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SidesMedia Review & Alternatives in 2023: The Most Reliable Instagram Growth Services

As an experienced growth marketer, Instagram is my go-to platform both for personal and professional projects. Like any social media, growing an engaged following takes time and strategy.

I‘ve tested countless Instagram growth tools over the years. SidesMedia delivers reliable results, but has room for improvement. In this 2023 review, I‘ll share my in-depth analysis of SidesMedia and top alternative services for getting maximum, high-quality Instagram growth.

Introduction to SidesMedia – A Leading Instagram Growth Service

SidesMedia first launched in 2018, founded by a team of social media marketers looking to help brands and creators expand their Instagram reach.

The California-based company has quickly become one of the most well-known Instagram growth services. They now serve over 10,000 clients worldwide.

How SidesMedia‘s growth services work:

SidesMedia offers monthly subscription plans giving you access to their suite of Instagram automation tools. Their bot technology engages with targeted users by liking posts, following accounts, and commenting based on your niche and preferences.

They put focus on quality over quantity – aiming to connect you with users genuinely interested in your content for higher retention and engagement.

SidesMedia highlights these core features:

  • Smart Targeting – Their AI filters potential followers based on relevance to your brand.
  • Gradual Delivery – Engagement is staggered naturally to avoid triggering IG‘s spam filters.
  • Full Analytics – Track key metrics like top posts, best times to post, and more.
  • 24/7 Support – Get access to email and chat support.

SidesMedia‘s Pricing:

Starter$89/month500 new targeted followers per month
Regular$149/month1,000 new targeted followers per month
Pro$249/month2,500 new targeted followers per month

SidesMedia Pros

  • Quickly grows your follower count with real, high-quality users.
  • Uses smart targeting tools to find and engage ideal followers.
  • Staggered activity mimics natural growth patterns.
  • Interface is easy to set up and use.

SidesMedia Cons

  • Packages could offer more features for the monthly price.
  • Lacks more advanced analytics compared to some competitors.
  • Have heard isolated complaints of slow customer support.

SidesMedia is a solid option, but there are alternative services that shine in specific areas…

Top 7 SidesMedia Alternatives for Instagram Growth in 2023

After extensive testing and research, these alternative services stand out for balanced and safe Instagram growth:

ServiceBest ForPrice
GrowthoidOverall Excellence$99+/mo
StellationRobust Features$50+/mo
Task AntHashtag Automation$69+/mo
TrusyRapid Growth$349+/mo

Next I‘ll share my in-depth reviews of each service…

1. Growthoid – The Best Overall Instagram Growth Service

I rank Growthoid as the top SidesMedia alternative for their stellar overall approach to Instagram growth.

Growthoid is a seasoned industry leader founded in 2014. They‘ve helped over 10,000 brands and influencers expand their Instagram reach.

Growthoid‘s expertise stems from their highly customized approach. They take time to understand each client‘s brand, ideal audience, and goals. Then they create a tailored growth strategy leveraging tactics like:

  • Targeted Follows – They engage accounts likely to engage based on your niche, not just random bots.
  • Strategic Likes – This builds credibility and reach. Likes are timed for when your audience is most active.
  • Insights – Their dashboard provides detailed analytics on your top-performing content, optimal times to post, locations of followers and more.

According to Growthoid‘s internal data, the average client gains 700-1,000 new, high-quality followers per month. One beauty brand saw a 2.1% increase in engagement rate in just 2 months.

While one of the pricier services, their strategic approach delivers results. Pricing starts at $99/month for 500 followers, up to $899/month for 5,000.

Growthoid Pros

  • Customized growth strategies based on in-depth consultation
  • Gradual, organic delivery patterns
  • Some of the most detailed analytics in the industry
  • Excellent reputation for ROI

Growthoid Cons

  • Packages only offer follower/reach amounts, lacking other metrics
  • Higher minimum price point than some competitors

Overall, Growthoid is one of the most strategic Instagram growth services for maximizing relevant reach.

2. Stellation Media – Top for Robust Features

Stellation Media is another trusted industry leader, renowned for their diverse growth features.

Founded in 2014, they now have over 15,000 customers spanning 100+ countries. Their technology has delivered over 150 million Instagram engagements.

Stellation keeps their platform updated as Instagram introduces new capabilities. For example, they now offer Instagram story tools, and robust analytics on metrics like:

  • Followers gained/lost
  • Content performance
  • Optimal posting times
  • Audience demographics

Some other standout features include:

  • Hashtag Research – They identify trending hashtags optimized for your goals.
  • Competitor Benchmarking – See how you compare against competitors in your niche.
  • Managed Growth – Get paired with an expert to execute strategies.

Stellation‘s entry plan is only $50/month for 1,000 followers, making them reasonably affordable.

Stellation Pros

  • Constantly evolving suite of modern growth features
  • Managed service options available
  • Strong value for lower pricing

Stellation Cons

  • Platform can be more complex to use vs competitors
  • Entry minimums could be lower

With their vast toolset and innovative offerings, Stellation is a leading SidesMedia alternative.

3. Upleap – Best for Beginners

For those new to Instagram marketing, I recommend Upleap as the best starting point.

Upleap is a UK-based social media growth company catering to small businesses. They stand out with beginner-friendly perks like:

  • Low Minimums – Plans start at just $49 per month for 500 followers.
  • Free Trial – Test their service for free for 3 days.
  • Account Manager – Get 1-on-1 support from a personal expert.

Their easy-to-use dashboard also makes getting started simple. Upleap‘s technology automatically:

  • Likes and comments on relevant posts to expose your profile.
  • Follows ideal accounts based on your niche.
  • Reposts user-generated content to boost engagement.

Clients praise Upleap for providing solid results for beginners without complex features or high minimums.

Upleap Pros

  • Affordable entry pricing
  • Free trial
  • Simplified interface
  • Account manager guidance

Upleap Cons

  • Lacks some robust analytics features
  • Maximum packages may be too low for larger brands

For those new to buying Instagram growth, you can‘t go wrong starting with Upleap.

4. Task Ant – Best for Saving Time with Hashtag Tools

hashtag research is one of the most tedious, yet critical, parts of Instagram marketing. That‘s where Task Ant shines.

Task Ant is a social media automation service founded in 2014. Their platform aims to save you hours of manual work with features like:

  • Hashtag Finder – The tool researches and recommends the best-performing hashtags to reach your audience. Lists are customized based on your niche and goals.
  • Auto Commenting – Leave relevant comments on related posts in your niche to build connections.
  • Auto DMs – You can auto-send customized direct messages to potential followers.
  • Posting – Schedule Instagram posts and stories at optimal times.

According to Task Ant, the top reason customers use them is for the hassle-free hashtag research. But the platform automates your entire strategy.

Pricing starts at $69/month for hashtag research and basic features up to $399/month for their complete suite.

Task Ant Pros

  • Robust automated hashtag research
  • Automates tedious tasks like commenting, DMs
  • Easy-to-use post scheduler

Task Ant Cons

  • Lacks some in-depth analytics
  • Stories/posts may seem overly automated

If you want to save hours of manual work, Task Ant is a leading SidesMedia alternative.

5. Trusy – The Choice for Rapid Instagram Growth

Trusy is one of the most expensive services, with plans starting at $349/month. But for brands who want rapid results, Trusy can deliver.

The Los Angeles-based Trusy launched in 2019. They take an expert-led, managed services approach. Each client gets assigned a specialist who:

  • Conducts in-depth consulting to understand your brand‘s unique needs.
  • Crafts a tailored growth strategy.
  • Executes tactics like targeted outreach, strategic follows, viral giveaways and more.
  • Continually optimizes your plan based on data.

According to Trusy, their average client gains 15,000-30,000 new followers per month. But it comes at a premium cost.

Trusy Pros

  • Provides exceptionally fast follower and engagement growth
  • Managed by expert strategists
  • Completely tailored strategies

Trusy Cons

  • Very expensive for the minimum package
  • Less self-service dashboard features

Trusy is the best SidesMedia alternative when budget is no concern and fast growth is the priority.

6. – Safest for Avoiding Instagram Bans

Maintaining security and avoiding Instagram bans are crucial. This is where shines.

Founded in 2018, is located in the social media marketing hub of Riga, Latvia. Their tools focus on balanced automated growth using tactics like:

  • Proxy Rotation – They constantly rotate proxies and IP addresses to mask activity patterns. This avoids triggering spam filters.
  • Gradual Delivery – Slow follower and engagement growth maintains a natural, authentic feel.
  • Manual Checks – Staff manually review some engagement before sending to ensure relevance. is also completely transparent with their practices. You can request a full audit report detailing activity from your campaign.

This focus on safety provides peace of mind. Plans start at $149/month for 500 followers or 15,000 reach. Pros

  • Proxy rotation and throttled activity prevent bans
  • Manual checks further enhance security
  • Provides full transparency into your campaign Cons

  • Minimum package could include more features
  • Slow pacing sometimes required for safety

If ban prevention is your top priority, is the safest SidesMedia alternative.

7. Jarvee – The Legacy Provider You Can Rely On

In the fast-changing social media landscape, Jarvee sticks out for their longevity and reliability.

Founded in 2009, Jarvee was one of the first players in social media marketing automation. They‘ve stayed ahead of Instagram algorithm changes ever since.

Jarvee‘s dashboard allows managing Instagram and other social profiles from one place. Core features include:

  • Post Scheduling – Upload content to queue at optimal times.
  • Auto Commenting – Leave relevant comments on related posts to build connections.
  • Unfollow Non-Followers – Refine your base over time.

While not as flashy as some newer companies, Jarvee has retained a competitive edge. Their entry plan is just $49/month for up to 5 social profiles.

Jarvee Pros

  • Industry pioneer with proven reliability
  • Integrates Instagram with other social platforms
  • Competitively priced packages

Jarvee Cons

  • Dashboard lacks some sophistication of newer platforms
  • Maximum account limits could be higher

For unbeatable experience and reliability, Jarvee remains a top SidesMedia contender.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Instagram Growth Service

As you evaluate SidesMedia vs alternative Instagram growth tools, keep these expert tips in mind:

Set clear goals. Outline what success looks like – is it more followers? Higher engagement? Sales? Defining goals helps align on the right metrics.

Research company reputation. I read 100+ customer reviews when assessing services. Credible firms are transparent and responsive.

Try before you buy. Many services offer free trials so you can test features and delivery methods risk-free. Take advantage!

Review reporting. Dashboards and analytics can vary greatly. Make sure it provides the data you need.

Start gradually. It‘s better to start small and ramp up your plan over time for natural growth.

Mix up methods. Consider combining services – like SidesMedia for followers and Task Ant for hashtags.

Monitor for quality. Periodically check your followers and engagement are from real, relevant users.

Stay agile. Review performance monthly and switch services as needed to meet evolving goals.

The Instagram landscape changes rapidly. But choosing services focused on quality over quantity will fuel sustainable growth and help avoid pitfalls like bans.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow Instagram marketers.



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