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10+ Best Roku Games of 2023

Does the human kind have enough digital players? The answer is – never. One of them is Roku. It has its seven generations, and the last one was released on the market last year.

It runs a custom Linux distribution called Roku OS, and the current versions are Roku OS 9.0 for supported streaming devices & Roku OS 8.2 for Roku TVs.

Roku provides video services from some Internet-based video on required providers. This is the device with a freely available software development tool that enables anyone to create new channels.

The data is output via an audio cable, video cable, or an HDMI connector directly on some of the device models.

Did you know that Roku is also a gaming platform? Now you know. In this article, I will enlist you some of the best games that you can play on your Roku device that are available in Roku official site. Here are some of them.

List of 10+ Free Roku games you can play on your Roku now

Did you know that Roku is also a gaming platform? Now you know. In this article, I will enlist you some of the best games that you can play on your Roku device that are available in Roku official site. Here are some of them.

1. Video Poker

Video Poker

Poker is the most popular card game in the world. If you don’t want to lose your real money you can play it on your player, now that you now that it is available in Roku’s store.

This game offers you four varieties of five-card draw poker. Since the game is not demanding, the controls are simple.

Key Features of Video Poker:

  • Pretty simple
  • Similar to every other poker game
  • Free to play

Video Poker: Cons

  • Could not find any

2. Tiles


Tile is the action/puzzle game. This game has the endless number of puzzles. There are a few who are already made for you, or you can build your own. The goal is to get from the ‘Green' block to the ‘Red', and it is not that simple as it sounds.

The basic game is free, but if you want the ad-free one, it will cost you $2.99.

Warm your fingers!

Key Features of Tiles:

  • The basic version is free to play

Tiles: Cons

  • The ad-free game is a one-time purchase of $2.99

3. Snake


We all remember of Snake game that was on Nokia’s first mobile phones. This one is very similar.

The goal of the game is to consume the objects and increase the size of your snake. You must be careful not to bite yourself. Several game modes are available: slow, medium and fast mode. You can also change the colour of the objects and even chose between the Open and Classic Snake.

The basic channel is free but has ads. Without ads, it will cost $1.99.

Key Features of Snake:

  • Pretty cool
  • Easy to play

Snake: Cons

  • Ad-Free is a one-time purchase of $1.99

4. Retaliate


This is the space shoot them up the game in which you start without bullets at all.You have to absorb your enemy’s ammo to shoot them back with it. In case that you don’t have your ammo, you defend yourself with your shield that does not last forever.

There is no music, but there are sound effects.

Key Features of Retaliate:

  • Classic old-school game
  • Four modes
  • Guide is good
  • Nice animations

Retaliate: Cons

  • May find it better/more comfortable to play on your tablet
  • The cost of the upgrade is $0.99

5. Text Twist

Text Twist

Just put – The crossword puzzle. Game rules are simple. You have to combine the six letters on the screen to make as many words as you can. The goal is to get the six-letter word. The play is available with keyboard or mouse. This is particularly useful for the “Twist” button which shuffles around the letters for you.

The game has fantastic gameplay, but in a free version you there is not a significant variation between levels. But, if you want divergence at the level, you have to buy the full version.

Besides an excellent presentation and simple rule set, the sound and interface suit the game well.

Key Features of Text Twist:

  • Free to play
  • Nice brain puzzle
  • The game offers two versions: timed and untimed

Text Twist: Cons

  • Ad sponsored

6. Galaga


Galaga is the arcade game which was created in the early 1980s and is still considered one of the more famous old games. The game is ‘shooter’ game where you try to eliminate the invading horde of insects as they bomb your ship. Be careful not to hit your fighter, or you will lose. Power-ups are available if you kill the mothership.

Two hundred fifty levels weren't enough, so there are challenges without the possibility to be killed.

The speed of the game increases as you gain more levels making it more difficult to shoot down the aliens.

Key Features of Galaga:

  • A long-running arcade game
  • Various challenge stages

Galaga: Cons

  • One time Purchase of $4.99

7. AstroBlast


This game is very similar to the 1979 arcade game Asteroids. The game aims to destroy all of the surrounding asteroids using your laser cannon. If you hit an asteroid with your ship, it will destroy your ship.

To play this game, you will need an enhanced gaming remote with which you can playin a vertical or horizontal position.

This is a straightforward and addictive game, in my opinion.

Key Features of AstroBlast:

  • High scores are maintained
  • You can mute sound effects
  • An endless number of levels

AstroBlast: Cons

  • To play this game, you will need an enhanced gaming remote
  • $0.99 one-time purchase

8. Sudoku


If you are a fan of brain-puzzle games and numbers, then you like Sudoku. This never gets old. Even the ones who do not like this sort of games try to play and solve them once in a lifetime.

You can choose whether you are going to play this game by using your Roku controller or your smartphone.

Key Features of Sudoku:

  • Basic Sudoku game
  • Not complicated

Sudoku: Cons

  • $0.99 one-time purchase

9. 2048 Challenge

2048 Challenge

This game was a hit in the Google Play Store. All my friend, including me, were playing it on their smartphones. It is good news that this relaxing game is available on Roku’s store.

The strategy of the game is to line up the same numbers and then merge them to create a new number. The numbers start with two number ‘2s'; merge them to make a ‘4′, merge two more ‘2's' make a ‘4′, merge the ‘4's' together make an ‘8’ and so on.

There is a strategy to the game, so you need to think a move or two ahead. The goal of the game is to get a tile to read 2048.

Key Features of 2048 Challenge:

  • Ad-free versions are available
  • A game for all ages

2048 Challenge: Cons

  • Not that simple as it seems

10. Mazes


Who doesn't like mazes? Almost everyone does. Even though I love to solve them using my pencil, this is another excellent way to enjoy your free time by playing with the assistance of your Roku device.

We all know the goal of this game since we were kids.

In this game, mazes are randomly generated. This means that you will never play the same maze twice.

Three different maze sizes offer different levels of difficulty.

A little recommendation –  Try limited visibility mode, where you can see only a small area of the maze around you.

Key Features of Mazes:

  • Includes a screensaver that solves mazes by itself
  • Different sizes of mazes
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • The never-ending arrangement of mazes
  • It’s free to play

Mazes: Cons

  • None

11. Darts


If you are not in the mood for going out with your friend and playing Darts, you can do it at home. Roku gives you the opportunity to fire your dart playing the classic games like 301 and 501.

You can play it head to head on the same screen.

Scoring goes like this:

  • The outer ring doubles the segment value
  • The inner ring triples the segment value
  • The ring around the bullseye scores 25 points
  • Bullseye scores 50 points

The number of throws and the time it takes to complete a game are noted.

Key Features of Darts:

  • Free to play

Darts: Cons

  • Ad-sponsored
  • No registry to keep best scores

12. Minesweeper


This was the game on our Windows XP and must be one of the first you played on it. This Roku Minesweeper is a fantastic copy of that old Windows XP game. The background, the beginning and end score are the same!

This version offers three levels of difficulty. Identify the locations of all mines correctly while clearing all remaining cells and you will win.

You have to use your Roku remote to play this game.

Key Features of Minesweeper:

  • Free to play
  • Fun and intuitive
  • Three game board sizes

Minesweeper: Cons

  • Could not find any

13. Missile Dodge Free

Missile Dodge Free

The goal of the game is to avoid the missiles that are chasing you and collecting ‘stars' for bonus points. You also get bonus points for destroying missiles.

It is free to play, and it is a good game when you have free time.

The game starts with your plane and two missiles chasing you. A new missile is added each time one is destroyed. There are the additional missiles which are added at regular intervals even if you don't destroy any existing ones.The game is over when all of your planes are destroyed.

Key Features of Missile Dodge Free:

  • Free to play
  • Scores are kept

Missile Dodge Free: Cons

  • Ad-sponsored

14. Match Four Free

Match Four Free

The object of the game is to align four of the same colour chips in a row in every possible direction.

This game has two levels of play – easy and hard. You can also choose the colour of the chips which can be yellow and red. To win, you have to fill in the 7×7 grid with your chips trying to outsmart your opponent and align 4 of your chips in a row.

This is a single-player game where you play against a virtual opponent. Also, there are six special editions of this game, and they vary from the original only in the background graphics.

Key Features of Match Four Free:

  • Special editions of this game are available
  • Free to play

Match Four Free: Cons

  • Virtual opponents
  • Doesn't offer varieties utilizing colours and modes


If you are looking for a new way to play games, Roku is a great solution. Roku works with any TV with HDMI compatibility, but it is ideally designed for 4K Ultra HD and HD TVs.

Hot new games, gameplay, walkthroughs and more!

The Roku is a capable, full-featured media kit. So many games are there in the library of the Roku Online store. Hurry up, get your games which are available in their online store and enjoy your free time playing them on a big screen.



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