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Do You Know Robin Thicke Kids? A Glimpse into the Singer Proud Parenting Moments

Robin Thicke‘s buttery smooth voice crooning "Lost Without U" first catapulted him to fame. But long before racking up Grammy nominations and platinum records, Robin had dreamed of one thing – becoming a dad. Now with four children – Julian, Luca, Lola, and Mia – Robin embraces fatherhood wholeheartedly.

Join me as we explore Robin‘s journey raising his blended family. We‘ll peek into some of his favorite moments with the kids and how he manages co-parenting. Most of all, we‘ll see Robin‘s transformation from famous singer to doting dad.

An Overview of the Thicke Bunch

Let‘s start with a quick cheat sheet on the members of the Thicke clan:

  • 4 kids – Julian, Luca, Lola, and Mia
  • 2 co-parents – Paula Patton (Julian‘s mom) and April Love Geary (Luca, Lola, Mia‘s mom)
  • Ages – Julian (12), Luca (2), Lola (4), Mia (5)
  • Relationships – Married Paula Patton 2005-2015, Dating April Love Geary since 2014

Here‘s a handy table comparing Robin‘s children at a glance:

NameAgeMotherFun Facts
Julian12Paula PattonEnjoys soccer, skiing, joining dad on tour
Luca2April Love GearyLoves bath time songs with dad
Lola4April Love GearyAdores dress-up tea parties with brothers
Mia5April Love GearyDad‘s little "Christmas miracle"

Robin cherishes each child for their own unique spirit. Together, they make up his pride and joy.

Thicke‘s Firstborn Son – Julian Fuego Thicke

On April 6, 2010, Robin experienced one of life‘s greatest gifts – becoming a first-time father. He and then-wife Paula Patton welcomed son Julian Fuego Thicke in Los Angeles.

Suddenly, Robin‘s worldview changed forever. As he told Us Weekly:

"It brings a real focus and perspective into your life that makes you realize it‘s not all about you anymore."

That focus on his newborn son inspired Robin‘s 2011 album Love After War, including songs "The Lil‘ Things" and "For the Rest of My Life." The latter commemorates Julian‘s birth and Robin‘s instant, profound love.

Robin felt determined "to be the best father possible." He dove into daddy duty, gushing to People:

"I want to hear all about his day and tell him how proud I am of him."

Julian‘s Early Years – Playdates, Sports, and Touring

Robin loved capturing Julian‘s early milestones. Among his favorite memories:

  • Teaching 18-month-old Julian to ski in Utah
  • Celebrating Julian‘s 2nd birthday at Disneyland
  • Attending a Harlem Globetrotters game together in NYC
  • Cheering courtside as the LA Lakers played the Bobcats

Robin also brought Julian on tour starting at 9 months old. He told Billboard:

"He loves the excitement, the catering, the extracurricular activities."

Exposing Julian to diverse people and places at a young age helped shape his worldview. Now 12, Julian has grown into a smart, socially-conscious kid who plays soccer, snowboards, and joins his dad at music events.

Co-Parenting Through Tough Times

In February 2014, Robin and Paula announced their separation after nearly 10 years of marriage. Their split naturally affected young Julian.

Robin found it agonizing being apart from his son. He admitted to Oprah‘s Where Are They Now?:

"Not being able to see him for weeks at a time is the hardest thing I‘ve ever dealt with."

But gradually Robin and Paula found their rhythm co-parenting Julian. Though their marriage dissolved, their family bond remained. Paula told Where Are They Now?:

"We‘re still a family, even if a family looks a little different."

It wasn‘t easy, but Robin and Paula put their pain aside for Julian‘s well-being. Over time, they rebuilt trust and forgiveness.

A New Love and 3 More Little Loves

In 2014, amidst his marriage turmoil, Robin found solace in model April Love Geary. Their age gap of 18 years didn‘t deter their whirlwind romance.

Robin confessed he dreamed of having more children. April lovingly granted that wish, welcoming Luca in 2018, followed by Lola in 2020 and Mia in 2021.

These three new bundles of joy healed Robin‘s heartache. He gushed to People about the babies giving him:

"The opportunity to brighten up someone else‘s day after such a challenging time."

Daddy‘s Little Drummers and Singers

Robin loves capturing sweet moments with his youngest three:

  • Quietly strumming guitar while the kids hum along
  • Laughing hysterically at bath time, splashing amidst suds
  • Cuddling his babies close while rocking them to sleep

He‘s also adamant about hands-on parenting. April told Us Weekly:

"Robin is so hands-on it‘s not even funny. He loves changing diapers."

Robin feels grateful for the small, simple joys – like Luca gentle holding his baby sister Lola for the first time. About the sibling bond between his babies, Robin said:

"It opens your heart and opens your mind to love."

From Playdates to Disney – Adventures with All 4

Living a bi-coastal life across LA and NYC allows Robin to expose the kids to diverse environments and experiences:

  • Skiing and snowboarding getaways in Utah each winter
  • Beach vacations and pool days in Mexico and the Hamptons
  • Halloween festivities like baking cookies and pumpkin carving
  • Christmas morning madness with piles of presents to unwrap
  • Trips to interactive places like LEGOLAND and aquariums
  • For Julian‘s 10th birthday, a VIP tour of Chelsea Piers sports complex

Robin even lets the kids join him overseas on tours across Europe and Asia. He knows the adventures help widen their worldview.

Co-Parenting a Blended Family

Challenges and Communication

Forming a blended family comes with rewards and struggles. After their split, Robin and Paula focused on peaceful co-parenting for Julian‘s sake.

Robin has faced bumps co-parenting his younger trio with April too. Rumors of cheating and tensions plagued their relationship in 2018.

But time has proven that for Robin, the kids come first. Despite romantic ups and downs, he and April commit to co-parenting harmoniously.

Therapist Tina B. Tessina told Parents Magazine:

"Co-parenting works best when both parents can communicate calmly."

Robin has learned to voice concerns constructively versus reactively. He knows occasional conflict is normal but resolvable when kids are the priority. His friend told People:

"You gotta commend Robin for being a responsible father."

Blending Two Families

Forming bonds between kids of different ages across households also takes work. But Robin ensures all four children feel loved.

He brings Julian along to family outings with April and the babies. Last Halloween, photos showed the kids bonding while carving pumpkins together.

Blended families have unique struggles. A Pew study found twice as many stepfamilies divorce as nuclear ones. But Robin is determined to blend his family successfully.

April praises Robin for being an involved dad across both households. She said:

"Robin is an amazing father. Our kids are so blessed to have him."

The Perks and Purpose of Parenthood

Most importantly, Robin now recognizes how fatherhood enriches his life beyond fame. He shared:

"Kids teach you that what‘s really important has nothing to do with being a celebrity. Being with my family – that‘s what it‘s about."

Robin feels tremendous pride watching each child grow and develop their own interests. He told Us Weekly:

"Seeing my kids flourish in this world is profound."

Fatherhood as Motivation and Meaning

Though Robin Thicke was already a successful singer and TV personality, having kids reshaped his purpose.

Quitting Vices and Self-Improvement

After Julian‘s birth, Robin said:

"You realize you have to start behaving better to set the right example."

So when issues with drugs, alcohol, and infidelity threatened his family, Robin changed.

April praised Robin for giving up vices cold turkey. He entered rehab in 2017 and emerged sober and more present.

Robin also began intensive therapy. He wanted to break unhealthy patterns and leave a positive legacy.

Embracing Domestic Life

Gone were Robin‘s hard-partying bachelor days. He treasured simple joys like:

  • Cooking breakfast together on weekend mornings
  • Building dinosaur puzzles on the living room floor
  • Singing bedtime lullabies each night

Purpose Beyond Music

Though Robin still records and performs, his priorities look different. He says:

"Success comes from being a good father and partner – not album sales."

He happily skips red carpets to catch Luca‘s T-ball games or take the kids biking instead.

Robin adds:

"Seeing my family together, safe and healthy – that‘s success."

Gratitude Over Guilt

The parenting journey hasn‘t been perfect. But Robin focuses daily on gratitude versus regret:

"You realize what matters most is right now – this moment with my babies."

Conclusion: Robin Thicke the Family Man

With four growing children across two households, life is beautifully chaotic for Robin Thicke. Though at times messy and challenging, the joys of fatherhood far outweigh the struggles.

We‘ve seen Robin evolve from a carefree bachelor to a devoted patriarch cherishing life‘s small moments. He‘s savored every milestone and memory with Julian, Luca, Lola, and Mia along the way.

Though he came from a broken home himself, Robin builds upon that past to create a stable, loving environment for his kids. Along with his co-parents Paula and April, he blends two families successfully.

At the end of the day, Robin isn‘t defined by his rockstar status but by his family. His proudest role will always be simply "Dad."

Thanks for joining me on this journey into Robin Thicke‘s growth as a father. No matter how many platinum records he earns, his four children will always be his greatest accomplishment.



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