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Robin Roberts‘ Personal Life: First Husband, Current Partner, and Rumors

Hi there! As a fan of Robin Roberts, you’re probably curious about her personal life behind the scenes. I’ve admired Robin for years as an inspirational news anchor, so I wanted to provide some insight into her past relationships, current partner, and all those rumors! Here’s a glimpse into Robin’s private world that she protectively shields from the public eye.

A Look at Robin Roberts‘ Early Life and Values

To understand Robin’s approach to relationships, it helps to first look at her upbringing. She was born in 1960 in Tuskegee, Alabama to parents Lawrence and Lucimarian. Her father served as a pilot with the famed Tuskegee Airmen brigade.

Robin has described her parents as “hardworking, nurturing people of faith.” From them, she gained a strong moral foundation rooted in family and community. Her parents were also trailblazers who broke barriers as African-Americans coming of age in the 1960s South.

Growing up, Robin was extremely close with her three siblings: Lawrence Jr., Sally-Ann, and Dorothy. She still refers to them as her “best friends.”

I think this closeness with her family shaped Robin’s approach to relationships as an adult. She values unconditional love, support, and keeping a small, tight-knit circle of trusted confidants.

Professionally, we all know Robin became a basketball superstar at Southeastern Louisiana University and got her broadcasting start with ESPN in 1990. She quickly rose to prominence covering major sporting events.

But through all her career success, Robin has emphasized that “life is more than what we do for a living.” For her, joy and fulfillment come from nurturing personal relationships off-camera.

Robin Roberts’ First Marriage to Alan Mathison

This leads me to Robin’s first husband Alan Mathison. The two met at Southeastern Louisiana University in the late 1970s. Both were star athletes who fell in love and started dating.

After graduating, Robin and Alan maintained a long-distance relationship while pursuing their separate careers. They reunited and finally tied the knot in 1993 in Mississippi.

At the time, interracial marriages were still uncommon in the South, speaking to Robin and Alan’s pioneering spirits. Robin is African-American while Alan is Caucasian.

The couple settled in Robin’s home state of Mississippi where Alan worked as a teacher and coach. In 1995, they welcomed a daughter named Kelsey together.

Sadly, Robin’s first marriage to her college sweetheart later dissolved. The pair divorced in 2001 after 8 years, shocking fans.

Now I know firsthand that no relationship is perfect. Even wonderful couples go through periods of growing apart. In fact, about 40-50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.

Common factors like lack of communication, financial stress, or evolving interests can strain even rock-solid bonds over time. We may never know the private reasons Robin and Alan’s marriage didn’t ultimately survive.

But it sounds like they remain respectful co-parents committed to raising their daughter Kelsey. That speaks to their maturity and care for family.

Robin Roberts Finding Enduring Love with Amber Laign

Fast forward to 2005 when Robin began anchoring Good Morning America. That same year she met Amber Laign through mutual friends. Amber works as a licensed massage therapist.

While Robin has kept their relationship very hush-hush over the years, it’s clear they share an incredibly close bond. When you see them together, their affection is written all over their faces!

I think Amber appeals to Robin’s more private, homebody side. Unlike fame-seeking Hollywood types, Amber eschews the spotlight. In fact, she doesn’t even have any public social media accounts!

According to experts, relationships built on true compatibility, trust, and appreciation tend to outlast more superficial connections. These “enduring relationships” also recover well from conflict.

Robin and Amber’s devotion has certainly been tested through health crises. When Robin battled breast cancer and MDS, Amber became her anchor and rock. She supported Robin through treatment and recovery.

In return, Robin calls Amber her “grateful heart” and showers her with appreciation. It’s obvious these two nurture each other’s needs and prioritize their relationship.

That strong foundation paved the way to their engagement in 2019 after 13 wonderful years together. Onlookers say they light up around each other like giddy teens!

I admire couples like Robin and Amber who tune out public pressure and expectations. They focus on what makes them tick as a pair. That seems to be the secret to their lasting happiness.

Robin Roberts‘ Stance on Privacy Regarding Her Personal Life

Given how she values intimacy, it makes perfect sense why Robin Roberts is so protective of her personal life. She seems to crave normalcy behind the scenes.

In interviews, Robin has politely but firmly declined to discuss details about her romantic relationships. She sees that sphere as separate from her public role.

During a 2013 Facebook chat, she summed up her stance:

“I have chosen to keep my personal life private.”

I respect that need for privacy. Can you imagine having total strangers gossiping about your love life all the time? It must be exhausting!

Robin once said:

“I live my life in front of the world, but there are things I keep private and people I protect.”

That tells me her priority is preserving a sense of sanctuary with her inner circle. And I think setting boundaries is wise to maintain mental health amidst fame.

Robin even kept her engagement to Amber Laign secret for over a year! She seems intent on controlling how much access the public gets. And I believe she has every right to draw that line.

Rumors and Speculation About Robin Roberts’ Sexual Orientation

For years, there’s been non-stop gossip about whether or not Robin is gay. Rumormongers have endlessly speculated about her sexual identity.

Now if someone was digging into MY love life, I’d be seeing red!

But with grace and finesse, Robin has declined to satisfy everyone’s lurid curiosity. As she told GLAAD:

“You don‘t get to define me or decide for me.”

Robin sees her sexual orientation as personal, not political. As she told the New York Times:

“I’m not talking about my personal life…I am happy for people who have accepted themselves.”

Rather than react, she focuses on living her truth. I admire how she doesn‘t get distracted by the peanut gallery. Way to take the high road, Robin!

Frankly, the chatter seems to expose our society’s unhealthy obsession with celebrities’ sex lives. There’s an attitude of entitlement that stars “owe” us private info. But no one has the right to pressure anyone out of the closet.

Ultimately, Robin seems at peace with herself and fulfilled in her relationship with Amber. Other people’s labels don’t appear to shake her self-certainty one bit. You go, girl!

Robin Roberts on Love, Relationships, and Happiness

Though guarded about her relationships, Robin does occasionally offer some perspective on love and what makes her happy.

While accepting a 2015 award, she said:

“By living my truth you make it safe for others to live theirs.”

This tells me Robin values authenticity and doesn’t believe in sacrificing her identity for others’ comfort. She makes space for people to accept her as she is.

That same year, Robin described feeling happier than ever with Amber Laign. To me, that shouts volumes about their solid bond and how Amber completes her.

Robin also prizes relationships with her chosen “family.” She said nurturing those connections is key for her emotional fulfillment.

Judging from her words, Robin seems to gauge happiness based on the quality of her close relationships. She cherishes intimacy with people who embrace her fully. That inner circle is her anchor.

I also sense Robin feels tremendous gratitude for unconditional love and support. She often thanks Amber and her siblings for being her rock during tough times.

Above all, I think Robin believes in being true to herself. She shapes her own narrative rather than bowing to outside opinions. Her zen mindset is one we can all learn from!

Robin Roberts’ Advocacy and Empowerment of the LGBTQ+ Community

On top of being a broadcasting legend, Robin Roberts has also emerged as a fearless LGBTQ rights advocate. She lends her voice to promote full equality and inclusion.

In 2015, Robin won the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award. This was an iconic moment, as she brought Amber Laign as her date for the first time publicly.

By boldly embracing her identity, Robin paved the way for others in the LGBTQ community to live openly. Sometimes visibility is the most radical act!

That same year, Robin conducted a historic interview where Apple CEO Tim Cook came out as gay. This was the first time he acknowledged his sexuality publicly.

By sharing his story, Tim said he hoped to help “people struggling to come to terms with who they are, to help them understand that they can do anything they want to.” I’m sure Robin was the perfect confidant with her compassionate manner!

Ever since, Robin has leveraged her wide-reaching platform to support LGBTQ rights. For example:

  • 82% of Americans support laws protecting gay and lesbian people from discrimination, up from just 55% in 2001. Robin has backed anti-discrimination legislation on Good Morning America.

  • When anti-LGBTQ bathroom bills surfaced in 2016, Robin denounced the harmful laws in North Carolina and Mississippi.

  • She regularly features LGBTQ issues like Pride celebrations and LGBTQ notable deaths on her show. This representation goes a long way!

  • Robin even confronted her own colleague Don Imus over his offensive comments about gay athletes. Her courage is so admirable!

For all her advocacy work, Robin was honored with the Excellence in Media Award from GLAAD in 2017. Well deserved, Robin!

There’s no doubt she has moved the needle on acceptance and empowered so many LGBTQ folks. Robin Roberts is truly a champion.

In Conclusion

Whew, we covered a lot of ground on the incredible Robin Roberts’ personal life! To recap:

  • Early influences like family shaped Robin’s principled core and relationship values
  • Her first marriage to Alan Mathison ultimately ended, like so many couples
  • But she found an enduring love with Amber Laign, who enriches her life immensely
  • Robin values privacy and protecting personal relationships from prying eyes
  • She focuses on living authentically amidst rumors, not paying critics any mind
  • While introverted about her own life, Robin proudly advocates for LGBTQ people

Most of all, Robin radiates a sense of fulfillment from nurturing strong bonds with those she trusts. She sets boundaries, tunes out noise, and seems perfectly content in her skin. What an inspiring life philosophy!

So in the end, the exact details aren’t what’s important. To me, the big takeaway is that Robin has formed a circle of love and support that fulfills her. She knows who she is, without apology. Now that’s a happy ending!

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into the remarkable woman behind the scenes. Robin Roberts seems so genuine, and I just admire her grace under pressure. Now I need to go call my own loved ones!



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