Alternative

If you‘re looking for an easy-to-use and affordable all-in-one privacy protection service, Incogni is my top recommendation for replacing Removaly.

Here‘s an overview of Incogni‘s key features and benefits:

  • Automated data removal – Incogni scans the web and submits opt-out requests on your behalf to over 180 data broker sites. You just provide your info once for hands-free removal.

  • Daily scans to maintain privacy – Incogni resubmits removal requests frequently to ensure your info stays off websites long-term. Other tools remove data just once.

  • Simple setup and use – With an intuitive mobile app and web dashboard, Incogni makes it easy for anyone to manage their privacy in just minutes a month.

  • Responsive U.S. support – Incogni‘s customer service team receives rave reviews for resolving issues promptly and keeping your data removal on track.

  • Affordable pricing – Packages start at $99 per year, with a free version covering basic removal needs. Much cheaper than competitors.

For an automated and hassle-free way to replace Removaly‘s capabilities at a fair price, Incogni is the clear frontrunner. You can even try Incogni‘s core removal features for free to experience the benefits first-hand.

Get started with Incogni today.

DeleteMe: Feature-Packed Removaly Alternative

With robust options for managing data removal requests, DeleteMe is another leading Removaly replacement. Here are the key highlights:

  • Remove info from a wide range of sites – DeleteMe can submit opt-out requests to people search sites, data brokers, directories and some search engines.

  • Automated form filling – DeleteMe auto-populates and submits online opt-out forms on your behalf, saving you tedious effort.

  • Ongoing monitoring – DeleteMe continually scans for your data and resubmits removal requests when needed for sustained results.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard – You can initiate, track and manage all your removal requests conveniently in one place.

  • Responsive customer support – DeleteMe‘s U.S.-based team can walk you through the process and address any issues.

The downside is DeleteMe is pricier than competitors like Incogni, at $129 per year. But if budget isn‘t a concern and you want maximum automation with minimal hassle, DeleteMe is a smart choice.

Aura: All-In-One Privacy Suite

Looking for an integrated solution that extends beyond just data removal? Aura could be the right fit.

Along with helping you delete personal information from websites and people search engines, Aura provides other key privacy protections including:

  • Dark web monitoring – Aura scans black market sites for your email, passwords, and sensitive docs.

  • Free credit monitoring – You get access to your TransUnion credit score and real-time alerts.

  • Device security – Features like VPN, antivirus protection and password manager cover your devices.

  • $1 million ID theft insurance – Coverage if your identity is stolen even after signing up.

  • U.S.-based customer service – Help is available 24/7 to address any account issues.

With plans starting at $10 per month, Aura provides tremendous overall value. While more costly than a standalone removal tool, the peace of mind could be worth it.

Privacy Bee: Budget-Friendly for Search Removal

If your main concern is getting personal information off people search sites specifically, Privacy Bee is a cost-effective solution.

For just $99 per year, Privacy Bee will submit opt-out requests to over 100 public records aggregator sites like Whitepages, Spokeo and Radaris that index and publish your data. The company handles submitting removal requests to each site automatically. No need to do it yourself.

Privacy Bee essentially automates the most labor-intensive part of the removal process at an affordable price. Just input your details once and let Privacy Bee handle the rest.

Downsides are limited coverage of data brokers, social media sites and other sources beyond people search engines. But for a basic entry-level removal solution, Privacy Bee is a budget-friendly choice.

OneRep: High-Touch Support Oversees Your Removal

Prefer a hands-on approach where professionals manage the process closely? OneRep offers white-glove service for data removal and privacy protection.

OneRep assigns you an Online Privacy Advocate who acts as a dedicated point person throughout. They proactively monitor your personal information across the web, submit verified removal requests on your behalf, and provide ongoing status updates.

With OneRep, you also get:

  • Manual verification of removals – Your advocate double checks your data is fully deleted.

  • Ongoing support access – Contact your privacy pro any time via phone, email or web chat.

  • Legal assistance – OneRep aids with potential defamation issues.

The hands-on support does come at a premium of $499 per year. But for those wanting lawyer-like guidance with removal, OneRep is a great fit.

Kanary: DIY Removal at an Affordable Price

If you‘re comfortable handling the removal process yourself but want some automation and assistance, Kanary strikes a helpful balance.

Here‘s an overview:

  • You initiate data removal requests through Kanary‘s site or app.

  • Kanary auto-populates opt-out forms and handles submitting them on your behalf.

  • You receive notifications as sites process your requests.

  • Kanary‘s team is available by email if any issues arise.

Think of Kanary like a virtual assistant handling the busywork while you remain in the driver‘s seat.

At only $29 per year, it‘s one of the most affordable options out there. The level of automation is lower than Incogni and DeleteMe, so more work remains on your plate. But for basic DIY removal with some helpful automation, Kanary is hard to beat.

Optery: Automated Removal with Added Human Oversight

Lastly, Optery combines the efficiency of automated data removal with the assurance of manual verification.

Similar to Incogni and DeleteMe, Optery handles submitting opt-out requests across the web automatically. But it takes the extra step of having human reps personally validate your data is fully removed from each site.

This prevents your information from slipping through the cracks unnoticed. The downside is the higher price of $299 per year. But if you want total confidence in your removal results, Optery is a smart choice.

Take Control of Your Privacy in 2023

In the wake of Removaly‘s shutdown, alternatives like Incogni and DeleteMe make it simple and affordable to limit your digital footprint across the web. Options like Aura and OneRep go beyond removal to provide additional layers of privacy protection as needed.

I recommend taking time to assess your specific needs, preferred involvement level, and budget to determine the best replacement. But the great news is robust solutions exist to pick up where Removaly left off.

Rather than wait for the next data breach headline, be proactive. Take control of your personal information in 2023 with one of these top-rated Removaly alternative services. Your future self will thank you!

Have you used any Removaly alternatives? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments. And as always, feel free to reach out if you need any help getting started safeguarding your privacy online.



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